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Making More Room for Women in the Financial Planning Profession

In 2013, the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards launched the Women’s Initiative to understand the reasons for the persistent low numbers of women CFP® professionals. Women comprise approximately 23% of the certificant base, a number which is somewhat lower than the 31% representation by women within the broader financial advisory profession. What’s more, the percentage of CFP® professionals who are women has not changed for over a decade, even as the profession itself has grown and become well established in the financial marketplace.

This presentation will discuss the ground-breaking research, both qualitative and quantitative, conducted by CFP Board. Focus-group participants and survey respondents were drawn from virtually every demographic group with a stake in the discussion of women’s professional status in financial planning. These groups included students in academic and certificate financial planning programs, educators, students pursuing finance-related majors, women and men in financial services both with and without the CFP certification, firm executives and recruiters, even clients of financial advisors who were asked about the role of gender in their choice of advisor.

Eleanor Blayney, CFP®, Consumer Advocate for CFP Board and a member of the Women’s Initiative Advisory Planning, will highlight the major findings from the research, as well as discuss the business case for more female CFP® professionals. Most important of all, she will share the recommendations of the WIN Advisory Panel for attracting and retaining more women CFP® professionals, in terms of what can be done today, tomorrow, and into the longer-term future to bring gender parity to the financial planning profession.
Recorded Sep 10 2014 45 mins
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Presented by
Eleanor Blayney, CFP®, Consumer Advocate for CFP Board
Presentation preview: Making More Room for Women in the Financial Planning Profession

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  • George Kinder on Developing a Mindfulness Practice: Part 2 Oct 12 2016 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    George Kinder
    Spend an hour with George Kinder as he leads a group meditation and discusses how to continue developing a mindfulness practice for yourself. There will be time for Q&A and discussion.

    Can’t Miss Takeaways -

    - You will:Learn the daily practice of Mindfulness and how it delivers practical benefits.
    - Have access to an audio guide to a daily Mindfulness practice.
    - Receive a free on-line copy of George Kinder’s book, Transforming Suffering into Wisdom: Mindfulness and The Art of Inner Listening.
  • How FinTech is Changing Personal Finance Sep 21 2016 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Dara Albright, Brian Dally (Groundfloor), Jim Jones (IRA Services Trust), Sally Outlaw (CEO, Worthy)
    Depressed interest rates and volatile equity markets are driving an unprecedented interest in retail alternative investment products. Fortunately, through the intersection of technology and regulation, new FinTech archetypes are emerging to satisfy that demand.

    This webinar will highlight some of these groundbreaking technologies, tools, apps, rules and investment products that are transforming the financial services industry and changing the way people invest as well as save for retirement.

    This is a MUST-VIEW webinar for investors of all sizes, financial advisors, wealth managers, FinTech platforms, and regulators.
  • Big Data Analytics for Risk Management Jul 21 2016 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Graham Seel (BankTech Consulting), Shirish Netke (Amberoon), Bob Mark (Black Diamond Risk)
    When it comes to tracking the flow of money, it’s no doubt that studying patterns and analytics behind the transactions are important in fighting financial crime.

    Join this session where we'll discuss:

    -The application of machine learning and big data in AML monitoring
    -How to implement proper Know-Your-Customer (KYC) processes
    -Challenges around automation and using predictive analytics to prevent future issues
  • Open APIs and the Future of Banking Jul 21 2016 3:01 pm UTC 60 mins
    Annine Nordestgaard Bentzen (Hufsy), Jeremy Light (Accenture), Stefan Weiß (Fidor), Jan Sirich (Nordea)
    A successful Application Programming Interface (API) strategy relies heavily on concepts of open infrastructure and open data. The adoption of Open APIs in banking is thus an idea that has been met with excitement and, understandably, concern as well.

    Attend this summit where our experts will discuss:

    -What’s in it for banks/fintechs?
    -What are the pitfalls when it comes to opening up APIs for banks and integrating into open APIs for fintechs?
    -PSD2 - will you be ready (mostly a consideration for banks)?
    -How should we (fintechs and banks) operate until the PSD2 is rolled out?
  • How Blockchain Technology is Improving Compliance and Security Jul 21 2016 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Rob Laurence (Innovate Identity), Michael Gronager (Chainalysis), Lory Kehoe (Deloitte)
    It goes without saying that compliance and security have the highest of priorities within an organisation. In the digital world, however, effective compliance and security comes at a high cost. In this session we consider the value of Blockchain technology in ensuring compliance and security in digital transactions.

