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Driving Digital Transformation: The Open Source Approach

The open source model of open collaboration and innovation is now the dominant paradigm in the software industry. In parallel, software is now the key driver of innovation in all sectors of society. This means that digital transformation, and specifically IoT and Edge Computing, are primarily driven through software innovations. Consequently, those who will master the art of using, contributing, participating, and leading open source projects and communities will greatly increase the effectiveness of their digital transformation initiatives

In this presentation, you will understand how an open source is integral to digital transformation by exploring how it is leveraged in specific verticals and use cases. You will also explore specific business models focused on open source technologies and learn about leading open source ecosystems related to IoT and Edge Computing.
Live online May 25 9:00 pm UTC
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Presented by
Frédéric Desbiens, Program Manager, IoT and Edge Computing, Eclipse Foundation
Presentation preview: Driving Digital Transformation: The Open Source Approach

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  • Multidimensional Data Center Key Indicators Apr 27 2021 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Moises Levy, CEO, DCMETRIX
    Data centers’ mission critical nature, increasing reliance on them for digital information and significant energy consumption, have created a need to adequately monitor and manage these facilities. This talk will go through the multidimensional approach for data center key indicators, comprising performance and risk, which has been recently added to data center standards and best practices. Performance is examined across productivity, efficiency, sustainability and operations. Risks are also contemplated. Novel multidimensional data center key indicators aim to improve decision-making and contribute to assess data centers.
  • Continuous Delivery: Cloud Software Development on Speed Apr 20 2021 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Davis Frank, Co-creator Jasmine Test Framework; Glyn Bowden, HPE; Alex McDonald, Chair, SNIA CSTI
    In the world of cloud services development, it's necessary to gain an edge on the myriad of competition facing your product or service. Volume and variety are not just characteristics of cloud data, but also of the software needed to deliver accurate decisions. While a variety of software techniques exist to create effective development teams, sometimes it's worthwhile to look elsewhere for additional success factors. In this webcast, we'll be focusing on adapting some of the principles of modern manufacturing to add to the development toolbox. A Continuous Delivery methodology ensures that the product is streamlined in its feature set while building constant value to the customer via the cloud. Attendees will learn the following:

    - Structuring development and testing resources for Continuous Delivery
    - A flexible software planning cycle for driving new features throughout the process
    - A set of simple guidelines for tracking success
    - Ways to ensure new features are delivered before moving to the next plan
  • Cloud Analytics Drives Airplanes-as-a-Service Business Recorded: Apr 7 2021 58 mins
    Ben Howard, KinectAir; Glyn Bowden, HPE; Jim Fister, The Decision Place
    Start-up companies interested in using business analytics have a series of choices regarding different hardware, software, and services available in the cloud. The decision process for established companies, though, is more significant. Considering whether to use existing practices or start anew creates multiple decision points in any process. This SNIA webcast will feature views from both start-up and established companies on how to make the analytics decision. Attendees should expect to learn:
    • Real-world examples of the analytics decision process
    • How to use cloud resources in unique ways to accomplish business and engineering goals
    • Starting from the perspective of business requirements and developing technical metrics
    • Thoughts on when to start new vs. adapt existing analytics processes
  • NVMe-oF: Looking Beyond Performance Hero Numbers Recorded: Mar 25 2021 61 mins
    Erik Smith, Dell Technologies; Rob Davis, NVIDIA; Nishant Lodha, Marvell; Alex McDonald, SNIA NSF Vice Chair
    Over the past several years, many in the NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) ecosystem have used test results demonstrating NVMe-oF’s dramatic reduction in latency as a way to extrapolate the benefit it can provide to application consumers. To date, the focus has been on specialized fabrics like RDMA and Fibre Channel (FC).

    Unfortunately, the more important questions have been left as an exercise for the buyer: “How does the transport really impact application performance?” and “How does the transport holistically fit into my environment?”

    RDMA based fabrics (e.g., RoCE) provide the lowest possible latency, and FC provides the most reliability, but with the introduction of NVMe/TCP this conversation must also include scale, cost and operations. This webcast will attempt to answer these questions beyond “it depends.”

