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How to secure your IT systems when it comes to privileged access

Are you struggling to protect your customers’ digital identities and private data? Join our webcast to find out how NetIQ solutions can help you deliver a secure experience that ensures the sensitive data in your environment is safe and secure.

According to IT security experts, privileged credentials are dangerous when they end up in the wrong hands—which happens more often than you might think. Due to the inherent risks related to privileged credentials, today’s enterprises need strong controls, storage facilities, and processes to ensure equally strong security and adherence to compliance standards and company policies. The most crucial techniques for controlling privileged credentials are Least Privileged Access and Just-in-Time Access.

Join us for this webinar to learn how these crucial techniques help:
• Protect against the leading cause of breaches.
• Deliver experiences that balance security with a frictionless experience for users.
• Satisfy audit and compliance requirements around identity access.
• And more…
Recorded Aug 4 2021 58 mins
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Presented by
Gautham Ananda, Senior Product Manager, CyberRes
Presentation preview: How to secure your IT systems when it comes to privileged access

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  • Data Privacy and CIAM: Completing Your Identity Stack Recorded: Sep 21 2021 59 mins
    Kent Purdy, Senior Product Marketing Manager and Richard Cabana, Senior Architect, CyberRes
    Enterprises have started to include user context as part of their Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) approach. The adoption of data protection laws underlines the importance of contextual identity for ensuring that customers remain the sole source of authorization for their data. Where privacy is concerned, customers are asking more and more questions about the organizations they engage with:

    “What are they doing with my information? How long will they have it? Why do they need it for my prescribed purpose? Can they prove that it’s been ethically disposed of after my purpose has been completed?”

    In this webinar we’ll explore the details of CIAM to help you answer questions like these. You’ll learn about:
    • The concept of purpose in a privacy-centric approach to CIAM.
    • How identity powers privacy, helping enterprises implement purpose-based access control into their overall CIAM strategy.
    • Differentiators of the CyberRes CIAM solution, including a Personal Information Management System (PIMS) and unsupervised machine-based learning.
  • CyberRes Fireside Chat: Threat Hunting – Stories from the Trenches Recorded: Sep 21 2021 59 mins
    Rob Aragao from CyberRes with Jason Wood, Tactical Intelligence, CrowdStrike & Paul Reid, Threat Hunting Lead from Interset.
    With the continued evolution of modern SecOps capabilities, threat hunting has matured—providing new approaches to help identify lurking attackers that have previously gone undetected.
    At the event attendees heard directly from battle-tested experts who have survived abnormalities that led to a major security incident. We examined a program that embodies the key theme of cyber resilience—one that helps ensure that there’s a well thought out and practiced survival plan in place when the inevitable cyber disruption occurs.

    In this session, attendees learned:

    • Threat hunting basics
    • Critical program elements
    • Threat models
    • Humans and machines hunting together
    • What's next

    • Jason Wood, Senior Researcher - Tactical Intelligence, CrowdStrike
    • Paul Reid, Threat Hunting Team Lead, Interset
    • Rob Aragao, Chief Security Strategist, CyberRes
  • Cyber AI ‘Under the Hood’ Recorded: Sep 17 2021 42 mins
    Tyler Mathis, Product Marketing Manager, ArcSight Intelligence, Micro Focus
    Not all Cyber Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions are created equal. In fact, there is a large performance gap between different Cyber AI solutions on the market. But, how do you determine which Cyber AI solutions are the most effective and will best meet your needs?

    In this session, we explore what sets apart quality User and Entity Behavioral Analysis (UEBA) solutions:

    • Why do I need to invest into AI-based solutions?
    • How should I evaluate a UEBA solution?
    • What use cases are UEBA solutions useful for?
    • What features should I look for?
  • Shifting DAST Left Recorded: Sep 16 2021 53 mins
    Andrew Garrett, Fortify Product Marketing Manager & Shawn Simpson, Product Manager for Fortify WebInspect & ScanCentral DAST
    Software developers know that the phrase “Shift Left” means testing for defects earlier in the software development process. Unfortunately, the ratio of developers to AppSec team members is pretty high—around 100:1 by some estimates. This creates a situation where QA is already testing for defects, so why not designate security vulnerabilities as another defect category? To achieve this, your application security program must have three key attributes: integration, automation, and agility.

