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AI and the Future of Cyber Conflict

Adversarial use of artificial intelligence (AI) in cyberspace will lead to attacks that are more targeted, affect more people, and inflict more damage. It’s imperative that security professionals understand what this means for the future of conflict.

Additionally as more companies integrate AI applications into their businesses, they must understand the risks associated with this technology.

Join Michelle Cantos, Strategic Intelligence Analyst, for the final episode of our three-part series on AI as we discuss the:

• Changing geopolitical landscape as threat actors develop and implement AI capabilities
• Use of AI applications in businesses and associated vulnerabilities
Recorded May 24 2018 59 mins
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Presented by
Michelle Cantos, Strategic Intelligence Analyst, FireEye
Presentation preview: AI and the Future of Cyber Conflict
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  • Connecting the Dots: the Importance of an Integrated Security Solution Oct 24 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Misha Sokolnikov, Director of Product Marketing, FireEye
    As cyber threats continue to proliferate and expand, so does the arsenal of tools organizations employ to protect against the attackers. With most security solutions equipping to solve only narrow problems, it has become the norm for organizations to deploy an unbearable amount of technologies. Join Misha Sokolnikov, Director of Product Marketing, FireEye as he provides:

    • An overview of why security solutions today are not integrated and cause complexity, inefficiencies and excessive alert noise
    • The tactics that threat actors use to take advantage of disjointed, complex security technologies
    • The most critical threat vectors and how the consolidation and integration of security tools can help you improve your security posture

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  • Autopsy of a real ICT case – TRITON Oct 24 2018 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    David Grout, Director Technical, South EMEA, FireEye
    Mandiant responded to an incident in 2017 at a critical infrastructure organisation where an attacker deployed malware designed to manipulate industrial safety systems. The targeted systems provided emergency shutdown capability for industrial processes. This malware, called TRITON, is an attack framework built to interact with Triconex Safety Instrumented System (SIS) controllers.

    Join David Grout, our Technical Director for South EMEA, for a live session and get insights into the technical framework details and the potential outcomes.
  • Cyber Security Risk Management –New Methods to Gain Control Oct 23 2018 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Matthew Keane, Sr. Director, FireEye, Travis Fry, Sr. Consultant, FireEye & Michelle Visser, Partner, Ropes & Gray
    Due to the combination of growing cyber risks threatening critical assets of organizations today, and firmer security regulations enforced by lawmakers across the globe, security leaders are compelled to improve their risk management processes and key stakeholder communication—to enable better decision-making around security domains and necessary investments.

    This requires adoption of new risk management methods to generate realistic risk forecasts, effective metrics techniques, and a clear roadmap for capability improvements.

    Join Matthew Keane, Sr. Director of Strategic Services at FireEye, Travis Fry, Sr. Consultant at FireEye and Michelle Visser, Partner, Ropes & Gray, as they share their security and legal expertise on:

    • Security risks across the complete cyber attack lifecycle, not only detection and response
    • A simple and proven method for understanding the risk reality facing all organizations
    • The rising cyber security insurance market and how it will affect risk management efforts
    • Influence of the SEC’s recent interpretive guidance on security risks and incident disclosures
    • Using threat intelligence to ensure risk management efforts are based on real-world threats and ongoing adversary activities, not hypothetical or academic scenarios
    • Best practice exercises to test your incident response plan based on real-world experiences
    • Techniques for effectively reporting risk and capability needs to a Board-level audience
  • Cyber Security in Today's IoT World Oct 22 2018 11:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Parnian Najafi Borazjani, Senior Analyst, FireEye
    IoT devices have become a mainstream part of our lives. IoT devices are no longer just consumer devices, rather they are interwoven in different parts of corporations.

    The August 2016 Mirai botnet attack has shown that security in IoT is required to have overall security. The lack of security in IoT devices not only affects users, but also affects the society in a larger scale. Manufactures of these devices need to follow a set of guidelines to ensure secure developments and deployments.
    Moreover, device consumers such as corporations should be aware of their attack surface.