    Gain insights from an industry wide panel of NVMe and fabric technology experts as they discuss the thought process you can use to determine pros and cons of a fabric for your environment, including:
    • Use cases driving fabric choices
    • NVMe transports and their strengths
    • Industry dynamics driving adoption
    • Considerations for scale, security, and efficiency
  • Container Security: An Ounce of Prevention... Recorded: Mar 25 2021 38 mins
    Mike Hogan, CEO at Carbonetes Inc.
    Software development is rapidly adopting containers, Kubernetes and microservices in order to accelerate product evolution. At the same time Covid-19, work-from-home and offshoring are resulting in much more distributed development environments. These combine to make security and compliance a nightmare. This talk will be about the various security threats and how to address them in your development pipelines before they get into your production environment and create havoc.

    This talk will address:
    * Vulnerabilities
    * Software Composition Analysis (SCA)
    * Secrets
    * Bill of Materials (BoM)
    * Open-Source License Types
    * Distributed Policy Analysis
    * CI/CD Integration
    * Continuous Scanning in Kubernetes Run-Time
  • 7 Sins of Cloud Security Recorded: Mar 25 2021 56 mins
    Ed Adams, CEO, Security Innovation
    The cloud offers near-instant scale and numerous security features that organizations can leverage; however, it’s not that way by default. Despite wide adoption of cloud services, many organizations remain unprepared and unknowingly expand their attack surface. Gartner predicts that by 2025, 99% of cloud security issues will be the customer’s fault.

    Attend this webcast to better understand the nuances of cloud platforms and how to avoid common mistakes that undermine cloud computing benefits including:

    Identity & Access Management – broadly-scoped permissions result in big compromises
    Logs? Who needs logs? – critical to investigating security issues
    “Drag and Drop” Migration – the cloud-native services that need to be considered
    The Power of Security Reviews – cloud environments increase in complexity quickly
    Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – the quickest cloud win you can get
    Secrets Storage – encrypting data sounds obvious but there is a lot to think about
    Alert, Alert! – get a heads up to any out of the ordinary activity
  • Increase Success and Decrease Risk: Use QA to Surgically Replace Your Monolith Recorded: Mar 25 2021 48 mins
    Patrick Grant, CEO at MCANTA
    Join us for an informative presentation filled with best practices and interactive sessions. MCANTA will even give away four, $100 Visa gift cards provided by our partner, Eggplant, part of Keysight Technologies.

    We have all heard that customer experience (CX) can set your business apart, and it has been identified as a key battleground differentiator (Gartner, Zendesk, Deloitte, Forbes and everyone, really). As many as 84% of companies focusing on CX see an uplift in revenue (Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report). Breaking apart working systems (no matter how expensive, complicated, or risky they are to maintain) is high stakes work for any organization.

    Incorporating Application Testing and QA before moving forward with major changes leads to better software, better CX and higher customer satisfaction.

    According to the World Quality Report (WQR) approximately 74% of responses said QA contributions are essential to business outcomes, and 77% said end user satisfaction was critical. This is great for businesses and consumers alike. With most businesses “getting it”, what does the survey tell us about how they are they doing at meeting their QA goals?

    This is where the difficulties begin… Only 29% of respondents felt they always achieve desired QA targets. In other words, over 70% of organizations felt that they didn’t meet their goals. That’s pretty bad. If organizations understand the importance of QA to the success of their business, why is there such a gap in execution? Luckily the WQR responses identify existing major challenges to successful QA programs.

