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Goodbye Active Directory - Hallo Open Source

In most of the small and medium businesses, Active Directory (AD) is the core of the IT systems and as such, it means vendor lock-in, less flexibility and higher costs. Join this live webinar to learn how Zentyal, an Ubuntu-based server for small and medium businesses and officially supported by Canonical, offers an easy-to-use replacement to Windows Server thanks to its Samba 4.0 integration.

During this webinar, you will learn about the new features of Samba 4.0 and see a typical migration scenario for an organisation seeking to migrate from Microsoft Active Directory to Zentyal.
You will also find out about the support arrangements available for organisations seeking to take route and how the Ubuntu-Zentyal partners benefit customers that wish to migrate to this open source alternative.

This webinar is ideal for:

* Small and medium businesses interested in migrating from Active Directory to Samba 4.0,

* Microsoft resellers who are looking for alternatives to help them continue to offer solutions to small and medium customers,

* Any local IT service provider or managed service provider, which currently offers SMBs IT infrastructure services and is interested in growing its business.
Recorded May 2 2013 53 mins
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Presented by
Darryl Weaver (Canonical), Julian Kerihuel (Zentyal)
Presentation preview: Goodbye Active Directory - Hallo Open Source

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  • IoT going beyond the proof of concept Recorded: Jun 14 2017 42 mins
    Thibaut Rouffineau, Head of Marketing Devices & IoT, Canonical
    The majority of IoT deployments across smart city, industrial or smart home are still relatively small scale and their benefits kept within the confines of the respective organisations. Slow deployments and costs are often to blame which prevent IT managers to go from proof of concepts to production. But for all to fully reap the benefits of IoT, large deployments scaling across cities and multiple sites will be required. In this session, Mike Bell will share some of the insights of deploying Ubuntu in production across IoT verticals: digital signage, smart city, industrial, retail, telecoms...
  • Industrial IoT in the Jungle, Energy Management in Harsh Environments Recorded: Jun 7 2017 47 mins
    Sebastian Koch, Director of Technology & Innovation (Azeti)
    In this latest instalment of the "IoT builder series" , azeti Networks, a software company with a strong focus on Industrial IoT and Automation, will be sharing the experience they have gained through projects in Telecommunications and Manufacturing. Are you planning IoT deployments in sites with difficult access, demanding requirements or with rough conditions? Are you looking to roll out smarter solutions to your remote assets?

    A few things you'll learn from the webinar:

    - 5 things to look out for when deploying solutions in harsh industrial environments
    - Addressing challenges and requirements of industrial projects with IoT
    - Finding your path through the IoT maze
    - Using Ubuntu for industrial gateway deployments
  • Delivering the value of IoT in the retail industry Recorded: May 24 2017 62 mins
    Paul Edrich, CTO of IMS Evolve & Tom Hurlbut, Strategist Executive at Dell
    IoT is being embraced by an increasingly diverse set of sectors and one which is reaping the benefits is the retail sector, specifically supermarkets and how they are using data in cold-chain (refrigeration) solutions. For this webinar, join Paul Edrich, CTO of IMS Evolve, who is helping major supermarket chains to manage billions of data points in real time to inform operational processes, reduce energy consumption and increase product quality.

    This webinar will include the following topics:

    - Refrigeration and IoT: problems, new industry trends and benefits
    - What IMS Evolve does to solve the problem
    - The technologies enabling their solution today
  • Technical Introduction to Ubuntu Core Recorded: Apr 26 2017 61 mins
    Oliver Grawert, Software Engineer (Canonical)
    A webinar diving in the technology inside Ubuntu Core, the version of Ubuntu dedicated to IoT Hosted by Oliver Grawert, the Engineer behind the Ubuntu Core images for Raspberry Pi and DragonBoard,

    What will you learn?
    * Ubuntu Core in depth technical coverage
    * Building an Ubuntu Core device image
    * Packaging apps as snaps for IoT deployment
  • Qt on Ubuntu Core Recorded: Feb 22 2017 58 mins
    Nils Christian Roscher-Nielsen: Product Manager (The Qt Company), Pat McGowan; Director of Developer Tools & Apps (Canonical)
    Are you working on an IoT, point of sale or digital signage device? Are you looking for a secure, supported solution to build it on? Do you have needs for graphic performance and complex UI? Did you know you could build great solutions using Qt on Ubuntu and Ubuntu Core?

