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CA IDMS News You Can Use

The CA IDMS world has been very busy recently. Please join the CA IDMS product team for a 30 minute webcast with updates on new CA IDMS z/OS features, CA IDMS 18.5 for z/VSE, public documentation, education and training progress, ideation and a brief look ahead.
Recorded Jun 24 2014 37 mins
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Presented by
Gregory Beedy, Sr. Principal Product Manager and Sheila Miller, Sr. Product
Presentation preview: CA IDMS News You Can Use

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  • DevOps, Mainframe and Mobile: Empowering your developers to be more productive Recorded: Feb 13 2018 59 mins
    Serge Lucio, SVP CA , Jason Bloomberg, Intellyx and Jean Louis Vignaud, VP Product Management
    DevOps, Mainframe and Mobile: Empowering your developers to be more productive

    Does your organization struggle with DevOps transformation, delivering a mainframe world that is more agile, automated and accessible to the modern IT enterprise? Hear from leading Analyst Jason Bloomberg and CA Product Development on the common challenges faced and how “Mainframe as a Service” can deliver automated and self-service solutions that greatly enhance mainframe talent productivity. With Mainframe as a Service, enterprise teams of developers, testing and security engineers, Endevor admins, release managers and more can use the same toolsets, mobile-to-mainframe to optimize the DevSecOps lifecycle.
  • Let the Data do the Work for You with Operational Intelligence Recorded: Nov 2 2017 47 mins
    David Myers, Sr. Principal Product Manager
    Is your IT ops team suffering from alert fatigue? Are your mainframe experts spending too much time in war rooms fighting fires? Discover how incorporates machine learning to help you proactively prevent production issues and dramatically reduce the noise and false alarms coming into your IT ops centers. It’s all about working smarter not harder and letting the data do the work for you. Discover how CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence allows you to automatically correlate data from many sources to surface alert patterns and actionable insights that will help your novice IT operators quickly triage and accurately identify root cause of problems. Protect your mainframe experts from being pulled into every fire drill and free them up to provide more strategic value to your business.
  • Gaining Control of Mainframe Software Monthly Licensing Charges with Dynamic Cap Recorded: Oct 25 2017 53 mins
    Johannes Peeters, Stefan Kochishan CA Technologies
    The promise of achieving Service Level Agreements (SLAs) while also lowering Monthly License Charges (MLC) has quickly captured the attention of global business and IT leaders across multiple industries.
    The dilemma: IT must provide the best possible service to the business, while the business must prioritize cost containment strategies. It's a paradoxical situation.
    Now is the time to move from hype to reality.
    This webcast features a panel of CA and user subject experts that will examine real use-cases. The payoff? How automated, dynamic capacity intelligence helps remove the guesswork from MLC pricing – helping to better predict capacity spikes across the IT landscape - leading to significant savings.
  • Machine Learning for the Modern Software Factory Recorded: Jun 21 2017 45 mins
    Jeff Henry Vice President of Product Management at CA Technologies
    The evolution of adaptive expert systems on the mainframe is essential to digital business innovation. Discover how machine learning and operational intelligence will help you detect abnormal patterns to predict performance problems earlier, and foresee not just what may happen, but what you should do about it. Whether you’re a mainframe performance novice or a seasoned operations expert, don’t miss this opportunity to learn how you can isolate root cause faster and trigger automated remediation to improve MTTR and your overall IT ops efficiency.
  • Unified IT Monitoring for State & Local Governments Recorded: Apr 19 2016 49 mins
    Lowell Higley, Senior Principal Product Manager, CA Technologies
    Join Lowell Higley, Senior Principal Product Manager at CA Technologies, as he discusses how state and local governments can benefit from CA Unified Infrastructure Management for z Systems. Discover how this lightweight and easy-to-install solution lets you:

    • Gain comprehensive, end-to-end visibility across your agency’s IT infrastructure from a single pane of glass - mobile to mainframe
    • Increase IT operations efficiency and simplify mainframe system monitoring with easy to use dashboards, metrics and alarms
    • Empower IT operations generalists to monitor mainframe as part of overall infrastructure for reduced MTTR and more efficient use of resources
  • Forrester TEI Case Study Quantifies the Value of CA Workload Automation Recorded: Mar 15 2016 50 mins
    Dean Davison, Principal Consultant, Forrester & Jack McCarrick, Sr IT Consultant, eClaro
    Outgrowing your homegrown scheduler? Join us for this webcast to learn industry perspectives and the real-world business potential of CA Workload Automation.

    Guest speaker Dean Davison, Principal Consultant, Forrester will discuss findings from the Total Economic Impact (TEI) study for CA Workload Automation - a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of CA Technologies. Learn how companies implementing CA Workload Automation can potentially realize $2.3M in NPV, 245% ROI and payback in 6.2 months over a risk-adjusted, three-year period.

    What’s more, Jack McCarrick, Sr IT Consultant, eClaro will review why his organization selected CA Workload Automation, how it was integrated, and what the IT resource metrics and financial results revealed.
  • Achieve a Single Enterprise View across App Development Recorded: Feb 4 2016 57 mins
    From CA Technologies: Rose Sakach, Sr. Principal Product Manager & Vaughn Marshall, Director, Product Management
    Would you like to cut complexity across all phases of app development and deployment?

