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Video and Q&A: Back to Basics with Carl Richards

When was the last time you spoke with your clients about their life goals? Gaining a client's trust is not as complicated as we think. It's about asking the right questions and accommodating the aspects of their lives that matter most. So stop worrying about learning the latest tricks - let's start with the basics!

About Carl:
Carl Richards became an accidental artist with his simple sketches that make complex financial concepts easy to understand for thousands of people every week on The New York Times Bucks blog. Richards’ art, which he refers to as Visualizing Finance, has its first showing at the Kimball Art Center, in Park City, Utah. His commissioned work is on display in businesses and educational institutions across the country. His sketches also serve as the foundation for his first book, The Behavior Gap: Simple ways to Stop Doing Dumb Things with Money (Portfolio/Penguin). Carl appears regularly on National Public Radio’s Marketplace Money, writes a column for Morningstar Advisor, and keynotes financial planning conferences and visual learning events. You can find more of his writing and sketches at BehaviorGap.com. A Certified Financial Planner, Carl serves as the director of investor education for BAM Advisor Services and lives in Park City, Utah, with his family.
Recorded Aug 1 2012 45 mins
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Presented by
Carl Richards, Author, "The Behavior Gap: Simple ways to Stop Doing Dumb Things with Money"
Presentation preview: Video and Q&A: Back to Basics with Carl Richards

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  • Coding the Future of FinTech with Smart APIs and Financial Data Oct 20 2016 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Lars Markull (Figo)
    Financial data is both the most intimate and most powerful data we have about ourselves. Financial data should not kept in a silo but openly available to third parties, -- this is required for true innovation. However, security and data protection are crucial. Banks and third party providers have to work together to provide the infrastructure required to innovate.

    Join this webinar where we will discuss:
    -The power of APIs -- how to integrate banking data and financial sources quickly and easily
    -What developers need to know about banking APIs and how to foster new services in the FinTech space
    -PSD2 Post-Brexit -- what now?
    -Will traditional banks be replaced by FinTech banks one day?
    -Which is the biggest challenge: market education, technical issues, or regulation?
  • George Kinder on Developing a Mindfulness Practice: Part 2 Oct 12 2016 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    George Kinder
    Spend an hour with George Kinder as he leads a group meditation and discusses how to continue developing a mindfulness practice for yourself. There will be time for Q&A and discussion.

    Can’t Miss Takeaways -

    - You will:Learn the daily practice of Mindfulness and how it delivers practical benefits.
    - Have access to an audio guide to a daily Mindfulness practice.
    - Receive a free on-line copy of George Kinder’s book, Transforming Suffering into Wisdom: Mindfulness and The Art of Inner Listening.
  • Digital Wallets: Challenges in adoption and the future of a cashless society Sep 21 2016 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    David Parker (Polymath Consulting), Scott Abrahams (Mastercard), Michael Rolph (Yoyo Wallet)
    1. Will we be cashless by 2036 as the Mayor of London Research says

    2. What functionality do consumers want from wallets, so far they seem quite unimpressed with Apple Pay only representing 0.06% of US transactions

    3. Will consumers ever trust non banks to deliver financial services

    4. I only carry one wallet, will I ever use more than one digital wallet and what does this mean for closed loop wallets

    5. What will make retailer adopt and accept more payment solutions, or do they all have to just run NFC that seems to be becoming a defacto
  • How FinTech is Changing Personal Finance Sep 21 2016 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Dara Albright, Brian Dally (Groundfloor), Jim Jones (IRA Services Trust), Sally Outlaw (CEO, Worthy)
    Depressed interest rates and volatile equity markets are driving an unprecedented interest in retail alternative investment products. Fortunately, through the intersection of technology and regulation, new FinTech archetypes are emerging to satisfy that demand.

    This webinar will highlight some of these groundbreaking technologies, tools, apps, rules and investment products that are transforming the financial services industry and changing the way people invest as well as save for retirement.