    To find out how why not join this upcoming webinar. You will learn the following:

    - Introduction to Ubuntu and Qt in IoT and digital signage
    - Using Ubuntu and Ubuntu Core in your device
    - Packaging your Qt app for easy application distribution
    - Dealing with hardware variants and GPUs

    Please note: webinar registrants’ contact information will be shared with the co-presenter, The Qt Company.
  • 2017 - what's in store for IoT? Recorded: Dec 13 2016 61 mins
    Dominique Guinard (CTO & Co-founder EVRYTHNG), Ian Skerrett (VP Marketing, Eclipse Foundation) and Maarten Ectors (Canonical)
    It's nearing the end of the year! Time to take a breather and plan for 2017. As part of our 'IoT builders' webinar series, we have asked some of the most prominent technologists, community builders and visionaries in this space for their advice and practical predictions on what's worth working on next! Speakers include Dominique Guinard (CTO & Co-founder EVRYTHNG), Ian Skerrett (VP Marketing, Eclipse Foundation) and Maarten Ectors (VP, IoT at Canonical.) Join us on December 13th at 17:00 (GMT.)
  • Introduction to Ubuntu Core, an Ubuntu for IOT Recorded: Nov 16 2016 61 mins
    Manik Taneja, Product Manager for Ubuntu Core
    In this webinar, the speaker will go through an explanation of the architecture, new features and use cases behind Ubuntu Core 16.

    What you will learn:

    ★Lessons learned by Ubuntu in IoT and the need for a new approach to security and software management

    ★Choosing the right Operating System for your IoT devices, hardware choices and long-term maintainability

    ★How Ubuntu Core is being used by various partners to build solutions across home gateways, industrial, building automation and digital signage
  • Enabling a Software Life Cycle for IoT Devices: From CPE to Enterprise Gateways Recorded: Nov 1 2016 58 mins
    Manik Taneja Product Manager, Ubuntu Core
    Most embedded devices today never see a software update once shipped from the factory. Even if a software update is available, it's still very cumbersome to apply. More often than not, the update process is riddled with artifacts relying entirely on the end consumer. Given the complexities of keeping/maintaining the device, it's no surprise that adding to it capabilities with new software is challenging.
    In this session, we are going to introduce novel ways to manage a device life cycle. This new paradigm of software design enables transactional updates, application isolation and security as fundamental building blocks.
  • Why the world’s largest digital signage networks use Linux Recorded: Oct 19 2016 40 mins
    Dave Haynes (Sixteen:Nine) and Jody Smith (BroadSign)
    Sixteen:Nine editor Dave Haynes will talk with product manager, Jody Smith, from BroadSign about the story behind the company - an industry-leading digital signage CMS company that runs the largest and most successful networks worldwide.

    They’ll discuss the evolution of BroadSign, the vast networks they work with that include some of the largest media agencies, how Linux has helped them grow and the state of the industry.
  • The Making of the Nextcloud Box: Building a consumer device in just a few months Recorded: Oct 5 2016 55 mins
    Frank Karlitschek, Founder of Nextcloud
    In this webinar, Nextcloud founder, Frank Karlitschek, will tell the story of the Nexcloud box, a secure self-hosted cloud and IoT platform that lets consumers take back control over their personal data. He'll go into detail about how they brought the device to consumers in just a few months and why they chose to use Ubuntu snaps to deliver Nextcloud to customers.

    Frank Karlitschek is the founder of Nextcloud, founder of ownCloud, free Software Developer, former KDE e.V. board member, photographer and founder of openDesktop .org - read more here http://karlitschek.de/about/
  • Industry 4.0 & IoT: the convergence of information and operational technology Recorded: Aug 31 2016 59 mins
    Jimmy Garcia-Meza co-founder and CEO of CloudPlugs
    This webinar explores the convergence of Operational and Information technology as one of the key benefits of the Internet of Things; and how to use this convergence as a way to build a new generatin of integrated digital supply chains which are the base of Industry 4.0.

