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Policy & Privilege—The Secret to Cyber Resiliency

It’s tough to keep up with the security demands across any organization. And as we all know, data breaches happen frequently. Whether your organization has experienced a data breach or not, we want to help you mitigate the risk of one happening.

Improperly managed identity privileges or failed, misconfigured, or conflicting policies are common security vulnerabilities. These issues occur in siloed organizations because each silo manages policy and privileges differently.

Join our upcoming webinar to learn how privilege and policy management improves your cyber resiliency and why breaking down implementation silos is essential.

During this session, we’ll discuss how privilege and policy management improves your cyber resiliency and why it’s essential to break down implementation silos. By the end of the session, you will understand how to strengthen your overall security posture.
Recorded Feb 16 2021 61 mins
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Presented by
Tim Sedlack, Charles Davis and Rob MacDonald, Micro Focus
Presentation preview: Policy & Privilege—The Secret to Cyber Resiliency

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  • ArcSight SaaS: Integrated Threat Hunting and Behavioral Analytics May 4 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Michael Mychalczuk, Product Management Director, Security Operations, Micro Focus
    Cloud-native and SaaS deployments of SIEM software are more important than ever if you want to reduce your hardware footprint. ArcSight 2021.1 delivers key components to help your organization achieve this outcome and become “security operations SaaS enabled.” With this new offering, ArcSight provides organizations with more complete and resilient security coverage.

    Join Michael Mychalczuk as he presents the key features and benefits of ArcSight 2021.1, including the importance of SaaS in your security toolkit. He will also provide insights into the evolution of ArcSight as it is being transformed, containerized, and SaaS-enabled to better serve your security operations needs.

    We look forward to having you join us.
  • What’s New in NetIQ Change Guardian 6.1 Apr 29 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Anmol Rastogi, Product Management and Anandyita Sinha, Developer, Micro Focus
    Join us to learn how NetIQ Change Guardian from Micro Focus can help you monitor critical files, systems, and applications in real time across hybrid environments to detect unauthorized privileged activity.

    In this webcast you will learn the latest features available in NetIQ Change Guardian v6.1 that can enhance your ability to identify and thwart malicious activity faster. The latest version capabilities in NetIQ Change Guardian, include:

    • The ability to investigate security events using improved parameter details
    • The ability to centralize SSL-based LDAP connections from a central console
    • The ability to report agent information from multiple servers
    • The benefits of support for Hyper-V 2016 and 2019 virtual machine environments
  • Top Application Security Trends of 2021 Apr 20 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Brent Jenkins, Director, Fortify Product Marketing and Harley Adams, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Micro Focus
    In any annual trend list, there are almost always a few surprises. After all, most trends are a continuation of what was important just a month or so ago. In addition to the latest trends, we on the Fortify team continue to focus on our holistic AppSec vision of delivering excellence on foundational elements as well. This includes broad and accurate language coverage, an integration ecosystem that creates as little friction as possible fitting AppSec into the tools our customers already use, and end-to-end application security that supports SaaS and on-premises deployments.

    Join us for this webinar where we’ll review the trends, features, and capabilities our customers are asking us to focus on and deliver this year and beyond.
  • Five Reasons Why API Security Needs Access Management Recorded: Apr 15 2021 47 mins
    Kent Purdy, Access Product Marketing Manager and Richard Cabana, Senior Solutions Architect, Micro Focus
    APIs are often used to act on behalf of users by inheriting their permissions for a variety of software tasks. To understand why APIs today present such unprecedented risk, in this webinar we’ll review historical and present-day practices that organizations use to implement them.

    We’ll cover:
    • Growing trends of where and how APIs are being consumed—both today and in the future.
    • The top five breach hazards that APIs are exposing within organizations.

    Because APIs provide discrete access to backend data that is often sensitive, the need to ensure the right level of security is as imperative as any other type of online access. In this context, we’ll discuss the latest access management technologies available to ensure reliable delivery of API services while protecting the organization from outsider threats and making them more cyber resilient.

    We look forward to having you join us.
  • Win the race! Preventing Configuration Drift with Policy Recorded: Apr 9 2021 58 mins
    Tim Sedlack, Director of product Management and Charles Davis, VP of Engineering, Micro Focus
    Configuration drift for user policies happens when user entitlements and access to resources change gradually over time. Within deeper levels of an organization’s applications and infrastructure, maintaining consistent security policy enforcement is critical.

    Attend this webcast if you're in charge of systems such as Microsoft Active Directory (AD) to learn how NetIQ Universal Policy Administration from Micro Focus can help you more easily manage Group Policy Objects in both on-prem and cloud-based environments.
  • Managing Security in a Decentralized World Recorded: Mar 15 2021 61 mins
    Rob MacDonald, Director of Solutions Marketing, Micro Focus and Mike Raggio, CISSP, Cloud Security Expert, CloudKnox Security
    The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an extreme shift in the way organizations and their employees work. With many moving to a hybrid or fully remote workforce, identity and access management must be a key part of the security strategy—ensuring governance no matter where employees are located or what devices they’re using.