    Join us for this webinar to learn how to build an application security program that is seamlessly “baked in” to your DevOps toolchains. Andrew Garrett, Fortify Product Marketing Manager and Shawn Simpson, Product Manager for Fortify WebInspect and ScanCentral DAST will share expert advice on how to achieve a true automated “Shift Left” security testing process.
  • AppSec in a Cloud First Culture Recorded: Aug 17 2021 60 mins
    Brent Jenkins, Director of Product Marketing, Fortify, CyberRes
    Many organizations have moved application build pipelines, source code, and hosting of their running apps entirely to cloud services—unlocking efficiencies and unleashing innovation faster than ever. However, with this acceleration comes new challenges for application security.

    In this webinar, we’ll explore deployment options to suit even the most resistant development teams and show you how the culture of the cloud can be harnessed for Fortify scans to bolster brand champions and secure your applications.

    We’ll cover such topics as:
    • Cloud transformation and what it means for AppSec
    • Enabling AppSec on multi-cloud
    • Workflows and solutions for AWS, Azure, and GCP

    Join us to discover how to keep your applications secure as you keep pace with innovation in a cloud-first world.
  • How to secure your IT systems when it comes to privileged access Recorded: Aug 4 2021 58 mins
    Gautham Ananda, Senior Product Manager, CyberRes
    Are you struggling to protect your customers’ digital identities and private data? Join our webcast to find out how NetIQ solutions can help you deliver a secure experience that ensures the sensitive data in your environment is safe and secure.

    According to IT security experts, privileged credentials are dangerous when they end up in the wrong hands—which happens more often than you might think. Due to the inherent risks related to privileged credentials, today’s enterprises need strong controls, storage facilities, and processes to ensure equally strong security and adherence to compliance standards and company policies. The most crucial techniques for controlling privileged credentials are Least Privileged Access and Just-in-Time Access.

    Join us for this webinar to learn how these crucial techniques help:
    • Protect against the leading cause of breaches.
    • Deliver experiences that balance security with a frictionless experience for users.
    • Satisfy audit and compliance requirements around identity access.
    • And more…
  • 2021 State of Security Operations: Insights and Implications Recorded: Aug 3 2021 57 mins
    Mark Fernandes, CyberRes Chief Technology Officer
    The upcoming “2021 State of Security Operations Report” from CyberRes, with insights collected from over 500 SecOps decision-makers (CISOs, SOC Directors, etc.) from across the globe, will offer a timely perspective into how security operations has changed in the past year and what these changes mean for security operations teams moving forward.

    Join us for this webinar with CyberRes Chief Technology Officer, Mark Fernandes, where we’ll discuss the results of the report and their implications, with a focus on people, processes, business perspective, and technology.

    Topics will include:
    • Cloud migration
    • Threat intelligence
    • Cognitive technologies
    • Threat modelling frameworks (MITRE ATT&CK, etc.)
    • How COVID-19 has changed SecOps policy and administration
    • And more…

    We look forward to having you join us.
  • Cybersecurity Executive Order Challenges and Strategies Recorded: Jul 27 2021 57 mins
    Nickolous Ward, Department of Justice, Rod Wetsel, Booz Allen & Michael Echols, Senior Cybersecurity Executive
    Federal agencies are moving rapidly to plan and implement programs to meet the aggressive schedule required by the Executive Order on Improving the Nation's Cybersecurity. Recent software supply chain attacks and multiple, large entity ransomware attacks show that Federal agencies are as exposed as commercial organizations—although Federal agencies’ technology complexities are unique and very challenging to rapidly evolve.

    Join us to hear from experts who have helped Civilian and Defense agencies work through complex cybersecurity implementations. We’ll discuss how agencies can effectively implement near-term and longer-term answers to the new requirements on:
    • Real-time Adaptive Access Management
    • Critical Data Pseudonymization
    • AI-driven Detect, Respond, Recover, and Protect
    • User and Entity Risk Based Incident Detection
    • Threat Information Sharing
    • Software Supply Chain Security

    About the speakers:
    Mike Echols is a senior cybersecurity executive and critical infrastructure protection strategist working with corporations and the government to make the nation more resilient. He is leading a revolution to support Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations (ISAOs) and to harmonize cyberthreat information sharing.

