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FireEye's Perspective on Iranian Attacks and Practical Mitigations

FireEye's Perspective on Iranian Attacks and Practical Mitigations
Make Better-Informed Decisions and Protect Your Organization

The recent tension between Iran and the U.S. has increased the likelihood of Iranian action against U.S. and Gulf entities. While the exact nature, timing, and targets of any response from Iran is uncertain, FireEye Threat Intelligence analysts assess with moderate confidence that it will include a cyber component.

Watch this complimentary on-demand webinar, as Ben Read, Sr. Manager, Cyber Espionage Analysis provides:
•An overview of FireEye’s perspective on the current threat landscape from Iran
•Tactics recently employed by Iranian groups like APT33, APT34 and others
•Recommended mitigations to protect your organization from these groups
Recorded Jan 13 2020 50 mins
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Presented by
Benjamin Read, Senior Manager, Cyber Espionage Analysis, FireEye
Presentation preview: FireEye's Perspective on Iranian Attacks and Practical Mitigations
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  • M-Trends 2020: Insights into Today’s Cyber Attacks Mar 12 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Nick Bennett, Managing Director, FireEye Mandiant; Jon Ford, Director, FireEye Mandiant; Steven Stone, Director, FireEye
    Protect your organization against today’s most dangerous attackers.

    Explore the latest developments behind today’s attacker techniques, behaviors, and motivations sourced from the M-Trends 2020 Report - our annual publication based on FireEye Mandiant’s frontline investigations of the most interesting and impactful cyber attacks in 2019.

    Join us for this webinar on Thursday, March 12th at 8 a.m. PT/11 a.m. ET, as FireEye Mandiant experts discuss highlights and case studies from this year’s edition, including:
    • Global perspectives on trending attacks and how to combat them
    • Details on the most active attack groups in 2019
    • Malware family trends
    • The rise of malicious insiders
    • Insights from cloud investigations, along with common weaknesses and best practices
    • Case studies with practical security lessons

    Register for the webinar
  • Cloud Security | Tips for Securing the Cloud‎ Mar 9 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Chris Romano, Mandiant Senior Consultant and Greg Blaum, Mandiant Principal Consultant
    For the last several years, organizations across the globe have been moving applications and services to the cloud at an increasing pace. Despite this investment, many organizations fail to fully understand the security controls they have at their disposal and fail to effectively harden their cloud environments against attack. As a result, Mandiant has observed a significant rise in cloud related breaches driven by both targeted and opportunistic threat actors over the past several years.

    In this webinar, FireEye consultants Greg Blaum and Chris Romano will share lessons learned from Mandiant’s experience with Cloud IR, identify some common pitfalls and provide best practices for organizations to harden their cloud environments in order to reduce the risk of compromise. These will include a more detailed discussion of the pitfalls and best practices discussed in M-Trends 2020.
  • 2020 Security Technology for the Multi-Cloud Mar 9 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jeremy Snyder, DivvyCloud | Chris Romano, Mandiant | Sol Cates, Thales | Nathan Howe, ZScaler | Chris DeRamus, DivvyCloud
    Multi-cloud adoption is on the rise, but the challenge of securing organizations against cyber attacks remains.

    Discover the cost of data breaches in 2020, as well as the technologies CISOs are using for keeping track of their assets, assessing and managing cyber risk and mitigating threats against the enterprise.

    Join this Q&A panel of experts as they discuss:
    - CISO priorities in a multi-cloud environment
    - Biggest threats to the enterprise
    - How to assess and mitigate cyber risk
    - Technologies powering security
    - Best practices and recommendations for a more secure organization

    Jeremy Snyder, VP of Business Development & Corporate Development, DivvyCloud (moderator)
    Christopher Romano, Senior Consultant, Mandiant
    Sol Cates, VP of Technical Strategy, Thales
    Nathan Howe, Director of Transformation Strategy, ZScaler
    Chris DeRamus, CTO, DivvyCloud
  • Operationalizing Cyber Threat Intel for Computer Network Defense: Focus on Iran Recorded: Feb 10 2020 47 mins
    Shanyn Ronis, Manager, FireEye Threat Intelligence Services; Katie Bowen, Threat Analyst, FireEye
    Operationalizing Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) helps mitigate risk by focusing people, processes, and technology on the threat activity matters. Above all, it allows organizations to take a more proactive, structured, and holistic approach to security that reduces dwell time and shortens the time frame from identification to fix. In today's dynamic threat environment, it is critical to boosting your overall cyber security return on investment.

