Three keys to successful banner ads

Paul Ryazanov, QuartSoft, and Sean Nowlin, PPC Associates
Successful banner ads achieve three things: raise brand/product awareness; introduce a unique proposal that entices the user to learn more; drive the user to a clear, consistent landing page that pushes the user down the funnel. We'll present best practices for banner ads and how to avoid common mistakes that drain your budget without getting results.
Aug 14 2012
33 mins
Three keys to successful banner ads
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  • As a savvy digital marketer, chances are you’ve heard the “link building vs. content marketing” debate. Titles like “Content is King!” and “Is Link Building Dead?” litter the blogosphere.

    But, what does this actually mean for your SEO strategy? Do links still matter?
  • There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling duped by an agency.

    You trusted them with your budget. You counted on them for lead gen. You even shared confidential marketing data.

    But when a vendor fails to deliver, it’s time to reevaluate your options.
  • The world of Display advertising presents a vast opportunity for advertisers. But that opportunity comes hand in hand with challenges, some of which are big enough to require expert help in order to overcome them.
    Vishnu Balchand, Senior Product Specialist at Quantcast, is an expert within the field of Real Time Bidding (RTB) and has helped many brands unlock the potential of their display campaigns. Gary Revenson, Head of Technology at Maxus, is a pioneering adopter of new methodologies in display advertising.
    Together, Gary and Vishnu will discuss a case study which highlights how Quantcast and Maxus used campaign data to understand and measure the performance of campaigns through the use of "Split Funnel Attribution".

    Join this live webinar to learn more about:
    - The difference between Prospecting and Retargeting
    - How to select the right tactics
    - How to measure effectiveness across your plan
  • The Revolution is Digital! But are reactionary forces on the rise in marketing?
    In this year’s webinar discussing Marketing Perspectives, the longest running annual survey of UK marketing trends, we look at the progress of the digital revolution sweeping through marketing departments and ask:

    · Why are marketing departments still struggling to get to grips with the modern mobile consumer?
    · With the pressure on budgets off, are we in danger of slipping back into bad old habits?
    · Faced with a barrage of disruptive technological, social, and marketing forces, which are keeping marketers up at night?

    The Revolution is Digital.

    Also presenting:
    Dr Emma MacDonald from Cranfield University, Dr William Westlake from CloudEvolved and Tim Adler from Marketing Week
  • Today’s customers are constantly connected and now seek immediate gratification. To this end, brands are seeking to move beyond digital advertising, to the orchestration of digital interactions themselves. Yet to be most effective, these interactions are not based upon behavioral targeting or campaigns, but on engaging customer journeys that mature individually and progress each customer lifecycle. These journeys will span across all channels, on a customer-specific level and will include real-time processes. By individually engaging and crafting real-time digital interactions to serve customers “in the moment,” your business’ opportunity to understand, satisfy, sell and engage can grow exponentially.

    Jeff Nicholson, VP of Marketing at Provenir will share emerging best practices and client case studies to illustrate how brands can ride the real-time revolution by harnessing big data for engaging digital interactions. Neil will discuss the new set of real-time core competencies and orchestration capabilities that will be required to rise to this new challenge.

    You will learn:
    - When and where real-time engagement is required – and when it’s not
    - Considerations for making the leap from campaigns to individual customer journeys
    -Best practices for the marriage of automation and human interaction to ensure successful customer engagement
  • If you're among the 84% of marketers who still lack a mobile strategy, you could be losing up to 2/3 of your site traffic after the first visit.
  • Content Marketing Institute's Joe Pulizzi shares practical marketing "do it now" tips on how small businesses can make the most of their marketing efforts through the use of content tactics and tools.
  • It’s time to revamp your SEO program and advance your rankings online. SEO continues to be the #1 source of online lead generation, but you need to make sure you’re employing the right strategy for your business.
  • The constantly connected, social-savvy, mobile-minded, customer of today demands immediate gratification - leaving significant issues and much to be desired by today's typical loyalty programs. It is now possible to reward today's social consumer by moving from traditional card-based loyalty programs, to ones that are digital, mobile, social and delivered real-time. This can finally be done in very little time, by making the most of one’s existing systems and touch points, and facilitating the rapid creation of omni-channel customer journeys.

