Giving LTE a Voice - Implementing VoLTE with QoS

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Humberto J. La Roche, Director - Wireless Architecture, Juniper Networks
The industry has converged on VoLTE as the medium and long term solution for delivering voice on LTE. This presentation generically reviews the IMS framework for delivering VoLTE in either a green-field or an existing network and highlights implementation considerations from the packet core perspective. The critical aspect of delivering QoS is highlighted and implications for network architecture are drawn. We will also share Juniper’s perspective on design strategies for VoLTE implementation.
Nov 22 2011
31 mins
Giving LTE a Voice - Implementing VoLTE with QoS
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  • Virtualizing Your Voice Infrastructure Recorded: May 21 2015 64 mins
    Paul Drew, Metaswitch Networks; Dave Reekie, Metaswitch Networks; Craig Matsumoto, SDNCentral
    The rapid evolution of standardized commodity computing infrastructure, over the last few years, has created an opportunity to build communications networks in totally new ways. NFV represents a new approach to building networks that will ultimately provide numerous benefits to network operators, including reductions in both capital and operating expenses and the promotion of rapid innovation in the services space. This webinar focuses specifically on the evolution of fixed and mobile multimedia consumer communications services, detailing not only the technology behind virtualizing these services but how network operators are employing NFV to remain competitive in this important market.
    Metaswitch is at the forefront of NFV deployments in the telecommunications industry with an innovative IMS core, designed from the ground up to run in the cloud, and a unique, carrier class SBC that can run on COTS hardware or in public or private clouds , along with a carrier class TAS solution re-architected for cloud environments. From multimedia applications to infrastructure, our virtualized network functions have already been deployed in some of the world’s largest network operators to provide VoIP access and interconnect security and interworking along with IMS Core functions and app servers for OTT, VoWiFi and VoLTE service migration. As leaders in the Network Software Provider revolution, our fully-virtualized product portfolio also powers the business unified communications offerings of converged carriers around the globe – and we can do the same for you.

    Join our webinar and learn how you can start virtualizing key fixed and mobile multimedia communications services today, increasing scalability and flexibility while dramatically reducing your capital and operational costs: Realizing the promise of NFV.
  • Kick-start Network Programmability: ConfD Basic Revealed Recorded: Mar 26 2015 62 mins
    Carl Moberg, Dir Tech; Stefan Vallin, Prod Man, Cloud & Virtualization Grp; John Lawitzke, Tail-f ConfD Prod Man
    Networking professionals understand that technology is always evolving and must find ways to remain relevant during these times. As the adoption of NETCONF and YANG continue to grow, NEPs and ISVs need an agile model to quickly create management interfaces across any environment.

    This webinar will show how ConfD Basic can help radically reduce the time and resources needed to implement advanced management agent capabilities across equipment and applications. Tail-f experts will discuss the ins and outs of network programmability and how leveraging ConfD Basic can inexpensively deliver critical management functionality along with the key advantages current customers are experiencing. Attendees will learn how ConfD Basic provides:
    •Streamlined Development
    •Robust Network Programmability
    •NETCONF/YANG Management Tools
  • Creating a retail experience for consuming networking services Recorded: Jan 15 2015 61 mins
    Mitch Auster, Office of the CTO, Ciena Agility
    Shopping on-line for cloud-based services is becoming the norm for Enterprises. To run their business CIOs look to cloud-based software applications such as Office 365, and Box, and data center resources for development and operations in the form of platform- and infrastructure-as-a-service. Plus, enterprises want to consume these products from a variety of cloud providers based on factors such as price and services.

    The days of private, prefab IT and in house custom software are waning.
    This webinar will discuss:
    •The changing consumption habits of modern enterprises
    •How carriers can provide a retail experience for on-demand network connectivity and value-added functions required to ensure the performance and security of cloud-based IT
    •The solution imperatives for doing so profitably and with minimal hassle
  • Driving Revenue with SDN and NFV Platforms Recorded: Nov 26 2014 52 mins
    Volker Tegtmeyer, Senior Manager Product & Solution Marketing & Filippo Galimberti, Sales Business Development Manager, Cisco
    Why do SPs get into the platform business?
    What platform do they need?
    Importance of self-service portals and zero touch provisioning
    Agile Business Automation, service module creation based on catalogs
    Revenue generation due to faster time to market
    New market opportunity with Virtual Managed Services for SMB
    Summary ESP for cross domain services and business solution
  • vIMS & vEPC up and running in 30 minutes for VoLTE Cloud Advantage Recorded: Sep 25 2014 62 mins
    Phil Tilley : Marketing Director Cloud Solutions & Ted East: VP Cloud Innovations Centre, Alcatel-Lucent
    NFV has been full of automation and virtualization promise and now is the time to understand the reality of the developments. NFV is not only about Management and Network Orchestration but also understanding the status of the Virtual Network Functions software and the integration with a virtualised network.

