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The tools for efficient Digital Media Marketing

The tools for efficient Digital Media Marketing
Recorded Feb 19 2009 48 mins
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Presented by
Vidya Nath, Senior Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan
Presentation preview: The tools for efficient Digital Media Marketing

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  • Exploiting Opportunities in B2B Social Media Recorded: Apr 12 2012 45 mins
    Jake Wengroff, Global Director, Social Media Strategy and Research, Frost
    Companies in the B2B and professional services space have finally harnessed social media, but many are confused as to strategy, execution, and metrics. Join Jake Wengroff, global director of social media strategy and research for Frost
  • Mastering B2B Social Media Recorded: Apr 12 2012 48 mins
    Kipp Bodnar, Inbound Marketing, Hubspot
    Social Media has received a tremendous amount of media coverage over the past few years, but the business-to-business (B2B) approach is usually left out. Consumer sales are frequently smaller, easier and sexier, but with larger budgets. It is time for B2B marketers to learn that social media is a better fit for their type of relationship-based sales, and applying this framework to their campaigns will accelerate their marketing careers.

    Lead Generation isn’t a dirty word. Social Media isn’t about hugging customers. These two seemingly at odds forces, when combined, offer the fuel needed to launch a marketer’s career to superstardom. Using never-before published methodologies and frameworks, this webinar will empower marketers to be a key driver of business growth and success. It exists to transform the often under appreciated marketer into a superstar to be admired by C-level executives and lauded by the sales team.
  • The Future of Sales & Marketing Recorded: Mar 15 2012 27 mins
    Noel Anderson, VP Growth Partnership Services, Frost & Sullivan
    Join us as we explore key sales and marketing issues with insights from B2B sales and marketing opinion leaders regarding their solutions for overcoming them.
    Highlights of the webinar include:
    •What makes a strong sales person? What makes a great marketer? Is there a future for sales and marketing integration?
    •Access to our unpublished '2012 marketing priorities survey' findings in which over 500 senior marketing executives shared their thoughts
    •Hear a best practice case study: how a forward thinking organization already addressed the number 1 challenge identified in the survey and, as a result, grew sales and EBITA
    •Uncover mega trends and convergence factors that will shape tomorrow's business environment
  • Attaining Marketing Nirvana Through Content Management Recorded: Mar 14 2012 23 mins
    Loren Johnson, Frost and Sullivan
    We live in an era of ubiquitous networks and with the digitization of
    enterprise workflows, just like in the consumer market, knowledge workers
    constantly require all their content seamlessly across multiple devices,
    any time, any where and on demand. Marketing organizations now have the
    ability to cast a wider net and reach out and target those many more people
    across multiple platforms. In such a scenario the ability to manage, track,
    repurpose and deliver marketing content across multiple channels through a
    seamless platform is a "must-have" for any marketing organization to be
    successful. Through this webinar attendees will be able to:

    •Understand the needs and requirements of marketing professionals
    •Learn the value proposition of a seamless enterprise content ecosystem and as it specifically pertains to marketing
    •Investigate the Return on Investment and efficiencies gained through
    •investing in technology that help overcome challenges
  • ‘Like’ing Revenue: Tracking the All-Elusive ROI of Social Media Recorded: Feb 9 2012 45 mins
    Jake Wengroff, Global Director, Social Media Strategy and Research, Frost & Sullivan
    Now that most organizations have joined social networks, many are now
    trying to figure out how to link efforts to revenue. With the time needed
    to create and distribute content, efforts to draft policies and train
    staffers, and considerations for spending on advertising and other premium
    services and solutions, businesses are interested now more than ever on the
    ROI of social media marketing and client service strategies. Attend this
    webinar to learn how to quantify the value of your social media presence,
    review various metrics and listening tools (both free and paid), and map
    social media efforts to sales and revenue.

