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Are your e-commerce merchants acting illegally?

If you are not sure of the answer to this question it is possible your business could be in violation of the card brands' industry regulations.

Trustwave presents this webinar for acquirers, ISO's and processors that work with e-commerce merchants. In support of Visa's merchant inspection requirement and MasterCard's BRAM program, Trustwave's automated scanning engine actively monitors e-commerce merchants to make sure they are selling the types of products that are acceptable.

This webinar will walk through:
•The risk to your business
•How to take action
•How Trustwave's solution mitigates this problem
Recorded Sep 12 2012 43 mins
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Neville Ogilvie
Presentation preview: Are your e-commerce merchants acting illegally?

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  • PCI 3.0 Is knocking on your door - are you ready? Recorded: Oct 16 2014 53 mins
    Mark Belgrove, Managing Consultant at Trustwave
    With the PCI DSS version 3.0 implementation deadline around the corner, organisations should be thinking about ways to prepare for the new requirements. With an evolving threat landscape, targeted attacks on sensitive data like yours and new technology platforms it may seem overwhelming to think about protecting your business.

    During this webinar, we’ll discuss:

    • Why PCI is so important in protecting your customers sensitive data and your business

    • How to secure your business and prepare for PCI 3.0

    • Tactics that will ensure compliance and security are always top-of-mind for you and your employees
  • Breaking Down the 2014 Trustwave Global Security Report Recorded: Sep 25 2014 56 mins
    John Yeo, Global Director at Trustwave SpiderLabs
    You’re invited to this live webcast where you’ll hear unique insights from the 2014 Trustwave Global Security Report – the data is as compelling as ever.

    This webcast will help you connect the insight and actionable advice to your organization’s data security challenges. Amid the key data points, you’ll hear the story behind the average breach and the state of the industry:

    •The volume is getting loud: cybercriminals continue to find new ways to steal data – and new types of data to steal
    •Passwords still plague business of all types: we’ll show you how and why
    •Self-detection shortens the time to detecting breaches, but self-detection isn't easy, find out why
  • The cost Implications of POPI aligned to Security Technologies Recorded: Sep 18 2014 63 mins
    Oliver Pinson-Roxburgh, EMEA Systems Engineering Manager, Trustwave
    In this webinar we will review the technical challenges that arise from the POPI bill and synergies with other standards in order to help align your approach to support compliance. We will take a look at the technologies that help meet compliance with the bill and their impact on organisations as well as how we can learn from other standards when building a technology roadmap to achieve compliance with POPI.
  • Recent Threat Discoveries Recorded: Sep 11 2014 63 mins
    Ziv Mador, VP of Security Research and Andy Crail, Senior Security Engineer
    Recent Threat Discoveries: New Point of Sale Malware and Insights about Exploit Kits and Weak Passwords

    In this presentation we will discuss:

    * Backoff, a new family of Point of Sale Malware

    * Magnitude, an Exploit Kit that became prevalent after the arrest of “Paunch”, the creator of Blackhole

    * And a recent study that shows that 54% of passwords can be cracked in minutes

    Join Ziv Mador, VP of Security Research and Andy Crail, Senior Security Engineer as they walk through some of the latest finds and intel coming from the elite hacking and research team within Trustwave, SpiderLabs.
  • Data Compliance, Now POPI Recorded: Sep 4 2014 42 mins
    Leon Van Aswegen, Senior Information Security Consultant, Trustwave
    Wondering how the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act will affect your organisation? During this webinar Trustwave will provide an overview of POPI, the implications of processing personally identifiable Information (PII) and how to protect your organisation. What will we cover?

    •POPI overview;
    •Roles and responsibilities;
    •Trustwave methodology and approach;
    •Security and privacy overlap;
    •Condition 7, Security Safeguards;
    •Compliance pitfalls to avoid;
    •Compliance quick wins;
    •Privacy enhancing technologies;
    •Next steps to start your POPI program.

