Improved infrastructure reliability - on time, every time!

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Sharon White, Senior Product Manager, Symantec & Rob Kernutt, Technical Specialist, Symantec
Do you need a better backup and storage infrastructure? To let you get on with the important business of running your organisation?
Then join this webcast and learn how Symantec Backup Exec Appliance 3600 can revolutionise your backup and recovery approach.
Aug 20 2012
46 mins
Improved infrastructure reliability - on time, every time!
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  • Always-on – business continuity to protect your business. Sep 22 2015 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Petter Sveum: EMEA Technical Lead ;Fernando Tavares: EMEA Solution Marketing Lead
    In today’s enterprise landscape, you have to be on 24x7. And because any downtime can be disastrous, the need for a robust cloud-based continuity solution has never been greater. Learn how the unique continuity as-a-service solution from HP and Veritas keeps you up and running.

    Attend this session and learn how:
    •Meet recovery requirements of your organization and departments while providing a strong ROI
    •Allow workloads to be easily migrated between HP Helion OpenStack eco systems
    •To recover large number of hosts within the cloud
  • PMI: METTI IL BUSINESS DEL TUO CLIENTE AL SICURO! Sep 16 2015 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Roberto Della Vedova TSS Specialist Symantec, Luca Marino Sr. Presales Systems Engineer-Enterprise Management Platform VMWare
    SymantecVeritas, azienda Leader nella protezione e tracciabilità delle informazioni e VmWare, azienda leader nella virtualizzazione, ti spiegano COME le piccole/medie aziende possano abbracciare la virtualizzazione delle infrastrutture mettendo al sicuro i propri dati ed ottimizzando la propria gestione delle operations.
  • Software-defined Storage: It’s What It Does That Matters Aug 17 2015 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Petter Sveum: EMEA Technical Lead; Fernando Tavares: EMEA Solution Marketing Lead
    The definition of software-defined storage is far less important than understanding its potential operational and financial benefits, which can be substantial.

    Attend this webcast and learn how to realize the full benefits of SDS by:
    •Simplifying and automate storage administration
    •Lower cost using industry standard hardware
    •Avoid Vendor lock-in
  • Preventing Chaos: Start Orchestrating Resiliency Recorded: Jul 23 2015 34 mins
    Fernando Tavares, Solutions Marketing Manager EMEA at Symantec
    How confident are you that your business will bounce back and be resilient in case of a major outage? This can be even more challenging today with dispersed data centers that are a mix of physical, virtual, and cloud based.

    Join Fernando as he explains how you can confidently meet IT business continuity compliance requirements, ensure business agility while maintaining existing IT investment, and predictably meet service level agreements (SLAs) at all times.
  • Transform your business faster Recorded: Jul 16 2015 24 mins
    Arjan van Proosdij, Senior Product Marketing Manager EMEA
    IT organizations today are under constant pressure to deliver better services more quickly and with lower cost. Traditional approaches are being rapidly replaced with enabling technologies such as virtualization, software-defined architectures, and cloud computing, introducing more complexity while the relentless growth of data pushes the limits of scalability. As IT undergoes this transformation, backup and recovery services must transform with it, and together can enable a greater transformation for your business. Join our upcoming webcast to learn how NetBackup is adapting to the major trends that are transforming IT and introducing new capabilities that will help IT become more agile and accelerate their business transformations.
    Join this webcast to:

    1) Identify three ways NetBackup reduces the complexity of enterprise data protection
    2) Understand three ways NetBackup helps you scale with growth
    3) Realize three ways in which NetBackup can make your organization more agile

    Find out how you can improve enterprise backup and recovery and ultimately move faster and take bigger risks trusting that your information is safe.
  • Backup e Recovery sempre e ovunque con Backup Exec 15 ! Recorded: Jun 19 2015 49 mins
    Fulvio Torelli, TSS Specialist
    E’ ora di Backup Exec 15!
    Segui questo webinar e scopri come Backup Exec 15 può aiutare i tuoi clienti a gestire un ambiente complesso con un’unica soluzione!