    Hear from Neil Skilling, Ph.D. and European Managing Director of Provenir on how a hospitality chain was able to, make this move in less than 3 months, connecting numerous touch points including Twitter, mobile app, mobile push notifications, ePOS, email and web in real-time for enable immediate earning and redemption.

    Learn about some of the results and best practice for this approach including:
    - 5X loyalty program registrations
    - Immediate program payback - in just 2 weeks
    - Dramatically increasing revenue through location-based, real-time marketing

    Chaired by Jo Garcia, Vice Chair - DMA Mobile & Connected Marketing Council.

    Join us for this educational session to uncover these and other best practices that can have the potential to revolutionize your loyalty strategy.
  • Marketers today want to use all their data to give richly optimized experiences to their visitors. Thought leaders in the space are achieving this via data layers to collect all sorts of data and push it in real time to their conversion solutions. Hear how these innovative digital marketing organizations are implementing real-time data layers across their websites in order to power their analytics and optimization programs. Also discover how digital businesses are accelerating their data and tag control to drive analytics and optimization success and therefore become far more agile.
    In this webinar, you will learn:
    • Best practices on how to implement a custom data layer for your site
    • How to use it to transform your data into actionable marketing initiatives
    • How digital businesses accelerate their data & tag control to become agile

    Speakers: James Niehaus, VP of analytics & digital strategy at Ensighten, Adrian James, managing director EMEA at Ensighten and Richard Clogg, Director of Data and Integration Services at Acceleration
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  • How SEMs Engage on Social Media May 29 2014 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Carter Hostelley of Leadtail and David Rodnitzky of 3Q Digital will discuss how SEMs can use social media channels to enhance their search campaigns. Join and bring questions!
  • Leverage coordination of SEM and Social Media ads campaigns Recorded: Mar 20 2014 42 mins
    Are you running both SEM and social media ad campaigns? Chances are you're not getting all the symbiotic benefits. Join Sr. Director of Strategy Mason Garrity and Social Account Manager Alicia Antoniolli for a free 60min. webinar on how to coordinate campaigns for full optimization. Mason and Alicia will talk about data, keyword and targeting strategies, and more. Come armed with questions!
  • Coordinate SEM and Display Campaigns to Optimize ROI Recorded: Feb 27 2014 38 mins
    Join 3Q Digital Account Director Joe Kerschbaum and Sr. Display Account Manager Sara Pfitzinger for a free 60min. webinar detailing best practices for coordinating SEM and display campaigns for maximum ROI. Joe and Sara will discuss strategies to help shape targeting, control and maximize traffic volume, develop ideal frequency caps, and more. Bring questions!
  • A Quick-Start Guide to Twitter Advertising Recorded: Dec 12 2013 60 mins
    Join Clix Marketing's John Lee, Hanapin Marketing's Carrie Albright, and 3Q Digital's Alicia Antoniolli for a 60min. webinar guiding you through a Twitter ads primer: mechanics and capabilities, plus strategic tips for eCommerce, B2B, and branding - and how to pitch the platform to clients. Bring questions!
  • Use attribution insights to fine-tune holiday marketing strategy Recorded: Nov 21 2013 42 mins
    Join 3Q Digital's Ron Fusco and Convertro's Sarah Chambers for a free webinar detailing attribution data from multi-channel accounts and how to use it to fine-tune the last phase of your holiday marketing strategies.
  • AdWords Remarketing for the Holidays Recorded: Oct 24 2013 60 mins
    Are you planning retargeting campaigns for the holidays? 3Q Digital Sr. Client Strategist Joe Kerschbaum and Client Services Manager Jay Stampfl will discuss all AdWords retargeting options, including RLSA, search companion remarketing, similar users remarketing, and more.
  • Guide to Linking: Acquire Passive Links and Remove Toxic Links Recorded: Sep 26 2013 50 mins
    SEO experts Kent Yunk and Michael Martinez will discuss two of today's hottest linking topics: how to acquire passive links and how to remove toxic links. Join us!
  • Multi-channel attribution: a primer Recorded: Aug 22 2013 40 mins
    With digital marketing channels and devices multiplying by the quarter, proper attribution has become pivotal to successfully optimized and allocated budgets. Join Ron Fusco, of PPC Associates, and Marin Software's Rebecca Momberg in a 45min. discussion on the tenets of marketing attribution across channels, why marketers need to learn proper attribution, the challenges of attribution, and what the future might look like. Join us and bring questions!
  • Real-Time Bidding Fundamentals Recorded: Jul 30 2013 24 mins
    This webinar will cover the landscape and best practices of real-time bidding (RTB). We'll go over:
    - an overview of the RTB landscape
    - the difference Between RTB and programmatic buying
    - what a typical RTB campaign looks like
    - daily RTB best practices

