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The Renewable Revolution Is Here

In this session we’ll examine how renewables and other clean technologies such as storage and fuel cells have shaken up the energy markets and how companies can join the rapidly growing “revolution.” We’ll look at current and evolving technologies and how companies are realizing significant financial savings, risk mitigation, and cost certainty through comprehensive renewable energy programs. We’ll also explore current savings opportunities available in various regions of the world. Join us at 2pm EDT on August 18.
Recorded Aug 18 2015 59 mins
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Presented by
Rex Zhang, Sustainability Associate and David Hughes, Sustainability Manager
Presentation preview: The Renewable Revolution Is Here
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  • Como reduzir seu custo de energia em até 40% em Brasil Recorded: Jan 26 2016 60 mins
    Guilherme Palhoto & Rodrigo Viana
    A conjuntura atual permite economia de até 40% para as organizações que optam pelo mercado livre de energia, administrado pela Câmara de Comercialização de Energia Elétrica (CCEE).
    De acordo com o presidente do Conselho de Administração da CCEE, Rui Altiere, “são 329 processos de adesão de consumidores livres e especiais em andamento. A maioria para ser concluída até março de 2016.”

    Neste Webinar, descobriremos:
    •Os fundamentos desta oportunidade
    •O passo a passo para implementar ela na sua empresa
  • Sustainability Reporting for Improved Business Performance Recorded: Jan 12 2016 60 mins
    Steve Flores
    Sustainability reporting has become an increasingly important issue as stakeholders seek transparency from the organizations they support. Throughout Europe, mandatory reporting programs such as non-financial reporting and article 8 of the EED have taken shape through EU directives and have become a part of standard operating procedure for impacted organizations. While primarily a voluntary activity (GRI, CDP, GRESB) in the United States, sustainability reporting continues to gain momentum and support.

    For this webinar, we’ll be joined by two leading, global organizations and will learn why they report, what programs they report to, and how they are turning reporting into action.
  • Procuring Renewable Energy Products That are Right for You Recorded: Jan 5 2016 58 mins
    Mike O’Sullivan, Senior Vice President, Next Era Energy Resources
    Mike O’Sullivan from NextEra Energy Resources will discuss his company’s ability to provide long term clean energy solutions that are economic, offering a host of renewable energy products from large scale wind and solar to onsite distributed generation solar and storage. NextEra Energy Resources has a broad portfolio of renewable energy assets and a large pipeline of projects to meet the needs of large C&I customers. Hear about their long history of providing value to renewable energy customers through success stories and how your
    company can get involved.
  • Energy Espresso Recorded: Dec 3 2015 28 mins
    David Hunter, Schneider Electric
    All you need to know about the energy market in minutes, join our team of experts for a short market update over coffee!
  • How to prioritise savings from your energy data Recorded: Nov 18 2015 29 mins
    Louise Wallis & Christopher White, Schneider Electric
    Did you know retailers who leverage the full power of big data could increase their operating margins by as much as 60%!

    Join our experts, Louise Wallis and Christopher White, as they discuss the energy big data challenges and uncover how you can achieve consumption and cost reduction through data analysis and right actions.

    Why join us?
    - Taking action can save money and increase efficiency
    - Share practical tips on how to prioritise projects you know you want to do
    - Bring clarity to energy data complexity
    - Share best practices
  • Prioritizing Energy Efficiency Actions When Priorities are Plentiful Recorded: Oct 20 2015 55 mins
    Paul Stiller and Jacob Freeman
    Would you like to save 9.7% of your energy spend or more?