    This is a MUST-VIEW webinar for investors of all sizes, financial advisors, wealth managers, FinTech platforms, and regulators.
  • Crowdfunding: The next step in the revolution Sep 8 2016 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Julian Buhagiar (BrightTALK), Thomas Davies (Seedrs), Matt Cooper (Crowdcube), Gill Roche-Saunders (BWB Compliance)
    The last few years have been massive for the crowdfunding industry. Now a $60 billion industry, it has grown to include many facets such as equity crowdfunding, perks-based models, loan-based models, and more.

    Join this session where we will discuss:

    -crowdfunding passing VC’s for the first time

    -opportunities for SMEs and the rise of “mainstream equity crowdfunding”

    -compliance challenges — how can new start-ups keep up and how can traditional players secure themselves?

    -what is the FCA saying about innovation and consumer protection?

    -what’s the profile of the modern day investor?

    -what are some of the growing pains that rising companies might feel after a successful crowdfunding round?
  • How to Read Financial News More Effectively: Tips from Six Investors Sep 7 2016 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Rob Martorana, Brian Gilmartin, Marc Gerstein, Jeff Miller, Ed Stavetski
    Six veteran investors explain how they cut through the clutter of sensationalism and pseudo-analysis that litter the landscape of today's financial journalism. The webinar is accompanied by a 30-page slide deck with embedded links. The content is based on an article published by the CFA Institute in July of 2016, and the authors will discuss and debate their approaches.
  • Fintech: Good and Bad News for Inclusive Sustainable Finance Aug 22 2016 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Hazel Henderson (FRSA)
    This presentation, FINTECH: Good and Bad News for Inclusive Sustainable Finance, will explore issues surrounding the rapid deployment of computerized electronic platforms, cryptocurrencies and algorithms now disrupting legacy financial firms and their models.

    Good News: this disruption was long overdue and welcome where it overturns inefficient, inequitable, over-priced services, democratizing lending, investment, banking, payments, remittance and widens easy availability of transactions. Widespread adoption of Blockchain-based distributed ledgers offer closer monitoring of financial ethics and performance. Bad News: this electronic, information-rich disruption of legacy finance ranges from algorithmic high-frequency trading (HFT) we explored for the UN Inquiry (2015) to the rapid co-option and buyouts of companies in the FINTECH 100 by the big legacy banks; the excessive run-up in pre-IPO valuations, focusing on big wins, short-term profits – evidence of the same excesses and unsustainable practices needing reform. Even the ingenious market-based reform in IEX’s platform’s technological designed “speed bump” which levels the playing field for investors also can be subverted to extort fees by unscrupulous firms. Vulnerability, internet and spectrum capacity as well as security issues need attention.

    While FINTECH offers so many opportunities for reforming and democratizing finance, the race is on to own and control these disruptive firms and their profits. Steering FINTECH firms toward globally inclusive, sustainable development goals as in the UN’s SDGs must now be built in. Ethical standards are key in optimal systemic design. How best to measure their social and environmental impacts, performance metrics and accounting, and monitor prudential architecture at global and national levels? How can we help design FINTECH for inclusive sustainable finance and markets?
  • Alternative Finance: Understanding its role in the future of finance Aug 18 2016 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Saeed Hassan (Grow Advisors), Matt Hinkley (AltFi)
    In this webinar, we shall discuss the origins alternative finance and share clues to understand what the future holds. We shall also review what alternative finance will mean for traditional finance organisations, savers investors and businesses alike.

    -Alternative Finance - alternative to what exactly?

    -Looking back and looking forward to the future of alternative finance

    -Review different participants' perspectives, outlining opportunities and challenges for each.
  • Outside-in commercial lending: Putting clients in charge of their own destiny Aug 18 2016 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ina Yulo (BrightTALK), Jacqueline Morcombe (Misys), Amit Batra (everis)
    We are living in a digital reality but bank’s corporate clients are already being wooed by post-digital, fintech driven possibilities. Traditional lenders face fundamental challenges to grow their business with 1 in 5 banks still lacking an enterprise digital strategy to serve their corporate clients. With low interest rates and increasing costs, optimising the customer experience might be part of the vision statement, but delivering on this ethos has not been straightforward. Has bank thinking been inside-out in commercial and corporate lending?

