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"Energy Challenges - For Europe And The UK`" - Free Webinar

Recorded May 25 2012 59 mins
Presented by
Sumit Bose, Energy Live News; Paul Fitzgerald, Heinz; Chris Wood, Ineos; Mark Dickinson, M&C Energy Group
Presentation preview: "Energy Challenges - For Europe And The UK`" - Free Webinar
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  • Exemplaire ? Durable ? "Green" ?
    En parallèle de la Conférence de Paris sur le Climat (ou "COP21"), organisée à Paris du 30 novembre au 11 décembre prochain, découvrez comment intégrer ces enjeux dans votre stratégie d'entreprise.

    Ce webinaire, proposé par Schneider Electric, vous présentera, au travers d'exemples concrets, les différents leviers d'action pour améliorer votre performance et engager vos collaborateurs dans votre programme d'action:

    - Quelles sont aujourd'hui les meilleures pratiques mises en place ?
    - Quel retour d'expérience d'une grande entreprise ayant intégré cette exemplarité environnementale dans sa chaîne logistique ?

    14h-14h05 : Introduction
    14h05-14h15 : « L’entreprise au cœur des enjeux durables : comment et pourquoi s’engager dans une démarche de développement durable ? »
    14h15-14h25 : « Sensibiliser et monter en compétence pour garantir une performance durable : retour d’expérience du Ministère de la Défense »
    14h25-14h35 : « Initier grâce aux économies d'énergie un plan de compensation de son empreinte carbone dans sa chaîne de valeur, via la plantation d'arbres : Accor montre la voie »
    14h35-14h50 : « Une chaîne logistique « green » ? L’exemple de l’industriel Schneider Electric »
    14h50-15h : Questions/réponses
  • The Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) will come in to force from 2018, but property firms must start taking action now to meet them in time. By April 2018 all rented properties in the non-domestic sector with an F & G rated building will need to be improved to be rented out - and from April 2023 all existing commercial lettings will also need to be improved.

    Are the rules for D & E rated properties going to change? What can businesses do now to get ready? What is the value opportunity for agents and tenants?

    Join energy property experts Inenco Group for a webinar on how the changes brought about through MEPS will enable energy efficiency and cost savings to be achieved.

    Amongst other things, you’ll gain:

    An improved understanding of MEPS and an update on the current rules

    Expert Advice on what you should be doing today in order to be ready for MEPS

    An understanding on how to turn a legislation into a cost reduction

    Tips on using MEPS to increase the property's appeal by reducing energy costs
  • Did you know retailers who leverage the full power of big data could increase their operating margins by as much as 60%!

    Join our experts, Louise Wallis and Christopher White, as they discuss the energy big data challenges and uncover how you can achieve consumption and cost reduction through data analysis and right actions.

    Why join us?
    - Taking action can save money and increase efficiency
    - Share practical tips on how to prioritise projects you know you want to do
    - Bring clarity to energy data complexity
    - Share best practices
  • Coal contracts can be typically split into two broad categories, spot contracts (single shipments) and term contracts (multiple shipments). Term contracts can span any period, but in China in 2014, the National Development and Reform Commission announced a desire for coal buyers to negotiate long-term contracts with suppliers. Security of supply of fuel and limiting exposure to shorter-term volatility in prices and fuel supplies are clearly a strategic aim of some Asian economies. Such approaches to coal procurement is used across the world to varying degrees depending on the particular circumstances of the power generators and the markets in which they operate. This webinar provides an overview of a recent publication by the IEA CCC regarding coal procurement and contractual needs, and describes some of the aspects associated with the long-term nature of some coal contracts. It provides an introduction to some of the fundamentals of coal contracts and buying to those unfamiliar with fuel procurement, as well as a review of some regions which have been active in long term coal procurement in recent years.
  • It is no secret that the Modular Data Center Market is witnessing extremely high growth rates. This webinar will explore the market trends and growth opportunities in different regions, vertical application sectors, and application types. We will provide a realistic picture of the current market size and conditions, and include market insights from our guest speaker, Ted Reddicliffe, chairman, Cannon Technologies.
  • The latest government consultation on energy efficiency taxes is now open: Treasury, BIS (Department for Business Innovation & Skills) and DECC (Department of Energy & Climate Change) are working together to consult on and review the existing energy efficiency tax framework, which could streamline taxes and reduce the administrative burden on businesses.

    The government plans – ‘Reforming the business energy efficiency tax landscape’ – is aiming to simplify energy tax and reporting schemes, and improve the effectiveness of policy in realising cost-effective energy and carbon savings. The proposals on the table are:

    Scrapping the CRC and creating one CCL-type consumption tax for businesses

    Creating one single reporting framework, bringing together elements of the different schemes that businesses currently comply with into one ESOS-style scheme

    Potentially introducing new financial incentives to encourage businesses to invest in energy efficiency measures

    Between now and November 9th businesses are being invited to share their views and opinions on proposed changes to the business energy efficiency tax landscape to help shape its reform.

    What do the changes mean for businesses? Who will be the winners and the losers? How can businesses get involved?

    Join BIS and energy experts Inenco Group for a webinar on the changes proposed, the impact on business and why you should get involved.

    Amongst other things, you’ll gain:

    An improved understanding of the review

    An understanding on how the changes proposed will impact your business

    Advice on how to get involved
  • A recent IDC report indicates that only 25% of organizations have repeatable strategies for cloud adoption - 32% lack any Cloud strategy whatsoever. The ECMM's intention is to address this market need through a best practice based repeatable framework for planning cloud adoption that drives business transformation maturity.

    By synthesizing together a wide range of industry best practice documents, the ECMM describes how the core building blocks of Cloud services can be identified and assembled to support a strategic business model expansion enabled by new technology innovation
  • The organisers of ADIPEC and World Heavy Oil Congress (WHOC) in partnership with the NATIONAL OIL AND GAS AUTHORITY (NOGA) bring to you MEHOC 2015 that offers an unparalleled opportunity to hear the latest trends, commercial issues and technologies through strategic and technical sessions focusing on the upstream (exploration and production) and downstream (processing and conversion) sectors.
  • Join Mark Rittmayer, Cloud and Data Center Expert, as he explores the integrated Data Centers of the future.

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  • Title: "Energy Challenges - For Europe And The UK`" - Free Webinar
  • Live at: May 25 2012 12:00 pm
  • Presented by: Sumit Bose, Energy Live News; Paul Fitzgerald, Heinz; Chris Wood, Ineos; Mark Dickinson, M&C Energy Group
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