    Please join, share with others, and bring questions!
  • Advanced CRO Across Platforms Recorded: Jun 27 2013 50 mins
    Conversion optimization is a multi-layered endeavor in today's digital marketing, where social, display, and search all contribute at different points of the funnel. We'll discuss how to optimize traffic through attribution and budget allocation, how to optimize through the different points of the conversion funnel, and how to optimize landing pages to close the deal.
  • Next-Gen Facebook Advertising Recorded: May 23 2013 58 mins
    Caught up on all of Facebook's recent advancements? We'll cover big new developments including action specs, retargeting best practices, and corresponding ad types to help you optimize your Facebook spend. Subtopics will include partner categories, FBX case studies, and alignment of ad types with goal metrics.
  • Make LinkedIn Ads Work for You Recorded: Apr 18 2013 30 mins
    If you're not advertising on LinkedIn, you're missing out on an intuitive, highly capable B2B marketing platform. We'll walk you through best use cases, set-up tips and tricks, and advanced targeting strategies to help you make the most of a LinkedIn advertising campaign. Join us and bring questions!
  • Implementing Enhanced Campaigns for AdWords Editor 10.0 Recorded: Mar 21 2013 25 mins
    Are you ready to implement Enhanced Campaigns in all of your AdWords accounts, using the newest version of AdWords Editor? We'll show you tips and tricks for implementations, including how to manage bid adjustments and use the new functionality of the platform. We'll also show you what's different and how you can prepare for it.
  • How To Deal With Display Attribution Recorded: Aug 23 2012 24 mins
    Attribution is a key component to any successful display campaign. This is especially important when dealing with multiple display partners. Before planning your next (or first) campaign, think about how to set yourself up for success. That means thorough planning, proper tracking, and readable results. Pick the best mix of partners that will bring unique reach and ability to hit your goals. Consider using a third party ad server or (if PPC and/or social is already a part of your marketing mix) a cross-channel attribution service to help give credit where credit is due. And most importantly, make sure to monitor results during and after the campaign. How else can you make sure everything is performing well? Good planning and tracking will lead you there. All of this is for naught without good attribution.

    Sean Nowlin has worked in the sales and marketing industry since 2000. Before joining PPC Associates in February 2012, he spent three years running display campaigns for Progressive Insurance, a top-10 digital advertiser. Sean’s display expertise consists of managing premium publisher relationships, ad networks, Demand Side Platforms, ad verification, and Online Behavioral Advertising compliance.
  • Three keys to successful banner ads Recorded: Aug 14 2012 33 mins
    Successful banner ads achieve three things: raise brand/product awareness; introduce a unique proposal that entices the user to learn more; drive the user to a clear, consistent landing page that pushes the user down the funnel. We'll present best practices for banner ads and how to avoid common mistakes that drain your budget without getting results.
  • Establishing Your Demand Funnel: Having a Process from Click to Close Recorded: Jul 24 2012 48 mins
    Traditionally, the mind of the marketer is on demand generation: filling the funnel for the sales force. Today, while that’s still a key first step toward customer acquisition, Marketing’s role now extends far beyond the top of the funnel: to establishing the “sales and marketing factory.”

    In this webinar, you’ll learn how to align sales and marketing by creating a demand funnel that provides the taxonomy, process, and metrics for effective demand generation.

