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Getting the Edge at a job Interview!

Competition is fierce out there for job-hunters, so you need to be well equipped with the tools necessary to succeed. With Steve's experience, from interview preparation to helping professionals find brand new careers, he is best placed to give you the guidance you need for anything job-seeker related.
Recorded May 9 2012 47 mins
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Steve Nicholls, Career Coach
Presentation preview: Getting the Edge at a job Interview!
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  • So what's stopping you from achieving the job of your dreams? Recorded: Feb 6 2013 34 mins
    Amiee Bateman
    If you want to gain real advantage in your job search, this is a show not to be missed. You'll receive genuine insight into the mind of a recruiter and expert advice to help you advance your professional life.
  • Preparing for your New Year job hunt! Recorded: Dec 12 2012 30 mins
    Amiee Bateman
    Perhaps your job isn’t utilising your talents to their full potential and you’re looking for a new career? Maybe you want to increase your earnings? Or learn how to use LinkedIn to get noticed by leading employers?
  • CareerCamLive: Overcome the hurdles to land your dream job. Recorded: Nov 7 2012 31 mins
    Aimee Bateman
    Maybe you feel your age is holding you back? Or you're unsure how to get your CV past the gatekeeper? Perhaps you're lacking specific experience but don't know how to gain the experience?
  • Exceptional Employee Experiences - Enabling a Smarter Workforce Recorded: Oct 26 2012 61 mins
    Ian McNairn, Web Innovation Program Director, CIO Office & Mike Spradbery, Web Experience Software Business Leader UK&I , IBM
    Social and mobile intranets are a must have for Millennials, but their reach and benefits extend to all employees, partners and even customers. With innovation and productivity required for growth and profit, how can employees get access to the right tools, processes, content, applications and people required to do their jobs? How can employees consume and communicate a consistent corporate message, regardless of their location or job role?

    This webinar will look at emerging intranet trends and then focus on a case study of how IBM's own intranet has evolved in the past 30 years - to today's class-leading social, collaborative, mobile-ready, application-rich workplace.
  • Are you in the right type of company? Recorded: Oct 5 2012 38 mins
    Steve Nicholls, Career Coach
    Are you stuck in a job that just doesn’t “feel” right? Do you feel like you just don’t fit in where you’re currently working, or perhaps used to work? Are Monday morning’s something you dread? Join top UK career coach Steve Nicholls as he explores how you can find your best “fit” career-wise. Business culture should be an important factor when considering career direction, or size and type of company, and Steve will offer some tools and insights about how you can better evaluate the right “fit” even before the job interview, as well as during the interview. You should come away from the webinar with a better idea of your true ideal working environment.
  • CareerCamLive:How to Succeed at Interview Recorded: Oct 3 2012 44 mins
    Aimee Bateman
    What should I wear for an online video interview? What shouldn’t I say when I meet a prospective employer? How do you master interview nerves?
  • Coping with Redundancy Recorded: Sep 15 2012 52 mins
    Steve Nicholls, Career Coach
    Have you been made redundant? Perhaps redundancy is looming or you suspect it might be your turn? Whatever your personal experience, the fact is that redundancy is a feature of today’s fast moving jobs market. So what can you do next? How can you regroup and present yourself to the next potential employer in the best possible light. If you think you might be made redundant, what should you do about it? Keep quiet? Talk to your boss? Start scanning the recruitment websites for vacancies?

    Top UK Career Coach Steve Nicholls is going to help you to have belief in your own abilities, and to plan for this eventuality as well as what to do next. It might be a time for reflection, or a complete change? Or you might just want to get a new job as soon as possible.

    Join Steve Live on Saturday 15th September at 11am GMT for this thought provoking webinar.
  • CareerCamLive:The Best Way To Engage With Recruiters Recorded: Sep 5 2012 44 mins
    Aimee Bateman
    Aimee Bateman of Careercake.TV will provide expert advice on the good, the better and the best ways to engage with recruiters and maintain long-term connections.
  • CareerCamLive - Using Social Media to Job Hunt Recorded: Aug 13 2012 31 mins
    Aimee Bateman
    webrecruit's teamed up with Aimee Bateman, of Careercake.TV, to bring you CareerCamLive -- a new, interactive feature aimed to provide you with top career advice. This first show covers 'Using Social Media to Job Hunt' -- a hot topic in today's employment climate. If you're keen to learn how the likes of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can help land you a job.
  • The Do's and Don'ts of Online Video Interviews Recorded: Aug 9 2012 39 mins
    Steve Nicholls, Career Coach
    Like ‘em or loathe ‘em, video job interviews, in one form or another are here to stay. They may seem daunting to the uninitiated, but can also provide you with an opportunity; an opportunity to impress, to gain valuable information about a position, and to save yourself time and money travelling to an interview. However, you need to prepare properly, and you need to re-create that feeling of rapport from a face-to-face interview – which can be tough. Top UK Career Coach Steve Nicholls takes you through the do’s and don’ts re video interviews, and will give you his top tips you to stay relaxed, and perform well in this situation. Live attendance will ensure that you can get involved in Questions & Answers!
  • Developing Resilience in Turbulent Times Recorded: Jul 6 2012 30 mins
    Christine Alexander-Smith, Career Coach & Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner
    In the difficult economic climate we are currently undergoing; high unemployment, reduced support from the government and businesses going down the tubes every day in the UK, maintaining one's positive staying power may be something many people are finding difficult to do. 'Social Panic' whipped up by the media could easily rob you of the means to keep going against the wind in difficult times. History has demonstrated difficult or turbulent times, is exactly the time you should raise the bar and exert yourself in service of your dreams and aspiration. What skills, tools and perspectives would you need in order to successfully move forward at times like these? Where would you go to acquire them? What are the obstacles which could hinder you developing or maintaining resilience? Where would you go to acquire them? Why is it important today that you understand how to develop or maintain personal resilience?

