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Harnessing the power of internal audit

Cutting edge internal audit can help businesses deal with a wide variety of issues outside of the compliance arena – from data privacy and automation, to political uncertainty and reputation risk. Speaking on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors, Liz will be hosting a webinar which outlines some of the challenges currently facing audit committees.

She will draw upon international professional frameworks as well as the core principles of the IIA to seek to resolve some of the challenges and most importantly listeners will learn how to then assess the effectiveness of their internal audit function.

If you require a CPD certificate for this webinar, please email stephanie.zahorodnyj@hfma.org.uk
Recorded Oct 31 2019 65 mins
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Presented by
Elizabeth Sandwith, Chief Professional Practices Advisor, The Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors
Presentation preview: Harnessing the power of internal audit

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  • IFRS 16: Leases Dec 17 2021 1:30 pm UTC 75 mins
    Steven Wareing, DHSC, Section Head – Accounting Policy and Guidance and Interim Head – DHSC Annual Report
    This webinar will provide an update on the guidance that is available to NHS bodies on IFRS 16. This will include an update on recent changes to the guidance on how the standard will be adopted.

    The webinar will be an opportunity for finance staff to ask questions as they plan to actually implement the standard from 1 April 2022.
  • The mental health digital playbook Nov 19 2021 1:30 pm UTC 75 mins
    Dr Lia Ali, Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Miriam Grover Principal cognitive psychotherapist, Breda Spillane Design, Informatics
    This webinar will showcase the Mental Health digital playbook and a range of digital solutions which have shown how technology can help solve common challenges in the delivery of mental health services.
    Join speakers from NHSX in a webinar looking at how digital technology can help enable new models of care in mental health services. You’ll hear directly from clinical experts across the country as they share their experiences of implementing digital technology into care pathways to benefit patients and make their work more efficient and effective, including the successes and challenges they faced
    Mental health problems are one of the main causes of disease burden in the world. Common mental health problems and severe mental health symptoms have risen over time.
    This 60-minute webinar will showcase the mental health digital playbook and explore the breadth and depth of digital solutions being implemented in NHS mental health services across the country to improve care.
    Delegates will also be able to engage in a panel discussion around the wider range of digital tools covered in the playbook, and explore future opportunities to have their say in how NHSX expands this dynamic digital resource to meet the challenges we face to improve patient care.
    This webinar is part of HFMA’s Delivering value with digital technologies programme, supported by Health Education England.
  • Improving data quality for community and mental health services Nov 5 2021 1:30 pm UTC 75 mins
    Elizabeth Hale, Director of Improvement London Community Healthcare, Howard Davis, Director, Grant Thornton, Tracy White
    With the move to a more integrated approach to delivering healthcare, robust data for community and mental health services is vital for planning and delivering services across local health systems. Traditionally there has been less scrutiny of this data than the data for acute services. As a result, it can be challenging to produce consistently accurate and complete data.

    The joint HFMA and Grant Thornton briefing focuses on improving the quality of data for mental health and community services for the purpose of costing. However, the key messages are relevant to the wider group of stakeholders who use the data for multiple other purposes, for example improving patient pathways, delivering better value and tackling health inequalities.

    Join us for this webinar to listen to NHS colleagues discuss the importance of data in their services, and how they are working to improve it.
  • Board level decision-making for value Oct 29 2021 12:30 pm UTC 75 mins
    Presenter - Iain Crossley, HFMA Qualifications Tutor, HBSS, Chair - Ian Turner
    NHS Boards are accountable for using the finite resources available to deliver best value for their organisation and the local population, working collaboratively with other organisations, across the wider integrated care system. We analyse how the decision-making process can be adapted to enable good boards to become great boards and how they can balance competing demands and priorities. By the end of the interactive session, you will be more aware of how NHS boards manage their public accountability for the holistic performance of their organisation, and contribute to the wider health and care system, within a complex regulatory and financial framework.
  • ICS stories: Integrated care in Humber, Coast and Vale ICS Recorded: Oct 15 2021 65 mins
    Emma Sayner, CFO, Hull CCG & Interim CFO, North Lincolnshire CCG. Chaired by Lisa Robertson, Policy & Research Manager, HFMA
    The Integrated Care Centre serves Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire. The clinical leaders have worked collaboratively with the CCG and health and social care providers to deliver a new and award-winning anticipatory and responsive community frailty model. This webinar will cover the system's approach to change management and cultural challenges; the financial model and associated risks; as well as lessons learned and next steps.
  • NHS Pension – update from NHS Business Services Authority Recorded: Oct 1 2021 61 mins
    Bernadette Portasman, Stakeholder engagement manager – education, NHS Business Services Authority,HFMA, Chair Debbie Paterson
    The NHS pension is a defined benefits scheme that is available for all staff working for NHS bodies. Finance teams will have an interest in the scheme from a personal perspective as members of the scheme but will also be expected to understand the financial impact of the scheme on the NHS body itself.
    This webinar will provide an update on recent developments to the NHS pension scheme that will affect both members of the scheme and the NHS bodies that they work for.
    The session will cover:
    A business update on the management of the NHS Pension scheme
    McCloud update
    An update on annual allowance
    Covid-19 updates