    In this webinar, we'll discuss ways you can achieve energy savings and share practical tips on how to prioritize the projects you know you want to do and help you get started with a list of those projects that will deliver maximum return on investment or time committed.
  • The Renewable Revolution at Work Recorded: Oct 8 2015 60 mins
    John Hoeksta and Mike Fraser
    In this session, we’ll be joined by representatives from Hewlett-Packard (HP), IKEA, and Owens Corning to discuss their organizations’ commitment to renewable and clean energy technologies. They’ll discuss how these technologies are helping them to improve their overall energy and sustainability programs, and how they achieved internal buy-in to pursue these alternative energy programs. Join us on Oct 8 at 2pm EDT.
  • Powering the Renewable Revolution Recorded: Sep 22 2015 59 mins
    Moderated by Mike Fraser, Schneider Electric, and joined by NextEra Energy Resources, Bloom Energy and SolarCity
    In this session, moderated by Schneider Electric, we’ll take an inside look at the solutions powering the Renewable Revolution. We’ll be joined by NextEra Energy Resources, Bloom Energy, and SolarCity who will provide their insights, analysis, and outlook for the renewables and cleantech market. You’ll learn about the technologies and solutions they have developed and how they have helped end-users further their cleantech and renewable initiatives. Join us on Sept 22 at 11am EDT.
  • The Renewable Revolution Is Here Recorded: Aug 18 2015 59 mins
    Rex Zhang, Sustainability Associate and David Hughes, Sustainability Manager
    In this session we’ll examine how renewables and other clean technologies such as storage and fuel cells have shaken up the energy markets and how companies can join the rapidly growing “revolution.” We’ll look at current and evolving technologies and how companies are realizing significant financial savings, risk mitigation, and cost certainty through comprehensive renewable energy programs. We’ll also explore current savings opportunities available in various regions of the world. Join us at 2pm EDT on August 18.
  • Harnessing your energy & sustainability data to save money & reduce consumption Recorded: Jun 22 2015 60 mins
    Alisdair McDougall from Verdantix & John Hoekstra, Jessica Kipper & Jeff Floyd from Schneider Electric
    Join Verdantix and Schneider Electric at 11AM EDT, 4PM BST on Monday, June 22nd, as we discuss strategies to solve enterprise energy and sustainability data management challenges.

    Webinar Overview

    Alisdair McDougall from Verdantix will discuss his research on energy and sustainability business issues and market opportunities:

    - Why Big Energy Data is useless without actionable game plans
    - Why 9 out of 10 sustainability leaders admit their firms need to improve energy performance
    - Why data management should be item #1 on energy and sustainability agendas
    - How many sustainability leaders intend to report on supply chain sustainability performance in 2015

    Schneider Electric will present:

    - Benefits of integrating energy and sustainability data
    - Best practices in acquiring disparate data streams
    - Making decisions and driving action through an enterprise energy and sustainability solution
  • Aun con los mercados energéticos a la baja, se puede maximizar los ahorros Recorded: May 27 2015 58 mins
    Alejandro Tello, Schneider Electric
    Ahora tiene una buena oportunidad de lograr ahorros significativos debido al entorno de bajos precios actual en los mercados energéticos. Pero, los proveedores de energía deben equilibrar las necesidades de los clientes con su propia necesidad de impulsar los ingresos y maximizar ganancias. A veces, este proceso se desequilibra. En mercados liberalizados, una competencia intensa puede conducir a ventas y actividades de marketing agresivas que pueden interferir con la capacidad de una empresa para tomar decisiones de compra informadas y conducir realmente a mayores costos.

    Únase a nosotros para conocer el estado actual del mercado y las opciones destacadas disponibles para usted con el fin de poder elegir la estrategia de compra más adecuada para su negocio
  • Energy Markets have fallen but beware of cost savings Recorded: May 6 2015 40 mins
    Neil Marshall, Schneider Electric
    Right now you have a good chance to achieve significant savings due to the current low price environment in the energy markets. But, energy suppliers must balance meeting customer needs with their own need to drive revenue and maximise profit. Sometimes, that process becomes unbalanced. In deregulated areas of the country markets, intense competition can lead to aggressive sales and marketing activities which can interfere with a company’s ability to make truly informed buying decisions and lead to higher costs.

    Join us as we investigate the current state of the market and outline options available to you in order to choose the right buying strategy for your business.
  • Beware of Energy Savings Masterclass Recorded: Apr 14 2015 53 mins
    Tom Muddell, Jeremy Warner and Mellany Zanetti
    Right now you have a good chance to achieve significant savings due to the current low price environment in the energy markets. But, there is a danger for energy buyers even when the price seems low. In these conditions, offers of savings are flying around, people are locking prices and energy suppliers are putting lower price offers in customers' hands. It's very easy to be content delivering any savings story to your leadership, but many buyers are still leaving money on the table.