    Join us as we look specifically at how cyber threat intelligence can help improve computer network defense (CND) operations. Our experts will share:

    • A case study, that will examine the intelligence tied to recent Iranian geopolitical events and demonstrate how operators can pivot from intelligence reporting to high confidence alerting and targeted threat hunting
    • FireEye’s Iranian relevant threat intelligence along with the MITRE ATT&CK framework to help decision makers improve their overall network security posture by prioritizing security investments based on adversary capabilities
    • How intelligence enhances your overall cyber security investment and places your operations ahead of the threat
    • Methods for automating vulnerability management and patch prioritization by correlating intelligence to vulnerability scan data
  • Protect All Files from Malware with a Content Firewall Recorded: Feb 5 2020 46 mins
    Chris Unick, Director Technical Partnerships, FireEye​ and Cliff White, CTO, Accellion​
    Security-first organizations deploy innovative technologies like LDAP/AD, SSO, ATP, DLP and others to protect customer data and other intellectual property from hackers. Despite these efforts, hackers still get in through vulnerable third parties like partners, suppliers, and customers. As a result, defending sensitive information requires not just a network firewall but a content firewall.​

    Attend this webinar to learn the value of seeing, controlling, securing, and tracking all the information that enters, moves through and leaves your organization so you can:​

    • See every login, login failure, error, administrative setting or permission change, and every system event
    • Spot anomalies in volume, location, domain, user, source, and scan results
    • Drill down to the actionable details, including users, timestamps, and IP addresses, in real-time
    • Demonstrate compliance with regulations and standards like NIST 800-171, HIPAA, GDPR, FISMA, FedRAMP and more
    • Enforce security and compliance standards with granular policy controls
    • Record and send detailed audit trail from connected on-prem and cloud content sources to FireEye Helix, Malware Analysis (AX), and Detection on Demand
  • Investigation on Demand: Use Cases for SOC support Recorded: Jan 14 2020 24 mins
    Jeff Guilfoyle, CISSP, Solution Architect, FireEye
    Set against increasingly resourceful and unpredictable attackers, modern digital organizations need flexible options for solving problems and doing more with less.

    Unfortunately, security operation center (SOC) personnel are often left on their own to gather and analyze event information and decide whether and how to respond.

    Better investigations can lead to better decision-making during security events. And FireEye Expertise On Demand can help your SOC personnel pursue investigations more effectively.

    Join the webinar to find out how.
  • FireEye's Perspective on Iranian Attacks and Practical Mitigations Recorded: Jan 13 2020 50 mins
    Benjamin Read, Senior Manager, Cyber Espionage Analysis, FireEye
    FireEye's Perspective on Iranian Attacks and Practical Mitigations
    Make Better-Informed Decisions and Protect Your Organization

    The recent tension between Iran and the U.S. has increased the likelihood of Iranian action against U.S. and Gulf entities. While the exact nature, timing, and targets of any response from Iran is uncertain, FireEye Threat Intelligence analysts assess with moderate confidence that it will include a cyber component.

    Watch this complimentary on-demand webinar, as Ben Read, Sr. Manager, Cyber Espionage Analysis provides:
    •An overview of FireEye’s perspective on the current threat landscape from Iran
    •Tactics recently employed by Iranian groups like APT33, APT34 and others
    •Recommended mitigations to protect your organization from these groups
  • FireEye Chat - Front and Center: Insights into 2020 and Beyond Recorded: Dec 16 2019 23 mins
    Vasu Jakal, CMO, FireEye; Alexa King, EVP, General Counsel FireEye; Luke McNamara, Principal Analyst FireEye
    “The Road Ahead: Cyber Security Predictions in 2020 and Beyond” provides insights into what to expect from attackers, victim organizations, security vendors and nation-states. In the next episode of the quarterly talk show FireEye Chat, we dive deeper into two of the report’s topics: election security and the emerging role of the general counsel.

    At least 70 percent of organizations say that they believe their security risk has increased significantly from the previous year.* With constantly evolving attacks, risk management will continue to play a significant global role in all industries and high profile activities, including the upcoming presidential elections. Breach planning and mitigation will be even more critical.

    Join us as our expert FireEye Chat panel discusses:
    • The evolution of the cyber security landscape in 2020
    • Vote and election system corruption through cyber espionage and cyber influence efforts
    • Election risk framework
    • Best practices to reduce targeted cyber risk

    Watch Now!
  • The Road Ahead: Cyber Security in 2020 and Beyond Recorded: Nov 21 2019 55 mins
    Sarah Geary, Manager of Intelligence for Executives, FireEye
    As 2019 comes to a close, we walk away armed with even more knowledge about the threat actors and trends we can expect to continue in 2020 and beyond. Attackers innovate and grow more sophisticated, but there is a lot we can still do to prepare for upcoming compromise attempts and get ahead of the threats.