    Join us for this straightforward discussion on how CA Application Lifecycle Conductor reduces risk through a single source-of-truth. CA Application Lifecycle Conductor automates and manages the software development lifecycles that span mobile-to-mainframe environments — from the initial service desk ticket to the deployment of the application in production.

    Join Rose Sakach, Sr. Principal Product Manager, and Vaughn Marshall, Director, Product Management as they outline CA Application Lifecycle Conductor’s many benefits. Discover how you can:

    • Create one view and traceability for the application development lifecycle
    • Identify the potential time savings for project managers, release managers and compliance managers
    • Determine which customer segments would benefit the most from adopting CA ALC

    Are you ready to simplify application lifecycle management—from mobile to mainframe?
    Register now.
  • See Inside the Middleware Black Box Recorded: Jan 28 2016 45 mins
    Richard Nikula, Vice President, Product Development and Support, Nastel
    Corporations increasingly rely on their enterprise services bus (ESB) as the communication center to link multiple IT systems, applications and data. Unfortunately, when something goes wrong in the ESB it can have a cascading affect, impacting critical applications. Determining the root cause of the problem is a challenge for most IT organizations, since ESBs serve as a ‘black box’, offering little insight into the issue.

    Now, you can assess and resolve performance issues for applications that communicate across your ESB, before they affect your users. Join Richard Nikula, Vice President, Product Development and Support at Nastel, to learn how Nastel AutoPilot for CA Cross-Enterprise APM lets you analyze application behavior in real-time in production, test and development environments.
  • The Known Unknown – Finding Regulated & Sensitive Data on the Mainframe Recorded: Jan 14 2016 53 mins
    CA Technologies: Mary Ann Furno, Director/Product Owner & Jeff Cherrington, Sr Director Mainframe Security Portfolio
    Mainframe data is at the heart of the data center and critical to the success of your business. Do you have regulated or sensitive data on the mainframe, but struggle to locate it for compliance and audit requests? The game has changed for mainframe security. CA Data Content Discovery can help.

    Join Mary Ann Furno, Director / Product Owner and Jeff Cherrington, Sr Director Mainframe Security Portfolio Manager as they discuss how CA Data Content Discovery helps you to:

    •Find sensitive data and prevent risk of data exposures on z Systems
    •Classify sensitive data and verify that controls are checked to satisfy compliance regulations
    •Protect sensitive data and control who has access to it

    Protect what is critical; delight your auditors.
  • Economics of Your Mainframe in the Application Economy Recorded: Dec 15 2015 56 mins
    Scott Fagen, Distinguished Engineer, CA Technologies
    In the application economy, the mainframe is more relevant than ever. IT operations professionals who support mainframes often face the challenge of adapting to the platform’s evolving role and defining its value to the business. So, how can you do it all now, while preparing for the future?

    Join Scott Fagen, Distinguished Engineer with CA Technologies, for this straightforward discussion on:
    • Changing Mainframe Perceptions
    • Embracing New Management Approaches
    • Creating Flawless Customer Experiences

    Build new value with your mainframe platform – for now and for the future.
  • Conquer Your DB2® for z/OS® Optimization Nightmares Recorded: Nov 5 2015 59 mins
    Vikas Sinha, Sr Vice President, Database Management & DJ Joshi, Sr Principal Product Manager, Database Management
    Are you losing sleep over the need to continually improve DB2 database performance? Database optimization tasks can help increase performance, scalability, platform support, standards compliance, and usability. But these techniques can be difficult to process, build, test, and deploy.

    Rest assured there is a solution. Discover how you can optimize performance and simplify operations to unlock the power and value of your DB2 data, while reducing costs and risk. Join CA Technologies hosts - Vikas Sinha, Sr Vice President, Database Management and DJ Joshi, Sr Principal Product Manager, Database Management - as they reveal new enhancements and features such as zIIP exploitation and IDAA support.

    Is your DB2 database being used to its fullest potential? Find out.
  • Big Data, Big Picture: Can you see it? Recorded: Oct 29 2015 50 mins
    Sanjai Marimadaiah, VP of Product Management at CA Technologies
    Data matters to your business. And it’s changing every day. Growing in volume, variety, and velocity. Big Data is your opportunity to gain better insight into that information … make better informed decisions, obtain a better understanding of customers’ behaviors and needs, and tighten business operations.

    But Big Data environments do present challenges; how can you manage:
    •Critical data on many platforms, in many forms, across many departments and business units
    •Disparate, complex, heterogeneous clusters and nodes

    Get ahead of Big Data Management concerns, now. Join Sanjai Marimadaiah, VP of Product Management at CA Technologies, as he discusses how to simplify the Big Data chaos. Find out how to break down siloes and gain maximum insight to help you make critical business decisions more quickly.
  • Mobile to Mainframe Infrastructure: A Holistic View with CA UIM for z Systems Recorded: Oct 27 2015 32 mins
    Lowell Higley, Senior Principal Product Manager at CA Technologies
    Discover how CA Unified Infrastructure Management for z Systems helps you gain a holistic view of business services that span mobile to mainframe.