    • backup per qualsiasi piattaforma: virtuale, fisica, Windows, Linux, Mac, SQL o Exchange.
    • recovery su disco, tape, cloud o appliance di terze parti.
    • recovery di interi server fisici, macchine virtuali, applicazioni, database o singoli file.

  • Backup Exec 15 : il est temps de l’utiliser Recorded: May 6 2015 39 mins
    Séverin Desbuisson - Ingénieur avant-vente spécialiste
    L’évolution permanente des besoins informatiques et la complexité des infrastructures impose le choix de solutions dynamiques et flexibles.
    La nouvelle version de Symantec™ Backup Exec 15 arrive à point nommé. Il est peut-être temps de revoir votre infrastructure de sauvegarde/restauration. Que vous soyez ou non un utilisateur de Backup Exec, il est temps d’envisager un choix fiable et reconnu : le choix d’une solution performante et adaptée à tous les environnements, virtuels, physiques et basés sur le cloud.

    Découvrez vite comment Backup Exec 15 peut vous fournir la flexibilité nécessaire pour protéger vos données, quels que soient vos besoins en matière de plate-forme, de technologie ou d’application. Protégez vos informations plus vite, restaurez ce dont vous avez besoin, quand vous en avez besoin, de la manière la plus simple qui soit.
  • Backup Exec 15: It’s Time To Upgrade Recorded: Apr 22 2015 45 mins
    Barnaby Wood, EMEA Go-To-Market Lead, Backup Exec
    Changing IT needs and complex infrastructures require flexible and dynamic solutions to help you transition your environment. The release of Symantec™ Backup Exec 15 is the perfect time for you to review your backup and recovery infrastructure to meet these changing demands. Whether you are an existing Backup Exec customer or not, now is the time to upgrade to a reliable choice; the leading-edge offering for virtual, physical and cloud platforms.

    Join us to understand how Backup Exec 15 provides the flexibility to protect confidently whatever your platform, technology or application need. Delivering the power to protect your information faster, restore what you need when you need it and the ease the time and burden of “doing backup.
  • Backup e recovery sempre e ovunque con Backup Exec 15 Recorded: Apr 17 2015 50 mins
    Roberto Dellavedova, TSS specialist
    L’ambiente dei tuoi clienti è sempre più complesso, Backup Exec 15 permette loro di esguire backup e recovery in modo semplice ed efficace, sempre e ovunque.
    Segui questo webinar e scopri come Backup Exec 15 può semplificare e rispondere alle esigenze delle diverse infrastrutture.
  • The Agile Data Centre: Transform your cost centre to a competitive advantage Recorded: Apr 16 2015 25 mins
    Fernando Tavares, Technical Evangelist, Symantec
    Software defined architectures are all the buzz, helping to start conversations about transforming customer data centers from cost centers into competitive advantages. But in today’s economy, no business can afford to stand still. And a business is only as agile as its IT organization allows. An agile data center and IT department can:

    •Protect the infrastructure and easily recover if faults are found or predicted
    •Control access to data while meeting compliance and regulatory requirements
    •Deliver services quickly, resiliently, and cost-effectively

    Join us on at 10am GMT on 16th April 2015 and learn how Symantec’s view of the “Agile Data Center” covers delivering the right resources in the right way to the users. Whilst bringing a broader view on how you can introduce critical solutions and new revenues around disruptive customer events.
  • De la gestion…à la gouvernance des données Recorded: Apr 2 2015 34 mins
    Frederic Assuncao, Spécialiste archivage et gouvernance des données
    Le débat sur l’explosion – voire la prolifération des données – est un sujet pour toutes les entreprises, quelle que soit leur taille. C’est aussi une problématique qui semble sans fin pour tous les services informatiques : quelles solutions apporter à l’augmentation exponentielle de l’information ?
    Il faut mesurer le risque induit par une mauvaise protection pouvant occasionner des violations de données : risque financier bien sûr, impact sur la réputation, mais aussi et surtout, risque juridique. Les entreprises ont en effet soumises à des temps et des termes de conservation de données. Découvrez comment Symantec peut vous aider à mettre en place une bonne gouvernance de l’information dans votre entreprise. Au programme :
    -Qu’est-ce que la gouvernance de l’information?
    -Mettre en place une politique adaptée à votre entreprise
    -Cas concrets : comment répondre aux problématiques business relatifs à la conservation et la gestion des données
  • Symantec Webcast, sei pronto per l’archiviazione senza limiti? Recorded: Mar 19 2015 33 mins
    Roberto Dellavedova, Information Management Specialist, Symantec Italia
    La piattaforma Symantec Enterprise Vault ™ è una soluzione leader per l’archiviazione on-premise tanto che da 10 anni è leader nel Magic Quadrant di Gartner (Enterprise Information Archiving); consente infatti alle organizzazioni di archiviare in modo efficiente, di gestire, di scoprire e di recuperare informazioni non strutturate. E da oggi ANCORA PIU’ efficace con funzionalità aggiuntive importantissime, quali:

