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Why Use Email Marketing?

Whether you want to acquire new customers, convert existing leads, or upsell past clients, email marketing is an excellent and inexpensive solution. During this exclusive webinar, Brian Offenberger will explain the fundamentals of email marketing and why you can't afford to not get started immediately.
Recorded Aug 5 2009 29 mins
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Presented by
Brian Offenberger
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  • 5 Steps To Increase Your Returns From Search Marketing Recorded: Apr 14 2010 59 mins
    Akin Arikan and Dale Knauss
    It only takes a few minutes to pay Google or Facebook to start showing your ads and begin driving clicks to your website. But a lot more goes into figuring out whether you are getting your moneys worth. And improving outcomes so that you get as much from your ad dollars as you could requires a number of steps that you should be aware of and make the time to apply.

    In this presentation you will learn:

    * 5 critical tasks that you can do to increase your returns from search
    * 5 top changes to search marketing in 2010 that you must know
    * Examples of tools (free and commercial) that are available to help you
  • How to Use Facebook & Twitter To Grow Your Business Recorded: Mar 3 2010 61 mins
    Dave Kerpen and Dale Knauss
    Dave Kerpen is the CEO of theKbuzz, a social media and word of mouth marketing firm. Dave is one of the leading experts on social media and Facebook marketing. Dave and his work have been featured on CNBC's "On the Money", ABC World News Tonight, the CBS Early Show, and the New York Times, and countless blogs.
  • The Skinflint’s Guide to Generating Free Search Traffic Recorded: Feb 17 2010 56 mins
    Mike Moran and Dale Knauss
    If you think that successful search marketing forces you to pay Google and the other search engines to send visitors to your site, think again. Learn the free techniques for search marketing that everyone with a Web site needs to know. You don't need to be a technical guru or a star copywriter—what you really need is the right knowledge and a willingness to work. Don't allow the investment you've made in your Web site go to waste. With the right moves in search marketing, you'll bring more traffic to your site than ever before, and you won't pay the search engines a dime.
  • "How To Use Facebook To Grow Your Profits" Recorded: Feb 3 2010 51 mins
    Brian Offenberger and Dale Knauss
    Facebook has significant implications for business and this powerful session gives you the straight scoop on increasing profits using Facebook. In this high impact webinar you’ll understand:

    • The most effective business uses of Facebook
    • Simple strategies to promote your company
    • The essential elements of a strong Facebook profile
    • Basics do’s and don’ts of using Facebook
    • Simple ways to measure results

    The business uses of social media are exploding. Kick the New Year off the right way by learning the basics of marketing on Facebook to create a massive following, build your brand and boost your profits.
  • Creating Killer PPC Ads for Search & Display: 2010 Edition Recorded: Jan 20 2010 61 mins
    Matt Van Wagner and Dale Knauss
    You need great ads to bring great results for your Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Campaigns. The challenge, of course, is keeping up as competitors evolve their tactics, search engines add new formats, and the market demands your best creativity!

    In this one hour webinar, Matt Van Wagner, President of Find Me Faster will take you through all you need to know to keep your campaigns moving forward in 2010. How to write ads that are much more exciting – and still earn great quality scores. How to develop display ads for content network that grab people’s attention and bring them to your site. This whirlwind tour will cover creative, technical and practical tips you can use right away.
  • Winning Elections in the Marketing Democracy Recorded: Dec 9 2009 49 mins
    Christopher Marriott and Dale Knauss
    Christopher Marriott of Acxiom discusses "Winning Elections in the Marketing Democracy"
  • Creating Successful Branded Apps: Searchable Content That Sticks Recorded: Nov 25 2009 25 mins
    Rachel Pasqua and Dale Knauss
    Strategies for developing sticky iPhone apps.
  • Best Practices in Customer Feedback Programs Recorded: Nov 11 2009 60 mins
    Evan Klein and Dale Knauss
    According to a recent study by Heidrick & Struggles, the customer is the number-one focus for C-level executives for 2009. Acquiring new ones, improving retention, and increasing their lifetime value are critical to the success of every organization. Companies with the highest customer loyalty engage in a co-creative process with their customers. They have a formal process for obtaining customer expectations, preferences and perceptions and they use that feedback to help drive strategic initiatives, service enhancements and process improvements. This webinar will discuss several types of customer feedback programs, what is required to make them successful, best practices associated with their design and execution and pitfalls to avoid. It will also cover how they can be leveraged to improve customer loyalty, referrals, retention, share-of-wallet and sales close rates.

    Satrix Solutions website: http://www.satrixsolutions.com/
  • The Business of Social Media Recorded: Oct 14 2009 60 mins
    Shawna Vercher and Dale Knauss
    The Business of Social Media - Using Web Marketing to Generate Revenue and Increase Profitability
  • Web Marketing Check-Up Recorded: Sep 16 2009 59 mins
    Lorrie Thomas and Dale Knauss
    Get on the marketing therapy couch for a marketing health “check-up” with Lorrie Thomas, Marketing Therapist at www.WebMarketingTherapy.com. It’s time to get self-help advice from the expert to learn how to put the web to work to serve, support and SELL!