    In this panel webinar, we’ll take a closer look at what the pandemic has meant for IAM adoption, and will identify trends around IAM as technologies, such as IoT, single sign-on and biometrics, move deeper into the IT environment.
  • Protect Source Code with Behavioral Analytics Recorded: Mar 10 2021 52 mins
    Stephan Jou – CTO, Security Analytics, Micro Focus
    Did you know that what happens in your development environment can tell you a lot about how safe your intellectual property is? For example, engineers accessing source code is a normal activity. However, there might be abnormalities in terms of who accesses what, when it happens, how often it happens, etc. Spotting anomalies quickly is critical to mitigating threats to your assets. Given the tsunami of data, it hasn’t been easy until now. Find out how AI-powered behavioral analytics can help stop bad actors in their tracks.

    You will learn about:
    • How the SolarWinds event reminds us that protecting our build, deploy, and engineering infrastructure is critical
    • Real-world case studies in the use of AI to detect these classes of attacks
    • The underlying techniques, data science and mathematics used in those use cases
    • Pragmatic next steps to help harden your source code and other intellectual property repositories
  • Cyber Resilience: Building Intelligent (Business-Oriented) Threat Operations Recorded: Mar 9 2021 61 mins
    Craig Robinson, Program Dir, Security Services, IDC and Stan Wisseman, Head of NA CyberSecurity Strategist Team, Micro Focus
    Traditional Security Operations Centers have also focused on protecting the business but have not had a clear goal to enable the business. In today’s world enterprise resiliency is paramount for organizations to “Pivot to Prosper”. To drive accelerated growth during times of adversities, the goal of the modern CISO is to pivot the cyber resiliency capability to support business growth, transformation, and overall enterprise resiliency. Intelligent (Business Oriented) Threat Operations is the next-generation evolution of the traditional Security Operations Centre.

    During this session, Stan Wisseman (Head of North American CyberSecurity Strategist Team, Micro Focus) will have a discussion with Craig Robinson (Program Director, Security Services, IDC) on how SOCs need to evolve to support the business and how operations can be more business-centered to play a role in driving enterprise and cyber resiliency.
  • Securing the Value Chain with Cyber Resilience Recorded: Feb 25 2021 59 mins
    Curtis Price, Program VP, IDC and Satyavathi Divadari, Micro Focus
    As hyper scale digital transformation takes stage, organizations are exploring new and exciting ways to drive market growth and leadership by being more innovative. Covid-19 has moved most of the public and consumers over the digital fault line, where traditional physical channels are rapidly moving to digital channels.

    During this session, Satyavathi Divadari (Chief Cyber Security Architect, Micro Focus) will have a discussion with Curtis Price (Program Vice President, Infrastructure Services, IDC) on how organizations can secure their value chain and build trust in enabling technologies such as Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Block Chain.
  • Catch up on NetIQ Identity Manager! Recorded: Feb 24 2021 57 mins
    Tom Burt, Senior Product Manager and Lara Bender, Product Marketing Manager, Micro Focus
    We’ve modernized Identity Manager for the cloud, improved performance and usability, and added new license entitlements that give you more value for your investment.

    Come see what you may have missed! Join our product management team to learn about:

    • Performance and scalability improvements that make it easier to configure, use, and manage Identity Manager
    • A modernized interface for building forms to automate provisioning, resulting in reduced complexity and faster time to value
    • A new licensing entitlement to NetIQ Identity Governance to help you detect inappropriate access, orphaned accounts, and separation of duties violations
    • Enhanced support for cloud environments, including new drivers for Workday and SCIM applications, containerization for Identity Manager, and a new Identity Governance as a Service offering
  • What’s new in Privileged Account Manager 4.0 Recorded: Feb 17 2021 60 mins
    Ted Ernst, Director of Product Management, Rajesh Nagella, Product Architect and Amie Johnson, Product Marketing, Micro Focus
    Improperly managed and controlled identity privileges are common security vulnerabilities. That's why your organization trusts Micro Focus to provide the latest privileged access controls for your risk management program.

    This Micro Focus webcast is geared for customers that use NetIQ Privileged Account Manager, and/or other security solutions from Micro Focus. Attend this event, to learn about the latest updates enhancements to NetIQ Privileged Account Manager and why these improvements are important to your risk management strategy.