    Join the panel where the following points will be discussed:
    · Where is Blockchain being used to deliver compliance and security?

    · Does Blockchain actually improve compliance and security?

    · What case studies exist to actually demonstrate this?

    · What role does Blockchain have with device-to-device communications and the IOT?

    · Can Blockchain improve the customer experience in user-centric digital services or is it just an underlying technology?

    · Is Blockchain better than existing technologies and approaches or is it really just hyped up by the tech industry?
  • Next Generation Fraud Protection and Detection Jul 20 2016 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Pierre Suhrcke (Pascal Capital), Deepak Dutt (Zighra), Sunil Madhu (Socure)
    - All goes mobile
    - Cybersecurity Threats such as identity thefts , hacking on the rise
    - Security the key success driver for FinTech and InsurTech
    - What are the solutions?
    - Overview of main players
    - Can the industry win the battle against the fraudster?
    - How does the future look like?
  • Security practices for safe mobile money transfers Jul 20 2016 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Tom Meredith (SmartToken Chain), Ali Raza (CCG Catalyst)
    Every person on the planet has a mobile phone, but 2 Billion people are “Un-banked”.
    Banks and telecoms are in a Gold Rush to bank the unbanked, but many obstacles remain. Money transfers are some of the most popular transactions made by both the banked and the unbanked. However, building trust in this new service is definitely a challenge.

    Join this panel where discussion points will include:

    -Who has the upper hand: Banks or Carriers?
    -How can Fintech companies ensure trust and security when it comes to mobile money transfers?
    -Global ISO Standards Authenticate ID and Asset Verification
    -ISO Reduces Fraud and Speeds up Asset Transfers
    -What are some of the security challenges new payment services are able to overcome?
    -Are “Standards” emerging to reduce implementation and compliance costs?
    -How do you create cross-border and Inter-bank/carrier transactions?
    -How can banks and telecoms successfully bank the unbanked?
  • Mobile Payments: Disruptive innovations or security threat? Jul 20 2016 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Kristian Sørensen (Norfico), Mario Maawad (CaixaBank), Giles Sutherland (Carta Worldwide), Douglas Kinloch (Inside Secure)
    With more and more people using their phones to conduct business and make transactions, concerns around security have also increased.

    During the session, we will discuss:

    Is hardware security a thing of the past?
    Will tokenisation solve security issues or introduce new problems?
    How do you secure your app?
    How do you balance security with convenience?
    Will biometrics make secure solutions easier to use?
    The end user perspective - are consumers driven by security or by trust?
    Future outlook - are we heading in the right direction security wise?
  • George Kinder on Developing a Mindfulness Practice: Part 1 Jul 13 2016 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    George Kinder
    Spend an hour with George Kinder as he leads a group meditation and discusses how to develop a mindfulness practice for yourself. There will be time for Q&A and discussion.

    Can’t Miss Takeaways -

    - You will:Learn the daily practice of Mindfulness and how it delivers practical benefits.
    - Have access to an audio guide to a daily Mindfulness practice.
    - Receive a free on-line copy of George Kinder’s book, Transforming Suffering into Wisdom: Mindfulness and The Art of Inner Listening.
  • How healthy is the US economy? Jul 13 2016 12:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Rory Mcpherson (Head of Investment Strategy, Psigma Investment Management)
    What is going on int he US and what are the broader implications for asset classes?
    What does this mean and what does it mean for portfolio positioning?
    Why does this have global implications?
  • Time for Financial Institutions to Get Serious about Predictive Analytics Jul 11 2016 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Kasper Sylvest (Danske Bank), Amir Tabakovic (BigML), Nick Jetten (VODW)
    This first white paper of the new series discusses the value of predictive analytics for the financial industry and answers the
    question why this is the right time to start with predictive analytics and how to empower entire organisations to use it.