    Join our energy experts for a deep dive into buying strategies that every energy buyer should employ and hear tips for navigating the markets in a low energy market. A live Q&A session will follow the discussion.

    Your presenters each have 15+ years of energy buying experience and are excited to share with you the signs to look for as you negotiate with energy suppliers.

    Tom Muddell, Host and Emcee
    Energy Sourcing Manager
    West Region, USA

    Jeremy Warner
    Regional Market Manager
    Electric Power

    Mellany Zanetti
    Regional Market Manager
    Natural Gas
  • Como cumplir con la Directiva Europea para la Eficiencia Energética Recorded: Mar 11 2015 61 mins
    Joaquim Daura, Schneider Electric
    La Unión Europea definió un objetivo ambicioso para mejorar la Eficiencia Energética de un 20% en 2020.
    La nueva Directiva para la Eficiencia Energética (DEE) ofrece algunas de las mejores prácticas sobre la manera de identificar las iniciativas con mayor potencial para mejorar la eficiencia, como priorizar las inversiones en proyectos de EE, y cómo garantizar que se accede a potenciales incentivos. Las medidas clave incluyen la realización de auditorías energéticas, el diseño de un sistema de monitorización de datos, la instalación de contadores inteligentes, el buen uso de los conocimientos especializados del sector, y mantenerse en la cima de la legislación nacional.

    ¿Qué significa para su negocio? Atienda a nuestro webinar EED – ISO50001, dónde vamos a explicar qué oportunidades están disponibles a través de la Directiva para la eficiencia energética, y también el papel de la ISO 50001.

    16.00 Directiva para la Eficiencia Energética –
    Juan Alberto Pizarro, Responsable de Estandarización y innovación, Schneider Electric

    16.15 ISO50001 – Principios, objetivos, requisitos y beneficios
    Juan Manuel Sánchez, Director de Eficiencia Energética, AENOR

    16.35 Caso de éxito de La Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid
    Javier Dufour, Profesor Titular – Responsable de Energía, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

    16.55 Rueda de preguntas
  • Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme 'ESOS' - What have we learned so far?” Recorded: Feb 25 2015 31 mins
    Kevin Melville, Schneider Electric
    ESOS is a UK mechanism for meeting the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and is a mandatory energy assessment scheme for organisations in the UK that meet the qualification criteria.

    2015 is the year of ESOS. Organisations must comply with these important new regulations or risk fines for non-compliance. Make sure your organisation is ready.

    Reserve your seat at our virtual workshop where we'll share lessons learned, including best practice and answer our most popular FAQs.


    - The “EED”– European Energy Efficiency Directive
    - ESOS – Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme
    - “Saw it, Read it, Understand it?” – What have we learned so far?
    - Questions & Answers
  • Fascinating Facets of Global Energy Markets Recorded: Dec 4 2014 45 mins
    Matt Smith & Shelby Jett
    As companies look to expand and optimize their operations around the world, up-to-the-minute information about developed and emerging energy markets is critical to their success.

    Join Matt Smith and Shelby Jett for this 30-minute tour around the world where they will highlight what you need to know in key energy markets.

    During registration, you'll also have the opportunity to submit countries you'd like to learn more about. We'll compile the results and include a few of the most popular submissions in the webinar.
  • Webinaire ISO 50001 : quels facteurs-clés de succès ? Recorded: Dec 4 2014 63 mins
    Luc De-Cremoux
    Depuis le 4 juillet 2014, plus de 10.000 entreprises en France de +250 personnes ou +50 M€ de chiffre d’affaires - 80 000 en Europe - sont impactées par la Directive européenne sur l’Efficacité Energétique transposée dans la Loi DDADUE en France. Elle organise une action majeure d'amélioration de la performance énergétique sur la base d'audits énergétiques ou la mise en place d'un système de management de l'énergie ISO 50001. Pour Schneider Electric, l'ISO 50001 est LA réponse à la maîtrise des coûts énergétiques, mobilisant tous les acteurs de l'entreprise et bénéficiant d'un engagement fort de sa Direction. Avec la certification ISO 50001 - et cela quel que soit votre domaine d’activité tertiaire ou industriel - vous disposez d’un exceptionnel levier d'amélioration de votre compétitivité.