    This webinar will cover the following topics:

    * Industry 4.0 and IoT Trends
    * Higher efficiency and productivity through end to end integrated digital supply chains
    * New business opportunities for all players in the manufacturing supply chain
    * Real life examples on industrial process improvements through the use of IoT

    About the speaker: Jimmy Garcia-Meza is the co-founder and CEO of CloudPlugs Inc. He has over 20 years of experience running startups and large divisions in private and public U.S. multinational companies. He co-founded nubisio, Inc. a cloud storage company acquired by Bain Capital. He was CEO of FilesX, a backup software company acquired by IBM. He held various executive positions at Silicon Image (SIMG) where he was responsible for driving the world-wide adoption of HDMI. He was a venture director at Index Ventures and held several executive positions at Sun Microsystems where he has in charge of a $1.7B global line of business.
  • NFV Orchestration Accelerated by Application Modeling Recorded: Jul 19 2016 39 mins
    Matt Harper, Chief Development Officer, Rift.io and Bill Bauman, Strategy & Content, Canonical
    Join us to hear how a leading telco-focused startup is leveraging application modeling to accelerate and diversify NFV delivery. This webinar is a use case and integration journey, as explained by Matt Harper, RIFT.io's Chief Development Officer. Matt will talk about the analysis and decision to integrate with the deployment and encapsulation capabilities of Juju, Canonical's application modeling tool. He'll discuss how Juju has helped RIFT.ware, a standards-based orchestrator, leverage a model-driven framework to support multiple formats and scale to support massive numbers of VNFs and VMs, all in support of Open Source MANO, of which RIFT.io and Canonical are both founding members.
  • Digital Signage meets IoT: Data-triggered content and 4G base stations Recorded: Jul 12 2016 50 mins
    Sixteen:Nine editor Dave Haynes
    Sixteen:Nine editor Dave Haynes talks with two digital signage innovators Nikodem Lacki and Ebrahim Busheri.

    Nikodem Lacki CTO of Boldmind, will be sharing his experience creating on-demand experiential advertising at retail malls and airports. Ebrahim Busheri, CEO of Lime SDR, will be explaining how Digital Signage players can double up as configurable 4G base stations.

    Their discussion will see them touch on a variety of topics:
    - Digital signage industry trends
    - The disruptive effects of software and software on the industry
    - New business opportunities for advertisers and screen owners
    - Real life examples of innovative services launched across the world

    This will is the second webinar in a series dedicated to exploring the changes that the new wave of IoT innovation is bringing to the digital signage industry.
  • Digital Signage Meets IoT: building success with a Raspberry Pi! Recorded: Jun 1 2016 57 mins
    Dave Haynes
    Sixteen:Nine editor Dave Haynes talks with Viktor Petersson, CEO of Screenly, to explore his journey building a digital signage solution based on the very popular and very affordable Raspberry Pi. Their discussion will see them touch on a variety of topics:
    - Digital signage industry trends
    - The disruptive effects of the drop in hardware costs
    - The adoption of agile software development and operations
    - The start-up road to success
    - This will be the first webinar in a series dedicated to exploring the changes that the new wave of IoT innovation is bringing to the digital signage industry.
  • Don’t wait, upgrade to OpenStack Mitaka now Recorded: May 10 2016 49 mins
    Mark Baker, Canonical's OpenStack Product Manager
    Imagine if Google or Amazon went a year or two without updating their cloud or adding new features. OpenStack private clouds must interoperate and compete with public clouds at an economic and technological capabilities level. That means updating to the latest version of OpenStack as smoothly and quickly as possible. Fortunately, Ubuntu OpenStack is designed with exactly that in mind.

    In this “don’t wait!” update, we review the key new features in OpenStack Mitaka. We’ll discuss why they’re important and what they do for your OpenStack cloud; updates like Live Migration, rolling upgrades, and Neutron role-based QoS, to name a few. We also talk about some of the tools that have helped make Ubuntu the platform for the vast majority of OpenStack installations.

    *Key takeaways*
    - The latest OpenStack has the stability improvements of all previous versions, there’s no need to wait to upgrade
    - OpenStack Mitaka has scalability, resiliency and manageability improvements throughout all the core projects
    - Ubuntu OpenStack and Canonical’s tools reduce time to initial deployment
    - Upgrading to OpenStack Mitaka is a standardized process if you’re using MaaS and Juju
    - Core features of Ubuntu have been updated or added to better support OpenStack Mitaka clouds, like LXD and ZFS

    Come hear Mark Baker, Canonical’s OpenStack product and strategy lead, explain what’s new in OpenStack Mitaka, why those features are important, and how Canonical is delivering tools to make them easy to consume, and easily upgradeable. A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Canonical found that ease of expansion and upgradeability is the most important must-have for a cloud platform. Ubuntu OpenStack ensures you never get left behind the cloud curve.
  • Critical Data for BootStack Clouds Recorded: Mar 22 2016 44 mins
    John Meadows, VP of Business Development for Talligent and Arturo Suarez, Product Strategy for Canonical
    Do you have or want to have a modern, agile, perhaps self-service, cloud infrastructure?
    Are you struggling with or considering how many disparate workloads are deployed?
    How will you gain useful insight into who's using which resources, and how do you appropriately charge users, departments, the customers of IT, for the resources they consume?