    Join us for a live webinar as we address the top security and privacy issues in IoT devices, the threats that are targeting them and recommendations for possible solutions.
  • Privacy & Security in the Age of IoT Oct 2 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Elena Elkina (Aleada Consulting ) | Parnian Najafi Borazjani (FireEye) | Ondrej Krehel (LIFARS) | John Bambenek (ThreatSTOP)
    This webinar is part of BrightTALK's Privacy Insights Series and National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM).

    With the proliferation of the Internet of Things into every sphere of our lives, it's now more important than ever to understand the security and privacy risks associated with connected devices. With smart home devices, office tools, children's toys, even medical devices being vulnerable to cyber attacks, becoming cyber aware should be a key priority for everyone.

    Join privacy and cyber security experts for an interactive panel roundtable discussion on:
    - The privacy and security vulnerabilities and risks stemming from IoT devices
    - The basic safety measures you can deploy to protect your home and workplace against cyber threats
    - Best practices for privacy and security safeguards
    - What to do in the event of a breach
    - What the future of privacy looks like

    - Elena Elkina, Partner at Aleada Consulting
    - Parnian Najafi Borazjani, Senior Analyst, FireEye
    - Ondrej Krehel, Digital Forensics Lead, CEO & Founder, LIFARS
    - John Bambenek, VP Security Research & Intelligence, ThreatSTOP

    Audience members are encouraged to send questions to the speakers to be answered during the live session.
  • The Attacker’s Invoice: Real Costs of a Cyber Breach Recorded: Jul 26 2018 55 mins
    Jon Horner, FireEye Mandiant & Eric Packel, Partner, BakerHostetler
    Cyber breaches that result in data loss are often accompanied by heavy costs—some costs are obvious, while others are unexpected. Attacks not only places a financial strain on organizations, but can also hinder their ability to conduct normal business operations, which affects sales transactions and market reputations.

    Join Jon Horner, Senior Consultant, Mandiant FireEye with featured speaker, Eric Packel, Partner, BakerHostetler, as they break down the costs of a breach, detail each cost, and explain how to estimate the business impact of each line item. After this session, you’ll be able to educate your leaders on:

    • Common costs of a breach, which involve number of records affected, remediation efforts, revenue loss and reputational backlash
    • Processes to estimate each type of cost
    • Risk mitigation activities to help reduce future costs
  • Impersonation: The Many Masks of Email Threats Recorded: Jul 19 2018 50 mins
    Ken Bagnall, Vice President, Email Security, FireEye
    You can’t always trust that the sender of your email truly sent it. Impersonation threats are becoming more popular and difficult for end users to spot.

    Ken Bagnall, Vice President, Email Security, presents “Impersonation: The Many Masks of Email Threats,” a FireEye webinar that digs into the details behind impersonation attacks:

    • What psychological authentication involves
    • How attackers prey on recipients’ imagination and emotions
    • How impersonation attacks are evolving
    • What is in the future for impersonation
    • How threat intelligence and the speed of email security impact cyber risk
  • Discover Hidden Cyber Threats with Network Forensics, presented by FireEye Recorded: Jun 28 2018 58 mins
    Bill Cantrell, Vice President of Network Product Management, FireEye
    Many modern cyber attacks routinely bypass firewalls and other perimeter defenses, leaving security professionals to play “whack-a-mole,” beating down threats as quickly and efficiently as they can. A network forensics strategy can give security professionals visibility into network traffic, and allow them to quickly find the threats hiding in their network.

    Join Bill Cantrell, Vice President of Network Product Management at FireEye, to get insight that will help you:

    • Understand the benefits of a network forensics strategy
    • Leverage network forensics to improve security and increase traffic visibility
    • Gain insights into how network forensics improves incident response times and reduces risk of loss
    • See how network forensics enables retrospective threat hunting

    Date and Time: Thursday, June 28, 2018 at 8:00 a.m. PT/ 11:00 a.m. ET
  • Impersonation Attacks - The New Email Based Threats, presented by FireEye Recorded: Jun 21 2018 58 mins
    Ken Bagnall, VP, Email Security, FireEye and Levi Lloyd, Sr. Manager, Detection Services, FireEye
    The email threat landscape is changing. Impersonation attacks and malicious URLs are becoming more popular.

