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No More Checkboxes: Vulnerability Management Evolves

Vulnerability management is growing in strategic importance as organizations seek to optimize the efficiency of their security teams, and to better understand and manage risk. As managers struggle to make sense of a deluge of vulnerability data, vulnerability scanners are evolving to address these needs. As a result, they’re emerging as a much more strategic component of the security infrastructure. Join Securosis analyst and president Mike Rothman as he discusses critical findings around this market shift – including an examination of underlying drivers and detailed insights into the capabilities and features you’ll need to move to next-generation vulnerability management and begin reaping the rewards. Mike will be joined by Jack Daniel, Tenable Network Security product manager and security blogger, who’ll provide insights into how organizations are achieving these gains today with Tenable products and technologies.

Topics to be covered include:

•What core features are essential in today’s more complex networking environments

•The increasing importance of assessing the application layer

•How to expand capabilities by incorporating value-add technologies to your deployment

•The unique requirements of the enterprise

•Deciding whether you can work with the tools you have – and how to replace them if new technologies are needed
Recorded Jun 26 2012 67 mins
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Presented by
Mike Rothman and Jack Daniel
Presentation preview: No More Checkboxes: Vulnerability Management Evolves

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  • Minimize Cyber Exposure in a World of Cloud, Containers and Other Modern Assets Oct 24 2017 7:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Corey Bodzin, Vice President of Product Operations, Tenable
    As your organization embraces cloud infrastructure, DevOps technologies, and other modern assets, you have new risks coming from a broader attack surface. Vulnerability management designed for traditional assets is not enough. To improve security you need to rethink how you do things. For example, containers have become the defacto standard in cloud architectures today, which means that security needs to move into developers’ build processes while complementing existing solutions.

    Attend this webinar to discover how DevOps and modern assets have turned the six steps of the vulnerability management life cycle on their head. During this webinar we’ll cover:
    - Where vulnerability management for today’s assets needs to start (and it’s not where it used to)
    - Why prioritization should not be based on scan results
    - Why assessments and network scans are no longer synonymous
    - Why reports and PDFs are no longer the answer
    - What the new face of remediation looks like
    - How DevOps can be convinced to incorporate security (without name calling and threatening!)
  • BYOD-Bring Your Own Devastation-Taking On the Mobile Threat-"Vulns Exposed" Recorded: Oct 22 2013 58 mins
    Paul Asadoorian (Product Evangelist) and Jack Daniel (Technical Product Manager)
    What is the security status of your organization's BYOD environment?

    Join Paul Asadoorian and Jack Daniel for the third webcast in the “Vulnerabilities Exposed” series where they’ll discuss BYOD as one of today’s fastest growing security challenges and present Tenable solutions to help your organization stay ahead of mobile threats.

    Learn how to find and secure your BYOD and corporate mobile devices:

    • Detailed BYOD/mobile device snapshots: find iOS, Android-based, and Windows phone devices connected to your corporate network and their vulnerabilities
    • Full mobile asset discovery: continuously detect transient mobile devices, both managed and unmanaged, and their vulnerabilities
    • Unified mobile device management: powerful dashboards, reporting, alerting, and data sharing for organization-wide management of mobile device risk and compliance
  • How will Software Security Evolve? - Geeking Out with Marcus Ranum Recorded: Oct 17 2013 60 mins
    Marcus Ranum, CSO, Tenable Network Security
    Software security remains the "elephant in the room" of computing. The obvious answer is that it's a hard problem. But more subtle answers are rooted in how the software industry is structured.

    In this webcast, Gary McGraw and Marcus Ranum will engage in a conversation about how the industry might eventually evolve.
  • Addressing the Security Challenges of Virtualization - "Vulnerabilities Exposed" Recorded: Sep 24 2013 59 mins
    Paul Asadoorian & Jack Daniel of Tenable; Russell Butturini, Sr. Enterprise Security Architect at Healthways
    How secure is your virtual environment? Attend the second webcast in the "Vulnerabilities Exposed" webcast series where we'll discuss virtual machine (VM) sprawl, virtual “Whack-a-Mole,” and how your virtualization layer is equivalent to physical access.

    Paul and Jack will explain how to inventory, scan, and harden your virtual infrastructure and present Tenable solutions. Tenable customer, Russell Butturini, will discuss his experiences using Tenable products in the virtual environment at his company.

