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Avoid Surprising Litigation Discoveries–Leveraging Tech for Complex Litigation

Complex Litigation management is no easy task and managing the growing amounts of data from different teams can seem impossible. Does your case management tool help you manage multiple cases in one dashboard? Are you able to visualize all of your data at once and create clear and persuasive charts and graphs to tell your story? Are you able to keep your law firms from duplicating efforts?

Register for this webinar to learn how you can leverage the latest technology to link case profiles, contacts, calendar items, transcripts, exhibits, pleadings and other litigation materials together for one-click access. The panel of experts will share strategies for simplifying complex litigation management and multi-case data in one central repository to reduce time, effort and cost for all legal teams involved.
Recorded Aug 7 2018 61 mins
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Presentation preview: Avoid Surprising Litigation Discoveries–Leveraging Tech for Complex Litigation
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  • Remote E-Discovery in 2020 Jul 14 2020 5:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    John Martin (Partner, Nelson Mullins Encompass), Travis Bustamante (Partner, Nelson Mullins Encompass), Mallory Acheson
    The COVID pandemic has affected all aspects of our lives, both at home and at work, and this is true for e-discovery as well. This session will present different e-discovery challenges facing companies with remote work in 2020, including issues relating to rapid deployment, information governance, preservation, collection, and security, and provide suggestions for how attorneys and clients can navigate these e-discovery issues during these uncertain times.

    Speakers: John Martin (Partner, Nelson Mullins Encompass), Travis Bustamante (Partner, Nelson Mullins Encompass), Mallory Acheson (Head of Analytics, Nelson Mullins Encompass)
  • “Exploring Electronic Information in Criminal Investigations Part 3/3 Jun 30 2020 5:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Hon. Ron Hedges (ret.), Hon. James Francis IV (ret.), George Socha (moderator)
    “Exploring Electronic Information in Criminal Investigations: Constitutional and “Practical” Concerns”

    A Three part series presented by experts Hon. Ron Hedges (ret.), Senior Counsel, Dentons and Hon. James Francis IV (ret.), Arbitrator, Mediator at JAMS and moderated by George Socha, Managing Director, BDO.

    Electronic information is all-pervasive. Inevitably, that information will be a feature of the investigation, prosecution, and defense of those accused of crimes. This three-part webinar will explore the constitutional and practical aspects of electronic information in the criminal context. Part One will examine the applicability of the Fourth Amendment. Part Two will look to circumstances under which the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination may be invoked when individuals are asked to unlock or decrypt devices such as cell phones. Part Three will consider “cooperation” between prosecution and defense as well as admissibility.

    Sponsored by BDO

    Hon. Ron Hedges (ret.), Hon. James Francis IV (ret.), George Socha (moderator)
    Presenter :Hon. Ron Hedges (ret.), Hon. James Francis IV (ret.), George Socha (moderator)
    Duration :60 min
  • From Remote Collections to ReviewRight: eDiscovery in our New Remote World Jun 17 2020 4:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Mike Sarlo, John Wilson, Vazantha Meyers, and Seth Schechtman
    Advances in remote eDiscovery technologies coupled with developments that are restricting the ability of organizations to support traditional onsite eDiscovery operations are accelerating the need for remote collections and remote legal document reviews. However, not all remote offerings are equal, and knowing how to evaluate and compare different offerings may mean the difference between positive outcomes and unacceptable results.

    In this presentation, industry eDiscovery authorities will share remote eDiscovery insight and demonstrate how HaystackID's remote offerings may benefit eDiscovery professionals as they consider eDiscovery in our new remote world.

    Webcast Highlights

    + Defining Remote eDiscovery: Definitions, Differences, and Decisions
    + Considering Remote Collections: Targets, Tasks, and Technologies
    + Reviewing Remotely: From Reviewer Selection to Secure Technologies
    + Remote eDiscovery Best Practices: Practical Considerations and Recommendations

    Presenting Experts

    + Michael Sarlo, EnCE, CBE, CCLO, RCA, CCPA - Michael is a Partner and Senior EVP of eDiscovery and Digital Forensics for HaystackID.

    + John Wilson, ACE, AME, CBE - As CISO and President of Forensics at HaystackID, John is a certified forensic examiner, licensed private investigator, and IT veteran with more than two decades of experience.

    + Vazantha Meyers, Esq. - As Vice President of Discovery Services for HaystackID, Vazantha has extensive experience in advising and helping customers achieve their legal document review objectives.