    Digitalisation has been spurred by a drive for back office simplification. While this delivers improved service levels, self-service for borrowers in commercial lending is still not business as usual. Slow turnarounds, limited digital engagement and an inability to surface key information at the right time in the right place continues to hamper corporate client productivity and liquidity. With an outside-in approach banks are starting to deliver strategies for end-to-end digitalisation and multiple channel, 24x7 self-service - from loan origination, to loan servicing.

    Discover how banks can capture new market opportunities, drive revenue growth and free up relationship managers time while also embracing integration, collaboration and choice in a post-digital world.

    In this webinar, a panel of experts will reveal
    - Use cases for banks to simplify the lending process and drive end-to-end digitalisation in commercial and corporate lending
    - The key pillars underpinning the corporate borrower’s user experience
    - How digital strategy today, can drive lending nirvana tomorrow
  • Trade Finance and the opportunity for short-term lending for SMEs Aug 17 2016 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jesse Podell (Startupbootcamp), Kathryn Petralia (Kabbage), Tripp Hornick
    In this session, our panel will discuss:

    -Current trends in lending
    - Risk & Cross border lending
    - Bank appetite for innovation
    - Startups making inroads
    - Emerging trends in factoring and AR trading
    - Blockchain and distributed ledgers
    -How SMEs can benefit from this new trend
  • Online Lending: What it Means for Banks vs New Lending Platforms Aug 17 2016 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Saeed Hassan (Grow Advisors), Richard Carter (Nostrum Group)
    Join this panel to familiarise yourself with the global online lending industry. The panel will discuss the key issues, challenges and opportunities presented to the banking industry. The goal will be to equip those responsible for business development and strategy to have a clearer idea of what is happening and how to prepare for the future.

    Some discussion points will include:
    -Challenges facing independent p2p lenders that the banks are better placed to overcome

    -Why online lending platforms for banks should be structured differently to independent online lenders

    -What type of bank may be more naturally suited to online lending?

    -How are banks setting up to face the challenge and opportunity presented by online lending?

    -Which banks are leading the way
  • The H1 2016 FinTech Investment Landscape Aug 16 2016 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Abdul Basit, CFO of Innovate Finance
    Innovate Finance provides a half year review of the FinTech investment landscape following its previous report in February.
  • How the Humanities & Humor bring Innovation to Fintech Aug 11 2016 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ghela Boskovich (Zafin), Natasha Kyprianides (Hellenic Bank)
    Humorists are often called modern day philosophers, and the best of social commentators. Musicians play with an infinite combination of notes, all bound by a rules based composition format. What do they have in common? A search for new, fresh, unheard expressions of our experiences. What does that have to do with Fintech? Everything.

    Join us for a chat with Natasha Kyprianides from Hellenic Bank on August 11th where we explore how cultivating and exercising creativity in their personal lives has lead to innovation, new perspectives, and a passion for creating a better financial services industry.
  • Climbing the Ladder: Mentorship & Sponsorship Recorded: Jul 27 2016 57 mins
    Ghela Boskovich (Zafin), Claire Calmejane (LBG), Helene Panzarino (Funding for Dummies), Scarlett Sieber (BBVA)
    No one gets to the top of Everest without an experienced guide; and no one climbs the career ladder without advice from a mentor and support from a Sponsor.

    Join us for a look at the unique nature of finding and cultivating mentor (and sponsor) relationships in the Fintech space. With insights from top executives who will talk spotting the right mentors, traits of a great sponsor, and how, in turn, we can mentor the next generation to greater heights.
  • Big Data Analytics for Risk Management Recorded: Jul 21 2016 62 mins
    Graham Seel (BankTech Consulting), Shirish Netke (Amberoon), Bob Mark (Black Diamond Risk), Ravi Kalakota (LiquidHub)
    When it comes to tracking the flow of money, it’s no doubt that studying patterns and analytics behind the transactions are important in fighting financial crime.

    Join this session where we'll discuss:

    -The application of machine learning and big data in AML monitoring
    -How to implement proper Know-Your-Customer (KYC) processes
    -Challenges around automation and using predictive analytics to prevent future issues
  • Open APIs and the Future of Banking Recorded: Jul 21 2016 59 mins
    Annine Nordestgaard Bentzen (Hufsy), Jeremy Light (Accenture), Stefan Weiß (Fidor), Jan Sirich (Nordea)
    A successful Application Programming Interface (API) strategy relies heavily on concepts of open infrastructure and open data. The adoption of Open APIs in banking is thus an idea that has been met with excitement and, understandably, concern as well.