    This FireEye webinar features Ken Bagnall, VP Email Security, FireEye and Levi Lloyd, Senior Manager, Detection Services, FireEye who will address changes in email attack tactics:

    • How phishing and impersonation attacks are evolving.
    • How online/email scams develop.
    • What the future of impersonation is.
    • What has the best chance of winning against these attacks.
    • What techniques are used to detect and stop phishing and impersonation attacks.

    Attendees will receive the new FireEye report Changes in Email Attack
    Tactics: Based on Data from July to December of 2017.
  • How Government Agencies are Facing Cyber Security Challenges Recorded: Jun 14 2018 52 mins
    Andrew Del Rosario, Principal Consultant, Mandiant Services & featured speaker, Ron Bushar, VP & Global Government CTO
    How Government Agencies are Facing Cyber Security Challenges, Presented by FireEye

    Cyber threats continue to have an outsized impact on government agency operations, which can erode public trust and reduces the ability to deliver critical mission functions. But things are about to change.

    Join Andrew Del Rosario, Principal Consultant and featured speaker, Ron Bushar, VP and Government CTO, as they share what common cyber security challenges government agencies face, and how they are moving forward to secure sensitive information and protect vital infrastructure with:

    • Proactive cyber threat hunting and analytics
    • Increased use and sharing of cyber intelligence data
    • Automation and orchestration of security operations
  • AI and the Future of Cyber Conflict Recorded: May 24 2018 59 mins
    Michelle Cantos, Strategic Intelligence Analyst, FireEye
    Adversarial use of artificial intelligence (AI) in cyberspace will lead to attacks that are more targeted, affect more people, and inflict more damage. It’s imperative that security professionals understand what this means for the future of conflict.

    Additionally as more companies integrate AI applications into their businesses, they must understand the risks associated with this technology.

    Join Michelle Cantos, Strategic Intelligence Analyst, for the final episode of our three-part series on AI as we discuss the:

    • Changing geopolitical landscape as threat actors develop and implement AI capabilities
    • Use of AI applications in businesses and associated vulnerabilities
  • M-Trends 2018 - Understanding Today's Cyber Attack Trends Recorded: Apr 26 2018 59 mins
    Chris Nutt, Managing Director, Mandiant Consulting; Russell Teague, Vice President, Mandiant Consulting
    Every year consultants from Mandiant, a FireEye company, respond to a wide variety of cyber incidents by threat groups around the world. This experience is summarized in the annual M-Trends report, which explores changes in the cyber threat landscape.

    During this webinar, Managing Director Chris Nutt and Vice President Russell Teague will discuss:

    - Longer-term trends in today's threat landscape
    - Sophisticated and harmful APT groups to look out for
    - Which organizations are most likely to be retargeted by attackers
    - The difficulty of finding skilled personnel and how it affects the security function
    - How weaknesses in security fundamentals contributed to successful compromises
    - Best practice red teaming tactics for improved security defense
  • Artificial Intelligence in the Cyber Domain Recorded: Apr 19 2018 59 mins
    Michelle Cantos, Strategic Intelligence Analyst, FireEye & Awalin Sopan, Engineer, Analysis Platform, FireEye
    Artificial intelligence (AI) offers businesses better ways to defend their systems, but it also offers hackers better ways to compromise those systems. Companies need to understand how AI will impact cyber security before they rely on it for network defense.
    On April 19, join Michelle Cantos, Strategic Intelligence Analyst and Awalin N. Sopan, Engineer, Analysis Platform, for the second installation of our three-part webinar series on AI that covers:

    • How AI technology can enhance a businesses’ defensive capabilities
    • How cyber threats can use AI to improve the sophistication and scope of their attacks
    • How FireEye uses machine learning to bolster its internal defenses and tools

    Don’t miss part one of the three-part series “Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Warfare: A Primer” - https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/7451/305191 and part three, "AI and the Future of Cyber Conflict" - https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/7451/313149
  • Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Warfare: A Primer Recorded: Mar 15 2018 55 mins
    Michelle Cantos, Strategic Intelligence Analyst, FireEye
    Artificial intelligence (AI) is a transformative dual-use technology that can provide organizations with better cyber defense tools and help adversaries improve methods of attack. A better understanding of the current and potential future capabilities of AI will help users see how related emerging technologies can affect their business.

    Join Michelle Cantos, Strategic Intelligence Analyst, for the first installation of our three-part webinar series to:

    • Understand the fundamentals of AI, the differences between various techniques used to process data and the drawbacks to each approach.
    • Discuss how AI tools can be used for offensive and defensive purposes in the cyber domain.
    • Survey the future threat landscape and provide geopolitical context regarding how nations (U.S., Canada, Russia, China) will use AI tools given their current levels of technological development and AI integration in civilian applications.

    Be sure to register for part two of the three-part series “The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Cyber Domain” - https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/7451/307729
  • Breach Response Readiness – What the C-Suite Needs to Know Recorded: Mar 8 2018 56 mins
    Troy Scavella, Principal Consultant, Mandiant
    "It’s no longer a case of ‘if you will be breached’, but instead how you’ll respond to and remediate the situation ‘once you are breached." – Kevin Mandia, CEO, FireEye

    The FireEye 2017 M-Trends report indicates the average global dwell time of an attacker within a targeted environment is 99 days. This gives adversaries over three months to roam your network and steal sensitive data—before a breach is even detected.

    Cyber security and incident response (IR) readiness is an evolving responsibility that has become a strategic priority for enterprises worldwide.

    Given today’s cyber landscape, all C-suite leaders have an important role to play in their organization’s cyber security posture and IR plan. Their individual and departmental contributions must help protect vital assets, safeguard privacy and ensure uninterrupted operations.

    Join the conversation as Troy Scavella, Principal Consultant of Mandiant, a FireEye company, talk to executives about:

    • The current state of C-suite IR involvement, and how and why their status is evolving
    • A best practice phased approach of executive contributions to be made before, during and after a breach
    • Actionable tips for executives to apply and enforce across each phase of the IR process
    • Protection of critical assets with IR preparation and improvement
  • Building a secure future for women in Cyber Security Recorded: Mar 6 2018 62 mins
    Zeina Zakhour, Denise Bedell, Vasu Jakkal, Roxy Dee, Emma Hunwick
    Aside from breaches, ransomware attacks, and insider threats, another large issue faced by the cyber security industry is diversity, or lack thereof.

    Making the industry more appealing to women and then eventually retaining female talent are both challenges that are still affecting the cyber workforce.

    Join this panel where we'll hear from experts who have made successful careers out of their time in the cyber security sector. They will discuss:

    -How did they make their first break?
    -Why does the industry have such a hard time retaining talent?
    -What are some of their favourite parts about their job?
    -Their advice to women in the industry
    -Their advice to cyber security execs looking to create more diverse teams

    Moderator: Denise Bedell (Content Innovo)
    Zeina Zakhour (Atos), Vasu Jakkal (FireEye), Roxy Dee (Hurricane Labs), Emma Hunwick (PwC)
  • APT37: The Overlooked North Korean Threat Recorded: Feb 28 2018 59 mins
    Ben Read, Senior Manager Cyber Espionage, FireEye
    Repeated high-profile breaches, disruptive attacks and global crime with indicators of sponsorship by North Korea demonstrate an increasing threat and underscore the necessity of tracking the activity of their hackers.

    APT37 is less well-recognized than other threat actors sponsored by North Korea, but their increasing global activity and recent use of a zero-day exploit can no longer be ignored by network defenders.

