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BI Applications: Enterprise Asset Management and Manufacturing Analytics

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Everyone wants improved performance and more efficiency. But how do you actually achieve this? How can you easily address challenges such as changes on the production floor, changing production capabilities and enterprise wide maintenance?

Listen to the manufacturing and asset maintenance concerns of Patrick Taylor, VP of Operations, Star Manufacturing. You’ll probably find he faces the same issues you do.

Patrick’s questions about how he can drill down into details about his manufacturing operation are addressed in this 10 minute video on Oracle Manufacturing Analytics and Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Analytics.

Characters in this video are fictional
Recorded Sep 27 2012 11 mins
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Presented by
Alistair Lanfear; Patrick Taylor (Video contains fictional characters)
Presentation preview: BI Applications: Enterprise Asset Management and Manufacturing Analytics

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  • How to Understand Your Customers with Data Analysis Recorded: Apr 9 2014 32 mins
    Craig Han - Sales Consultant - Oracle Endeca Discovery
    Getting answers from data in your systems is hard enough. Getting it from social networks and other unstructured data sources is even harder.

    This session is designed to answer your questions around how as a marketer you can get the right actionable information to understand your customers. The best part is that you can do it yourself without having to wait for IT to run reports for you.
  • Simplifying Cloud and Mobile Integration Recorded: Apr 9 2014 43 mins
    Jatin Thakur, Snr Manager, BPM Enterprise Solutions & Technology Team, Oracle
    As your business expands its on-premises application infrastructure to include cloud and mobile applications, the potential for increased integration complexity grows
    Join us for this webcast and learn how:
    •To Integrate mobile and cloud applications with on-premise infrastructures
    •Leading organizations have deployed integration technologies to ensure high reliability and real-time performance
    •To enable faster time to market due to integrated transactions and processes
  • Get Real Time Data Integration Recorded: Mar 12 2014 47 mins
    Robert Spinks, Oracle & Benjamin Morgan, Intelligent Pathways
    Join us for this webcast to see concrete, real-world examples of deployments for Oracle GoldenGate
  • Modern HR - Meeting the Challenges of a New Era Recorded: Feb 14 2014 30 mins
    Mr. Bavneesh Gulati, Sr. VP – Human Resources from Kalpataru Ltd and Alison Sibree, VP, Human Resources, Oracle APAC & Japan
    View this webcast and explore what you can do as a HR professional to help your company win in this new era.

    Hear from Mr. Bavneesh Gulati, Sr. Vice President – Human Resources from Kalpataru Ltd as to how they have deployed Oracle technology to modernize their operations.

    Following Mr. Bavneesh Gulati, Alison Sibree, Vice President, Human Resources at Oracle for APAC & Japan will explain how Oracle has changed to meet the challenges of modern HR and the strategies and technologies that have been deployed to attract, nurture and motivate talent.
  • MySQL & Oracle Linux : The Perfect Match Recorded: Feb 13 2014 48 mins
    Deepak Singh & Ricky Setyawan
    Join this webinar and learn from [Deepak Singh, Oracle Linux Principal Sales Consultant] and [Ricky Setyawan, MySQL Principal Sales Consultant],

    - Why MySQL on Oracle Linux?
    - What are features and plugins that makes MySQL Enterprise Edition so valuable?
    - Why is Oracle Linux considered to be the most advanced Linux OS?
    - How MySQL + Oracle Linux achieve high availability without the need of shared storage?
    - What is covered under Oracle premier support for MySQL and Oracle Linux?
  • Enabling a Secure Mobile Experience Recorded: Feb 13 2014 45 mins
    Naeem Zafar, Vice President, Security Product Management, Oracle
    In this webcast, we will describe a new approach to mobile security that unlocks user productivity and lowers total cost of ownership. We will provide case studies of organizations that have simplified mobile security and improved user experience.
  • Oracle Mobile Strategy - Simplifying Enterprise Mobility Recorded: Dec 9 2013 47 mins
    Chris Tonas & Suhas Uliyar, Oracle and Anne Thomas Manes, Gartner
    Oracle Mobile Platform enables organizations to develop, deploy, integrate, secure, and manage enterprise mobility. In this online event, you will hear directly from featured analyst firm Gartner about the current mobile trends and challenges. Oracle Mobile executives will also outline Oracle’s overall mobile strategy, and discuss how Oracle Mobile Platform leverages current platform investments to simplify enterprise mobility.
    During this online event you will learn more about:
    •Oracle’s complete mobile solution and strategy
    •Current enterprise mobility challenges and opportunities, as presented by featured analyst firm Gartner
    •How Oracle is addressing mobility challenges and simplifying enterprise mobility with Oracle Mobile Platform
    By leveraging the right mobile technologies, IT has an opportunity to work with line-of-business leaders to establish cross-channel mobile strategy for the enterprise.
  • The shift from accounting to strategy: The Changing role of Finance Recorded: Nov 26 2013 43 mins
    Jordan Griffiths, Accenture and Shridar Jayakumar, Oracle
    Don’t miss this webcast for important research findings and valuable tips for Finance Managers

    The role of the CFO continues to evolve. Today, CFOs must find new ways to sustain performance and grow the business, no longer focusing only on reporting and compliance.
  • Introducing 12c for Oracle Data Integration Recorded: Nov 14 2013 61 mins
    Brad Adelberg & Tim Hall, Oracle and Russ Toyama, Solarworld
    We very recently unveiled the new data integration product releases, Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) 12c and Oracle GoldenGate 12c, in this Webcast.