    If anyone has any questions for Bernie ahead of the webinar, please send them to Debbie.paterson@hfma.org.uk . There will be an opportunity to ask questions during the webinar, but questions asked in advance may get a fuller answer.
  • Health Economics (UK) - Making best use of finite resources Recorded: Sep 24 2021 61 mins
    Iain Crossley, HFMA Qualifications Tutor, HBSS. Chaired by Sarah Day, Policy & Research Manager, HFMA
    The Webinar introduces you to health economics and how to apply the concepts to organisational decision-making, help shape the delivery of better health care and improve health outcomes in the NHS.
    Health economics provides insights into how to improve healthcare and decide on the relative merits of alternative treatments and ways of providing healthcare within finite resources. Although you may not be directly involved in health economics-based decision-making, it is helpful to understand how the concepts relate to the planning of health services. We examine the problems and pitfalls which arise as you develop business cases to improve health outcomes and increase public value. By the end of the interactive session, you will be more aware of the complex issues you encounter as you start to widen your perspective and think a little more like a health economist.
  • ICS stories: Capital prioritisation in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICS Recorded: Sep 17 2021 67 mins
    Marcus Pratt, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICS, and Domonic Thornton, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust
    Marcus Pratt and Dominic Thornton will share their experiences, good and bad, of system-led capital planning.

    The session will cover:
    • capital and estate risks and priorities in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICS
    • system-led capital prioritisation of schemes within the resource-limited capital envelope
    • lessons learnt and how they plan to build on the process.

    If anyone has any questions ahead of the webinar, please send them to lisa.robertson@hfma.org.uk. There will be an opportunity to ask questions during the webinar, but questions asked in advance may get a more comprehensive answer.
  • Transforming healthcare with digital technologies Recorded: Jul 30 2021 64 mins
    Yinka Makinde, Head of innovation, NHSX. Chaired by Nicci Briggs, Executive Director of Finance, Contracting & Governance.
    How can NHS finance take an active role in supporting the use of digital healthcare to transform services and drive value and efficiency?

    Digital technologies such as digital medicine, genomics, artificial intelligence and robotics have a huge potential to transform the delivery of healthcare.

    These technologies can empower patients to participate actively in their care, with a greater focus on wellbeing and prevention. They also support the prediction of individual disease risk and personalise the management of long-term conditions.

    Head of innovation Yinka Makinde will provide NHS finance staff with an introduction to some of these technologies and the opportunities they provide to reimagine how care is delivered.
  • Driving efficiency by automating NHS finance processes Recorded: Jul 2 2021 61 mins
    Tremaine Richards-Noel, Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust and Matt Hogarth, UiPath. Chaired by Ian Turner, HFMA
    Many finance and accounting processes are data heavy and highly repetitive which make them ideal candidates for automation. NHS organisations can benefit from automation which can optimise cash flow, reduce transactional costs and provide real-time, deep analytics, while enabling employees to focus on high value, strategic activities and providing advisory support.
  • Delivering system savings through NHS community services Recorded: Jun 18 2021 57 mins
    Karen Cox, Respiratory Nurse Specialist, LCHS and Jane Scrafton, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, LCHS. Chaired by Sarah Day
    This webinar will provide two examples of how service innovations in Lincolnshire community services have reduced costs to the wider system.

    The RAGBY tool is used by specialist teams to record activity and capture outcomes. It enables assessment of the impact of the service and gives an indication of hospital and GP activity avoided, generating system savings.