    Rod Wetsel serves as Booz Allen's Civil Cyber Cross-Cut FMT Lead for the FED market. He has led engagements spanning cybersecurity strategy and planning, security program development and improvement, risk management, security architecture and engineering, information assurance, CDM, and security and vulnerability risk assessments and technical testing.

    Nickolous Ward leads a team of cybersecurity specialists providing services across DOJ, including continuous monitoring and diagnostics; security operations and incident response; security architecture; and identity and access management solutions. Previously, he served as CISO for Adient and as Assistant Director of Security Operations at DOJ.
  • Snowflake + Voltage SecureData – The Solution to Secure Cloud Analytics Recorded: Jul 20 2021 50 mins
    Alistair Rigg, Sr Global Product Manager, Voltage, CyberRes and Vikas Jain, Sr. Product Manager, Security, Snowflake
    The Voltage Data Privacy & Protection team from CyberRes invites you to learn how to drive innovation and business value through the integration of Snowflake and Voltage SecureData.

    Remain in control of your data security while you run analytics at scale, employing persistent Format-Preserving Encryption and Anonymization techniques in conjunction with Snowflake’s native security provisions. Remove the obstacles to analytics on customer data. Benefit from referential integrity of protected data in multiple Snowflake accounts. Enable multi-cloud data portability and secure information sharing. Unleash the value of your data with privacy and security by default.

    We look forward to you joining us!

    About the speakers:
    Vikas Jain from Snowflake:
    Vikas is a security expert with over 20 years of experience working with various security and identity technologies, and he currently leads Security Product Management at Snowflake. Prior to joining Snowflake, Vikas held various leadership positions at VMware, Salesforce, Intel, and Oracle. At Salesforce, he was responsible for Salesforce Identity features. Most recently, Vikas worked at VMware leading Workspace ONE Identity Manager. Vikas earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Birla Institute of Technology, India, and he is a named inventor on several patents.

    Alistair Rigg from CyberRes:
    Alistair has over 20 years of experience in software engineering and leadership roles spanning design, development, QA, sales, and services across industry and government. As a Senior Global Product Manager for Voltage Data Privacy and Protection at CyberRes, he focuses on applying innovations in data security to application dataflows and data warehouses on premises and in the cloud. He has two master’s degrees and a bachelor’s with honors, majoring in Computer Science, Finance, and Strategy.
  • A SANS 2021 Survey: Rethinking the Sec in DevSecOps: Security as Code Recorded: Jun 21 2021 59 mins
    Jim Bird and Eric Johnson, SANS Institute
    As IT workloads transition to the cloud, there's a shift in how organizations develop and deliver systems - and how security must be practiced. This year's SANS survey explores what this shift means for the modern enterprise and its security program. On this webcast, survey authors Jim Bird and Eric Johnson will explore how security professionals must adapt to this new world. Key questions from the survey include:

    • What must they understand about software development in order to meet the demand of high- velocity delivery?
    • What are the necessary skills for architecting secure software as it is being written - and catching security vulnerabilities before production?
    • What is the impact of different cloud architectures and platforms on this effort, including risks, strengths and weaknesses?
    • Register today to be among the first to receive the associated whitepaper written by SANS analyst and course author Jim Bird and SANS instructor and course author Eric Johnson.
  • The Road to Autonomous IAM Recorded: Jun 16 2021 45 mins
    Rick Wagner, Director, Product Management and Patrick Gookin, Sr. Product Manager, Micro Focus
    Identity and Access Management today is too hard. There are too many manual processes, too many poorly equipped decision makers, and too many resources required to create and maintain roles and policies. There has to be a better way.