    Over the course of this presentation we will share some best practices you can take, and items to consider as you leverage QA, Test Automation, and Robotic Process Automation to ensure your business processes keep running while you charge forward towards micro-services.
  • Why Does a Multicloud Strategy Matter? Recorded: Mar 25 2021 33 mins
    Sean Sadler, Head of IT / Consultant, AmerisourceBergen - MWI Animal Health
    With the increasing speed of change precipitated by COVID-19, organisations are increasingly turning to solutions that will enable them and their workforce to work remotely, in what is now the new normal. However, there is never a one size fits all approach to adoption. In this Webinar, you will gain some vital insights into:

    -Why you need a multi-cloud strategy
    -The tools to enable you to manage different cloud providers, and therefore associated cost and efficiencies
    -How you approach selecting the right Cloud vendors to fit your business and your business strategy
  • The Cloud is Hybrid – how you can unleash its benefits? Recorded: Mar 25 2021 38 mins
    Francisco Romero, Head of Hybrid IaaS and Onni Rautanen, Head of Technology Development at TietoEVRY
    In essence, hybrid cloud combines public cloud, private cloud and on-premises resources through orchestration between all the different platforms involved.
    What are the quantifiable benefits of Hybrid Cloud?
    How can you ensure this value-creating harmony and integration come together?
    What is a successful cloud migration to Hybrid Cloud?
    How to get started?
  • Hybrid Cloud Services for the Agile SDDC Recorded: Mar 24 2021 56 mins
    Andrew Kenneth Boggs, Data Center Design Architect at Red River Technology LLC
    Join Data Center Design Architect Andrew Boggs to explore the ideal Capabilities, Services, and Architecture of the Agile Software Designed Data Center (SDDC) with Multi-Cloud support for AWS, Azure, Google, and On-Premises Private Cloud.

    -Support for a variety of Migration types, including Cold, Warm, Bulk-Scheduled, Single Live, and Parallel Live migration
    -Simple COOP/DR services with options for the orchestration and testing of Multi-Tiered Application Failover and Failback
    -Data communications and replication enhancements including TCP optimization, data reduction, standardized encryption, and Layer 2 network extension
    -Centralized Management with visibility into assets, resource pools, and operational health across multiple sites
    -Operational support for Multi-Tiered Applications on Virtual Machines
    -Support for a transition to an Agile DevSecOps environment with clustered Containers and Microservices
    -Software Defined Networking and security including policy control of East/West communications (micro-segmentation) and North/South communications (Perimeter Gateway with Dynamic Routing) for each site
  • Reminder, Trains Don't Fly - Lessons in Hybrid Cloud Recorded: Mar 24 2021 49 mins
    Todd Wilson, Chief Strategist at Red Hat
    There are many similarities between your traditional data center and public cloud offerings - the same way there are many similarities between railroads and airlines. Don't get fooled into assuming your hybrid cloud operating model will run on the same rails as your data center - it's very different.

    In this talk we will explore:
    Defining Hybrid Cloud Strategies
    Common problems faced by Dev and Ops and Sec teams
    Pitfalls of using the wrong set of operating assumptions
    Key outcomes and results to aim for on your hybrid cloud journey
  • Cloud Infrastructure in 2021: Protecting & Accelerating the Modern Business Recorded: Mar 24 2021 62 mins
    Panelists from: HashiCorp, Splunk, Hitachi Vantara, Orasi Software, Nasuni, and Bambucluster
    42% of respondents to BillingPlatform ‘Trends in Finance: 2021 Market Outlook & Strategies for Growth’ said that they plan to adapt to the new global economic environment by investing in cloud-based technologies. In addition, Baker McKenzie’s ‘2020 Digital Transformation & Cloud Survey: The Future of Enterprise Data’, found that cloud remains on the top of the list of essential technology for enterprises. With cloud adoption accelerated by COVID-19 - and the pandemic increasingly leaving little room for error around cloud investment and management decisions - it’s imperative that businesses are clued up and confident in their strategies. In 2021, it’s vital that businesses’ IT Infrastructure investments both protect and accelerate their organizations, allowing them to lead with agility and innovation.

    Join this panel of cloud and infrastructure experts as they discuss how IT leaders and businesses can effectively utilize cloud technologies in 2021. Topics of discussion will include:

    -Best practices for assessing which cloud strategy - public, hybrid, or multi - is right for you in 2021
    -Essential capabilities IT teams need to maintain modern cloud infrastructures and ensure ROI in a new global landscape
    -What to know about cloud cost management and gaining visibility of IT budget sprawl as the pandemic continues to impact organizations globally
    -and more!