    Having a website does not mean that you are engaged in web marketing. Savvy web marketing comes from sound strategy, continual optimization, tracking and creativity. This is an ongoing process, it requires commitment and work, but once you get the hang of it, it pays off!

    It’s time to get your marketing healthy, so you can get wealthy!

    This power "web marketing check-up" webcast will address:

    *The best practices “check-up” list to get your web marketing optimized and healthy

    *The secrets to making web sites “web solutions”

    *Web marketing “musts” for success

    *How to make your marketing multi-task

    It’s time for a healthy dose of web marketing therapy – admitting that you need web marketing help is the first step to recovery!
  • How Social Media Builds Inbound Links and High Search Rankings Recorded: Sep 2 2009 47 mins
    Arnie Kuenn and Brian Offenberger
    Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and others are all the rage now. But what effect do they have on your search engine rankings? During this informative presentation by link building expert Arnie Kuenn, President of Vertical Measures, you'll learn how you can significantly improve your search engine rankings using social media.
  • The Press Release is Dead – Long Live Twitter! Recorded: Aug 19 2009 47 mins
    David Oates and Brian Offenberger
    How entrepreneurs, executives and marketers can generate meaningful press, buzz and prospects through social media – and never write another press release again!

    This presentation will show you steps to take to engage this new medium in more meaningful and successful ways than the old “spray and pray” strategies.
  • Why Use Email Marketing? Recorded: Aug 5 2009 29 mins
    Brian Offenberger
    Whether you want to acquire new customers, convert existing leads, or upsell past clients, email marketing is an excellent and inexpensive solution. During this exclusive webinar, Brian Offenberger will explain the fundamentals of email marketing and why you can't afford to not get started immediately.
  • Local Search Engine Optimization - So What? Recorded: Jul 22 2009 57 mins
    William Leake and Brian Offenberger
    More than 40 percent of all searches on Google, Yahoo! and MSN have local intent. Local search promotion and marketing is similar to, but different than, classic website promotion. Are you getting found when the local search map comes up? Do you know how to influence that algorithm to rank for keywords that count, not just your business name? What are you doing to garner positive local reviews and community feedback?

    Did you know you don't even need a website to rank #1 on the Google Local map?

    This webinar will show you all the newest and greatest tricks and tips to master the emerging new marketing tool of Local Search.
  • Best Practices for Multivariate Testing Success Recorded: Jul 8 2009 39 mins
    Eric J. Hansen and Brian Offenberger
    Eric J. Hansen, Founder and CEO of SiteSpect discusses five of his ten best practices for multivariate testing success with Brian Offenberger, Founder of Right On - No Bull Marketing.
  • 10 Step Tough Times Marketing System Recorded: Apr 29 2009 56 mins
    Brian Offenberger (a/k/a RSS Ray)
    Let the competitor worry about the economy while you use these 10 steps for smALL business marketing success in a tough economy.
  • Security and Life Safety Companies - Top Rankings on Google Recorded: Apr 14 2009 53 mins
    Brian Offenberger (a/k/a RSS Ray)
    This is a special session for those attending our seminars at ISC West. Learn exactly what you need to know to get high natural (organic) search engine rankings on Google and other search engines.
  • Internet Lead Generation Tactics for smALL Businesses Recorded: Mar 11 2009 52 mins
    Brian Offenberger (a/k/a RSS Ray)
    Learn what really works when generating leads and sales online. We'll cover more than 10 steps that are free or low cost, all that can be done in under a day to help you generate more leads, even in this tough economy.
  • Special Session for Kodak Document Imaging Resellers Recorded: Mar 10 2009 46 mins
    Brian Offenberger (a/k/a RSS Ray)
    Learn how to get top organic search engine rankings on Google. Attendees will learn:

    How to calculate the bottom line value of high search engine rankings to your business

    The 4 major things Google looks at in ranking a website

    A step-by-step plan to get top rankings on Google

    This session is packed with put-to-work now information that will make you money.
  • Web Writing 101: How to Write Search Engine Friendly Content Recorded: Feb 25 2009 47 mins
    Brian Offenberger (a/k/a RSS Ray)
    For the first time in history marketing content needs to be written for people and machines. In this high impact session, learn...

    Why web writing is different than other forms of writing
    All about tagging and why its important
    The importance of anchor text in obtaining high search engine rankings
    The rules of what should be hyperlinked within your content
    Style and format considerations to increase readability
Grow your service or retail business with live weekly webcasts.
No theory or hype here...just "put-to-work now" information from online marketing expert RSS Ray. Each week RSS Ray takes you through an online marketing best practice that will grow revenue, increase profits and lower marketing costs. Ray's direct, blunt style is just the straight advice you need for business growth in the internet era.

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