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HR: Tips on Recruitment and On-Boarding

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Stephen Johnston, David Hobbs
What Stephen Johnston, Senior Partner, Leadership and Talent Consulting from Korn Ferry recommends as the best way to assess cultural fit, values and work ethics. He also explains how to optimize the workforce by identifying the high performers in top impact roles; what importance should be placed on internal identification of candidates for open positions; how to effect faster on-boarding without compromising on other factors and the role mentoring plays in on-boarding.


David Hobbs, HR Consultant from Oracle exploring what the technology trends are in recruitment and on-boarding and what the hot new areas of cloud, mobility, dashboards, social networking and business intelligence mean for HR professionals.


The HR team at Hyatt Hotels discussing how this leading hotel chain manages their employees, some of the processes employed and the technology solutions they have implemented to manage their recruitment and on-boarding.
Aug 10 2012
10 mins
HR: Tips on Recruitment and On-Boarding
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Business Intelligence and Analytics

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  • Identity Access Management is a complex matrix of requirements meant to assure that only the right people have access to your data. This requires the creation of a rules, roles, and a method for preserving information about access rights. In other words, we create 'big data' that then must be mined to find the most risky individuals and risky behaviors. By starting with a risk-based approach, finding those behaviors and individuals is easier. Explore with us as we examine how risk values can be assigned as you build the database so that analyzing and reporting become easier.
  • Health plans push for their members to visit their primary care provider for a checkup. It improves health outcomes and reduces the medical spend from costs related to illness and disease. Like their members, health plans also need checkups that will identify the challenges to which they are increasingly exposed, such as issues around information security, revenue maximization, and staffing needs. In this webinar, we will discuss how to specifically deal with key issues related to each of these areas.
  • Sponsored by Janrain

    Modern marketing has become customer-centric. Rather than one-way, generic message broadcasting, marketing today is about delivering a relevant, personalized experience… but how do you deliver relevance if you don’t know who you’re talking to?

    Knowing who each customer is and what she cares about is a major challenge with two parts:

    * Data collection - picking up the digital breadcrumbs from each customer interaction
    * Data unification - tying together customer details from multiple interactions and databases

    This webinar will explain:
    * Why customer identity is more critical than ever
    * The challenges of collecting and unifying customer data
    * Key tools for capturing customer data
    * Best options for enriching existing customer profiles
    * Methods and technologies to unify customer data

    And includes data from:
    * A survey of 506 marketers about customer identity and personalization
    * 27 vendor and brand interviews

    Andrew Jones, Analyst, VentureBeat
    Scott Kabat, CMO, Prezi
    Shawn Burns, SVP web and digital marketing, Schneider Electric
    Zouhair Belkoura, CEO, KeepSafe

    This webinar will be based on Andrew Jones' ID Unification report, published in July, 2015.

    Check out VB Insight to access Andrew's ID Unification report, and to access the latest research on Marketing Technology: http://insight.venturebeat.com
  • Marketers today enjoy potential opportunities from data like never before. While the insights gained from this information can lead to great things, in the age of Big Data, there is more information available than can be easily managed.

    Marketers must cope with obtaining meaningful data from a growing range of sources, maintaining and updating the data as it decays, and being able to use the data across systems and applications to draw actionable insights.

    Looking at these big challenges, it’s easy to see why a Gartner survey found that 82% of CMOs feel underprepared to deal with the data explosion. CRM tools that help manage customer relationships help direct a marketer’s focus and create efficiencies, but without quality data, a CRM’s potential benefits cannot be fully realized. In turn, the customer relationship suffers.

    Marketers need a way to make technology work for them to drive insights, while being able to acquire and retain the referential external data from trusted sources to fully understand their prospects and customers. With this ideal world in place, marketers can drive decisions, increase ROI, and maintain great customer relationships to keep their organizations competitive. Register for this webinar for a look at the three key challenges marketers face with data today, and the strategy for mitigating the issue using a new way of looking at data.

    Presented by Dun & Bradstreet and Informatica Data as a Service.
  • Get an inside view of how HP Software gives you the power to transform IT into actionable intelligence, so you can capitalize on new opportunities and solve real problems in the moments that matter.
  • In this webinar Sandra will discuss the newly announced Intel® Network Builders Fast Track. This is the company’s next step in working with the networking industry to accelerate innovation in the network ecosystem. Through a combination of market development activities and Intel Capital investments Intel plans to help drive integration of solutions for deployment, accelerate interoperability across stack layers and across networks, and accelerate adoption of standards based technologies using Intel architecture with trials and deployments with industry leading service providers.

    Sandra will explain what areas Intel will invest in to help drive integration of solutions for deployment, ensure interoperability across stack layers and across networks, and accelerate optimization of standards based technologies using Intel architecture in areas such as NFV/SDN, 5G and mobile edge computing with the goal of creating a faster path to deployment. Sandra will also provide insight into the programs Intel may invest such as the Solution Blueprint Program to develop use cases, the Intel® Network Builders University to drive technical education for the ecosystem and the creation of interoperability centers for testing compliance, performance tuning and testing.
  • Get inspired by real world cloud migration success stories. Tom Flanagan, Vice President of Technology, Alain Pinel Realtors and Steve Novoselac, Director of Digital Technology, Trek Bicycle Corporation, share their first-hand experiences of moving to the cloud, along with insights and pointers for your own successful transition.
  • 30 Minutes of live tips& tricks and q&a session to help you get the most out of next gen data prep with REV from Informatica. REV boasts of the industry's most end user friendly data management interface needing zero training.
  • BECU discusses internal process improvements experienced with the INETCO Analytics self-serve analytics software. Learn how on-demand access to rich customer transaction data improves ATM placement, cash utilization and consumer banking engagement.
  • For any bank, payment processor or other financial institution concerned about the end customer experience, transaction data is your goldmine. Each transaction that travels across an ATM, POS, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Branch, Core Banking or Messaging Middleware environment can provide powerful answers to questions such as:

    - What are customers experiencing?

    - How are my networks, applications and third party service providers responding?

    - What is the business value of each consumer transaction from a revenue or service perspective?

    In today’s complex networks, electronic transaction volumes continue to increase, leading to some Big Data challenges. One transaction is often made up of sub transactions – many moving parts between a start point such as the ATM, and the end point, such as a host authorization. These moving parts could include things such as transaction switches, firewalls, service applications or host security models. When INETCO talks about transactions, we talk about all the Big Data collected on an end-to-end transaction path, correlated into one, complete transaction.

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  • Title: HR: Tips on Recruitment and On-Boarding
  • Live at: Aug 10 2012 5:40 am
  • Presented by: Stephen Johnston, David Hobbs
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