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App Store Optimization: Overview and Best Practices

You can build a shiny new app, but unless you've optimized for discovery on app stores, it may never get momentum. 3Q Digital VP of Mobile Strategy Craig Weinberg joins App Promo's Gary Yentin for a free 1hr. webinar on the ASO (app store optimization) landscape and challenges and best practices for discovery.

Craig and Gary will cover:

- the impact of ASO
- the major ASO platforms and how strategies differ on each
- the similarities between ASO and SEO
- best practices and tips for any ASO campaign

Join us and bring questions!
Recorded Sep 17 2015 45 mins
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Presented by
Craig Weinberg, 3Q Digital; Gary Yentin, App Promo
Presentation preview: App Store Optimization: Overview and Best Practices

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  • Facebook advertising: best planning practices to smash Q4 ecommerce goals Recorded: Sep 29 2016 48 mins
    Reid Howell, Facebook; Molly McCarty and Mike Stetzer, 3Q Digital
    Q4 2015 was a lifetime ago for Facebook advertisers. In the last year, the platform's new ad types, targeting options, bidding and tracking improvements, and analytics have made Facebook a potential bonanza of high-ROI revenue for eCommerce brands. In this free webinar, with Facebook's Reid Howell and 3Q Digital social aces Molly McCarty and Mike Stetzer, we'll cover what's new, what's critical, and how to start capitalizing in time for the holiday rush. Topics will include:

    - a full-funnel strategy for preparing for (and capitalizing on) the holiday rush
    - DR-focused tips, best practices, and strategies that advertisers can take far beyond Q4
    - concrete takeaways for building and converting audiences this holiday season

    Join and bring questions! We'll end with a Q&A session.
  • An hour with 3Q's Decision Scientists Recorded: Sep 1 2016 42 mins
    Feliks Malts, Alyssa Francis, and Eric Swanson, 3Q Digital
    Join our Decision Sciences team, led by VP Feliks Malts, for our third installment of office hours. We'll go through three FAQs and open the floor up for questions.
  • Succeeding with ASO: the current landscape and best practices Recorded: Aug 18 2016 61 mins
    Natalie Aller, 3Q Digital; Adam Rakib, Storemaven
    3Q Digital's Natalie Aller and Storemaven's Adam Rakib dish on app store optimization updates and best practices, specifically in the wake of Apple's decision to utilize app store ads. Natalie and Adam will cover:

    - ASO algos and how to work with them
    - elements of ASO to manipulate for greater discovery
    - advanced keyword strategy
    - tips & benchmarks

    Join and bring questions!
  • An hour with 3Q's Decision Scientists Recorded: Jul 28 2016 48 mins
    Feliks Malts, Sean Adams, and Alyssa Francis, 3Q Digital
    Join VP of Decision Sciences Feliks Malts and his team for this installment of FAQs and a live Q&A. Bring questions!
  • An hour with 3Q's Decision Scientists Recorded: Jul 7 2016 41 mins
    Feliks Malts, VP of Analytics, 3Q Digital
    Analytics, attribution, first-party data, second-party data, DMPs, tracking...all of these issues are on the table in our bi-weekly series with 3Q's Decision Scientists, led by VP of Analytics Feliks Malts. We'll start each session (always on Thursdays at 11 a.m. PT) with questions we've heard over the past two weeks, then open it up to Q&A.
  • Facebook advertising: master the customer journey Recorded: Jun 15 2016 72 mins
    Catherine Doyle, Facebook; Brad O'Brien and Feliks Malts, 3Q Digital
    Facebook advertising has reams of data and incredible targeting and ad types to use it to meet your customers when and where they most want to view it. Learn the ROI-rich ins and outs from Facebook Partner Manager Catherine Doyle, 3Q Digital VP of Analytics Feliks Malts, and 3Q Digital Sr. Director of Paid Social Brad O'Brien in a free one-hour webinar.

    Feliks, Brad, and Catherine will cover topics including:

    - Facebook's native, audience-focused data capabilities
    - How to integrate Facebook's data with 3rd-party data for hyper-rich targeting
    - How to use the data in effective Facebook advertising campaigns
  • Facebook ads: the skinny on new DR features Recorded: Feb 25 2016 65 mins
    Catherine Doyle, Facebook, and Brad O'Brien, 3Q Digital
    Facebook Partner Manager Catherine Doyle and 3Q Sr. Director of Social Brad O'Brien team up to give our clients an exclusive in-depth look at Facebook's recent direct-response releases. Catherine and Brad will dive into best practices on:

    - the new Facebook pixel
    - Canvas
    - Dynamic Product Ads
    - Lead Gen Ads
    - Slideshow
    - Carousel
    - Conversion Lift Studies

    In addition, we'll cover seasonality and how it affects CPC and CPM, which should help with planning around upcoming holidays (Valentine's Day!).