    In less than the length of this webinar we will see how a new VoLTE cloud installation including vEPC and vIMS can be built on a cloud platform. The webinar will start with an NFV platform and by means of analytics, engineering rules and policies finish with a VoLTE service and in between we will explain what steps have been made to assist the full automation of this process and indicate where progress is still required.

    Alcatel-Lucent has more experience in NFV and SDN than any other vendor having been first to market with a solution, run over 30 NFV projects, pulled together an ecosystem of over 40 members and an active participant in the ETSI working group meetings.
    During this webinar Phil Tilley and Ted East will highlight the progress made and indicate the lessons learnt and major considerations when making NFV and SDN decisions.
    The presentation and demonstration will be followed with a live Q&A session where attendees can seek further views from the speakers.
  • Centralized RAN – Factors for Success Recorded: Sep 10 2014 63 mins
    Dr. Peter Rost, Senior Researcher, NEC Europe
    Ensuring a successful centralization strategy for the Radio Access Network requires many inter-related factors to be taken into account. This webinar will cover:
    -the different architectural options available when centralizing RAN
    -how latency & capacity of the backhaul network impact RAN performance
    -optimising the overall cost-efficiency of the system
  • Progressing NFV: Milestones & Directions Recorded: Apr 2 2014 58 mins
    Don Clarke, Chair, Network Operator Council, ETSI NFV ISG; Head of Network Evolution Innovation, BT
    Over the past year, the ETSI NFV ISG has successfully established Network Functions Virtualisation as the broadly-accepted evolution path and next-gen architecture for carrier network infrastructure, amidst exceptional interest and debate across the entire industry.

    It is time now to look forward for the next year, and in this webinar, Don Clarke will present the current milestone achievements of the ISG, the challenges ahead and the development focus for the Working Groups.
  • Making NFV Work: PoCs & Trials Recorded: Mar 25 2014 63 mins
    Francisco-Javier Ramón, Chair PER Expert Group, ETSI ISG NFV; Head of Network Virtualisation, GCTO, Telefónica
    Understanding the performance of virtualised network functions - the potential, boundaries and optimum configuration for real-world deployment - is of critical importance to all concerned in the emerging NFV ecosystem.

    In this webinar, Francisco-Javier Ramón will present the current work of the PER Working Group, findings to date and development directions and focus for the coming year within the ETSI NFV ISG.

    Then as Head of Network Virtualisation, GCTO Unit, he will highlight Telefónica's particular interest, introducing the two ISG Proof-of-Concepts which Telefónica is supporting, and further application of NFV in first use-cases such as vCPE.
  • Realising The Carrier SDN - based on SDN & NFV Recorded: Mar 13 2014 58 mins
    Gerry Feeney, Head of Market Development, NEC
    Join NEC's Head of Market Development, Gerry Feeney, as he sets out NEC's vision for the Carrier SDN based upon a combination of SDN and NFV technologies. Learn about the value proposition and find out how NEC's solutions will deliver the Carrier Software-Defined Network. As a leader in the development of SDN and NFV solutions, NEC can point to a number of commercial deployments where customers are already realising the benefits of these technologies. During the webinar you will hear real-life examples/customer case studies based on today's deployment experiences and customer feedback. You will also be able to pose your questions during a live Q/A session.
  • Open Source: a Vehicle for Accelerating NFV Recorded: Dec 3 2013 61 mins
    Jim Zemlin , Executive Director, Linux Foundation
    As Executive Director of the Linux Foundation, Jim Zemlin has witnessed open source used as a powerful force for change within the IT industry. Linux now dominates almost every sector of computing; from mobile phones to the world's largest super-computers.

    In this webinar, Jim will give an overview of activities happening in the open source community that can have an impact on accelerating Network Functions Virtualisation.

    In addition to providing an overview of the open source development model and historic analogies where open source has been a vehicle for broad industry change, Jim will provide a brief description of key open source projects and how they relate to NFV.
  • Operationalising NFV – Principles and Practicalities Recorded: Oct 10 2013 49 mins
    Dr. David Amzallag, VP, Virtual Telecommunications and CloudBand CTO, Alcatel-Lucent
    ETSI NFV is about to celebrate its first birthday in January 2014 and after a year (actually 2-3 years already) we see many big operators are taking their first steps into NFV with a series of proof-of-concepts and live trials. Thus, we are more able to emphasize the challenges in this fascinating journey.