    The HomeHealth team support residents across 13 care homes for one primary care network. In 2020/21 the small team saved over £244k by delivering care that avoided over 4,000 GP contacts. Putting advanced care plans in place has also improved outcomes for residents.
  • The Right Way to Yes – Business Case Governance Recorded: Jun 11 2021 62 mins
    Marie Garnett, Head of Contracts, Performance & Commercial Development and Jessica Phillips, Senior Business Planning Manager
    Warrington and Halton Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust won the Finance Team of the Year award in December 2020. Part of their winning submission was their ‘Right Way to Yes’ initiative that supports the organisation to make changes while following a robust internal governance process.
  • Innovation & Improvement in the NHS Recorded: May 28 2021 56 mins
    Brian Stables, Tutor, HFMA
    The NHS Long Term Plan recognises the need for innovative service improvement and transformation and NHSE have published a range of resources to support QSIR – quality, service improvement and redesign.

    During this webinar, Brian will explore some definitions of innovation and look at the wider business sector to see how successful organsiations change and innovate. We will look at how we can go about the process of thinking differently to encourage innovation and improvement in the NHS.

    The webinar will look at a range of useful tools and techniques that can be used to facilitate innovation and improvement.

    If you require a CPD certificate for this webinar please contact HFMA.Webinars@hfma.org.uk
  • Using social investment to support system priorities & drive outcomes Recorded: May 18 2021 60 mins
    Katy Saunders, Katy Nex, Amanda Allen, Alison Henly and Emma Knowles
    This webinar will explain what social impact bonds (SIBs) are and demonstrate how they have been used to improve end of life care in Somerset and South West London.

    The webinar will:
    • include case studies from NHS Somerset on how they worked as a system to deliver an innovative new approach to advance care planning service and from NHS South West London on their experience of launching an EOLC service during the pandemic
    • showcase Social Finance’s new model for working system wide to ensure that SIBs remain relevant in an ICS and block contract world
    • discuss the way that the SIB model can support recovery including using dashboards to support services to focus on reducing health inequalities.
  • How patient-level costing (PLICS) can support quality improvement Recorded: May 14 2021 63 mins
    Dr Ali Cracknell, Vinod Bassi, Thomas Mitchell, Dr Alwyn Kotze, Sophie Blow, Chaired by Dr John Dean
    In this webinar you will hear from clinicians and members of the costing team who together created a tool to improve preoperative anaemia management in elective surgical pathways. This was a trust- wide initiative to improve patient care and reduce waste. The team will talk about how collaboration between clinicians and costing teams can support QI work.
  • Using data to influence effective decision making in the NHS Recorded: May 7 2021 49 mins
    Andy McKinlay, Executive Director of Finance & Margaret Dockey, Prescription Information Services Manager, NHS BSA
    The NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) is an Arm’s Length Body of the DHSC. The NHS spend c£70bn annually through NHSBSA platforms and services, delivering payments to pharmacists and dentists, help for patients with UK and overseas health costs, NHS Jobs, ESR and NHS Pensions.

    This webinar highlights how the NHSBSA is using its data and under-standing of the system to provide valuable insights to the NHS, introducing its Data & Insight Strategy and using specific examples to show how prescribing data is being transformed into actionable in-sight; empowering those with direct patient care to make informed decisions, improving patient safety and patient outcomes.

    By signing up for this webinar you agree to agree to share your contact email address with NHSBSA. If you would prefer not to share your email address please email HFMA.Webinars@hfma.org.uk
  • Managing Performance Recorded: Apr 30 2021 62 mins
    Brian Stables, Tutor, HFMA
    Performance management is a systematic approach to improve the performance of individuals and teams, aligning priorities and use of resources with the wider aims of the organisation. In the NHS there is a clear link between performance management and quality of patient care.

    During this webinar Brian Stables will explore the wider benefits of performance management and will look at some useful tools and techniques for helping us become more effective.

    Brian will also discuss resources which are available to help us all become more effective at managing performance and a range of tools that can help with performance measurement and achievement.

    If you require a CPD certificate for this webinar please contact Stephanie.Zahorodnyj@hfma.org.uk
Shaping Healthcare Finance
The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) is the professional body for finance staff in healthcare. For more than 70 years, it has provided independent and objective advice to its members and the wider healthcare community. It is a charitable organisation that promotes best practice and innovation in financial management and governance across the UK health economy through its local and national networks. The association also analyses and responds to national policy and aims to exert influence in shaping the wider healthcare agenda.
The HFMA has achieved accredited continuing professional development (CPD) status with the CPD Standards Office for our national and networks webinars. Delegates that watch one of these webinars will be issued with an accredited CPD Certificate of Attendance for inclusion in their CPD records. Our sponsored webinars will still count towards unaccredited CPD hours.
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  • Title: Harnessing the power of internal audit
  • Live at: Oct 31 2019 1:00 pm
  • Presented by: Elizabeth Sandwith, Chief Professional Practices Advisor, The Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors
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