    On Thursday, November 21st at 8a PT/11a ET, join Sarah Geary, Manager of Intelligence for Executives at FireEye, as she shares her thoughts about cyber security in 2020. During the webinar, Sarah will touch on various topics discussed in our report, The Road Ahead: Cyber Security in 2020 and Beyond, including:

    • Geopolitics driving threat actors
    • Cyber influence operation developments
    • New criminal tactics in the underground
    • Trends in ransomware and supply chain attacks
  • The Shifting Balance: Expertise, Automation and the Future of Cybersecurity Recorded: Oct 7 2019 38 mins
    Evan Wright, Staff Data Scientist, FireEye
    The present and future of cybersecurity operations will address the skills gap by better utilizing our existing experts and creating more intelligent automation. An evolution is underway in cybersecurity to shift some of the cognitive load from human security experts to machines. When is a machine an appropriate solution and when do you really need a human expert?

    In this presentation, FireEye outlines a spectrum of automatability that helps us identify when a machine or a human expert may be the most effective approach to solving cybersecurity challenges. Multiple factors make up this spectrum, including data volume, and the underlying threat behavior's frequency and stability.

    Join Evan Wright, Staff Data Scientist with FireEye, as he covers:
    -Examples at different points on this automation spectrum, including malware identification, alert triage in the security operations center (SOC), and incident response
    -Domain examples that will demonstrate that machine learning solutions will continue to play an important role alongside human experts
  • Ransomware Cripples Local Governments: Prepare and Respond Recorded: Oct 1 2019 57 mins
    Tom Guarente Vice President External Affairs & Alliances U. S. Public Sector, FireEye, Inc., Jordan Nuce Senior Analyst Cybe
    From big cities to small towns, no government is immune to ransomware.
    Government Technology recently hosted a panel of cyber security experts to discuss how state and local government leaders can protect their most important assets from ransomware attacks – and what to do in the event they experience one.
    View on-demand now to:
    •Learn about trends in ransomware
    •Hear from the front lines of local government
    •Understand your options for handling an attack
  • FireEye Chat - Front and Center on SOC optimization Recorded: Sep 26 2019 24 mins
    Vasu Jakkal, EVP & CMO, FireEye; Seth Summersett, Chief Scientist, FireEye & Chris Schreiber, Product Strategist
    FireEye Chat, our quarterly talk show, brings guest experts front and center to cover today’s most important cyber security topics.

    In this episode, our FireEye panel discusses the complexity of security operations and its impact on organizational risk. A typical U.S. company uses an average of 85 security tools that generate over 10,000 alerts each day. With a little luck, organizations might discover a breach only after the attacker has been in their systems for an average of 78 days. The potential damage and risk as a result of operational inefficiencies is jaw-dropping.

    Join our host, Vasu Jakkal, Chief Marketing Officer, as she talks with Seth Summersett, Chief Scientist and Chris Schreiber, Product Strategist about why you need to work smarter, not harder. They will highlight:

    • How technology only solutions often cause security issues
    • What simple mindset shift is required to improve operational efficiency
    • The FireEye approach to help focus on high impact tasks and gain access to industry expertise
  • Strategic Solutions for Effective Network Security in the Cloud Recorded: Sep 26 2019 50 mins
    Rob Ayoub, FireEye; Baseer Balazadeh, Gigamon; Tom Adamski, AWS
    Everyone must work together to protect the cloud. While cloud providers focus on protecting their services and infrastructure, you must ensure that data flowing into the cloud doesn’t leave an opening for attackers.

    Join us on September 26 at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET, as experts, Rob Ayoub, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, FireEye, Baseer Balazadeh, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer, Public Cloud, Gigamon and Tom Adamski, Sr. Solutions Architect, AWS present a webinar on how to:

    •Deploy a security infrastructure that helps you minimize risk by accurately detecting and quickly stopping advanced, targeted and other evasive attacks

    •Achieve greater cloud network visibility by ingesting and capturing traffic data from your cloud infrastructure

    •Apply intelligence to get actionable insights and speed detection and response

    •Fully integrate network forensics to accelerate alert investigation and breach mitigation
  • More Cloud, More Problems? Recorded: Sep 23 2019 53 mins
    Martin Holste, Cloud CTO, FireEye
    The cloud is more pervasive in our organizations and our lives. But security operations centers (SOCs) can keep up, even when their organization adopts multiple public cloud and SaaS solutions.

    Join this webinar to ensure that your organization’s cloud strategy is less of a problem than you might think. Expert Martin Holste, Cloud CTO at FireEye, shares:

    • Trade-offs and nuances between cloud providers
    • Considerations that can affect your strategic direction
    • Seasoned guidance on how to optimize your cloud migration
  • State of Emergency: Ransomware in Municipalities and Counties Recorded: Sep 18 2019 55 mins
    Lauren Burnell
    From big cities to small towns, no government is immune to ransomware. Cybercriminals have their eyes set on local government. How do local municipalities address the ever-growing risks of cyber-attack?