    - Free metrics from the social networks themselves
    - Premium metrics from third-party vendors
    - Should you advertise? A discussion of the merits of paid advertising or
    premium membership
    - CRM and how to integrate social media analytics with existing systems
  • Social Media in Regulated Industries Recorded: Mar 17 2011 45 mins
    Chad Bockius, Socialware; Paul Dixey, Bluelight Partners, Steve Selby, LIMRA International, Jake Wengroff, Frost & Sullivan
    To make social media work in a regulated industry like finance and healthcare is a challenge many are facing. Hear from Chad Bockius of Socialware as he moderates a panel featuring leading experts from finance and healthcare, sharing how they’ve leveraged social media in their role, challenges they’ve faced and the key to using social media successfully.
  • How Relevant is Email in Today's Digital Marketing Landscape? Recorded: Apr 14 2010 49 mins
    Stephanie Miller, Return Path; Andrew Kordek, Groupon, Inc; Naylor Gray, Frost & Sullivan; Val-Pierre Genton, BrightTALK
    Stephanie Miller, VP Marketing Development, Return Path & Vice Chair of Email Experience Council
    Andrew Kordek, Manager of Optimization, Groupon, Inc
    Naylor Gray, Marketing Director, Frost & Sullivan
    Moderator: Val-Pierre Genton, BrightTALK
  • The CEO Is Your Friend: The C-Suite and Social Media in 2010 Recorded: Mar 10 2010 44 mins
    Jake Wengroff; Global Director of Corporate Communications, Frost & Sullivan
    From problem child to child prodigy, social media will clearly be the most watched, discussed and measured portion of the marketing and communications mix in 2010. As the medium matures and begins to be integrated with other corporate efforts, several trends are sure to evolve and surface, most notably that senior management is expected to take a more hands-on role, and that measurement tools will be taken much more seriously. Social media for the most part costs nothing, but since it requires a large commitment of time, companies will seek to measure the ROI of that time and whether it truly makes a difference to the brand and the bottom line.
  • Marketing & PR Convergence: Using PR To Drive S.E.M. Recorded: Feb 24 2010 41 mins
    Naylor Gray; Director, Global Marketing, Frost & Sullivan
    Over the last few years the Marketing and PR teams have begun to converge and ground zero is the web. Media mentions no longer represent simply gaining exposure, it can and should be part of your search engine marketing strategy. How you format press releases, communicate hyperlinks, which media publications you seek placement in and how you capture this on your own website are all part of the marketing/pr mix for the smart organization today.
  • Managing Content to Avoid Information Overload Recorded: Jan 20 2010 30 mins
    Jake Wengroff; Global Director, Frost & Sullivan
    The content headache arises when an organizations possesses too much (or too little content). These conditions occur when the content has not been mapped into the sales process. A formal audit of available or required content to complete a selling cycle will reveal where your gaps or overflow exist. By auditing your content and matching it to the sales process you can ensure that you have neither too much nor too little content. Finally, your content should appeal to your audience and we have some basic tips to avoid producing content that fails to move your audience.
  • Do analysts still matter? Recorded: Nov 17 2009 55 mins
    Chris Ross, Burton Group; Naylor Gray, Frost & Sullivan; Michelle Accardi, CA
    Chris Ross, VP Marketing, Burton Group; Naylor Gray, Director Global Marketing, Frost & Sullivan; Michelle Accardi, VP Marketing, CA; moderated by Val Pierre Genton, BrightTALK

    In a world of community empowerment, media is fighting for survival as its editorial voice struggles to compete with the web's peer-to-peer conversations. Are analysts bound for a similar destiny?

    Are these very communities the future of research, market intelligence and vendor reviews? Picture sophisticated social networks of highly targeted professionals - connected by powerful Web 2.0 tools and platforms - who not only generate content but also share the insights and conduct the research which analysts have become synonymous with. Will analysts be able to compete with the immediacy and fluency of these peer-to-peer conversations?

    This round table discussion will aim to answer these questions and look at the future role of analysts in this new landscape.
  • The tools for efficient Digital Media Marketing Recorded: Feb 19 2009 48 mins
    Vidya Nath, Senior Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan
    The tools for efficient Digital Media Marketing
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Marketing experts share tips and best practices for achieving success with email, social media, demand generation, mobile marketing and other trending topics. You will walk away from the live and on demand webcasts with practical advice for your strategic and tactical marketing initiatives to achieve your business goals.

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  • Title: The tools for efficient Digital Media Marketing
  • Live at: Feb 19 2009 2:00 pm
  • Presented by: Vidya Nath, Senior Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan
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