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Helping Your Partners Use Social Platforms

Part three of a four part webinar series to guide partner-facing channel professionals through common marketing and communications concerns. The webinars are designed to help these professionals market to and through your channel partners.

If you missed the last two webinars, please wat
Part three of a four part webinar series to guide partner-facing channel professionals through common marketing and communications concerns. The webinars are designed to help these professionals market to and through your channel partners.

If you missed the last two webinars, please watch the recordings below:

- Assessing Partners Online Marketing Capabilities
- Improving Partners Online Marketing Capabilities

Be sure to register for the final installment in this webinar:
- October 10, 2012 – Executing an Email Campaign
Recorded Sep 12 2012 27 mins
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Presented by
Heather K. Margolis, President, Channel Maven Consulting
Presentation preview: Helping Your Partners Use Social Platforms
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  • Across the globe B2B marketers leverage the power of in-person events to drive demand and bookings. But after all that bandwidth and budget spent, are marketers really maximizing their opportunities? Video and rich media need to be integrated into all phases of event marketing to make the most of the investment.

    Join the BrightTALK Academy to learn how to turn a live event into a long-tail, lead acquisition engine that drives engagement long after the brick and mortar doors close.

    This session will cover:
    - Leveraging rich media to increase engagement
    - Best practices for live streaming, video production and social media to drive buzz and engagement during an event
    - How to repurpose content from a live event to maximize exposure
  • It's 2016, and it's clear that content is no longer only in the marketer's domain — it fulfills the entire buyer journey from engagement and lead generation all the way through to sales and customer retention.

    As such, the marketing technology landscape has exploded with content marketing software options. While this explosion of solutions is exciting, it can also be confusing and difficult to navigate. Should you seek a platform or point solutions? How do you avoid "software silos"? What kind of software do you actually need to crush your B2B marketing goals?

    In this webinar, Uberflip co-founder and CEO Yoav Schwartz discusses an authentic framework through which content marketing software should be evaluated to build a powerful marketing technology stack.
  • Roopam Jain, Industry Director of Conferencing and Collaboration at Frost and Sullivan, discusses how today's digital transformation impacts buyer research, how marketers are connecting with potential buyers and how BrightTALK leverages the network effect to help marketers get the most out of their content.
  • Before every company executive sits down to write a blog, pull together a slideshow, or provide data for an infographic, marketers must come up with an overarching strategy for their content marketing initiative.

    Without this, consumers will see a scattershot approach that doesn't fit with your organization's messaging – and they'll miss out on the opportunity to learn more about your business. Do it well and you'll have forged the foundation for real connections between the faces of your org and your customers, separating yourself from competitors and producing a return on your content marketing investment.

    Given that so many companies today use content marketing, how can you rise over your competitors? How can your content sparkle, capturing consumers' eyes (or ears), versus the virtual noise of paid and unpaid content filling the Internet and mobile devices?

    This VentureBeat webinar stars some of the top experts in content marketing. When it concludes you'll know:

    • How to design a content marketing program that complements your marketing initiatives
    • The way to find your voice – and how to adhere to it across media and platforms
    • Which internal professionals to target for particular platforms (and how to get them to agree to do it)
    • The benefits of content marketing, such as lead generation, expanded social presence, cementing brand recognition, and building individual executives' brands
    • How to determine the ROI of content marketing, plus the tools and metrics to use.

    * Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VB Insight
    * Corey Weiner, COO, Jun Group
    * Chase Hooley, Senior Manager, Content Marketing, MapR Technologies
    * Wendy Schuchart, Moderator, VentureBeat

    This webinar will be based on Stewart Rogers' VB Insight report, which will be published in February, 2016.

    Check out VB Insight to access the latest research on Marketing Technology: http://insight.venturebeat.com

    Sponsored by Searchmetrics, Inc.
  • When marketers advanced into 2015, headlines announced that it would be the year of customer analytics and intelligence—a year when CMOs would be shedding the fear of “analysis paralysis” and turning the threat of big data into big opportunities with customers. Yet in survey after survey and study after study, CMO Council members agreed that while the desire to achieve dynamic customer experiences was there, the reality of using data to create these experiences was a difficult task, especially when the customer was demanding personalization beyond the confines of marketing-only data.

    So how are best-of-breed brands truly forging ahead with data? What are the new buzz-worthy opportunities that will make headlines (and possibly headaches) for marketers in 2016? Will the Internet of things truly be the opportunity that analysts are predicting, or will it be yet another far-off dream that only the richest brands can afford? Where will the customer expect brands to meet them next? And who is already on the path to meet these rising demands?

    To kick off 2016 and begin to circulate some new ideas, the CMO Council is partnering with Teradata to host a one-hour webcast to discuss the big trends of 2015 and where the new year will take us. Among the key topics to be discussed:

    • New expectations for data: From aggregating data from new sources to managing and cleansing the data we have, what are the new requirements for the data-driven business?
    • The Internet of everything: Beyond smart cars and connected homes, the Internet of things will tell us more about our customers while demanding new intelligent engagements…are we ready?
    • Anonymous no more: The difference between crossing the creepy line and thrilling a customer with relevance is a thin one that demands that marketers connect the dots between a single user’s known and unknown behavior online…but how?
  • The BrightTALK channel makes it easier for your team to create, distribute and host all of your webinar and video content - both on your site and in relevant communities on BrightTALK.
  • Trying to break through the noisy marketplace to identify leads who want your solutions? With the rise of predictive analytics, intent data has become a key way to identify those high-quality leads (HQLs).

    Find out how BrightTALK provides you the insights to understand the best prospects to follow-up with as well as what their needs are before contacting them.
  • BrightTALK weighs in on the latest trends driving demand generation amongst the best-in-class B2B companies.
  • Webinars are continuously ranked as one of the most effective marketing tactics for B2B companies. Whether you're leveraging webinars for thought leadership, product demos or customer testimonials here's what it takes to have a stellar presentation that accelerates your business forward.
  • Companies around the globe are leveraging online presentations to attract, connect and engage professionals to convert followers into customers. However, mediocre presentations can drive prospects the other way. With over 50,000 webinars and videos on BrightTALK, BrightTALK's VP of Audience shares what it means to present an extraordinary webinar.

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  • Title: Helping Your Partners Use Social Platforms
  • Live at: Sep 12 2012 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Heather K. Margolis, President, Channel Maven Consulting
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