    + Seth Curt Schechtman, Esq. - As Senior Managing Director of Review Services for HaystackID, Seth has 15 years of industry and 13 years of big law experience focused on legal review.
  • Internal Investigations Playbook Jun 16 2020 5:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Speaker: Michelle Ruch, Product Manager, ZDiscovery Zapproved
    There has been a great disturbance to the force. No, we aren’t quoting Star Wars, but we are talking about a shift to larger remote workforces stemming from Covid-19 considerations. As the line between work and home blurs, corporate legal teams may see a downturn in certain types of workplace-related matters, but we can all expect a new category of Covid-19 claims. The exact nature of those claims is still unfolding - and for now, legal teams are doing their best to plan for the unknowns coming down the pipeline.

    The sea of uncertainties can feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be, because one thing remains certain: while the types of internal investigations may shift over the next several months, the process to defensibly manage an investigation remains the same.

    This webcast will feature Zapproved’s Internal Investigations Playbook, including actionable steps and best practices. Join us on June 16th to learn more about:

    •First steps
    •The role of technology
    •Tools for reviewing documents
    •Reporting the results

    Michelle Ruch, Product Manager, ZDiscovery

    Michelle Ruch is part of the Product Management team at Zapproved. Her last five years at Zapproved have sparked a passion for technology and ediscovery; she works with key stakeholders to define value driving workflows for applications that fit enterprise requirements.
  • The Steps Towards Effective and Reliable Language Services for Global Litigation Jun 10 2020 3:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Virginia Weeks, Wolf Greenfield, Brandon Carney, Divergent LS and Mary Mack, EDRM
    Unsure of how to choose your Language Service Provider (LSP) and what solutions are available? Join Mary Mack, CEO and Chief Legal Technologist at EDRM as she discusses with Virginia Weeks, IP Litigation Paralegal Manager, Wolf Greenfield and Brandon Carney, CEO of Divergent Language Solutions what the process should be in selecting an LSP.

    Virginia and Brandon will share how to evaluate your LSP, the language solutions they can provide, and how and when to engage for maximum efficiency on your multilingual litigation matter.
  • Remote eDiscovery – Anytime, Anywhere Jun 3 2020 5:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Virginia Addison, Solutions Architect for Ricoh eDiscovery
    With the sudden but important transition to remote work, many eDiscovery professionals are struggling to find their footing in a way that will set them up for long-term success. They need secure access and the ability to control their workflows.

    Enter Ricoh eDiscovery On Demand – a proprietary solution hosted in Ricoh’s industry leading cloud environment with 24/7 availability and access. In this webinar, we’ll walk through a few real-life remote work scenarios, and how eDiscovery On Demand can help.

    Virginia Addison, Solutions Architect for Ricoh eDiscovery
  • Musings with Marc & Mary: Reopening America a New Era of Legal Practice May 28 2020 6:00 pm UTC 27 mins
    Marc Zamsky, COO, Compliance Discovery Solutions and Mary Mack, CEO, Chief Legal Technologist, EDRM
    “Reopening America: Is a New Era of Legal Practice Upon Us?”

    Marc and Mary muse over the gradual reopening of America and what this means for law firms and businesses around the country. Starting from a bird’s eye view, Marc anticipates fundamental shifts in how law firms and corporations are preparing for the new normal, expected trends for certain areas of practice, the future of legal education, and more!
  • Re-Assessing Your E-Discovery Process to Optimize Efficiency, Reduce Costs May 27 2020 3:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Mary Mack, Brett Tarr, Michael Hamilton, Elizabeth Erickson
    Due to COVID-19, there is a likely rise in litigation and a pending economic recession. In short, legal departments may be expected to do more with less, making it more important than ever for e-discovery leaders to re-evaluate e-discovery processes and identify opportunities for efficiency.
    With over 600 submissions in Exterro and EDRM's E-Discovery Maturity Process Quiz, we are excited to share key trends and insights around the e-discovery maturity of organizations in a variety of industries and sizes.
    Register for this upcoming webcast to improve your own e-discovery process during these uncertain times, including...
    • Learn which e-discovery phases in-house teams are most and least mature in
    • How organizations of different sizes and in different industries compare to each other
    • Best practices for improving your legal department's e-discovery maturity and creating efficiencies