    Daniel Callao, Cloud Solutions Architect at HashiCorp
    Stephane Estevez. EMEA Director of Product Marketing, IT Markets at Splunk
    Tom Christensen, CTO & Customer Advocacy - Northern EMEA at Hitachi Vantara
    Terry Brennan, Managing Director at Orasi Software, Inc.
    John Capello, VP of Product Strategy at Nasuni
    Srinivasan Ramaswamy, Co-Founder & CEO at Bambucluster
  • Multi-cloud is inevitable. It also offers an opportunity to do security right Recorded: Mar 24 2021 45 mins
    Manohar Ganshani, EMEA Security Transformation Lead at IBM UK
    Every organization is going through a cloud transformation with majority of them landing with multiple cloud service providers. Regardless of whether 10% of their workloads are in cloud or 90%, most of them struggle to have a common cloud security baseline and operating model that align to their compliance and business objectives. This session provides a perspective with cloud and technology agnostic approach to addressing risk and the security complexities due to disparate security controls across various providers
  • Tell me something I don´t know about Hybrid Multi-Cloud Security Recorded: Mar 24 2021 57 mins
    Atef Abdelkefi, CISO/Lead Architect, the Danish Account at IBM
    The world has lately experienced dramatic changes that accelerated digital transformation in many aspects of organizations and individuals´ life: work from home, remote services, online shopping, etc. In order to achieve the required agility, scalability and adaptability, hybrid multi-cloud adoption has soared.
    A critical part of the hybrid multi-cloud journey is ensuring the enterprise stays secure across its data and workloads throughout its digital transformation. The current hybrid multicloud environment, with a growing list of security tools as well as native controls available from the cloud service providers, can lead to fragmented security solutions and an increase of the risk posture.

    In this talk, we will first investigate the challenges and opportunities of hybrid multi-cloud security, then, we will propose a methodology to mitigate the identified challenges. Particularly, we will propose a cloud security strategy that will support organizations in their journey to hybrid-multi cloud.
  • Get Empowered to Extend. Expand. Excel. in this New Reality called Multi-Cloud Recorded: Mar 23 2021 48 mins
    Parul Chheda, Vice President of Strategic Alliances at CoreStack
    As organizations embark upon digital transformation journey, most often they find Cloud at the core of this journey. Many leading technology companies like Amazon- AWS, Microsoft- Azure, Google – GCP etc. are delivering innovative products to meet growing demand around cloud. Multi cloud thus has now become a new reality as it provides freedom to choose and operate based on organization’s goals. However, it is impossible to realize true value of multi-cloud without establishing relevant strategies around People, Processes and Technologies that are part of this new reality. Organizations are already struggling with operational complexities, security and regulatory compliance, and unabated cloud costs. In this 30-minute session we will discuss various challenges and gain insights on various techniques to overcome those challenges. We will also hear from industry experts about their take on multi-cloud.
  • Using Multiple Clouds to Create & Collaborate Recorded: Mar 23 2021 55 mins
    Eclipse Tech - Tom Mabey, Kurt Walker, Ben Campbell, Jeff Olm, and Blake Jones
    Whether working remote because of covid or because of choice, the challenge of computing power and storage capacity in creative industries can be significant. Learn how expert colorists have used the cloud to edit, color, store and share full-length films, and how that technology can be simply leveraged for whatever it is you are creating.