    Ce webinaire, dédié aux entreprises françaises - SA, SARL, EPIC, GIE etc. - éligibles à la loi DDADUE, vous présentera les dernières évolutions de cette réglementation, l’approche méthodologique de la norme ISO 50001, ainsi que les facteurs-clés de réussite d'une certification ISO 50001.
  • European Energy Efficiency Directive - Masterclass Recorded: Nov 26 2014 53 mins
    Alex Richards, Business Manager, Schneider Electric
    The European Union has set an ambitious goal of improving energy efficiency by 20% by 2020. The new Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) offers some best practices on how to identify initiatives with the greatest potential to improve efficiency, how to prioritise efficiency investment and how to ensure available incentives are accessed. Key measures include conducting energy audits, designing a data monitoring system, installing smart meters, utilising industry expertise and staying on top of national legislation.

    So what does it mean to your business? Listen to our 50 minute Masterclass where we will outline what opportunities are available through the Energy Efficiency Directive including the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and ISO50001.

    10.00 Global Trends – Energy Management & Sustainability
    Alex Richards, Business Manager, Schneider Electric

    10.10 European Energy Efficiency Directive – What does it mean?
    Snezhina Mileva, Head of Solution Services (EMEA),Schneider Electric

    10.30 ISO50001 & Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme
    Maureen Bray, Head of UK Compliance, Schneider Electric

    10.50 Questions & Answers
  • Webinaire Schneider Electric « Efficacité énergétique & Real Estate » Recorded: Oct 17 2014 62 mins
    Luc De-Cremoux
    La gestion de l’énergie est un enjeu croissant pour le secteur immobilier, dont les acteurs ont entamé une transition remarquée dans la voie du développement durable. Pour satisfaire leurs grands locataires et préserver la valeur de leurs actifs, ils se sont, ces dernières années, lancés dans des démarches de certifications de leurs bâtiments et de suivi de leurs consommations.

    Cependant, alors que les contraintes réglementaires et les exigences des preneurs en matière de performance verte s’accélèrent, suivre les tendances ou tenter des expérimentations isolées ne garantit plus la pérennité de son parc. La définition d’une stratégie verte globale et le déploiement de services énergétiques innovants deviennent des impératifs métier.

    Ce webinaire, dédié aux acteurs du monde de l’immobilier, vous apportera, dans le cadre d’un programme global de gestion de l’énergie et de performance durable, nos réponses aux questions suivantes :

    - Quelles sont les composantes d’une stratégie verte équilibrée pour les 5 années à venir, via une double approche parc et actif ?
    - Quels nouveaux outils permettent de collecter les données RSE de son parc et d’en faire un levier pour se différencier de la concurrence ?
    - Quelle approche rationnelle permet de préparer sereinement la rénovation de ses actifs ?
  • Smart Load Management - Maximising Profits by Optimising Your Assets Recorded: Jul 22 2014 56 mins
    Barry Hurst
    Would you like to save up to 5% of your annual energy budget? All for no up-front investment?

    Many organisations are aware of Triad charges but often are unable to avoid them. Sites which could negate charges, often have challenges with existing resilience, lack of control and aging infrastructure.

    Find out all you need to know about Triad charges, the impact on your business and how, with no up-front investment, you can save up to 5% of your annual energy budget, during this one hour webinar.


    Global Trends - Energy Management & Sustainability
    Barry Hurst, Sales Management, Schneider Electric

    The Energy Challenge - what can we do?
    Stuart Donnelly, Head of Solution Services, EMEA, Schneider Electric

    Innovation in Smart Load Management
    Alex Richards, Business Development Manager, Schneider Electric
Energy Procurement, Sustainability, Management and Performance
Schneider Electric is the global specialist in energy management and automation. With revenues of €25 billion in FY2014, our 170,000 employees serve customers in over 100 countries, helping them to manage their energy and process in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable. From the simplest of switches to complex operational systems, our technology, software and services improve the way our customers manage and automate their operations. Our connected technologies will reshape industries, transform cities and enrich lives.

At Schneider Electric, we call this Life Is On.

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  • Title: The Renewable Revolution Is Here
  • Live at: Aug 18 2015 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Rex Zhang, Sustainability Associate and David Hughes, Sustainability Manager
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