    May Mack

    Brett Tarr - https://www.linkedin.com/in/bretttarr/

    Elizabeth Erickson - https://www.linkedin.com/in/eerickson1/

    Mike Hamilton - https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikejaekaplanhamilton/
  • Remote Review: Maintaining Scalability and Business Impact Recorded: May 14 2020 38 mins
    Cody Gavalier and Tamara Barnes of UnitedLex
    Corporate legal departments and law firms must maintain business continuity during these uncertain times as they respond to litigation and internal investigations in a cost-effective manner. With a recently transitioned shelter-in-place workforce, this webinar explores how to assemble scalable document review teams that perform quality work, provide visibility to counsel, identify cost-savings opportunities, and drive outcome-based solutions during the review process.
    oCody Gavalier, Site Director – Global Litigation Services, UnitedLex, cody.gavalier@unitedlex.com
    oTamara Barnes, Site Director – Global Litigation Services, UnitedLex, tamara.barnes@unitedlex.com
    Sponsored by EDRM partner UnitedLex
  • Bringing the Fun Back to E-Discovery Recorded: May 13 2020 31 mins
    Shawn Gaines, VP of Marketing, Relativity and Mary Mack, CEO, EDRM
    E-Discovery (and discovery for that matter) is a very complex facet of the legal world and fairly unknown to many non-legal minds. For nearly a decade, Shawn Gaines, VP Marketing at Relativity, has worked with his team to distill e-discovery into a digestible topic across the legal industry and beyond, and talk about the complex software that untangles heaps of data used by litigation professionals and lawyers around the world. The e-discovery community is a very tightknit group of industry leaders and professionals, and if you’re a part of the Relativity community, that sense of a closeness is only amplified. Throughout his time at Relativity, Shawn has learned the ins and out of how to best utilize the closeness among the e-discovery universe to empower his team to channel their creative energy to make our community even stronger and simply make e-discovery fun for all of us.
  • Remote Working Capabilities for Mobile, Computer and Cloud Collections Recorded: May 7 2020 32 mins
    Shahaf Rozanski, Cellebrite; Ashley Hernandez, Black Bag; Eric Olson, Cellebrite
    In today’s COVID-19 environment, businesses’ are putting their employee’s health and safety first and asking them to work from home and reduce or eliminate travel. This has prompted companies to implement remote technologies to maintain business continuity.

    If you are considering remote capabilities for your mobile, computer or cloud collections, processing and analysis, Cellebrite can help.

    Join this webinar and learn how you can:

    -Save time and travel costs by allowing you to collect mobile, computer and cloud data remotely.
    -Access your forensics lab or desktop to continue to perform data analysis from home.
    -Available distance learning courses to keep your teams up to date on the latest technology enhancements.

    Speakers will include:
    Shahaf Rozanski, VP of Products, Cellebrite
    Ashley Hernandez, Director of Product, Black Bag
    Eric Olson, Solutions Engineer, Cellebrite
  • Musings with Marc & Mary: Reopening America a New Era of Legal Practice Recorded: May 6 2020 28 mins
    Marc Zamsky, COO, Compliance Discovery Solutions and Mary Mack, CEO, Chief Legal Technologist, EDRM
    “Reopening America: Is a New Era of Legal Practice Upon Us?”

    Marc and Mary muse over the gradual reopening of America and what this means for law firms and businesses around the country. Starting from a bird’s eye view, Marc anticipates fundamental shifts in how law firms and corporations are preparing for the new normal, expected trends for certain areas of practice, the future of legal education, and more!
  • Musings with Marc & Mary: What’s Hot in Remote Service Offerings Recorded: Apr 30 2020 27 mins
    Marc Zamsky, COO, Compliance Discovery Solutions and Mary Mack, CEO, Chief Legal Technologist, EDRM
    Marc & Mary muse about what’s needed in today’s COVID-19 remote work challenged times. Marc shares what his organization has done to ensure they are remote-ready and what kind of support have clients been requesting, most frequent, most unusual, easiest one to comply with and most difficult.
  • The Practical Role of AI in E-Discovery Recorded: Apr 30 2020 41 mins
    Kousik Chandrasekharan (https://www.linkedin.com/in/kousikchandrasekharan/) Head Data Scientist
    Beyond the more provocative theoretical discussions (robots replacing legal professionals), artificial intelligence, AI, is playing a pivotal role in everyday life for some e-discovery professionals. AI is helping legal teams with the right technology know more about their cases sooner leading to better strategic decisions and thus minimized legal spend.

    In this webcast, learn from Exterro's top data scientist on how AI is empowering e-discovery professionals to make smarter decisions, including:
    •The three primary roles of AI: (1) as Curator, (2) as Advisor and (3) as Orchestrator
    •How AI in e-discovery technologies applies across the legal department from litigation, internal investigations and data privacy matters
    •The new simple, practical ways AI can make your e-discovery life easier