    This event will include a Q&A session so you can ask about this latest update, and provide Micro Focus valuable feedback.
  • Policy & Privilege—The Secret to Cyber Resiliency Recorded: Feb 16 2021 61 mins
    Tim Sedlack, Charles Davis and Rob MacDonald, Micro Focus
    It’s tough to keep up with the security demands across any organization. And as we all know, data breaches happen frequently. Whether your organization has experienced a data breach or not, we want to help you mitigate the risk of one happening.

    Improperly managed identity privileges or failed, misconfigured, or conflicting policies are common security vulnerabilities. These issues occur in siloed organizations because each silo manages policy and privileges differently.

    Join our upcoming webinar to learn how privilege and policy management improves your cyber resiliency and why breaking down implementation silos is essential.

    During this session, we’ll discuss how privilege and policy management improves your cyber resiliency and why it’s essential to break down implementation silos. By the end of the session, you will understand how to strengthen your overall security posture.
  • Protect Your Controlled Unclassified Information with Persistent Encryption Recorded: Feb 10 2021 30 mins
    Roberto Crivellini, Voltage Solutions Architect and Lorin Keuhner, Voltage Federal Account Manager, Micro Focus
    Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) is the path of least resistance for adversaries, and loss of aggregated CUI is one of the most significant risks to national security. Protecting your CUI is now the most critical data protection topics for 2021.

    If your agency is only using encryption of data-at-rest (db) and encryption of data-in-transit (SSL); you are significantly exposed when your data is utilized and displayed within your apps. Your agency needs to treat its data as a strategic asset to provide the protection and security of the constituents, businesses, and partners deserve.

    Join us to learn how you can leverage Voltage SecureData to persistently encrypt CUI so you can:
    • Designate, control, and dispose of CUI
    • Ensure self-inspection and oversight requirements are met
    • Report and audit on who handles, possesses, shares, or receives CUI
    • Reduce your agency threat surface area by persistently encrypting information - even within your agency's applications' CUI
  • Break the Groundhog Day Repetition Recorded: Feb 2 2021 59 mins
    Greg Clark, Product Management, Jason Boswell, Product Manager and Anthony Knight, Product Management, Voltage, Micro Focus
    Discover a better approach to unstructured data

    Remember the movie Groundhog Day? If you’re not familiar, the main character Phil (Bill Murray) gets stuck in a time loop, living the same day over and over.

    Do you ever feel like Phil, repeating the same data management processes again and again? Many enterprises feel that way. We frequently hear news about data breaches or exposures. And yet, we keep managing data the same way, expecting improved results.

    So how do you break the loop?

    Join Greg Clark and Anthony Knight to learn how building data management capabilities can lay the foundation for sustainable success and break your Groundhog Day cycle.

    Key takeaways from the webinar include:
    • Where to find your data
    • How to classify unstructured data
    • What to do with it
    • How to assess risk
    • How to protect sensitive data and data in use
    • How to create centralized data management policies

    Don’t wait another year to prioritize data management. Check out this webinar and learn from the pros.
  • A Day in the Life of an AppSec Developer Recorded: Jan 27 2021 31 mins
    Brent Jenkins, Jimmy Rabon and Phil Guraedy, Micro Focus Fortify
    With security moving closer to the beginning of the SDLC, developers are being tasked with not only writing more secure code, but also remediating security vulnerabilities earlier and faster. Micro Focus Fortify delivers developer-friendly software security testing with the objective to “Build Secure Software Fast.” Integration into the tools developers use enables them to test their applications early and often, find security issues, and fix them as part of the development testing cycles.

    Join us for this webinar to find out more as we dive into:
    • A day in the life of a developer with AppSec using Fortify
    • Key integrations with the developer toolchain
    • More speed and accuracy with automation
    • Faster remediation of security vulnerabilities

    We look forward to having you join us.
  • Kick off 2021 with a Cyber Resilience Fireside Chat Recorded: Jan 26 2021 59 mins
    Dr. Ron Ross, NIST Fellow, Jim Routh, Former CISO Mass Mutual, Aetna/CVS, American Express, Rob Aragao, Micro Focus
    What does it mean to be cyber resilient?

    Cyber resilience is a shift to enable enterprise resilience and the ability for organizations to thrive despite adversities, crises, and business volatility. Being resilient equips organizations with the ability to "pivot" at scale during adverse cyber events and market conditions (including non-business events such as a global pandemic) and to adapt to customer changes, digital transformation, and hyper-scaled growth.

    Hear directly from experts who know what it takes to enable a cyber resilient program — one that helps ensure that when the inevitable cyber disruption occurs, stakeholders know that there is a well-thought-out and practiced cyber resilience plan in place to help ensure the organization can survive and thrive during turbulent times.