    We'll make sure to leave room for Q&A at the end, so save your spot today and join us on the 25th!
  • Lower CPAs in 2016 Recorded: Jan 28 2016 52 mins
    Aaron Bart, 3Q Digital; Taylor Gilbert, Optimizely
    Clicks and impressions are more expensive than ever. The key to lowering your CPAs in 2016 is to get the most out of every engagement, and that boils down to creative, messaging, and testing. In this free webinar, Optimizely's Taylor Gilbert and 3Q Digital VP of Creative Services Aaron Bart will discuss the elements you should be testing, best practices for creatives that engage your customers, what you should expect your agency to do for you, and more. Sign up today!
  • Rock your holiday ROI with Facebook ads Recorded: Oct 20 2015 49 mins
    Kendra Pennington and Brad O'Brien, 3Q Digital; Andrew Foxwell, Foxwell Digital
    Facebook ads are a powerful channel for building and converting large audiences in Q4. In our free 1hr. webinar featuring experts from 3Q Digital and Foxwell Digital, we'll examine general holiday best practices, how to build a high-quality audience before the holiday crush, and how to convert the audience you've just built. We'll include basic and advanced tips covering:
    - ad types
    - targeting and segmentation
    - creative
    - bidding

    Register today!
  • App Store Optimization: Overview and Best Practices Recorded: Sep 17 2015 45 mins
    Craig Weinberg, 3Q Digital; Gary Yentin, App Promo
    You can build a shiny new app, but unless you've optimized for discovery on app stores, it may never get momentum. 3Q Digital VP of Mobile Strategy Craig Weinberg joins App Promo's Gary Yentin for a free 1hr. webinar on the ASO (app store optimization) landscape and challenges and best practices for discovery.

    Craig and Gary will cover:

    - the impact of ASO
    - the major ASO platforms and how strategies differ on each
    - the similarities between ASO and SEO
    - best practices and tips for any ASO campaign

    Join us and bring questions!
  • Mobile SEO: The Landscape, Success Keys, and the Future Recorded: Sep 10 2015 48 mins
    Colin Guidi, 3Q Digital; and Jordan Koene, Searchmetrics
    The mobile experience covers two realms: app and website. The content and layout of each will help determine your app's discoverability and whether users decide to engage. 3Q Digital Director of SEO Colin Guidi and Searchmetrics Chief Evangelist Jordan Koene will walk you through different elements of site layout and content and app layout and content to help you show up more often and engage users for longer after they find you. Topics will include:

    - elements of app content and how to optimize them for higher ranking
    - what users need to see when they engage with apps
    - mobile site design: responsive vs. dynamic vs. dedicated
    - mobile site content that works

    We'll leave plenty of time at the end for Q&A. Join and bring questions!
  • Mobile app optimization - acquisition and post-acquisition Recorded: May 19 2015 55 mins
    Craig Weinberg, 3Q Digital, and Rishi Sethi, Method Mill
    The app install is a great goal, but mobile marketers need to go well beyond that to build great strategies -- think lifetime value and cost per engagement. 3Q Digital VP of Mobile Strategy Craig Weinberg and Method Mill co-founder Rishi Sethi will break down strategies and tips for running optimized performance-based campaigns in a free one-hour webinar. They'll leave time at the end for questions, so make sure to join -- whether you're in the planning stages or trying to figure out how to engage the users who have downloaded your app.
  • Get up to speed with Facebook ads Recorded: Apr 1 2015 39 mins
    Kim Le Sueur, 3Q Digital, and Matt Kramer, AdRoll
    Blink and you'll miss another important development in the world of Facebook advertising. Experts Kim Le Sueur of 3Q Digital and Matt Kramer of AdRoll will catch you up on Facebook's place in the digital landscape, including performance data and trends, and break down all the significant new ad types and targeting developments over the last six months.

    Kim and Matt will cover topics like:

    - Facebook's growing piece of the digital marketing pie
    - Facebook advertising performance trends
    - tips and best practices on Website Custom Audiences, multi-product ads
    - and much more, including a look at AdRoll's newest releases

    Join us!
  • Attribution Strategies: A Hierarchy of Needs and Solutions Recorded: Feb 26 2015 54 mins
    Ron Fusco, 3Q Digital, and Chris Knoch, Big Squid Interactive
    Attribution is the single knottiest issue facing digital advertisers today. If you're advertising on more than one channel or device, measuring the value of each is key to optimization. Join 3Q Digital's Ron Fusco and Big Squid Interactive's Chris Knoch as they break down a hierarchy of attribution needs, from basic to hyper-advanced, and how to solve for them.

