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The Role of Next-Generation IPS in Enterprise Networks

Thomas Skybakmoen of NSS Labs discusses:
• The nature, role, and importance of third-party testing.
• Trend Micro TippingPoint’s results in the 2016 NGIPS Group Test.
• Practical uses of NGIPS in enterprise network environments.
Recorded Dec 8 2016 44 mins
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Presented by
Thomas Skybakmoen, VP, NSS Labs
Presentation preview: The Role of Next-Generation IPS in Enterprise Networks

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  • The Role of Next-Generation IPS in Enterprise Networks Recorded: Dec 8 2016 44 mins
    Thomas Skybakmoen, VP, NSS Labs
    Thomas Skybakmoen of NSS Labs discusses:
    • The nature, role, and importance of third-party testing.
    • Trend Micro TippingPoint’s results in the 2016 NGIPS Group Test.
    • Practical uses of NGIPS in enterprise network environments.
  • The TippingPoint...on Ransomware Recorded: Sep 22 2016 4 mins
    Trend Micro TippingPoint
    Trend Micro TippingPoint solutions can protect you from ransomware and stop it cold in its tracks.
  • Secure Your Network with TippingPoint Threat Protection System (TPS) Recorded: Jun 22 2016 39 mins
    TJ Alldridge and Satinder Khasriya, Product Marketing, Trend Micro TippingPoint
    The Trend Micro TippingPoint Threat Protection System (TPS) family offers comprehensive threat protection against known and zero-day attacks. Attend this webinar to see the many ways the TPS can be used to protect your environment against the latest threats as well as the old ones too.
  • Trend Micro TippingPoint Advanced Threat Protection Recorded: Jun 9 2016 4 mins
    Trend Micro TippingPoint
    Learn from Odd Todd how Trend Micro TippingPoint Advanced Threat Protection can protect you from malware.
  • Best practices to improved protection from advanced threats Recorded: Oct 20 2015 33 mins
    TJ Alldridge, Product Marketing Manager, HP TippingPoint
    Advanced threats and targeted attacks are wreaking havoc in our networks and desktop machines. High-profile attacks seem to make headlines every few weeks. While no security solution is 100% effective, join us to discuss best practices that could bring your security effectiveness closer to that goal.
  • Comprehensive network security through actionable threat intelligence Recorded: Sep 22 2015 36 mins
    Satinder Khasriya, ESP Product Marketing Manager, TippingPoint
    To protect their networks and critical data from being compromised, enterprises must be able to acquire and assess new information constantly, and take action to identify vulnerabilities, remediate and minimize the likelihood of attackers permeating through their network. HP TippingPoint Threat Protection System delivers comprehensive network security integrating vulnerability management to provide actionable threat intelligence with unparalleled visibility and analytics.
  • HP TippingPoint Advanced Threat Appliance- Network Recorded: Aug 17 2015 4 mins
    HP TippingPoint
    Learn more about how you can detect and enforce protection against advanced threats.
  • HP TippingPoint Advanced Threat Appliance- Mail: Protect your Enterprise Recorded: Aug 6 2015 3 mins
    HP TippingPoint
    Watch this video to learn more about how HP TippingPoint Advanced Threat Appliance helps to keep your Enterprise safe.
  • Dealing with Threats that Get Through your Defenses Recorded: Jul 29 2015 22 mins
    Robin Layland, Layland Consulting, Steve Povolny, TippingPoint DVLabs, Brian Foster, Damballa
    Industry Analyst Robin Layland is joined by Steve Povolny of HP and Brian Foster of Damballa to focus on what you need to do to stop attacks that have made it past your perimeter defenses. We also cover mitigation needs based on your risk profile. We then review how you can spot breaches and how to easily keep your security up to date. Finally we cover what to look for in an advanced threat protection vendor.
  • Gulf Air—Unifying network protection with HP TippingPoint Recorded: May 12 2015 14 mins
    Hussain Abduljalil, Manager Solution Architecture at Gulf Air
    Since 2006, Gulf Air has used HP TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) to protect their network from external threats. With the passage of time the internal attack vectors were also identified as being a high-risk area. In this webinar, Hussain Abduljalil of Gulf Air explains how Gulf Air evolved their network security from an external IPS setup to a unified IPS solution providing the required levels of protection and throughput needed. And why they did it with HP TippingPoint.

    Watch the webinar to learn:
    • The evolution of IPS setup in Gulf Air
    • How advanced malware threats (like the Conficker worm) were identified as a risk
    • Why Gulf Air choose HP TippingPoint for network security
    • The way forward
  • The Dark Side of Anonymizers: Protect Your Network from the Unknown Recorded: Apr 14 2015 44 mins
    Joanna Burkey, DVLabs Manager, HP TippingPoint
    While anonymizers can serve a positive purpose by protecting a user’s personal information by hiding their computer’s identifying information, their use in your network environment can be dangerous. Anonymizers can evade enterprise security devices, and their misuse can make your organization susceptible to malware and unwanted intrusions. Attend this session to learn how you can detect and block elusive anonymizers from wreaking havoc on your network.
  • Anatomy of a Cyber Attack Recorded: Mar 17 2015 45 mins
    Bob Corson, Director, Solutions Marketing, TrendMicro & Patrick Hill, Sr Product Line Manager, DVLabs
    Victims of targeted attacks, or advanced persistent threats (APTs), make the headlines. Attend this webinar to learn how APTs work and how to defend your business from them. Pat Hill, HP TippingPoint Product Manager, and Bob Corson, Director, Solutions Marketing, discuss the anatomy of an attack and why it's critical to detect and isolate the attack at "patient zero," the initial point of infection.

