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Navigating Indian APAs

Recorded Aug 8 2012 80 mins
Presented by
Ralph Cunningham, International Tax Review, Vijay Iyer, partner and national leader, transfer pricing group, Ernst & Young
Presentation preview: Navigating Indian APAs
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  • In this first of three webinars, we’ll discuss the risk environment in which accounting firm practice, including:
    •The areas of practice from which most claims arise
    •The statute of limitations on claims
    •Who owns engagement files and who should have access to them
    •Confidentiality of information and engagement files
    •What to do if issued a subpoena

    By participating in this session you’ll gain an understanding of:
    •The riskier areas of your practice
    •Who has rights to access engagement files
    •Your obligation to protect confidentiality

    This series of three webinars will qualify as 4 hours of CPE for CPAs:

    •Each session will include 3 polling questions which makes the CPE credits NASBA eligible when taken live.
    •Firms may register as one participant and share the experience in a conference room. Please provide a list of participants and participation dates on firm letterhead to receive CPE.
    •Firms that have the ability to handle their own CPE’s will get a certificate of attendance.

    Firms may qualify for premium credits:
    •Firms that complete all 3 sessions either live or recorded are eligible for premium LC Credit with CPA ProSecure. CPA ProSecure Premium credits apply only when all three sessions have been viewed.
    •Firms that are issued NAPLIA certificates do not need to submit additional information to NAPLIA for premium Credit.
    •Non CPA ProSecure clients are welcome to attend for CPE’s but premium credits are not guaranteed.
  • In this session SMSF leading light - Grant Abbott will provide attendees with the ins and outs, strategies and traps, tips and pitfalls of SMSF Reserves. If you don't use them you will after this session and if you do then let Grant take your learning to a new level.
  • Data analytics can be useful in assessing risks and controls. If you are thinking of incorporating data analytics to your audits, there are important considerations to ensure your efforts are successful. In this introductory webinar focused on Data Analytics, you will learn:

    •How data analytics can enhance your audits
    •Where in the audit process you should consider analytics
    •What types of audits are good analytic candidates
    •How to overcome some of the common challenges encountered when using data analytics
  • Agenda:
    1.Top Cyber Issues
    2.War Story
    3.Conclusion: How to protect your firm

    About the Speaker:
    Eric Hess, Esq., provides legal services to investment advisers, broker dealers, funds, execution venues and technology businesses. His small client base and focused approach allow it to tailor risk management to his client’s needs and size.
  • Join AWS, Snowflake and DoubleDown Interactive as we discuss ingesting and processing any scale of data (structured and semi-structured) in the cloud.

    Featured Use Case:

    DoubleDown Interactive, a provider of online free-to-play casino games, needs to process huge amounts of streaming event data from their games and make that data rapidly available to data scientists and analysts. Hear how Amazon S3 and Snowflake’s Elastic Data Warehouse have made it possible for DoubleDown to deploy a reliable, scalable data architecture for their analytics needs.

    You’ll learn how Amazon S3 and Snowflake technology help address key challenges in building data pipelines and processing data and how DoubleDown combines Amazon Kinesis, S3, and Snowflake to ingest, store, and process their data faster, more easily, and less expensively.
  • The focus of this programme is manifold and address the following issues: fostering the use of the tools of risk assessment and risk management in new fields of application such as policy making; providing a platform between the insurance community, the engineering and academic communities and policy makers to discuss risk issues; promoting the concept of the insurability of risks as the natural borderline between State legislation and the market economy; identifying new opportunities for insurers in the emerging sustainability concept in order to enlarge the field of insurable risks
  • Philip Baker QC and Roy Saunders review the recently announced BEPS Deliverables, providing insight into the practical implications of the new measures and how international businesses will need to adapt.
  • Reputational risk, often called reputation risk, is a risk of loss resulting from damages to a firm's reputation, in lost revenue; increased operating, capital or regulatory costs; or destruction of shareholder value, consequent to an adverse or potentially criminal event even if the company is not found guilty. Adverse events typically associated with reputation risk include ethics, safety, security, sustainability, quality, and innovation. Reputational risk can be a matter of corporate trust.
  • In this session we will take estate planning apart and show when and where a testamentary trust, a SMSF and a Will come in handy. Presesnted by Grant Abbott - leading SMSF expert and Tony Anamourlis - Head Partner at NowInfinity Legal and tax and estate planning expert - this hands on session will provide some unique insights into estate planning structures.
  • Sponsored by Avalara

    Whether you’re moving up from Quickbooks or have an enterprise level ERP, you know that you can’t mess around with tax compliance. Imagine getting ready for IPO or hit that big buy from a major Fortune 100 company – and then find that the acquisition tanks due to a major liability in mismanaged sales tax. Ouch! Unfortunately, we’ve seen it happen time and again.

    Let us help you get your organization ready for the next growth phase that will put you into the three comma club. We’ve rounded up some top-notch tax experts with lots of experience working with public and private high-growth tech companies – and they’re not going to let you down in the clutch.

    Tax partners Malcolm Ellerbe, David Sordello, and Jon Davies of the Silicon Valley company Armanino will sit down for an interactive chat with the VentureBeat audience – and are happy to take your questions as you navigate the ins and outs of sales tax in a mobile and startup culture.

    In this webinar, you’ll:

    * Gain greater visibility to common sales tax loopholes that often snag hot tech startups and entrepreneurs
    * Determine whether sales tax is even an issue for your organization -- you might be surprised.
    * Learn ways that international tax in growth stage companies can be the make or break point for that next IPO
    * Get a high level overview of other tax considerations like net operating losses, impact of stock compensation, and the states that are currently taxing cloud computing services.

    Malcolm Ellerbe, Tax Partner, Armanino
    David Sordello, CPA, Corporate Tax, Armanino
    Jon Davies, Tax Partner, International Tax, Armanino

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  • Title: Navigating Indian APAs
  • Live at: Aug 8 2012 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Ralph Cunningham, International Tax Review, Vijay Iyer, partner and national leader, transfer pricing group, Ernst & Young
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