    This is an informative webinar with FireEye, CDW, and Carahsoft where you’ll learn how state and local government leaders can protect their most important assets from ransomware attacks and what to do in the event they experience one.

    Attendees of this complimentary session will get to:

    Learn about trends in ransomware
    Hear from the front lines of your local government
    Understand your options for handling an attack
  • Cyber Threats Impacting Healthcare Today Recorded: Sep 17 2019 58 mins
    Luke McNamara, Principal Intelligence Analyst, FireEye & Lauren T. Winchester, Breach Response Services Manager, Beazley
    For some time, the healthcare sector has faced a wide range of threat actors and adversary motivations. Today, data held by healthcare organizations—patient records, medical research, and more—remains at risk from cyber criminals and espionage groups. More disruptive cyber attacks can even hamper operations within healthcare providers.

    Join us on September 17 at 9 a.m. PT/12 p.m. ET, as FireEye and Beazley present a webinar that discusses the latest breach and threat landscape trends for this sector.
  • Double Dragon: APT41, a Dual Espionage and Cyber Crime Operation Recorded: Aug 29 2019 56 mins
    Jacqueline O'Leary,Principal Analyst; Raymond Leong, Principal Threat Analyst; Dan Perez, Principal Threat Analyst
    Defending the frontlines of cybersecurity is a never-ending battle, with new advanced persistent threat (APT) groups lurking to steal data, compromise infrastructure, and interfere with victim business operations. FireEye’s newly named threat group, APT41 is no exception. Their aggressive and consistent mode of operation, and highly sophisticated tactics, distinguishes them from other adversaries making them a double threat to contend with.

    APT41 uniquely balances espionage activity concurrently with financially motivated activity driven by personal gain. Since 2012 FireEye has observed APT41 conduct in a wide range of operations including data theft, innovative supply-chain attacks, and the use of unique tools and targeting techniques.

    Join this webinar to hear FireEye Threat Intelligence experts, Jacqueline O’Leary, Raymond Leong and Dan Perez, provide:

    •Insights into attribution and shared tactics between espionage and financially motivated operations
    •Supply chain compromises attributed to APT41 activity
    •Unique malware capabilities and techniques
    •Details on connections to identified personas
  • Higher Ed Cyber Threats: What you can do to defend your campus Recorded: Aug 27 2019 61 mins
    Barry Brummund CIO University of Arizona and Christian Schreiber Higher Education Cybersecurity Lead FireEye
    Colleges and universities face a variety of unique threats when it comes to cybersecurity. While allowing access to networks, institutions face a constant churn of new users, have to accommodate thousands of BYOD devices, and are often resource restrained. Cyber attacks can target valuable research data, as well as personal and financial information.

    In addition, it is critical that college and university leaders understand new federal cybersecurity regulations and security standards and ensure that institutions are in compliance.

    View this on-demand web seminar to learn about the new cyber threat landscape in higher ed, how to ensure your institution is in compliance with recent federal cybersecurity regulations, and strategies to help you defend your campus.
  • Protecting the Academy: Cyber Threat Landscape for Higher Education Recorded: Aug 26 2019
    Luke McNamara, Principal Analyst, FireEye Threat Intelligence and Sue Yi, Breach Response Manager, Beazley
    From cyber espionage to hacktivism, colleges and universities present uniquely attractive targets to cyber criminals. These institutions possess vast amounts of student, alumni and donor information as well as cutting edge research and valuable intellectual property.

    Open networks and autonomous organization can make academic institutions harder to secure than corporate environments. In this webinar, our panel of experts share insights into:
    •The top cyber threats facing higher education institutions
    •New threats on the horizon
    •A case study of an actual network intrusion incident
    •Effective preparation and solutions for technical vulnerabilities
  • Ground Truth about the Cyber Skills Shortage Recorded: Aug 6 2019 25 mins
    Daniel Slack, Senior Manager, FireEye Managed Defense, FireEye & James Robinson, Deputy CISO, Netskope
    Cybersecurity executives and leaders are not the only cybersecurity experts feeling the pressure to do more with less in the age of the widening cyber skills gap. Cyber security practitioners, already at a disadvantage in the asymmetric battle for the fate of their company’s and customers’ networks, have much to teach the rest of us about how organizations can overcome the shortfall.

    Join Danny Slack, Senior Manager for FireEye Managed Defense, as he talks about stories and strategies from the cyber defender’s perspective.
The leading provider of next generation threat protection
FireEye is the world leader in combating advanced malware, zero-day and targeted attacks that bypass traditional defenses, such as firewalls, IPS and antivirus.

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  • Title: FireEye's Perspective on Iranian Attacks and Practical Mitigations
  • Live at: Jan 13 2020 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Benjamin Read, Senior Manager, Cyber Espionage Analysis, FireEye
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