    You'll learn:
    •How to start the process of aligning sales and marketing
    •Why a Demand Funnel is a critical first step for effective demand generation
    •Sample funnel models and case studies
    •How lead scoring and nurturing interact with the Demand Funnel
    •How the Demand Funnel should used to measure pipeline velocity

    David Lewis is a dynamic speaker, metrics-based marketer, and successful "Inc. 500" entrepreneur. As founder and CEO of DemandGen International, his team educates and works with sales and marketing teams on effective lead management, online marketing, marketing automation, and CRM systems. His speaking style is humorous and energetic; he keeps his audience continually engaged through interaction, sharing stories, and relating experiences.
    With 20+ years of sales and marketing experience, David and has team have helped 100's of the top sales and marketing teams improve their demand generation and customer acquisition programs. His extensive experience will provide you great insight into the challenges and opportunities of the sales/marketing relationship -- which is at the heart of every closed sale.
  • Two facets of a great ecommerce site: PPC and landing page best practices. Recorded: Jul 11 2012 47 mins
    All ecommerce marketers should tune in for this webinar about best practices for building PPC campaigns AND building great landing pages (mobile, desktop, and more) to support them. We'll talk about campaign structure, design best practices, and more.
  • How to Build and Monetize an Online Event Community Recorded: Jun 28 2012 48 mins
    With the explosion of webinar and video usage across all industries for lead generation, awareness and training, organizations are now starting to realize the benefits of a community based marketing approach to online events. Join this webinar as Quoc Dang and David Kreitter of BrightTALK share the components of a success event community and the steps to build and monetize your own.

    You will learn:

    How to build a content creation machine from within your community
    How to build your community with paid, earned and owned audiences
    How to monetize your online event community with sponsorship, membership or sales followup success
    How to track the success against your business goals
  • Applying Smarter Metrics to your Sales and Marketing Funnel Recorded: May 22 2012 39 mins
    This webinar will reveal how smart metrics are helping B2B organisations to systematically attract, engage, qualify and convert more of the right sort of prospects. Drawing on the winning habits of many of today’s top-performing sales and marketing organisations, we will show how the proactive management of the lead-to-revenue process is shortening sales cycles, increasing win rates and improving the return on marketing resources.

    The webinar will explore the importance of crystal-clear pipeline definitions and milestones and the need to measure velocity and conversion rates at each stage in the process, as well as explaining why sales and marketing must adopt a common language in addition to sharing consistent goals, measures and metrics. Listeners will be left with immediately actionable recommendations to improve their marketing and sales performance.

    PROFILE: Bob Apollo is Managing Partner of Inflexion-Point, the UK-based sales and marketing performance improvement specialists. He helps ambitious growth-phase B2B companies to systematically attract, engage, qualify and convert more of the right sort of prospects.

    Prior to founding Inflexion-Point, Bob worked with and for high-growth B2B companies in sales and marketing leadership positions - many of which emerged as leaders in their chosen markets, including HP, Sybase, Vodafone, Sterling Commerce, SCO and the Protege Group.
    Bob writes regularly on B2B sales and marketing issues at, has been named a "Top 25 Sales Influencer for 2012" by OpenView labs, and is a featured contributor to Entrepreneur Country, CustomerThink and a range of other publications.
  • The Secrets of Building Online B2B Audiences with Social Media Recorded: Apr 12 2012 45 mins
    Acting like a publisher and having your brand create content can be said the norm of the modern day B2B marketer. As thought leaders continue to tell marketers that “content is king and distribution is queen”, how is your organization driving audiences to your content outside of email? Join Quoc Dang & David Pitta of BrightTALK as they share the top tips for leverage partners found in social media networks to continuously drive net new audiences to content.

    You will learn:

    How to approach, interact and engage with audience gatekeepers
    How to leverage what you have and negotiate your audiences
    How to build a sustained network of "promoters of your content"
    How to reward the stars and discipline the dogs
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  • Presented by: Paul Ryazanov, QuartSoft, and Sean Nowlin, PPC Associates
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