    Prestazioni ancora più veloci - con Enterprise Vault Search & Mail Connect (Mac & Mobile)
    Accesso alle informazioni archiviate quando e dove vuoi
    Fino a 18x velocità di navigazione più veloce

    Una piattaforma ancora più ampia - con Mail Connect (Archiviazione per l’utente finale)
    Mantieni tutte le informazioni significative per la tua organizzazione
    Estendi l’archiviazione su qualsiasi piattaforma e-mail; on premise o cloud

    Produttività ulteriormente migliorata - con migrazione dei PST e migliorie SCOM, V2
    Spendi meno tempo per la gestione dell'archivio
    Riduci fino al 45% del tempo speso per lo svolgimento delle attività di controllo quotidiane
  • Is your Backup and Recovery delivering on ROI? Recorded: Mar 17 2015 37 mins
    Arjan Van Proosdij, Technical Evangelist, Symantec
    Today, organisations of all sizes are undergoing a significant IT-driven transformation. IT environments have reached a point where complexity in existing backup and recovery infrastructures is often a vast and unwieldy mix of both physical and virtual servers, along with different hardware and software solutions. While information volumes are rising continually, backup windows shrink and IT must operate around the clock.

    All of this creates challenges in the backup environment, making it both difficult and costly to manage backup and recovery holistically. Therefore, IT leadership is increasingly looking for better ways to protect their data. It is not just because existing backup solutions are broken (some are, some are legacy, some are point products, and others just aren’t scaling and/ or performing as their IT environments evolve) – but that’s not all of them. In many cases, IT leadership is just trying to improve what they are doing, often from a return-on-investment (ROI) perspective, not technical features.

    In this webcast we address how you can modernise backup and recovery and gain financial advantages that contribute to an improved ROI.
  • Au-delà de la virtualisation: l’agilité d’un Datacenter Recorded: Mar 12 2015 30 mins
    Fernando Tavares, Technical Evangelist, Symantec
    Le traditionnel paysage du datacenter a changé pour toujours, laissant l'infrastructure virtualisée délivée comme un service. Nous assistons, en effet, à une virtualisation qui s’est étendue bien au-delà de l'informatique , avec le stockage et la virtualisation réseau qui sont devenus rapidement la norme pour la plupart des organisations. Ce modèle est vrai indépendamment du fait que l'infrastructure soit gérée en interne dans l’entreprise ou dans le Cloud. Etant donné que l'infrastructure devient hautement virtualisée et se dirige de plus en plus vers le cloud privé , les ressources informatiques traditionnelles doivent aussi évoluer au risque de devenir inutile.

    Découvrez comment Symantec peut vous aider à renforcer l'agilité du datacenter grâce à une infrastructure élastique, la mise en place d'un modèle de services et l'exploitation de l'intelligence informatique.

