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WARNING: Your Anti-virus Is Bleeding Money

5 Ways To Tell If Your Current Anti-virus Solution Is Costing You Money And What You Can Do About It !
Recorded Aug 31 2012 28 mins
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Presented by
Chris Risenhoover
Presentation preview: WARNING: Your Anti-virus Is Bleeding Money

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  • Next Generation IPS Recorded: Feb 26 2013 36 mins
    Allan Cole, Director of Engineering at GalaxyTech International
    Next Generation Intrusion Prevention Systems – exactly what does that mean?

    We hear the same story from IT decision makers all the time –

    “How do we cut through all the marketing fluff and get to the real meat of the solution? Vendors are always jumping on the bandwagon with new buzzwords for what their products do.

    How do we get to the TRUTH about these solutions!?”
    That’s the purpose of this webinar. We will go through what Next Gen IPS can mean, and how it is interpreted differently by various vendors.

    In this webinar, you will learn:

    1.A clear Understanding of what IPS is
    2.The Features that make something “Next Gen”
    3.When those features are important to you
    4.How to determine if you need an IPS solution in your network
  • Steal This Data! Recorded: Jan 29 2013 56 mins
    Allan Cole; Director of Engineering
    Email is the #1 channel for lost data in the enterprise, and the most widely used!

    Email is essential to every aspect of business. It is a constant balancing act for security professionals to 1) make email usable and 2) make email secure.

    With the rise of regulations in almost every industry, each business has to resolve the challenge of securing email effectively and affordably.

    This webinar will go through Email Data Loss Prevention strategies that are you can implement today without slowing down your network or adding to your management overhead.

    Let’s Talk - Agenda
    What is DLP?
    Why Do You Need DLP?
    Regulations You Face
    Case Study: IronPort and DLP
    How To Evaluate DLP
    Why Galaxy Technologies
    Next Steps
  • Healtcare Data Protection: Weathering The Perfect Storm Recorded: Nov 2 2012 37 mins
    Healthcare Industry Expert
    -How best to secure your digitized Health Care system/records
    -What that means to your regulations
    -Latest technologies developed to address these concerns
  • WARNING: Your Anti-virus Is Bleeding Money Recorded: Aug 31 2012 28 mins
    Chris Risenhoover
    5 Ways To Tell If Your Current Anti-virus Solution Is Costing You Money And What You Can Do About It !
  • Key Considerations for Selecting Endpoint Security Solutions Recorded: May 18 2011 60 mins
    Charles J. Kolodgy, IDC Analyst: Research VP of Security Products & Brandon Stigers, Training & Development, ESET
    Not long ago there were those who were complaining that there was a monoculture in computing. Too many people were using Windows operating systems and that was a primary facilitator for Windows based attacks.

    Over the past few years things have been changing. Endpoints now, are likely to be mobile devices using various operating systems, to reside on a server in the cloud by way of desktop virtualization, or to be a non-Windows machine running Apple or Linux.

    To address this new environment, organizations need to look for specific capabilities when selecting their endpoint security solution. These include:

    • The ability to have one product that can be used to protect a wide range of devices (Windows, MAC, Linux), work in virtualized environments, and deal with removable media
    • Centralized management with remote administration that verifies protection, is used for compliance reporting, and saves IT resources.
    • High level of performance. This includes a small footprint and fast scanning so as to not negatively impact on machine performance, while at the same time maintaining a high level of protection.
  • The New Threatscape: What Security Managers Need to Know Recorded: Apr 28 2011 59 mins
    Forrester, Vice President - Jonathan Penn | ESET, Director of Technical Education - Randy Abrams
    Trends such as mobility, Web 2.0, and consumerization are shattering traditional notions of IT control. As a result, IT security organizations are struggling to defend against a more formidable hacker adversary at a time when they have less visibility and control over their IT environment.

    Forrester Research: Understanding and adapting to the New Threat Landscape

    * What you need to know about the changing nature of the threat landscape
    * Which long-held security principles are outdated, and which ones should be adhered to
    * Where to invest to maximize the impact of your efforts while minimizing risk

    ESET: The New Threatscape - What hasn't changed?

    * Recognizing old attacks in the context of new technologies
    * Addressing the constants; Security software, patch management, password management, encryption, education

    What is the Cybersecurity Masters Series?
    ESET's Cybersecurity Masters webinar series is designed to connect you with the experts. As an IT Security professional you will gain access to analysis and commentary from industry experts on the Cybersecurity front. Register now >>
OK, you can stop worrying now.
Security is hard. Working with a security VAR doesn't have to be. At GalaxyTech International we focus on making your life easier. Simplified product offerings, professional services you can afford, and an attitude of service are how we do it. We want you so happy with our service, that you could never imagine working with anyone else!

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  • Title: WARNING: Your Anti-virus Is Bleeding Money
  • Live at: Aug 31 2012 3:30 pm
  • Presented by: Chris Risenhoover
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