    To learn how Trustwave can help your organisation with POPI compliance, register now.
  • Web Application Security Trends for 2014 Recorded: Jun 26 2014 58 mins
    Oliver Pinson-Roxburgh, EMEA Systems Engineering Manager, Trustwave
    In this webinar we will take you through the web security attack trends for 2014 and provide some remediation advice and tips for better security.
  • Getting ahead of the EU Data Protection Reform Recorded: Jun 18 2014 63 mins
    John Yeo, Director at Trustwave SpiderLabs
    The European Commission announced that progress on 'EU Data Protection reform (is) now irreversible' - but what will this mean for the millions of organisations that reside in and do business within the European Union?

    •This webinar will provide some insights on the much debated regulation and what you should be doing to protect personally identifiable information that you are the custodian of.

    •We will highlight potential pain points as well as show you how you can better prepare, using real world data breaches from our own investigations and by providing practical guidance for you on how to store, process or transmit personally identifiable information.
  • Breaking Down the 2014 Trustwave Global Security Report Recorded: Jun 10 2014 50 mins
    John Yeo, Director at Trustwave SpiderLabs
    The 2014 Trustwave Global Security Report has just been released – and the findings are more important than ever for your organization.

    While businesses have improved their time to detection of breaches substantially, cybercriminals continue to find new ways to steal data – and new types of data to steal. A sample of what you'll hear:

    • The volume of data breach investigations increased 54% over 2012
    • Weak passwords open the door in 31% of data compromises
    • We saw a 33% increase in the theft of non-payment card
    • Self-detection can significantly shorten the timeline from detection to containment

    Join us for this live webcast!
  • Addressing Phishing and Targeted attacks Recorded: Apr 3 2014 60 mins
    Oliver Pinson-Roxburgh, EMEA Systems Engineering Manager, Trustwave
    IT pros in EMEA are feeling pressured to protect themselves from phishing and targeted attacks. In this webinar we will look at recent investigations into targeted and phishing attacks and their potential impact on businesses risks and options for remediation.
  • Threat intelligence makes you smarter Recorded: Mar 27 2014 36 mins
    Gareth Rhys, SIEM SME Sales Overlay, Trustwave
    In this webinar we will talk about how threat intelligence can be used to get the most out of your staff by helping them work smarter rather than harder. We are all under pressure in our jobs and missing the early warning signs to an attack can lead to devastating consequences. In this webinar we will take you through threat intelligence and how it can be used to your advantage.
  • DATABASE SECURITY SOLUTIONS: Protect Data Where It Lives Recorded: Feb 13 2014 46 mins
    Josh Shaul, Head of Products for SpiderLabs at Trustwave
    Join Josh Shaul, Head of Products for SpiderLabs as he discusses why databases and big data remain the primary target for attackers and hear about today's biggest threats and how our solutions help protect against them.

    During this webinar we'll discuss:

    • Common issues and threats that lead to database attacks
    • Get a closer look at some specific database exploits
    • Our solutions and how they help organizations stay on top of these threats

    Please share with others in your organization who would benefit from learning about these strategic recommendations and how it can help them manoeuvre through the ever changing threat landscape.
  • Dissecting web attacks and remediation Recorded: Nov 27 2013 62 mins
    Oliver Pinson-Roxburgh, EMEA Systems Engineering Manager, Trustwave
    In this webinar we take a look at some of the common attacks seen against web applications and look to innovative ways for remediation and defence in depth strategies that take the pain out of protecting applications on the internet.
  • PCI 3.0 is Coming – Are you Ready? Recorded: Nov 21 2013 59 mins
    Michael Aminzade, Director of Field Operations, Trustwave and Ryan Jones, Managing Consultant - Incident Response, SpiderLabs
    We’ve all heard it by now - the PCI standard is changing – to match an advancing threat landscape, new business and technology platforms, and evolving requirements of the payments community. Join Trustwave’s PCI compliance and threat intelligence experts in this expert webcast, to get a holistic view of PCI 3.0 from both a compliance management and threat intelligence perspective. They’ll answer your questions on both the “what” and the “why” of the new mandate, and you’ll learn:

    · the key changes that are part of the PCI DSS 3.0
    · what is driving those changes and why they’re needed
    · steps you can take to prepare your organization for the new mandate
  • Advanced mobile attacks and impacts Recorded: Nov 13 2013 51 mins
    Oliver Pinson-Roxburgh, EMEA Systems Engineering Manager, Trustwave
    Trustwave takes a look at some of the more advanced attacks against mobile applications and looks at ways to help organisations to be more aware of the risks of a mobile workforce. We identify some top tips and remediation advise for all skill levels.
  • Better Vulnerability Management Recorded: Oct 29 2013 62 mins
    John Yeo, Director, Trustwave SpiderLabs
    Many organisations find coordinating the different streams of a vulnerability management program a challenge. Often vulnerability scan result data is independent from penetration testing results, making triage, prioritisation and tracking of remediation unnecessarily hard. To add an additional layer of complexity its very rare that organisations have a standardized approach to penetration tests that allows them reasonably compare security profiles of one of their environments against another, or to track the security posture trends over time.

    During this webinar we will explore some of these concepts and present our approach to solving this problem for organizations around the world.
  • Are you ready for the new generation of socially engineered malware attacks? Recorded: Oct 8 2013 40 mins
    Tim Warner, VP of Secure Web Gateway (SWG) Solutions at Trustwave
    The explosion in social media use has facilitated opportunities for hackers to create targeted socially engineered attacks on organisations. Discover how easily your employees can fall prey to these attacks, how hackers use them to compromise corporate end points, and what you can do to protect your organisation.
  • The early warning signs to attacks Recorded: Sep 24 2013 59 mins
    Oliver Pinson-Roxburgh, EMEA Systems Engineering Manager
    During this webinar we will discuss some of the signs missed during attacks that could have helped stop compromise and loss of sensitive data.

    Trustwave will provide some suggestions for remediation and automated review / procedural steps to limit exposure. The average from compromise to detection is 210 days – Trustwave GSR 2013.
  • Mobile Security Threats and Remediation Recorded: Jun 4 2013 52 mins
    Oliver Pinson-Roxburgh
    Embracing BYOD to gain productivity and cost efficiencies is a good business practice. But how can you make sure you are securing your network from the threats mobile users and devices can introduce?

    Join our webinar to discover how to:

    - Understand hidden security vulnerabilities in BYOD deployments
    - Go beyond mobile device management to better protect your network
    - Establish a smart, cooperative technology ecosystem for BYOD
  • 2013 Trustwave Global Security Report: Threat Trends Webinar Recorded: Mar 19 2013 63 mins
    John Yeo, Director, Trustwave SpiderLabs EMEA
    Listen Up. Lock Down.

    •The average time from breach to detection is 210 days.
    •Mobile malware samples increased by 400%.
    •E-commerce applications account for 48% of breach investigations.

    Do you want the inside track on the threats you’ll be facing this year? Then sign up for this expert webcast covering the highlights of the 2013 Trustwave Global Security Report.

    Hosted by Trustwave SpiderLabs elite research and threat intelligence team, what you see and hear in this session will help prepare your business and your teams for what’s ahead in 2013 and beyond.
  • Why Hackers Love Hotels, Restaurants, Retail and Other Businesses Recorded: Nov 29 2012 49 mins
    Oliver Pinson-Roxburgh
    In 2011 investigations, more than 85% of data breaches took place in restaurants, diners, retail stores and hotels.

    Hackers are experts when it comes to stealing your data...including the credit card numbers of your customers.

    Learn how to easily and quickly protect your business. View Why Hackers Love Your Business and find out:

    - Why hackers are targeting your multi-site business
    - What data they steal and why they don't get caught
    - What you can do to protect all your sites
Security begins with Trust
Securing information in every form in every environment.

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