    Attend this summit where our experts will discuss:

    -What’s in it for banks/fintechs?
    -What are the pitfalls when it comes to opening up APIs for banks and integrating into open APIs for fintechs?
    -PSD2 - will you be ready (mostly a consideration for banks)?
    -How should we (fintechs and banks) operate until the PSD2 is rolled out?
  • How Blockchain Technology is Improving Compliance and Security Recorded: Jul 21 2016 56 mins
    Rob Laurence, Michael Gronager (Chainalysis), Lory Kehoe (Deloitte), John Erik Setsaas (Signicat), Leda Glyptis (Sapient)
    It goes without saying that compliance and security have the highest of priorities within an organisation. In the digital world, however, effective compliance and security comes at a high cost. In this session we consider the value of Blockchain technology in ensuring compliance and security in digital transactions.

    Join the panel where the following points will be discussed:
    · Where is Blockchain being used to deliver compliance and security?

    · Does Blockchain actually improve compliance and security?

    · What case studies exist to actually demonstrate this?

    · What role does Blockchain have with device-to-device communications and the IOT?

    · Can Blockchain improve the customer experience in user-centric digital services or is it just an underlying technology?

    · Is Blockchain better than existing technologies and approaches or is it really just hyped up by the tech industry?
  • Next Generation Fraud Protection and Detection Recorded: Jul 20 2016 60 mins
    Pierre Suhrcke (Pascal Capital), Deepak Dutt (Zighra), Sunil Madhu (Socure)
    - All goes mobile
    - Cybersecurity Threats such as identity thefts , hacking on the rise
    - Security the key success driver for FinTech and InsurTech
    - What are the solutions?
    - Overview of main players
    - Can the industry win the battle against the fraudster?
    - How does the future look like?
  • Security practices for safe mobile money transfers Recorded: Jul 20 2016 62 mins
    Tom Meredith (SmartToken Chain), Ali Raza (CCG Catalyst)
    Every person on the planet has a mobile phone, but 2 Billion people are “Un-banked”.
    Banks and telecoms are in a Gold Rush to bank the unbanked, but many obstacles remain. Money transfers are some of the most popular transactions made by both the banked and the unbanked. However, building trust in this new service is definitely a challenge.

    Join this panel where discussion points will include:

    -Who has the upper hand: Banks or Carriers?
    -How can Fintech companies ensure trust and security when it comes to mobile money transfers?
    -Global ISO Standards Authenticate ID and Asset Verification
    -ISO Reduces Fraud and Speeds up Asset Transfers
    -What are some of the security challenges new payment services are able to overcome?
    -Are “Standards” emerging to reduce implementation and compliance costs?
    -How do you create cross-border and Inter-bank/carrier transactions?
    -How can banks and telecoms successfully bank the unbanked?
  • Mobile Payments: Disruptive innovations or security threat? Recorded: Jul 20 2016 62 mins
    Kristian Sørensen, Mario Maawad (CaixaBank), Giles Sutherland (Carta), Douglas Kinloch (Inside Secure), Jose Caldera
    With more and more people using their phones to conduct business and make transactions, concerns around security have also increased.

    During the session, we will discuss:

    Is hardware security a thing of the past?
    Will tokenisation solve security issues or introduce new problems?
    How do you secure your app?
    How do you balance security with convenience?
    Will biometrics make secure solutions easier to use?
    The end user perspective - are consumers driven by security or by trust?
    Future outlook - are we heading in the right direction security wise?
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You can attend the webinars at no cost and will be able to submit real-time questions to presenters during the live online events. If you are unable to attend a webinar live, you can also view it afterward on demand.

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  • Title: Video and Q&A: Back to Basics with Carl Richards
  • Live at: Aug 1 2012 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Carl Richards, Author, "The Behavior Gap: Simple ways to Stop Doing Dumb Things with Money"
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