    FireEye has tracked APT37 since 2015 as TEMP.Reaper and shared details on its activities with our intelligence customers. Over time we have come to better understand APT37. On Thursday, February 28, join Ben Read, Senior Manager, Cyber Espionage at FireEye for our unique insights into APT37:

    • A history of APT37 support for North Korean interests
    • Details on the malware suite employed by APT37
    • How APT37 has been influencing the world beyond the Korean peninsula
  • Security Predictions for 2018 Recorded: Dec 12 2017 51 mins
    Luke McNamara, Senior Analyst, Strategic Team, FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence
    As the sun sets on 2017, the major trends, biggest breaches and latest innovations provide us with a sense for what the future will bring. Not many things are absolute in the security industry, but we know for certain that threat actors will continue to attack and defenders will be tasked with stopping them.

    Join Luke McNamara, Senior Analyst at FireEye, as he shares a glimpse into cyber security in 2018, with insights drawn from our senior leaders, Mandiant incident responders, FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence and FireEye Labs. Several timely topics will be covered in detail:

    •What types of nation-state activity we will be seeing
    •What new regulations such as GDPR mean for organizations
    •How to ensure a secure environment as more organizations migrate to the cloud

    Register today to learn what lies ahead, and stay one step ahead of cyber security threats.
  • Cyber Defense Lessons Learned in 2017 for a More Secure 2018 Recorded: Nov 14 2017 58 mins
    Jeff Groman, Mandiant Senior Manager & Chris Porter, Chief Intelligence Strategist
    Cyber security attackers become more innovative each year with threat activities progressing on a global scale. Coverage of cyber attacks by major media outlets continues to rise year after year, and 2017 seems to have done nothing to buck that trend.

    In the last 12 months, we’ve seen reports of compromises at government entities, cable companies, automobile manufacturers, law firms, insurers, delivery companies, and more. Looking back at these headlines leaves us asking two questions above all: What didn’t work in cyber defense in 2017 and what can be done to be better prepared for future attacks?

    We will address those questions and many others during our webinar, “Cyber Defense Lessons Learned in 2017 for a More Secure 2018,” presented by Jeff Groman, Mandiant Senior Manager and Chris Porter, Chief Intelligence Strategist. Tune in to learn about:

    • The more disruptive opportunistic attacks in 2017
    • More advanced and increasingly frequent attacks being carried out by nation-states

    It wouldn’t be a proper discussion if we didn’t also cover the lessons learned from these successful attacks so that organizations will be better prepared in the future.
  • Emerging Global Cyber Threats Recorded: Nov 2 2017 59 mins
    John Hultquist, Director, Analysis, GSI, FireEye, Inc.
    To properly establish your cyber defenses, you must know your opponent.

    Cyber attackers are constantly innovating; their threat activities continue to grow on a global scale. Regimes use advanced cyber capabilities to harass their foes, boost their finances and even subvert democracy.

    Cyber crime that affects businesses can be directly connected to geopolitical drivers such as the nuclear deal with Iran and sanctions for North Korean proliferation. Your organization needs to ensure that it adapts to the realities of the evolving threat landscape and business risks.

    Attend this webinar to see John Hultquist, Director of Intelligence Analysis at FireEye, offer:

    • An overview of emerging threats from around the world
    • Insights into the most impactful threats affecting your cyber security operations
    • Expert assessments and implications your organization should consider, provided by the FireEye Threat Intelligence Team


    Part two of a two-part series.

    Don’t miss part one: Cyber Threat Intelligence: Learn How It Drives World-Class Security

    Please visit: https://www2.fireeye.com/Webinar-How-CTI-Drives-World-Class-Security.html
The leading provider of next generation threat protection
FireEye is the world leader in combating advanced malware, zero-day and targeted attacks that bypass traditional defenses, such as firewalls, IPS and antivirus.

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  • Live at: May 24 2018 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Michelle Cantos, Strategic Intelligence Analyst, FireEye
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