    Attend this webinar to learn how autonomous IAM will radically change how we do IAM. Autonomous IAM combines advanced analytics (including artificial intelligence and machine learning) with modern automation. You'll hear about the different stages in the autonomous IAM journey, including:

    • AI-based recommendations
    • Continuous access review and certification
    • Anomaly detection and automated remediation
    • Augmented identity lifecycle management
    • Intelligent IAM roles and access policies
    • Access discovery
  • What’s New in Fortify 21.1 Recorded: Jun 15 2021 42 mins
    Brent Jenkins, Director of Product Marketing and Dylan Thomas, Director of Product Management, Fortify
    The CyberRes Fortify on Premises 21.1 release provides a continued march towards the key strategic initiatives of the product suite. It features accelerated language support, known vulnerability detection, dynamic automation, and enterprise scale and stability. These initiatives and updates underscore why Fortify continues to be a leader in the application security industry.

    In this webinar, we will cover the newest features and capabilities of our on premises products: Fortify Software Security Center, Fortify Static Code Analyzer, and Fortify WebInspect.

    Register now to discover how Fortify helps build secure software fast.
  • Discover a secure and compliant approach to Test Data Management Recorded: Jun 9 2021 60 mins
    Ali ElKortobi, Director of Product Management and Eric Popiel, Chief Technologist for Cybersecurity, Micro Focus
    Data privacy laws have changed the landscape of test data generation and management. Companies using production data with personal and sensitive structured data in test/dev environments are NOT compliant with the GDPR , CCPA, KVKK, and other global data privacy regulations.

    Learn how Micro Focus Voltage provides a comprehensive solution to address your privacy governance needs with sensitive structured data. It automates data privacy and protection of sensitive, regulated production data for use in test development pipelines for functional app testing, training, QA, and related use cases. Voltage portfolio puts data at the center with continuous processes from data discovery to disposition.

    Please join Ali ElKortobi, Director of Product Management, and Eric Popiel, Chief Technologist for Cybersecurity from our Voltage portfolio, who will discuss these important features from the customer point of view:
    • Discover private data in databases
    • Ensure data privacy in non-production environments
    • Anonymize data for secure use whether for analytics, test, or other use cases
    • Shield real data sources with a protected Test Data Repository containing real fake data
    • Ensure that the real sensitive data is secure
  • Overflowing Data. A Perfect Storm. Flexible Log Management Provides Protection. Recorded: Jun 8 2021 51 mins
    Steve Maxwell, Solutions Enablement Specialist and Gamze Bingöl, Product Marketing Manager – SecOps, Micro Focus
    There’s a perfect storm brewing around cybersecurity. The amount of incoming data was already increasing, but now it is expected to grow 5 times over by 2025. With the volume of data overflowing, organizations must take additional proactive measures to protect themselves from known and unknown vulnerabilities.

    Using centralized, automated, intuitive dashboards for security log management is a SecOps best practice and is integral to achieving company-wide security event visibility and maintaining compliance. We understand your needs and have developed cloud-based security log management to bring simplicity and flexibility for company-wide monitoring, event visibility, and reporting.

    In this session, you’ll see ArcSight Recon in action and discover how your organization can leverage ArcSight Recon for continuous log management and ease the burden of compliance requirements from a security-specific perspective.
  • ArcSight SaaS: Integrated Threat Hunting and Behavioral Analytics Recorded: May 4 2021 57 mins
    Michael Mychalczuk, Product Management Director, Security Operations, Micro Focus
    Cloud-native and SaaS deployments of SIEM software are more important than ever if you want to reduce your hardware footprint. ArcSight SaaS delivers key components to help your organization achieve this outcome and become “security operations SaaS enabled.” With this new offering, ArcSight provides organizations with more complete and resilient security coverage.

    Join Michael Mychalczuk as he presents the importance of SaaS in your security toolkit, as well as the key features and benefits of ArcSight’s SaaS approach. He will provide insights into the evolution of ArcSight as it is being transformed, containerized, and SaaS-enabled to better serve your security operations needs.

    We look forward to having you join us.

    Note: Edits were applied to this webinar on 6/30/2021 to more accurately communicate ArcSight’s SaaS roadmap going forward.
  • What’s New in NetIQ Change Guardian 6.1 Recorded: Apr 29 2021 52 mins
    Anmol Rastogi, Product Management and Anandyita Sinha, Developer, Micro Focus
    Join us to learn how NetIQ Change Guardian from Micro Focus can help you monitor critical files, systems, and applications in real time across hybrid environments to detect unauthorized privileged activity.