    Attend this webinar to learn:
    · How the bad guys evade your security
    · The counter measures you need to detect and block them
    · How HP TippingPoint and Trend Micro have partnered to neutralize patient zero
  • Targeted Attacks - Six Keys for Fighting Back Recorded: Mar 6 2015 65 mins
    Bob Corson, Director, Solutions Marketing, Trend Micro & Patrick Hill, Senior Product Line Manager for HP Enterprise Security
    Target, Sony, Anthem - the biggest recent breaches have taught us all big lessons. Namely, that traditional security solutions are ineffective against advanced threats. And today's targeted attacks not only can rob your organization of sensitive data, customers, reputation - they can cost senior leaders their jobs.

    Register for this session to learn the 6 Keys to Success in Fighting Advanced Threats. Hear first-hand from security leaders at HP and Trend Micro how to:
    - Monitor all attack phases;
    - Mind security gaps;
    - Defeat anti-evasion features & more.
  • HP TippingPoint—every second matters Recorded: Jan 12 2015 3 mins
    HP TippingPoint
    A next-generation intrusion prevention system (IPS) shouldn't just keep your company safe, it should be quick to implement and easy to manage. HP TippingPoint is the simple, effective, and reliable solution for network security that protects you faster—when every second matters.
    This video explains how TippingPoint stops threats faster. Watch it to learn:
    •How HP TippingPoint provides 80% threat coverage out of the box
    •How most companies install TippingPoint in less than two hours
    •How TippingPoint filters key on vulnerabilities rather than exploits to keep you safer and reduce false positives
  • Protecting your company in a changing threat environment Recorded: Jan 9 2015 4 mins
    John Kindervag, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
    Hackers don't have change management, so they can change and deploy threats faster than companies can respond to them. That's the message of Forrester Principal Analyst John Kindervag in this short but important video. He explores the impact of a changing threat environment and new zero-day threats on cyber defenses.

    View it to learn:
    •Why it's important for security professionals to change their mindset when dealing with the changed threat landscape
    •Why conventional defenses based on exploit signatures no longer work
    •Why context-aware defenses that correlate incoming attacks to outgoing data exfiltration are required for enhanced security
  • Top 5 Security Threats of 2014: How to Protect Yourself for the New Year! Recorded: Dec 11 2014 41 mins
    Joanna Burkey, HP TippingPoint DVLabs Manager
    2014 has been an explosive year riddled with nasty security threats. Some of these you may have heard about like Heartbleed and Shellshock, but others like Sandworm, may have gone unnoticed or worse unprotected on your network. This webcast will offer an explanation of the top vulnerabilities, how they could have infected your network and security precautions to protect your organization. Don’t miss it.
  • Challenges and Solutions for Securing Today's Enterprise Network Recorded: Nov 18 2014 39 mins
    Julian Palmer, Senior Product Manager, HP SW HPN Security - TippingPoint
    As enterprise network design changes and evolves to incorporate mobile devices, BYOD and cloud solutions, the traditional network perimeter is breaking down. All this, while attacks are getting ever more sophisticated. This session will discuss the challenges facing the modern enterprise network, and show how HP TippingPoint network security products offer solutions that can help.
  • Defending the Network in the Battle Against Malware Recorded: Oct 22 2014 49 mins
    Joanna Burkey, HP TippingPoint DVLabs Manager & Russell Meyers, Global Product Line Manager, HP TippingPoint
    With malware and botnets wreaking havoc worldwide, stopping network infiltration and protecting confidential data is proving increasingly difficult. This session introduces you to a triple-threat triple ally against attackers: HP TippingPoint with ThreatDV. Join us and learn how HP TippingPoint and the power combo of ThreatDV, weekly Digital Vaccine package, and reputation feed help networks stay ahead of attacks by blocking infiltration, phone-home, command-and-control, and data exfiltration.
  • HP TippingPoint is On Your Side When Every Second Matters Recorded: Sep 25 2014 28 mins
    Russell Meyers, Global Product Line Manager, HP TippingPoint
    Security defenses are only effective when you can easily deploy and manage them. HP TippingPoint Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System and Next-Generation Firewall make it easy. And the TippingPoint Security Management System provides a dashboard to show you the state of your defenses and instantly see attacks that are blocked.

    Every second matters. Watch this interactive demo to learn how:

    · Easy it is to automatically download the latest Digital Vaccine packages to stay up-to-date with the latest security intelligence

    · Simple it is to share security configurations and policies across devices

    · The at-a-glance dashboard effortlessly shows your protection status

    · To automatically create protection, status and network behavior reports
  • Blocking Advanced Threats with a Layered Security Approach Recorded: Sep 18 2014 42 mins
    Joanna Burkey, HP TippingPoint DVLabs Manager & Russell Meyers, Global Product Line Manager, HP TippingPoint
    Threats to the network continually evolve, which makes isolating the victimized “patient zero” machine nearly impossible. Today’s advanced threats require an advanced approach to security. This session explores how HP TippingPoint stops these attacks in their tracks by neutralizing patient zero through behavior, static, and dynamic detection. Join us to learn how this layered security approach is the most effective way to minimize the threat of network infiltration and, when it does occur, protect your infrastructure from further damage.
Delivering Integrated Advanced Threat Prevention to the Enterprise
This channel covers the latest topics in network security and vulnerability threat research from TippingPoint, DVLabs, and the Zero Day Initiative to help security professionals protect their network against known, unknown and undisclosed threats.

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  • Title: The Role of Next-Generation IPS in Enterprise Networks
  • Live at: Dec 8 2016 7:00 pm
  • Presented by: Thomas Skybakmoen, VP, NSS Labs
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