    Join our development executives, customers and partners in discussing the new features of the 12c release, including:
    •Superior developer productivity and rapid time-to-market with improved user interface
    •Increased performance via improved parallelism
    •Tighter integration between ODI and Oracle GoldenGate, and interoperability with Oracle Warehouse Builder for easier migration
    •Simplified product deployment and support for seamless transition to private cloud via tight integration with Oracle Database 12c
    •New solution certifications for Oracle applications, and support for latest versions of major databases
  • 6 Steps for Getting Started with Social Selling Recorded: Nov 7 2013 50 mins
    Jill Rowley & Atul Tuli
    The web and social channels have transformed the way people purchase. According to Corporate Executive Board, buyers are 57% through their buying process before engaging with salespeople.

    In modern day buying, customers are no longer interested in cold calls and generic emails with someone selling the basic features and benefits. They want insights, valuable information and high quality business knowledge.

    Join us for this complimentary webcast to find out how social selling offers the best ways to achieve this.

    Jill Rowley, Social Selling Evangelist at Oracle and highly renowned speaker, will outline practical steps sales executives can take to:

    • Leverage social networks from lead generation, to closed deal, account management and customer advocacy.
    • Use the web and social channels to identify, listen, connect, engage and share relevant information with buyers
    • Tap into social networks for warm referrals
  • Get the Oracle AppAdvantage Recorded: Nov 6 2013 55 mins
    Nishit Rao
    Don’t miss this webcast if you are looking to or currently upgrading your Oracle Applications

    This webcast will discuss:
    • Strategies to help applications customers simplify, differentiate and innovate their investments through a pace layered architecture

    • How to get started and implementation use cases with customer examples
  • Modern Marketing in the New Era Recorded: Oct 31 2013 46 mins
    Will Griffith Regional Director Eloqua Marketing Cloud,Oracle & Uday Mysore Channel Online and Retail Advocacy Manager ,Intel
    Join us for this free webcast to learn how modern marketing concepts and technology can help you drive, and measure, effective marketing to boost revenue performance.

    Get the scoop:
    • The changing role of marketing given the ‘hidden sales cycle’ in the digital world – marketing plays an every critical role in educating and cultivating prospects

    • How to leverage Digital Body Language™, sales integration, and real-time data to improve marketing campaign results

    • How to effectively manage multiple marketing technologies and data sources and still have one view of prospects along their buying journey

    • What modern marketing techniques other successful companies are employing to accelerate pipeline in today’s highly competitive environment
  • Supply Chain: Will yours make a strategic difference in 2014? Recorded: Oct 18 2013 21 mins
    Nikhil Parambath, APAC SCM Director, Oracle & John Murphy, Senior Director SCM Applications Product Marketing, Oracle
    Today’s opportunity is to make your company’s supply chain a strategic differentiator. What are the key business issues to solve and how are supply chain and logistics solutions delivering a return on investment?

    Recently 2 experts in the field of supply chains and logistics got together to discuss the key business drivers that are making companies invest in their supply chains. They covered a lot of ground, everything from costs and service levels through to how the most successful logistics and supply chain professionals are increasing their visibility and are now being seen as strategic, not just to the supply chain, but to the success of the business as a whole.

    This 20 minute video captures the highlights.

    Watch it and you’ll hear first hand why John Murphy believes that “We're really in unprecedented times in terms of mobility and information sharing in the logistics realm.” And why in Nikhil Parambath’s view “Supply Chain costs can be anywhere from 5 to 15 percent, depending upon which part of APAC you are in. …. If you can shave some part of that by being more efficient, that's a lot more going to your bottom line. Right?”
  • Linux: Switch From Red Hat Enterprise Linux to Oracle Linux in Minutes Recorded: Oct 10 2013 46 mins
    Roshan Sathe
    Best Enterprise Linux. Lower Cost of Support.

    Oracle Linux delivers more value than Red Hat Enterprise Linux, with differentiated product features, higher-quality enterprise support, and overall lower cost of computing. Discover the benefits of running Oracle software and hardware on Oracle Linux, such as optimizations for Oracle engineered systems, thousands of hours of QA, and testing for deeper integration.

    In this webcast, you will learn about:

    • The why and how of switching from Red Hat Enterprise Linux to Oracle Linux
    • Industry-leading Linux management and high-availability tools (included with Oracle Linux subscription at no charge)
    • Differentiated features, including Ksplice and DTrace
    • Deep testing and integration with the Oracle stack
    • Customer-use cases

    With Oracle Linux, you get free access to the most advanced Linux operating system, better testing, integration with enterprise infrastructure and applications, and world-class support at a fraction of the cost.