    Learn how to find and secure your VMs:

    • 7 steps to virtual security nirvana: our process to systematically secure your virtualized environment
    • Found another one!: use active scanning and real-time monitoring to find all your VMs
    • Patch and system hardening made easy: reduce overhead when hardening your virtual environment
    • Communication is key: prioritize risk and distribute the information to the people who can get the problems fixed
  • BYOD and Clouds: "The Perfect Storm" (Part 2) - A Politics of Security Webcast Recorded: Sep 19 2013 56 mins
    Craig Shumard, Principal, Shumard and Associates, LLC, Emeritus CISO, Cigna
    Part 2 of this series will focus on the risks and safeguards related to cloud storage repositories and mobile application security in an ‘any device/any channel’ engagement model.
  • Reducing Your Patch Cycle to Less Than 5 Days - "Vulnerabilities Exposed" Series Recorded: Aug 27 2013 64 mins
    Paul Asadoorian (Product Evangelist) and Jack Daniel (Technical Product Manager)
    Is a 90-day patch cycle the best your organization can achieve? Join Paul Asadoorian and Jack Daniel for the first webcast in the “Vulnerabilities Exposed” series where they’ll dive deep into the challenges of vulnerability management and present creative solutions to help you fully leverage your vulnerability management process and reduce your patch cycle.

    Learn four ways to dramatically reduce your patch cycle:

    • More is less: complete vulnerability discovery with consolidated remediation means you patch fewer systems to fix more problems
    • Faster is better: real-time monitoring allows you to patch as you go
    • Work smarter, not harder: automated patch management system validation reduces discrepancies between IT security and network operations
    • No one likes surprises: identify deteriorating process trends before they become problematic
  • BYOD and Clouds: "The Perfect Storm" (Part 1) - A Politics of Security Webcast Recorded: Jul 18 2013 55 mins
    Craig Shumard, Principal, Shumard and Associates, LLC, Emeritus CISO, Cigna
    This two part webcast series examines how BYOD deployments along with cloud computing are collectively impacting security risks, how various organizations are updating their security processes to account for these technologies, and what safeguards are being implemented to mitigate risks as they are deployed.
  • Vulnerability Management nach BSI IT-Grundschutz Recorded: Jul 16 2013 29 mins
    Oliver Rochford, Tenable Senior Engineer
    In diesem Webinar von Tenable Network Security erfahren Sie wie Sie fortlaufend Windows-spezifische Massnahmen & Controls aus dem Massnahmenkatalogen überprüfen und auswerten können und wie Sie nach IT Grundschutz einen Nessus Audit durchführen. Report Auswertung und wie Remediation schnell in die Wege geleitet werden kann werden auch besprochen, oder wie Sie durch kontinuierliches Monitoring IT Grundschutz Compliance-Auflagen erfüllen können.

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  • Implementing an Effective Vulnerability Management Program Recorded: Jul 16 2013 44 mins
    Brian Honan, BH Consulting, Industry Security Expert
    Brian Honan presents this webinar on how to develop an effective Vulnerability Management program and what to consider when incorporating it into a wider security strategy. A best practice guide on how to identify your most critical assets, protect your data and reduce the breach to detection gap.
  • Increase Security Effectiveness with the 20 Critical Security Controls Recorded: Jun 19 2013 34 mins
    Leslie Forbes (Systems Engineer)
    Automating the 20 Critical Security Controls has demonstrated reduction in risk by over 90%. Tenable is the first vendor to offer an integrated real-time risk management solution to help organizations easily implement these controls.
  • Geeking Out with Marcus Ranum - Malware Response Recorded: Jun 4 2013 60 mins
    Marcus Ranum, CSO of Tenable, and Joel Yonts, CISO of Advanced Auto Parts
    Within the past five years, we have seen an escalating strategic use of malware and its negative impact on organizations. The TTPs (tactics, techniques, and procedures) of various threat actors have caused not only a demand for incident response capabilities, but also the need for in-house reverse engineering and malware response skills to aid incident response and forensic activities.

    Please join Marcus Ranum and special guest, Joel Yonts, on Tuesday, June 4 at 2PM EST for an interactive conversation on malware response programs and their importance and role in today’s enterprise security operations.