    Even in a flat or no charge back model, the ability to analyse and, more importantly, predict consumption, is vital to managing and growing any sort of modern IT infrastructure.

    With the rapid implementation and usage growth of modern clouds, it is vital that proper environmental analytics are gathered. Join Canonical and Talligent to learn how to measure and analyse business-critical consumption and cost data from a single to multi or hybrid cloud infrastructure. We'll discuss cloud computing in the context of BootStack, a managed OpenStack offering based on Ubuntu. Talligent's OpenBook software demonstrates how and why to perform cloud measurement, billing and potentially charge back.

    John Meadows, VP of Business Development for Talligent, has an engineering background. He has worked on cost model development for software, provided direct input on virtualisation management systems for both software and hardware, and understands the importance of the intersection of operations, consulting, competitive analysis, and market alignment.

    Arturo Suarez, Product Strategy for Canonical, has a background as a business analyst and IT director. He was a founding member of Stackops, an IaaS solution based on OpenStack. Arturo has experience building platforms for growing companies that need modern cloud and agile infrastructure and understands the balance between DIY and leveraging hosted solutions.
  • In Place Upgrades of OpenStack with Running Workloads Recorded: Dec 8 2015 46 mins
    Billy Olsen, Software Engineer @ Canonical
    This session will demonstrate and discuss how to upgrade a running Ubuntu OpenStack cloud from Kilo to Liberty with little or no disruption to running workloads. Lots of real-world experience has made this possible, come and see how it's done!
  • Pure-container OpenStack Recorded: Nov 12 2015 31 mins
    James Page Technical Architect, Ubuntu OpenStack Team
    Watch a live demonstration of running real workloads on OpenStack in containers and in KVM to compare performance. See how to deploy pure-container OpenStack for yourself. This presentation covers the pure-container hypervisor, LXD, and its integration with OpenStack Nova, enabling you to run an entire cloud with container-only guests for maximum performance.
  • Deploy Big Data services the easy way Recorded: Oct 21 2015 47 mins
    Arturo Suarez
    Big data solutions involve many technologies working together. Whether it’s collection, analysis, or action, all of those components must be configured, their relationships defined, and deployed. In today’s dynamic data environment, the deployment is bound to change, need to be updated, or replicated. You need an infrastructure and tool set that keep your focus on the data. Flexibility in big data infrastructure automation, and examples of use cases are discussed in detail in this webinar.
  • Webinar: How charming your software for OpenStack will help you be successful Recorded: Jun 24 2015 60 mins
    Stefan Johannson, Canonical/Ubuntu; Graziano Obertelli, AppScale; Gabriel Samfira, Cloudbase
    Join us to explore how charming your software for Juju will launch your software business into the cloud, fast. Using real world examples, we’ll show you how forward thinking businesses are leveraging Juju and Charms to stay competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace. Don't miss the opportunity to hear about other software developers who are benefitting from the power of Juju.


    Gabriel Samfira, Developer, Cloudbase Solutions,

    Cloudbase Solutions is dedicated to interoperability and cloud computing. Their involvement in the OpenStack community and the development of the Hyper-V compute driver are a natural result of their experience on multiple environment, ranging from Microsoft infrastructures to Linux and BSD.

    Gabriel has lead the development of charms for SMB, Windows 2012, Exchange, Sharepoint and SQL Server at Cloudbase.

    Graziano Obertelli, Vice President of Engineering, AppScale Systems, Inc.

    Graziano’s interest in cloud computing started with research in fault tolerant distributed systems at UCSD. Graziano co-founded Eucalyptus Systems in 2009. In 2014, Graziano left Eucalyptus to lead engineering and operations at AppScale. Graziano brings tremendous experience in management, software processes, quality assurance, system administration, customer support, and open source communities.
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  • Live at: May 2 2013 1:00 pm
  • Presented by: Darryl Weaver (Canonical), Julian Kerihuel (Zentyal)
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