    Kousik Chandrasekharan (https://www.linkedin.com/in/kousikchandrasekharan/)
    Head Data Scientist
  • Remote Collections: Enabling Business Continuity and Stability Recorded: Apr 29 2020 61 mins
    Ryan Frye – Director, Collection & Forensic Solutions, UnitedLex
    Corporate legal departments in every industry, of all sizes, are struggling to maintain business continuity and productivity for many of their core functions requiring legal teams to quickly adapt amidst the uncertainty of the coming weeks. With a recently transitioned work-from-home workforce with less access to corporate infrastructure, legal departments must quickly move to remote data collection for their litigation needs. This session will cover UnitedLex’s proprietary technology and defensible processes that enable remote collection of data, including challenging sources such as mobile devices, non-custodial data and O365.
    Presented by Ryan Frye – Director, Collection & Forensic Solutions, UnitedLex
    Sponsored by EDRM partner UnitedLex
  • Mary Mack & Craig Ball Interview eDiscovery Today blog editor Doug Austin Recorded: Apr 21 2020 35 mins
    Craig Ball, Mary Mack and Doug Austin
    Craig Ball, Craig D Ball, PC and Mary Mack, CEO, EDRM interview Doug Austin of eDiscovery Today on the launch of his blog. Learn how to continue to get your daily cases, trends and technology in this video interview.
  • A Cybersecurity View of Managed Review: Practical Guide Recorded: Apr 16 2020 63 mins
    Jonathan Rossi, Jordan Ellington, Todd Mattson, Mary Mack
    Covid-19 has changed everything. Traditional office work arrangements have moved to the home environment. eDiscovery is no different. This session will discuss the challenges facing remote teams from the perspective of a major international law firm, an experts services firm specializing in managed document review and a technology company that deploys secure remote infrastructure. Some of the topics discussed will be: (1) the role of cybersecurity and how endpoints are secured; (2) the technical deployment process; (3) the heightened need for agile project management skills; (4) and the ability to navigate dispersed teams in the context of work ethic, motivation, incentives and quality control.
    oJonathan Rossi, Managing Partner, The CJK Group
    oJordan Ellington, CEO, SecureReview
    oTodd Mattson, Chief, Practice Systems & Services
    Mary Mack, CEO & chief Legal Technologist, EDRM moderator
  • Laws Governing Access to Police Personnel Records Recorded: Apr 15 2020 62 mins
    Christine N. Wood; Director of PRA Services & E-Discovery Counsel; Best Best & Krieger LLP
    In 2019, California made wide-sweeping changes to laws that govern law enforcement records. First, certain police officer personnel record release changes went into effect on Jan. 1, 2019. Next, the laws governing body camera footage release changed on July 1. The result is that police departments are now obligated to produce police personnel records and video and audio files to the public - despite their potentially gruesome and confidential nature. In this session, participants will learn the best practices for handling PRA requests for law enforcement records, as well as what information and images are subject to redaction

    Presented by experts:
    Christine N. Wood; Director of PRA Services & E-Discovery Counsel; Best Best & Krieger LLP
  • Marketing During COVID-19: Burning Questions Answered by the Experts at Edge Recorded: Apr 14 2020 58 mins
    Melanie Brenneman, Jennifer Marsnik and Amy Juers from Edge Legal Marketing & Mary Mack, EDRM
    Marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic can be tricky. This is a time when marketing strategies are changing rapidly. What is the right way to market during a pandemic? How can everyone fill the in-person conference and sales meetings gap? What can we do to replace the face-to-face conferences and trade shows that are now either canceled or postponed?

    The experts at Edge Legal Marketing will be available to answer all your burning questions about marketing during COVID-19.

    After you register for the webinar, be sure to send your burning questions to questions@edgelegalmarketing.com.

    Get ready to gain strategic insight and gain practical take-aways for marketing during COVID-19.

    Introductions and moderator: Mary Mack
    Panelists: Melanie Brenneman, Jennifer Marsnik and Amy Juers from Edge Legal Marketing
  • MASTER CLASS: The Art of the Phone and WebCam Interview Recorded: Apr 2 2020 62 mins
    Jared Coseglia, CEO TRU Staffing Partners
    While there will undoubtedly be a hiring freeze, delay, and decay on full-time hires over the next few months or longer, employers across the globe will continue to seek and explore talent for future staffing needs or immediate contract demands through virtual interviewing. Interviews that are not conducted in-person are done by phone or webcam. This master class will give you practical and tactical tips on how to master both the phone and webcam interview. Drawing from two decades of eDiscovery, privacy, and cybersecurity talent represent experience, ten of which have been holistically remote work-from-home, TRU CEO and founder Jared Coseglia will answer your burning questions, provided subtle and detailed advice, and demonstrate examples of successful phone and webcam interviewing. Half of this webinar will be done by voice only. The other half by webcam only! This webinar is for anyone in these legal technology verticals who is adapting to working from home and will give you the confidence and courage to master the art of interviewing someone or being interviewed by someone virtually for employment.
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