    As mobile technology evolves and everything around us – not just our mobile devices– is becoming connected we are
    entering a new era of connected experiences. The customer journey in the financial industry is completely digitized. This
    exponentially increases the number of interactions between a financial service company and its customers.
    Customers expect banks to understand their context and the challenge for financial industry is to be relevant at all these interactions.

    In this webinar, we will discuss:

    -How predictive analytics will lead to vast improvements of existing static business rules and achieve progress like reducing cost, increasing revenues and improving customer experience

    -Why Mobey Forum expects that predictive analytics skills will soon be essential for banks to keep their position in the market
    against non-banks but also other banks that will be using predictive analytics as a competitive weapon

    -Why we should not just focus on a "rear view mirror" approach, but also identify and address questions concerned with the future

    -Areas of application for predictive analytics in financial institutions

    -Case studies of card-linked offers, next best action, pricing, claim handling, risk assessment
  • Can Robo-Advisors change investment behaviour to achieve your financial goals? Recorded: Jun 24 2016 60 mins
    April Rudin (The Rudin Group), Paolo Sironi (IBM), David Wilson (Capgemini), Greg Davies (Centapse)
    The Wealth Management industry is at the center of a digital earthquake, which is tearing the fault apart. On one side of the fault, the family of the taxable investors is changing the behaviour with regards to personal finance. On the other side technology is transforming the way individuals access investment solutions and personal advisors add value. The rise of Robo-Advisors has been broadly welcomed but also generated concerns about the effective advice that individuals can receive by means of digital tools.

    Starting from Paolo Sironi's upcoming book "FinTech Innovation: from Robo-Advisors to Goal Based Investing and Gamification", April Rudin will invite a qualified panel of experts to discuss and think about the links between how we use technology to invest and save, how to change our investment behaviour to make best use of digital solutions, as well as how to improve our knowledge to achieve a more balanced and informed approach about our financial health to become effective in using social media engagements and content.

    On this changing landscape, educational gamification could provide an opportunity to use technology and help individuals to learn how to think in terms of goals, re-wire their investor's brains for the good and change the way they react to financial new, market drops and life events.
  • Digital tools and processes for investment discovery Recorded: Jun 23 2016 63 mins
    Ina Yulo (BrightTALK), Efi Pilarinu (Daily Fintech Advisers), Frede Fardal (Islero), Rahul Joglekar (NTT Data)
    The Investment research process has been greatly enhanced by digitalization. New tools aim to support amateur, seasoned, and professional investors alike. Personalised and easily-accessible investment research, at a lower price, in a mobile way is becoming the new standard.

    Join this panel where we will discuss:

    - How retail investors can benefit from new digital investment tools

    - How professional asset managers can enhance their value proposition by using these tools

    - Which technologies are enabling these innovations
  • Terminator 4: The Next Challenge to the Advice Profession Recorded: Jun 22 2016 64 mins
    Robert Martorana (Right Blend Investing), Bob Veres (Inside Information), Levar Haffoney (Fayohne Advisors)
    What are robo-advisors and are they going to take offer (and terminate) the entire advice profession as we know it?

    Join this panel where we'll have a healthy debate on the following points:

    -Is there really such a thing as robo-tech or are we just looking at Software 2.0?
    -Will investors chase performance?
    -Are robos on autopilot? How will this fare furing a bear market?
    -Are "customized robos" an oxymoron or are they the wave of the future?
    -Will the robo trend burn itself out and will we go back to do-it-yourself investing?
    -The relationships of advisors with custodians and back offices
  • Wealth Tech & the Rise of Robo-Advisory Models Recorded: Jun 22 2016 60 mins
    Susanne Chishti, Silvan Schumacher (Swanest), Deborah Fuhr (ETFGI), Uday Nimmakayala (WealthObjects), Jared Shaw (EY)
    A webinar to explore rapid changes in the asset management & private banking sectors and how FINTECH innovations across robo-advisory and big data analytics present both an opportunity and a threat for traditional financial institutions. Who will win the Wealth Tech race?

    Join this webinar to find out about the latest trends & developments and how you can take advantage of Fintech solutions for the benefit of your own organizations.