    •Améliorer l'élasticité de l’infrastructure
    •Fournir des ressources as-a-Service
    •Cultiver l’Intelligence informatique
  • Storage Foundation 6.2: Increasing application performance & High Availability Recorded: Feb 17 2015 55 mins
    Petter Sveum and Fernando Tavares
    Storage Foundation High Availability 6.2 Increases Performance, Efficiency & Flexibility in the Data Center


    •Seamlessly adopt SSD/Flash on Solaris Sparc, AIX and VMware
    •Faster recovery of Cisco UCS service profiles and SAP applications


    •Experience better ROI – realize up to 4X performance at up to 20% cost
    •Intelligent high-availability – Dynamic failover prioritization for virtual machines


    •Combine ultra-fast DAS with next-generation interconnects
    •Experience near-local read and write performance to and from remote disks
  • How confident are you that your IT Systems will survive a Disaster? Recorded: Feb 3 2015 29 mins
    Fernando Tavares (Information Management Specialist)
    Managing mission-critical applications? Laying the foundation for a private cloud? Or simply working to meet your enterprise’s day-to-day technical and business demands? All require an infrastructure that’s flexible yet highly available and resilient.

    Follow this Webinar and learn how to:

    • Ensure critical data, applications, and complete systems are protected in the case of a disaster
    • Provide disaster recovery for production applications in virtual server environments
    • Deliver Disaster Recovery as a Service to different cloud platforms
    • Reduce the complexity of managing heterogeneous server and storage platforms
    • Reduce the costs of building and managing disaster recovery infrastructure
  • Définir la bonne architecture de stockage avec NetBackup 7.6 et les Appliances Recorded: Jan 8 2015 35 mins
    Olivier Ribouchon, Consultant Information Management, Symantec
    Depuis l'ère de la sauvegarde sur bande, votre choix de stockage secondaire n'a cessé de s'élargir : bande, disque, snapshots, cloud, appliances de déduplication. Lors de ce webcast, nous étudierons les bénéfices et limites de ces différents choix, les architectures actuelles (telles que disk-to-disk-to-tape), et les bonnes pratiques pour faire le bon choix en fonction de vos besoins et de votre gestion des coûts.
  • Mythes et croyances autour de la gestion de l'Information Recorded: Jan 8 2015 48 mins
    Frédéric Assuncao, Consultant Information Management, Symantec
    Les mythes et croyances liés à l'IT persistent depuis des années sans être remis en cause. Le postulat 'c'est comme cela que ça a toujours été' ne peut plus soutenir une décision IT ayant un impact négatif sur l'image, la santé et la performance de votre entreprise. Assistez à ce webcast pour en finir avec les fausses idées et découvrir comment mettre en place facilement une vraie stratégie de gestion de l’Information en tenant compte de son cycle de vie et à sa pertinence, grâce aux solutions d'archivage et d'e-discovery.
  • South for the Winter: Your Migration from Windows 2003 Recorded: Dec 3 2014 40 mins
    Barnaby Wood, Backup Lead, Symantec
    Windows 2003’s support life is coming to an end and, come July 2015, you will no longer get the help and support you need to keep functions running. But what does this mean? How will this affect you? What can and should you do?

    First, don’t panic! Second, join Barnaby Wood for this interactive webinar as he helps you to understand what this End of Support Life means, as well as identify areas of risk in your backup environment and provide an introduction to how you can get help to mitigate that risk, whether your choice is hardware and operating system upgrades, consolidation through server virtualization or continued use of Windows 2003
  • Backup Exec 2014 – Top Tips Recorded: Nov 6 2014 43 mins
    Barnaby Wood – Product Marketing; and Klaus Kresnik – Technical Lead
    Backup Exec 2014 delivered significant changes to drive performance, efficiency and usability improvements across physical and virtual environments. Join this webcast to understand what those changes are in more detail and to learn about the features and settings that Symantec’s technical teams use in configuring environments.

    After watching this webcast you will understand how to performance tune a Backup Exec environment and minimise data loss by protecting your data more frequently and recovering more effectively.
Webcasts targeted to IT Professionals.
Webcast topics include Backup, Recovery, Storage, Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, Archiving and e-Discovery.

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  • Title: Improved infrastructure reliability - on time, every time!
  • Live at: Aug 20 2012 9:00 am
  • Presented by: Sharon White, Senior Product Manager, Symantec & Rob Kernutt, Technical Specialist, Symantec
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