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Preventing Network Failures by thoroughly Cleaning & Testing FO Connectors

Run Ron, AFL
Learn how following proper cleaning and testing procedures can reduce your chance of network failure.
Jun 12 2012
49 mins
Preventing Network Failures by thoroughly Cleaning & Testing FO Connectors
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  • LAN Standards, News & Trends - 2015 Update Apr 9 2015 3:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    Adrian Young, Fluke Networks & Cindy Montstream Legrand/Ortronics
    Find out the latest developments in standards for structured cabling.
  • Optical Trends in the Data Center Recorded: Mar 17 2015 75 mins
    Doug Coleman, Corning
    Learn about emerging trends in the data center and the use of VCSELs as a power source.
  • Design & Deployment Best Practices for Reliable Industrial Fiber Optic Networks Recorded: Dec 18 2014 72 mins
    Robert Reid, Panduit
    Avoid EMI while achieving longer distances and higher performance utilizing fiber optics for EtherNet/IP networks across manufacturing zones and devices. In this session, you’ll hear about physical layer best practices and understand proper fiber media selection for each physical layer in the EtherNet/IP network. We will review design recommendations and considerations to help you successfully deploy a robust and secure plant-wide implementation of EtherNet/IP.
  • Beyond Bandwidth: Managing Your Assets in Today’s Fiber Network Recorded: Sep 23 2014 42 mins
    Michael German, Global Enterprise Technical Director, CommScope
    Managing physical connectivity layer in any data center is a challenge. In today’s fiber-rich, highly complex, ultra-high density environment of data centers it can seem virtually impossible. So more data centers are relying on automated infrastructure management (AIM) solutions to track and manage their growing network.

    Join intelligent connectivity expert Michael German of CommScope for a look at the strategies behind the deployment of AIM systems in data centers
  • Understanding the Healthcare Facility Standard ANSI/TIA-1179 Recorded: Sep 16 2014 53 mins
    Dave Kozischek, Corning Cable Systems
    TIA-1179 specifies requirements for telecommunications infrastructure for healthcare facilities. In this webinar learn what the factors are that are driving this standard, the applications that are affected by it and how it differs from other current cabling infrastructure standards.
  • Getting it right the first time – Reducing the time & cost of retesting Recorded: Aug 26 2014 62 mins
    Adrian Young, Fluke Networks
    With today’s high data rate installations, loss budgets are very low and correct testing is paramount. Results from a global survey conducted by Fluke Networks show that more than 90% of contractors surveyed reported at least one problem and more than50% reported six problems on links installed over a 30 day time period! The time and cost for retesting installations is significant and can have a large impact on warranty coverage.
  • LAN Standards, News & Trends: 2014 Update Recorded: Apr 3 2014 69 mins
    Adrian Young and Cindy Montstream
    Join the Fiber Optics Technology Consortium for an update on premises cabling standards and architectures.
  • Permanent Link Testing of MPO Cable Plant for Higher Speed Channels Recorded: Dec 12 2013 82 mins
    Robert Reid, Panduit
    For new high-speed optical networks supporting 40Gbps and 100Gbps Ethernet over multimode fiber (MMF) that use MPO style connector systems, it is critical to have accurate data indicating the performance of the permanent links deployed in the network. It is also important to assure that the links that are deployed by end-users can meet the manufacturer's warranty requirements.

    In this presentation, various test methods and best practices, and their impact on measurement accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility are discussed. Use cases for testing MPO-based cable plant supporting higher speed applications are developed with the support of new and recently introduced MPO test sets and reference MPO test cords.
  • The Optical Fiber Ribbon Solution for the 10G to 40G-!00G Data Center Migration Recorded: Dec 5 2013 43 mins
    Bill Charuk, Sumitomo Electric Lightwave
    As transmission speeds necessary to handle the growing daily network traffic of the data center increase, the migration from existing systems to 40G/100G requires a new optical fiber paradigm. For the first time, parallel optics is required to deliver the necessary speeds in the network. To use existing installed infrastructure efficiently and maintain the necessary fiber alignment, optical fiber cables constructed of fiber ribbons and associated connectivity provide a most efficient and cost effective solution to meet the needs of this network protocol.
  • Fiber Optic Connectors, Designs, Applications & Choices Recorded: Nov 21 2013 79 mins
    Dave Cook, 3M
    Fiber optic connectors have been around for many years, nearly since the creation of optical fiber itself. A key component of optical fiber is its ability to transmit light signals over long distances without attenuation, in other words without light lost along the optical path. There are many types of connectors to choose from as well as methods to connectorize fiber cables.
  • Standards-based Design & Testing of Passive Optical LAN Solutions Recorded: Jul 18 2013 87 mins
    Loni Le Van-Etter
    Passive Optical LANs are changing the way we think about designing the local area network. This webinar will provide an introduction to POL technology, compare POL and traditional Ethernet switching architectures, review the TIA standards applicable to the design & testing of POL solutions and address considerations such as splitters, connectors, fiber counts, and more.
  • The future VCSEL-LOMMF landscape in data centers Recorded: Jun 27 2013 62 mins
    Mabud Choudhury – CommScope Inc.
    As data rates continue to spiral upwards, those planning new data centers seek to deploy the most cost-effective solutions. Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs) coupled with laser-optimized multimode fiber have provided the lowest cost and lowest power optical solutions through 10GE & 16GFC and are continuing this trend at 32GFC, 40GE, & 100GE, while alternate technologies continue to emerge. Meanwhile future data rates of 128GFC & 400GE are under study. The 40GE and 100GE solutions use parallel fiber transmission which changes the port appearance at patch panels and electronic faceplates. But choosing the right polarity method enables graceful upgrades and simple circuit administration.
  • Optical Fiber and Cabling Standards for Tomorrow’s Data Center Recorded: Jun 6 2013 55 mins
    John Kamino, OFS
    Fiber optic technology continues to evolve in order to support the ever-increasing demands for speed and bandwidth in data center environments. As enterprise transmission speeds increase to 40 and 100 Gb/s, this webinar will review the industry standards that are evolving to ensure that fiber remains the most cost-effective and energy-efficient form of connectivity.
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  • Title: Preventing Network Failures by thoroughly Cleaning & Testing FO Connectors
  • Live at: Jun 12 2012 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Run Ron, AFL
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