    Tom Mabey, Co-Founder & CEO at Eclipse Tech
    Kurt Walker, VP Growth at Eclipse Tech
    Ben Campbell, CTO at Eclipse Tech
    Jeff Olm, International Colorist & Director of Cloud Solutions at Eclipse Tech
    Blake Jones, C.S.I., Technical Director, DaVinci Resolve Instructor
  • Cloud Infrastructure re-imagined and coming to the fight Recorded: Mar 23 2021 61 mins
    Dr. Mirza Kamaludeen, P. Eng., CISSP,
    Many organizations now find themselves in a multi-cloud environment, while they have no complains, they are however very uncertain and nervous about the future. Recent cyber event; cloud service providers censorship; and even chatter of malicious AI driven infrastructure only exacerbate the unease. While there are caused for concern, multi-cloud platforms address the issues from within its own fabric. In addition, the neo-nationalist movement is on pause, and the hour when singularity arrives and AI takes over the world is in the horizon, as Hollywood takes a covid19 break.

    In this session, I will attempt to unravel the complexity of multi-cloud and explain how we use these days of calm to address those imminent concerns. By discussing.

    -Use of Multi-cloud to address cloud vendor lock-in or shutdown.
    -Use of Multi-Cloud to address cloud & on-premises security.
    -User of Multi- cloud to secure your data and your identity – NIST style.
    -Use of Multi-cloud to address the Cloud AI-Genie waiting the closets.

    I will discuss with use cases, demonstrating how both private and public sector are leveraging multi-cloud in the fight for agility, security, and relevance.
  • Multi-Cloud – Separating the Hype from Reality Recorded: Mar 23 2021 48 mins
    Steven Woodward, Founder of Cloud Perspectives
    The multi-cloud marketing machine is at full power.

    Many cloud customers are becoming overwhelmed. Separating the “hype” from “reality” can be challenging, especially when terms such as “multi-cloud” are being used with different definitions and perspectives.

    Multi-cloud perspectives, options and updates from some of the standards groups addressing multi-cloud will be highlighted.

    A sample set of scenarios will be described where multi-cloud expectations might not meet reality, where careful analysis must be performed to avoid unpleasant surprises.

    A taxonomy model will be discussed with an approach to evaluate and govern multi-cloud journeys, while aligning back to business outcomes.
  • How I learned to stop worrying and love the cloud Recorded: Mar 23 2021 25 mins
    Jacques du Preez, Chief Executive Officer at Intellinexus
    Mike Tyson famously said: "Everyone has a strategy until they get punched in the face." And 2020 was precisely that: a punch-to-the-face that has created great urgency among businesses to adapt their strategies and become more resilient to further change. In light of remote work becoming the new normal, the call of the cloud has never been clearer. But, argues Jacques du Preez, CEO at iNTELLiNEXUS, the cloud is not a strategy. He challenges organisations to take a step back, consider the broader business strategy, get clarity on what competencies they need, and then work with expert partners to develop a business transformation roadmap with clear measurable goals to achieve improved business outcomes.

    Key Points:
    -Understanding organisational objectives & the strategies to achieve them.
    -Developing a competency wish list and action plan.
    -Mapping out which technologies will provide the desired competencies.
    -How to measure success (KPIs)
  • Reducing complexity in a multicloud environment Recorded: Mar 23 2021 38 mins
    James Halberstadt, Director, Consultancy Practice, Market Development at Colt Technology Services
    Multicloud is now a necessity for the Enterprise, so we need to learn how to grow these environments in order to govern and manage them as a single ecosystem and not as individual silos.

    This work begins with network access and visibility of application flows, which become increasingly complex as a single application often has elements of its architecture hosted on different clouds or in different locations including at the customer edge.

    Coupled with a workforce that is increasingly accessing these applications from 'anywhere', it is critical that we can secure the access to these application environments and ensure the Enterprise gains the business benefits promised by cloud transformation.
Best practices for achieving Enterprise IT and operational efficiency.
The Enterprise Architecture channel presents the next generation of Enterprise IT: recognizing the strategic importance of digital transformation and the data center to make companies more nimble and competitive. These presentations will help demanding IT and BizOps professionals achieve flexibility, scalability and performance with reduced risk and complexity.

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  • Title: Driving Digital Transformation: The Open Source Approach
  • Live at: May 25 2021 9:00 pm
  • Presented by: Frédéric Desbiens, Program Manager, IoT and Edge Computing, Eclipse Foundation
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