    Topics covered:
    •Strategy and objectives for developing a malware response process
    •How to build a malware analysis team
    •What tools to employ for malware response, and other related topics
  • Managing Vulnerabilities in Virtualized and Cloud-based Deployments Recorded: May 30 2013 60 mins
    Ron Gula (CEO), Jack Daniel (PM) - Tenable Network Security
    Technologies such as virtualization and cloud-delivered services offer organizations the benefits of hardware consolidation and rapid provisioning and deployment. However, they also bring security and compliance challenges that break traditional vulnerability management solutions by allowing un-scanned and unpatched systems to become active in any part of the organization. A new model that offers real-time identification and assessment of these technologies is required to mitigate the risks. Find out more about it in this webcast…
  • Cyber Threats News and APT Defenses - A Politics of Security Webcast Recorded: May 23 2013 57 mins
    Craig Shumard, Principal, Shumard and Associates, LLC, Emeritus CISO, Cigna
    There has been a lot of press lately on the escalating cyber threats especially from China. A panel of security experts and practitioners will discuss focus on how this press coverage has changed how organizations think about these cyber threats and what countermeasures they need or plan to implement to address escalating crimes, espionage, or warfare cyber risks.
  • Is your Network Infrastructure Adequately Protected? Recorded: May 15 2013 63 mins
    Jack Daniel: Technical Product Manager, Paul Asadoorian: Product Evangelist - Tenable Network Security
    Network devices including firewalls and routers are the gatekeepers to “endpoint” resources and are increasingly using complex software components. These devices are often remotely accessible and whose configuration changes regularly, making them susceptible to vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. To add to this, network and security teams are often separate parts of an organization often leading to incomplete understanding of vulnerable infrastructure. In this webcast, we examine how to identify vulnerable devices and communicate them across multiple teams and ultimately fortify these devices from configuration and security issues.
  • Increase Security Effectiveness with the 20 Critical Security Controls Recorded: May 1 2013 64 mins
    Ron Gula (CEO) & Jack Daniel (PM) - Tenable Network Security
    Automating the 20 Critical Security Controls has demonstrated reduction in risk by over 90%. Tenable is the first vendor to offer an integrated real-time risk management solution to help organizations easily implement these controls.
  • How Will CDM Impact Your Organization? Recorded: Apr 10 2013 59 mins
    Ron Gula, CEO, and Paul Crutchfield, Director of Sales Engineering, Tenable
    DHS' CDM program combines the valuable lessons learned from the existing implementation of FISMA mandates, the strides made by the Cyberscope program, and the proven results of the State Department’s iPOST program. During this webinar, we will discuss:

    - Current challenges in enterprise continuous monitoring
    - How to move your program from periodic system state analysis to real-time monitoring
    - A glimpse into the future: DHS CDM and it's affect on security and regulatory compliance
  • Geeking Out with Marcus Ranum - Take 2 Recorded: Apr 3 2013 60 mins
    Marcus Ranum, CSO of Tenable, and special guest, Ron Dilley
    Defining "normal" is one of the hardest things we do in security (the other is trying to get people to write perfect code!), but there are a few tricks that work. In this second session, Marcus Ranum and Ron Dilley will be talking about detection algorithms and the problem of defining "normal" network activity.
  • Geeking Out with Marcus Ranum - Security Data Aggregation Recorded: Feb 19 2013 52 mins
    Marcus Ranum, CSO of Tenable Network Security, and special guest, Ron Dilley
    Big data and security analytics have become the buzz of the industry. It is true organizations are collecting more and more data each year with the intention of getting better network telemetry and enterprise-wide visibility to solve complex security problems. One of the main challenges is collecting the necessary data that lives dispersed across an organization to build an effective security model.

    The first part of this series is a lively discussion between Marcus Ranum, CSO of Tenable Network Security, and special guest, Ron Dilley.
  • The Politics of Stakeholders within the CISO world Recorded: Jan 31 2013 56 mins
    Craig Shumard, Principal, Shumard and Associates, LLC, Emeritus CISO, Cigna
    CISOs must deal with several stakeholders within the organization. These stakeholders range from BOD members, C-Level management, peer compliance stakeholders (e.g. Legal, Privacy Office), vendors, and the IT organization itself.

    This session will focus on critical success factors to dealing with this wide array of stakeholders and success case studies.

    Specifically, this session will discuss the politics of getting alignment and buy in with the many stakeholders within the organizations such as:
    •Board of Directors and C-Level management
    •Natural allies such as compliance, privacy, audit, enterprise risk management
    •Potential contentious relationships with line or business unit management
    •IT organization strategic and tactical delivery goals and objectives

    Speakers include:
    •Craig Shumard, Principal, Shumard and Associates, LLC, Emeritus CISO, Cigna
    •Tom Doughty, VP & CISO,Prudential
    •Larry Brock, CISO emeritus, Dupont
    •Bob Hillmer, Director, Enterprise Information Security and Directory Services
    •Marcus Ranum, CSO, Tenable Network Security
  • Outcome Based Security Monitoring in a Continuous Monitoring World Recorded: Jan 23 2013 57 mins
    Ron Gula, Jack Daniel, Manish Patel
    Data from continuous monitoring is in turn enabling “Outcome based” security for identifying trends before they are problems, making better policies, and making asset owners more accountable for the systems they are managing.

    Register for this new webcast to learn about how data from continuous monitoring is enabling "Outcome Based" security.
Industry-expert insights on overcoming critical security challenges
Tenable™, Inc. is the Cyber Exposure company. Over 23,000 organizations of all sizes around the globe rely on Tenable to manage and measure their modern attack surface to accurately understand and reduce cyber risk. As the creator of Nessus®, Tenable built its platform from the ground up to deeply understand assets, networks and vulnerabilities, extending this knowledge and expertise into Tenable.io™ to deliver the world’s first platform to provide live visibility into any asset on any computing platform. Join Tenable as we share why Tenable is uniquely positioned to help you defend your modern attack surface that includes cloud, containers and more.

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  • Title: No More Checkboxes: Vulnerability Management Evolves
  • Live at: Jun 26 2012 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Mike Rothman and Jack Daniel
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