    • Dr. Ron Ross, NIST Fellow
    • Jim Routh, Former CISO Mass Mutual, Aetna/CVS, American Express
    • Rob Aragao, Chief Security Strategist, Micro Focus

    They will discuss the main goals of being cyber resilient:
    • Anticipating disruption
    • Withstanding attacks
    • Recovering rapidly
    • Adapting to an evolving threat landscape
  • Building an Application Security Strategy for the Next Decade Recorded: Jan 22 2021 59 mins
    Stan Wisseman, NA CyberSecurity CTO, Micro Focus & Brad Causey, CEO (CISSP, MCSE, C|EH, CIFI, CGSP), Zero Day Consulting
    For many years, enterprises built their application security strategies around vulnerability scanning and next-generation firewalls. But with the advent of DevOps, ShiftLeft, and many other application development tools and strategies, yesterday’s strategies will no longer work for the enterprises of the 2020s. In this webinar, experts offer a look at emerging technologies and trends in application development, and the role that security will play in tomorrow’s software development cycle. You’ll also get insight on how to detect and remediate vulnerabilities in off the-shelf applications, and how to identify and root out vulnerabilities in open source code. You’ll learn:

    • How remote work has changed application development , and hoe security teams need to adapt.
    • How to find and track changes and vulnerabilities in open-source code libraries that may be lurking in your applications
    • Techniques for working more effectively with dev teams, despite differing priorities and motivations
  • Operational Efficiency: The White Whale of Security Operations Recorded: Jan 19 2021 46 mins
    Anas Hadidi, Senior Practice Lead and SecOps Specialist & Preston Wheiler, ArcSight Product Marketing, Micro Focus
    Across the globe, operational efficiency has proven to be an elusive goal for cybersecurity teams. The management of a Security Operations Center is a heavy responsibility, with SOC managers being asked to defend their organizations from a flood of advanced threats, while being understaffed and underfunded. As false positives and alert fatigue abound, SOCs struggle to get the contextual insights they need to fully understand threats and make informed decisions that optimize their resources.

    The ArcSight platform provides SOC teams with an integrated SecOps toolkit that helps them achieve true situational awareness with a powerful human-machine team, for faster threat detection and response.

    Join us for this webinar to see ArcSight in action and learn how it enables the modern SOC with clear security metrics, machine automation, and layered analytics on a shared interface to maximize SOC operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Virtual User Entity Behavioral Analytics Session Recorded: Jan 19 2021 52 mins
    Will Willoughby, Master Solutions Architect, ArcSight Intelligence and Jason Black, SME, ArcSight Intelligence, Micro Focus
    The New Year is an ideal time for re-evaluating old plans and making new ones. In the world of IT, compromised accounts and insider threats have become an even more pressing concern now that more of the workforce is remote. Security teams are overwhelmed and we all need solutions that work without requiring an army of skilled workers to maintain and use.

    Micro Focus understands that you want to strengthen your cyber resilience without additional infrastructure. That’s why we’ve added world-class analytics capabilities to our SIEM solution and have developed cloud-based solutions to ease adoption.

    UEBA experts will discuss how your organization can leverage layered analytics and machine learning to detect unknown threats. By automatically developing a baseline and comparing activity against a well-defined set of threat models, we can help you find threats that traditional security tools can’t.
  • Being Cyber Resilient During, After, and Beyond COVID-19 Recorded: Jan 14 2021 60 mins
    Christina Richmond, Program Vice President, Security Services, IDC, Mark Fernandes, CTO, Micro Focus, Bobby Singh, CISO, TMX
    COVID-19 has been challenging for us all. Organizations have struggled to deal with unprecedented strategic, financial, operational, and cyber challenges during this period. Top of mind for the CISO is what do they need to consider in order to secure and enable their business during and after (as they return to normal operations) to prepare for the next crisis.

    During this session, Christina Richmond (Program VP, Security Services, IDC), Bobby Singh (CISO, TMX), and Mark Fernandes (CTO, Security Portfolio, Micro Focus) will share their insights into:

    • The business benefit of enterprises pivoting to be resilient
    • How they can embark on the journey
    • Lessons organizations need to consider to be more resilient and become an enabler for accelerated growth as we come out of this crisis
Leading Security, Risk and Governance Platform
With the industry’s broadest set of integrated Security, Risk, and Governance solutions, combined with deep domain expertise and industry-leading analytics, Micro Focus is uniquely suited to help organizations take a holistic approach to protecting identities, apps, and data. Very few vendors can assure security and governance professionals that they are protecting against breaches, guarding the privacy of individuals and their data, and complying with regulatory and jurisdictional regulations – at scale, with ease, insight and confidence. Visit Micro Focus Security, Risk, & Governance at: https://www.microfocus.com/en-us/trend/security-risk-governance.

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  • Title: Policy & Privilege—The Secret to Cyber Resiliency
  • Live at: Feb 16 2021 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Tim Sedlack, Charles Davis and Rob MacDonald, Micro Focus
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