    Join Christine Alexander-Smith, a Licensed Career Coach & Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and Personal and Professional Change Manager for a 30 minute discourse where she will share the answer to these questions and give you an understanding of the tools and strategies which will help you succeed and stay ahead of the crowd even in turbulent times.
  • Staying Motivated While Job Hunting Recorded: Jul 5 2012 48 mins
    Steve Nicholls, Career Coach
    How do you stay motivated during your job hunt? It’s one of the toughest things to do, particularly if you’re coming from a background of recent or threatened redundancy. Whatever your circumstances, top career coach Steve Nicholls is going to present some tips and ideas to maintain your motivation through what can be a difficult time. How do you continue to sound positive to prospective employers / recruiters? How do you raise your game at a job interview, and not come across as simply depressed?! These and other very real issues surrounding motivation will be covered, and you will have the opportunity to interact / ask questions - so it’s a good idea to be at the live event to get your questions answered!
  • How to Leverage LinkedIn: Proven Strategies for Speakers and Seminar Leaders Recorded: Jun 22 2012 61 mins
    Phil Calvert, Founder, IFA Life
    In a recent survey on speakers' use of LinkedIn, over 90% admitted that they could use some help in attracting speaking work by using the business networking site. So, in this unique and startling webcast, social network founder and professional speaker Philip Calvert reveals a wealth of tips, tricks and strategies for speakers and seminar leaders to leverage LinkedIn.

    Philip is the founder of IFA Life - an award-winning niche social networking site, and in this very special webcast he reveals tried, tested and proven techniques that will make an immediate and measurable difference in your visibility on LinkedIn - making you significantly more visible to LinkedIn users searching for people with your expertise.

    As the founder of a social networking site, Philip brings a unique behind-the-scenes perspective to attracting new customers through social media. His presentations are some of the most popular and highly rated on BrightTALK, and viewers of this webcast are in for a special treat.

    Don't miss out - Professional speakers, seminar leaders and meeting planners should register now!
  • Unlocking the secret to transferable skills Recorded: Jun 6 2012 45 mins
    Steve Nicholls, Career Coach
    With ultra-competitiveness in the job market the norm nowadays, perhaps you’re considering a sideways career move? Perhaps you’re considering a total career change? But how do you identify skills which will be appealing to employers or recruiters in other industries? Career Coach Steve Nicholls examines how you can identify what transferable skills you have, and how to apply these in exploring your career options. By the end of this webinar you will have learned methods to define your transferable skills, and how to leverage these in your search for a new career. “In isolation transferable skills are just a list”, says Steve. “What I will aim to cover in the webinar is how these skills link to other necessary processes as part of your overall job search”.
  • Getting the Edge at a job Interview! Recorded: May 9 2012 47 mins
    Steve Nicholls, Career Coach
    Competition is fierce out there for job-hunters, so you need to be well equipped with the tools necessary to succeed. With Steve's experience, from interview preparation to helping professionals find brand new careers, he is best placed to give you the guidance you need for anything job-seeker related.
  • James Caan: How do you answer 'Where do you see yourself in 5 years' ? Recorded: May 5 2012 3 mins
    James Caan, chairman, webrecruit
    Top tips for candidates from James Caan.
  • Career Change Planning Recorded: May 3 2012 45 mins
    Steve Nicholls, Career Coach
    Are you bored in your job? Considering a complete change of direction, but unsure how to take the first step? You could be facing redundancy, or have been made redundant? So how do you take the first step to an exciting and rewarding new career? Top Career Coach Steve Nicholls will set you on the path to fulfilling your life and career purpose. Working with Webrecruit, the UK’s first fixed-fee recruiter (Chaired by James Caan of Dragons' Den fame), Steve will guide you through the maze of ideas, plans, and processes that form your “escape plan” toward a new career. It’s all about having a plan, and then working that plan through to a positive outcome. Have a pen and paper ready to take notes, in order to get the very best from this Webinar. I look forward to helping you kick-off your career change plan!
  • James Caan: Why would I hire You? Recorded: May 3 2012 5 mins
    James Caan, Chairman, webrecruit
    Top tips for candidates from James Caan.
  • How do you find out how well the interview went? Recorded: May 2 2012 6 mins
    James Caan, Chairman, webrecruit
    Top tips for candidates from James Caan.
  • James Caan & Phil Roebuck talking about webrecruit Recorded: Apr 25 2012 3 mins
    James Caan, Chairman & Phil Roebuck, Founder
    webrecruit is passionate about changing recruitment forever by bringing candidates and clients closer together whilst using social media and technology social media to drive down the cost of recruitment.
Monthly Webinars around the changing world of jobs, recruitment and HR
As a company, we have already fundamentally changed the face of the recruitment industry as the pioneers of the fixed fee low cost recruitment model, using social media in bringing both candidates and employers closer together. In the coming months we will be looking to share our thoughts and insight with you with a series of Webinars.

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