    Register Now
  • HCM: The Neuroscience of Leadership Recorded: Oct 9 2013 47 mins
    Dr David Rock - Director, NeuroLeadership Institute & CEO, NeuroLeadership Group & John Hansen,VP, HCM App Development
    Must Attend for All HR and Executive Managers

    Why are leaders so important?
    According to a 2012 study, “65% of people prefer a better boss over a raise.”

    Hear directly from David Rock, Director, NeuroLeadership Institute and the CEO, NeuroLeadership Group in this webcast.

    Attend this webcast to understand how you can manage and develop leaders in your organization by understanding brain research to:
    •Make decisions & solve problems
    •Regulate emotions
    •Collaborate with others
    •Facilitate change

    Hear about the SCARF model (Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness and Fairness) and how it will help you manage change and your teams in your organization. Then hear John Hansen discuss how HCM solutions can support this model.
  • Data Security: Sustaining PCI Compliance with Cost-Effective Security Solutions Recorded: Sep 26 2013 61 mins
    John Vine Hall and Peter Yu
    Join us for this Complimentary Webcast to learn about the cost-effective security solutions available to ensure your organisation is Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant.

    Join us in this Oracle Webcast to learn more about:

    • The importance of not only meeting PCI compliance, but having the ability to audit and sustain compliance.
    • Encrypting PII data in applications requires costly and complex application changes. Fortunately, since this data typically resides in the application database, PII can be encrypted transparently by the Oracle database without any application changes. Learn how data encryption capabilities offer complete encryption for data at rest, in transit, and on backups, along with built-in key management to help organisations meet regulatory requirements and save money.
    • How detective controls can help you quickly detect and respond to threats by monitoring database traffic, detecting unauthorised activity including SQL injection attacks and blocking internal and external threats from reaching the database.
    • Enforcing least privilege and separation of duties through preventive controls at the database level.
  • Going Mobile: Get Content, Anytime Anywhere Recorded: Sep 19 2013 46 mins
    Robert Whiter
    With the explosion in Mobile and Cloud you are faced with a tremendous opportunity to give users access to content anytime, anywhere. Is your organisation challenged to keep up? In order to tap the full power of your content and data, it must be transformed into actionable information that is easily accessible to the right user in the right context.

    This webcast will discuss how your organisation can better manage information to:
    • Reduce Costs – convert paper-based documents to digital and manage all unstructured content in one system
    • Gain Efficiencies – with a single source of truth, streamlined business processes, and easier access to content across the organisation anytime, anywhere
    • Reduce Risks – improve consistency and auditability, comply with business policies & regulations, and ensure content security

    Forward-looking organisations are moving towards centralising all their unstructured content on a single, scalable content management platform.

    Register today for this webcast on September 5.
  • Enterprise Manager 12c: Managing Oracle Database 12c with Enterprise Manager Recorded: Aug 28 2013 46 mins
    Porus Havewala and Ratan Sanjay
    Discover Oracle’s Next-Generation Database Management Solution

    Don’t miss this opportunity to learn first-hand how Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c bring together the next evolution in self-manageability—making it easier and more efficient for you to manage Oracle Database 12c.

    Join us for this live webcast to discover the solution’s groundbreaking advantages to help you:

    • Get proactive performance management with enhanced real-time diagnostics and application tuning
    • Simplify administration with integrated and embedded database self-manageability
    • Manage multiple databases across the consolidation lifecycle using new Oracle Multitenant containers and pluggable databases
    • Deliver scalable and reliable database cloud services

    Only Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c offers customers maximum performance, enhanced automation, and total control for Oracle Database 12c.
  • Security: Next Generation Single Sign On for Enterprise, Cloud and Mobile Recorded: Aug 21 2013 44 mins
    Kenneth Hee
    Join us for a Complimentary Webcast on August 21 on Next Generation Single Sign-On for Enterprise, Cloud and Mobile Webcast where industry experts from Oracle will discuss:

    • How to provide users with a unified sign-on and authentication across all their enterprise resources, including desktops, mobile, client-server, custom, cloud and on-premise applications
    • How to slash your password-related help desk costs and improve user experience
    • The benefits of SSO integrated into an identity management platform
    • Best practices for a successful SSO deployment

    Register today
  • WebLogic Suite - Real Cloud Computing Solutions Recorded: Jul 18 2013 44 mins
    Oracle expert
    On Thursday 18th July, Oracle invite you to a Complimentary Webcast to discover more about the world’s best software foundation for cloud computing. If you are thinking of migrating to a cloud architecture but aren't exactly sure where to start, then look no further than Oracle WebLogic Suite, the world’s #1 application server.

    Join Oracle for this Webcast to lift the haze from your most pressing cloud computing concerns. You will also learn how your company can leverage the powerful cloud options in Oracle WebLogic Suite to provide:

    • Guaranteed reliability
    • Availability
    • Predictable scalability
    • Extreme performance

    Register now to learn more
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  • Live at: Sep 27 2012 4:30 am
  • Presented by: Alistair Lanfear; Patrick Taylor (Video contains fictional characters)
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