    We will discuss:

    The future of robo-advisory: how will the sector evolve, AI
    The algorithms empowering robo-advisors: what they actually do
    The underestimated problem of robo-advisors: acquisition costs
    The reliance on European brokerages for the backend infrastructure
    Comparison of the US and Europe robo-advisor landscape
    Response of traditional financial institutions
    Exchange Traded Funds vs actively managed funds
    Who will win the race: robo-advisors vs investment advisors & banks
  • Making the Switch: Consumer attitudes to the changing Financial Services scene Recorded: Jun 22 2016 64 mins
    Kit Carson (Verdict), Esther Stringer (Border Crossing Media), Brian Daly (GlicLabs Tech), Jenique McNaught (Strategy Desk)
    As the industry adapts to providing financial services in a digitally enabled world, Verdict Financial shall guide you through their findings from their Retail Banking Insights survey conducted with 17,000 consumers across 20 global markets.

    -How important is it to be offering the latest digital services?
    -Who are the consumers that are willing to use digital-only providers?
    -Which markets see the greatest demand for fintech products and services

    On the back of this ,we will assess the new kids on the block across Europe and discuss which propositions will likely see greatest uptake to help shape your own innovation strategies.
  • The Advice Frontier: Real vs Robo Recorded: Jun 22 2016 46 mins
    Ranjeet Guptara (Cantab Asset Management), Andreas Zimmerman (Finhorizon), Alexandre Gaillard (InvestGlass)
    The “advice gap” affects most people at some point. The service given by robo-advisers should be carefully compared with that of professionals with relevant experience. Given increasing longevity, we all need to supplement pensions and savings.

    When is Robo-Advice the answer?
  • Robo-advice: how to make it work for HNW segment? Recorded: Jun 22 2016 63 mins
    Bartosz Golba (Verdict Financial), Adam French (Scalable Capital), Saeed Hassan (Grow Advisors)
    Online automated investment advisors have been building their AUM at increasing pace. However, the majority of assets comes from retail or mass affluent clients.

    In this panel session, we will tackle the following questions:

    -Can robo-advice appeal to HNW segment on a wider scale?
    -How can you build a successful proposition that would attract the assets of the wealthiest and help become robo platforms sustainable and profitable in long term?
  • Finding your place in the FinTech Future Recorded: Jun 15 2016 47 mins
    Elizabeth Lumley (Startup bootcamp), Roeli Pot (Rabobank), Spiros Margaris (Margaris Advisory), Louise Beaumont (GLI Finance)
    FinTech doesn’t just sit in London or New York or Singapore. It sit inside every industry and every country – it is the rails and the platforms for which money is moved and spent and saved and loaned. FinTech is not the preserve of old, white men (the stale, male and pale crowd as some call it) but It improves the lives of women in the third world, allows a teenager to check their balance before a trip to the mall and makes it easier for fund managers to process reporting.

    Financial services, as an industry, plays a part in almost every major life decision from buying a home, to starting a business to retirement. FinTech aims to make the part banks and financial services play easier and more efficient. For FinTech to have the most affective impact, from global to the local, it has to create a place where a wide variety of experiences and voices are welcomed to shape the future of our world.

    Join us and our exciting panel as we discuss ‘Finding your place in the FinTech Future’
  • How to design a profitable proposition for your business Recorded: Jun 3 2016 34 mins
    Derek Bradley, Panacea Adviser & John Joe McGinley, Glassagh Consulting
    In our latest in a series of ‘Better Business’ webcasts, Panacea Adviser is delighted to have once again teamed up with Glassagh Consulting to produce a FREE ‘Bento for One’ webcast to support and educate advisers.

    What is your business value proposition? Are you and your clients clear about the value you add? The answers to these 2 questions are key to the future profitability of your business.

    Glassagh Consulting and Panacea Adviser in their next webinar will highlight the simple steps you can take to:

    •Create a strong differentiation between you and your competitors.
    •Increase not only the quantity but also the quality of prospective clients.
    •Gain market share in your targeted segments.
    •Improve your operation efficiency.
    •Increase your revenue.
    •Ensure that everyone in your company communicates the same message.
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You can attend the webinars at no cost and will be able to submit real-time questions to presenters during the live online events. If you are unable to attend a webinar live, you can also view it afterward on demand.

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  • Title: Making More Room for Women in the Financial Planning Profession
  • Live at: Sep 10 2014 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Eleanor Blayney, CFP®, Consumer Advocate for CFP Board
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