    In this webcast you will learn the latest features available in NetIQ Change Guardian v6.1 that can enhance your ability to identify and thwart malicious activity faster. The latest version capabilities in NetIQ Change Guardian, include:

    • The ability to investigate security events using improved parameter details
    • The ability to centralize SSL-based LDAP connections from a central console
    • The ability to report agent information from multiple servers
    • The benefits of support for Hyper-V 2016 and 2019 virtual machine environments
  • Top Application Security Trends of 2021 Recorded: Apr 20 2021 34 mins
    Brent Jenkins, Director, Fortify Product Marketing and Harley Adams, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Micro Focus
    In any annual trend list, there are almost always a few surprises. After all, most trends are a continuation of what was important just a month or so ago. In addition to the latest trends, we on the Fortify team continue to focus on our holistic AppSec vision of delivering excellence on foundational elements as well. This includes broad and accurate language coverage, an integration ecosystem that creates as little friction as possible fitting AppSec into the tools our customers already use, and end-to-end application security that supports SaaS and on-premises deployments.

    Join us for this webinar where we’ll review the trends, features, and capabilities our customers are asking us to focus on and deliver this year and beyond.
  • Five Reasons Why API Security Needs Access Management Recorded: Apr 15 2021 47 mins
    Kent Purdy, Access Product Marketing Manager and Richard Cabana, Senior Solutions Architect, Micro Focus
    APIs are often used to act on behalf of users by inheriting their permissions for a variety of software tasks. To understand why APIs today present such unprecedented risk, in this webinar we’ll review historical and present-day practices that organizations use to implement them.

    We’ll cover:
    • Growing trends of where and how APIs are being consumed—both today and in the future.
    • The top five breach hazards that APIs are exposing within organizations.

    Because APIs provide discrete access to backend data that is often sensitive, the need to ensure the right level of security is as imperative as any other type of online access. In this context, we’ll discuss the latest access management technologies available to ensure reliable delivery of API services while protecting the organization from outsider threats and making them more cyber resilient.

    We look forward to having you join us.
  • Cloud Migration with Confidence—Securing Multi-cloud and Hybrid IT Recorded: Apr 13 2021 60 mins
    Carole Murphy, Micro Focus Voltage; Juan Asenjo and Jeff Kerpics, Entrust nCipher
    Market research indicates that the majority of enterprises have a multi-cloud and/or hybrid cloud strategy. Due to COVID, over half of enterprises now expect cloud usage to exceed prior plans. Recognizing the pressures of data breaches and regulatory compliance, cloud service providers have started to offer their own data security solutions—each with a different approach and a potentially confusing array of capabilities.

    Watch this webcast to discover:
    • Why multi-cloud and hybrid deployments present challenges for data protection and privacy
    • What solutions are available to ensure data privacy, no matter the deployment scenario
    • How to safely migrate to large-scale, cloud-based data analytics and other services

    We’ll also show you how to leverage Voltage SecureData enterprise-grade cryptographic services and stateless key management together with Entrust nShield hardware security models to establish a root of trust to support data privacy in enterprise hybrid, multi-cloud and cloud agnostic models.
  • Win the race! Preventing Configuration Drift with Policy Recorded: Apr 9 2021 58 mins
    Tim Sedlack, Director of product Management and Charles Davis, VP of Engineering, Micro Focus
    Configuration drift for user policies happens when user entitlements and access to resources change gradually over time. Within deeper levels of an organization’s applications and infrastructure, maintaining consistent security policy enforcement is critical.

    Attend this webcast if you're in charge of systems such as Microsoft Active Directory (AD) to learn how NetIQ Universal Policy Administration from Micro Focus can help you more easily manage Group Policy Objects in both on-prem and cloud-based environments.
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We are a part of a larger set of digital transformation solutions that fight adverse conditions so businesses can continue to run today, keep the lights on, and transform to grow and take advantage of tomorrow’s opportunities. Visit CyberRes at: https://www.cybrerres.com.

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  • Presented by: Gautham Ananda, Senior Product Manager, CyberRes
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