    Topics will include:
    - revenue-tracking fundamentals
    - the perfect vs. the good
    - in-focus KPIs
    - a full suite of advanced models (Rules Based, Regression Based Path Analysis, Game Theory, Econometric Time Series Analysis)
  • What CMOs need to know about SEM for Q4 Recorded: Oct 23 2014 40 mins
    Ada Pally, 3Q Digital, and Susan Waldes, Fivemill
    CMOs looking to optimize advertising for the holiday rush might be surprised to know how SEM has changed over the past few months. 3Q Digital's Ada Pally and Fivemill's Susan Waldes will get you up to speed with the latest on:

    - how paid search is working across devices (mobile, tablet, desktop)
    - how paid search is working across channels, with Facebook and Twitter rapidly emerging as viable traffic sources
    - all the emerging targeting possibilities in paid search and how they can work for your brand

    We're promising an ROI-positive experience. Join and bring questions!
  • Feed the Panda! Optimize content for 4.0 and beyond Recorded: Jul 30 2014 59 mins
    Colin Guidi, 3Q Digital, and Eric MacColl, Scripted
    Has Google’s Panda 4.0 update impacted your site’s search traffic? Join 3Q Digital’s Colin Guidi and Scripted’s Eric MacColl to learn how to create content that succeeds in today’s SEO landscape. This free one-hour webinar will cover:
    -Understanding the Panda updates
    -What type of content performs best
    -Optimizing your current site content
    -The future of SEO + content

    Join us and bring questions!
  • Next-Gen Conversion Optimization for Qualified Traffic Recorded: Jul 22 2014 34 mins
    Derek Adelman, Fanplayr; Andrew Mera, 3Q Digital
    The conversion game has changed: multiple channels, multiple devices, and a realm of customer data have altered the landscape far past conversion optimization. Join Fanplayr and 3Q Digital in a free webinar that will cover how to drive quality traffic to your site and how to shift your strategies to hit today's consumers with the exact right offer at the exact right time. Bring questions!
  • Get the most out of Google Shopping Recorded: Jul 17 2014 41 mins
    Jay Stampfl and Jason Bruggemann, 3Q Digital
    Google Shopping campaigns will replace PLAs for all AdWords advertisers in August. Make sure you're up to speed with how-tos and best practices on targeting, settings, feed set-up, and more. Sr. Client Services Manager Jay Stampfl and Client Services Manager Jason Bruggemann will cover these topics and take your questions in this free 60min. webinar, so come and get your ROI on.
  • How SEMs Engage on Social Media Recorded: Jun 12 2014 59 mins
    Carter Hostelley and Karri Carlson, Leadtail, and David Rodnitzky, 3Q Digital
    If you’re a search marketer or someone who sells to search marketers, you won’t want to miss our upcoming webinar!

    During this webinar, Leadtail's Carter Hostelley and Karri Carlson and 3Q Digital's David Rodnitzky will offer an exclusive preview of Leadtail’s newest Social Insights Report, which covers search marketers and their behaviors on Twitter.

    On this webinar, we’ll take a look at:

    • Which topics and conversations are most engaging to search marketers?
    • What types of content do they like to consume and share?
    • Which online publications are most popular with search marketers?

    In addition, we’ll reveal the top 25 brands and people that most influence search marketers and examine some of their best practices.

    These unique insights will reflect the findings of an upcoming report, which summarizes the activity of 500+ search marketers active on Twitter from February to May, 2014.

    Join us and discover how you can better engage and influence search marketers on social media. And bring questions!
  • Leverage coordination of SEM and Social Media ads campaigns Recorded: Mar 20 2014 42 mins
    Mason Garrity and Alicia Antoniolli, 3Q Digital
    Are you running both SEM and social media ad campaigns? Chances are you're not getting all the symbiotic benefits. Join Sr. Director of Strategy Mason Garrity and Social Account Manager Alicia Antoniolli for a free 60min. webinar on how to coordinate campaigns for full optimization. Mason and Alicia will talk about data, keyword and targeting strategies, and more. Come armed with questions!
Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing Strategy and Best Practices
3Q Digital provides full-service digital marketing for all manner of clients, including B2B, B2C, and lead gen. The company uses proprietary methods across platforms including search, display, mobile, SEO, and Facebook, with a focus on optimizing ROI and exceeding client business objectives through a combination of consulting-level strategy, advanced data/analytics, and device/channel-based excellence.

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  • Title: App Store Optimization: Overview and Best Practices
  • Live at: Sep 17 2015 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Craig Weinberg, 3Q Digital; Gary Yentin, App Promo
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