    Since NFV is all about operations, this session will be dedicated to discuss the main challenges we are facing in operationalizing NFV from an end-to-end manner -- roles & responsibilities, management & orchestration, and interfaces with different platforms.
  • Navigating the SDN Landscape: A New Roadmap for Networks Recorded: Sep 5 2013 46 mins
    Paul Congdon, CTO, Tallac Networks
    Join Paul Congdon, CTO of Tallac Networks and former CTO of HP Networking, for a frank discussion of Software-Defined Networking's
    strengths and it's weaknesses.
    Find out how much truth there is in the common criticisms of SDN, for example:
    (a) SDN requires a fork-lift upgrade of your network
    (b) SDN requires a complete rethink of 25 years of networking
    (c) Flow-based forwarding doesn't scale
    (d) SDN introduces a single point of failure
    Take advantage of this opportunity to hear the views of one of the industry's most experienced professionals and to have your questions addressed during the Q/A session.
    Find out more about the most important networking trend since IP from one of its pioneers.
  • Defining NFV: Network Functions Virtualisation Recorded: Apr 3 2013 59 mins
    Dr. Prodip Sen, Chair | ETSI NFV ISG; Director, Network Architecture | Verizon Network & Technology
    Network Functions Virtualisation aims to consolidate many network equipment types onto industry standard high volume servers, switches and storage, thus providing a new network production environment, which lowers cost, raises efficiency and increases agility.

    During this webinar you will learn how and why carriers are promoting NFV, as well as how carriers and the wider telecoms and IT industries might benefit. You will hear an update on the activities and plans of the newly-created ETSI Industry Specification Group on NFV. You will be able to find out how you might contribute to the development of NFV and help in the adoption and implementation of the technologies forming this important area.
  • Addressing the Challenges of LTE Small Cell Deployments Recorded: Dec 13 2012 44 mins
    Kevin Baughan | Director, Metro Wireless | Virgin Media
    The webinar will review the results of Virgin Media Business's recent LTE small cell trials at 2.6GHz and consider both the broader deployment challenges as well as the specific backhaul requirements for large scale small cell urban deployments. The webinar will finish by looking at how this comes together in the recent win by Virgin Media Business of the metro wireless concessions for the cities of Leeds and Bradford
  • Mobile Broadband: Are you ready? Recorded: Nov 27 2012 38 mins
    Alex Pavlovic, Sr. Marketing Manager, Wireless IP Marketing, Alcatel-Lucent
    Join Alcatel-Lucent in this live webinar, as they examine the new expectations placed on operators by LTE customers and how the network, particularly the packet core, needs to adapt to meet the challenge. And as new devices enter the marketplace, how can the end user be assured a seamless experience across 3G/3G+, LTE and WiFi?

    Alcatel-Lucent will share insights from the largest LTE rollouts in the world and explain how new network capabilities are shaping the expectations for LTE and 3G/3G+ networks.
  • Keynote live from SDN & OpenFlow World Congress Recorded: Oct 23 2012 33 mins
    Stu Elby | Vice President, Corporate Technology | Verizon
    Carrier vision of SDN and future applications to achieve a more agile mobile business
  • Dynamic Optical Networks for Cloud Services with Colt and Infinera Recorded: May 10 2012 35 mins
    Mirko Voltolini, Director, Network Design and Architecture, Colt & Geoff Bennett, Director Solutions and Technology, Infinera
    Data Centre and Cloud services offer a flexible solution to the problem of data storage and compute services for enterprises, and even individual users today. But one implication of data centres is that they are highly distributed – partly for resilience, but also to ensure that these distributed storage and processing functions have low latency, and appear to the user as though they are “local”. In order to do this, the underlying optical transport network has to have the same level of flexibility as the Cloud services themselves. In this webcast Colt and Infinera will describe how a modern data centre architecture places specific demands on the underlying optical transport network, and how this network can be designed from the ground up to respond to those demands.
  • Enabling Elastic Bandwidth for Terabit-Scale Cloud Networks Recorded: Apr 19 2012 41 mins
    Brian Swenson | Network Strategist | Microsoft
    The dynamic nature of content, computing and global flow of information is now placing unprecedented pressure on content providers and data center owners to plan, deliver and operate a Terabit-scale ready cloud infrastructure. But key questions must be addressed in terms of what, when, where why and how they should be implemented.

    This presentation/case study evaluates a real-world content provider's requirements and their need for elastic bandwidth. Furthermore, the presentation will review best practice recommendations including 100G ready cloud infrastructure, GMPLS based intelligent control plane for automation and restoration, and how to best leverage WDM with integrated digital switching and bandwidth virtualization to enable elastic bandwidth.
  • Introduction to OpenFlow and SDN Recorded: Mar 6 2012 33 mins
    Kyle Forster, Co-Founder, Big Switch Networks
    - Introduction to ONF (Open Networking Foundation)
    - Roots and ancestry of OpenFlow
    - Further significance and utility of Software Defined Networking (SDN)
  • Securing the Carrier Cloud: 4 Essential Steps Recorded: Feb 28 2012 33 mins
    Nigel Stephenson, Head of Cloud and Managed Services Solutions Marketing, EMEA, Juniper Networks
    Layer123 and Juniper Networks will open up the Carrier Cloud Security debate, with a LIVE presentation and Q/A webinar. Join Juniper experts, as they share insights into Security implementation for effective Cloud defense, and the impact on risk of key architecture choices.
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  • Title: Giving LTE a Voice - Implementing VoLTE with QoS
  • Live at: Nov 22 2011 3:45 pm
  • Presented by: Humberto J. La Roche, Director - Wireless Architecture, Juniper Networks
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