    Whether you’re part of your organization’s central IT operations team or a seasoned mainframe expert, you’ll want to join us for this webcast and learn how your IT organizations can reach across platform silos to increase IT efficiency. Find out how mainframe storage, network, z/OS and z/VM metrics can be fed into a powerful single pain of glass environment, using lightweight, easy to install probes. Learn about custom dashboards, alerts and alarms that can be used out of the box.

    What’s more, discover how you can empower your IT operations staff to monitor your mainframe as part of your overall IT infrastructure, freeing up z Systems specialists to resolve issues more quickly and lower your overall MTTR.
  • Be a Hero! Predict & Prevent Business Downtime Before it Happens. Recorded: Sep 24 2015 46 mins
    Guest Speaker Jonathan Lipsitz, TEI Consultant, Forrester Research & Parag Dave, Product Management Advisor, CA Technologies
    You’ve already reduced IT stress, decreased costs, and improved business performance by automating processes with CA Workload Automation solutions. But, what if you could do more. Wouldn’t you like to foresee the impact of real-time events, BEFORE they cause business disruptions? Now you can.

    Join guest speaker Jonathan Lipsitz, TEI Consultant with Forrester Research and Parag Dave, Product Management Advisor at CA Technologies for this discussion and demonstration of the industry-leading predictive workload analytics tool, CA Workload Automation iDash. In less than an hour, you can find out how to:

    • Achieve up to 252% ROI and 8 month payback by implementing CA Workload Automation iDash
    • Reduce risk of business disruption with pro-active SLA and Critical Path management
    • Improve application workload performance and visibility for CA Workload Automation CA7 Edition and CA Workload Automation AE
  • APM: Achieving a 360-Degree Mobile to Mainframe View Recorded: Sep 22 2015 54 mins
    Tom Quinn, Senior Engineering Services Architect, CA Technologies
    Struggling to get a complete 360-degree view of your complex application infrastructure?

    Performance and automation solutions from CA Technologies help you deliver an enhanced end-user experience. They provide deeper visibility into your mainframe systems and subsystems, letting you find and fix performance issues before they become critical. Learn how to optimize the performance of vital applications for increased end-user satisfaction.

    Join us for "Application Performance Management: Achieving a 360-Degree Mobile to Mainframe View". This tactical discussion with actionable strategies, will help you discover how to:

    •Isolate the source of performance problems quickly, before they impact your customers
    •Increase collaboration across mainframe and distributed platform silos to accelerate problem resolution
    •Better manage mobile-to-mainframe application performance, when down time just isn’t an option
  • Optimize Network Performance & Availability in the Application Economy Recorded: Aug 27 2015 47 mins
    Craig Guess, Senior Principal Product Manager, CA Technologies
    Wondering how to manage stringent SLA demands for complex networks that span distributed and mainframe environments, while simultaneously reducing your IT budget? Discover how you can dramatically improve performance and availability of your entire network by proactively managing it from a single point of control. What’s more, you’ll find out how to significantly reduce costs with total savings that might surprise you.

    See how customers are leveraging advance analytics and automation to predictably prevent network problems and resourcefully plan for future network needs.
  • Deflate Workload Pressure in Complex SAP Environments Recorded: Aug 6 2015 55 mins
    Roy Illsley, Principal Analyst Infrastructure Solutions, Ovum & Karthik Mahadevan, Sr Principal Product Mngr, CA Technologies
    SAP environments continue to increase in both size and complexity, spanning multi-platforms and cross-enterprise processes. To efficiently manage workloads within those environments, you need to remove the constraints that impact performance and business results. Success requires a smooth way to analyze your system environment and gather operational data from your application environments.

    Reduce workload pressure. Join Roy Illsley, Principal Analyst Infrastructure Solutions at Ovum and Karthik Mahadevan, Sr. Principal Product Manager from CA Technologies as they examine how SAP Administrators can take advantage of automation tools. Find out how you can easily manage and monitor job scheduling for both SAP and non-SAP processes.
  • How to Drive Down Mainframe Storage Costs Recorded: Jul 30 2015 59 mins
    Becky Alexander, Sr Product Manager & Julien Picq, Sr Principal Product Manager – CA Technologies
    Struggling to reduce the costs for your storage operations? Join us to see how CA Cloud Storage for System z lets you cost effectively increase storage capacity plus improve disaster recovery processes.

    We’ll show you how to lower your dependency on expensive legacy storage resources. And we’ll demonstrate how CA Vantage™ Storage Resource Management helps reduce TCO for z/OS data management.

    Join CA Technologies’ Senior Product Manager, Becky Alexander and Sr. Principal Product Manager, Julien Picq for this important discussion and walk away with key information to help you:

    • Improve Disaster Recovery processes
    • Reduce management time for your growing data storage environment
    • Increase proficiency to quickly deploy and manage new data storage solutions
  • IT Infrastructure & Operations Trends in the Application Economy Recorded: Jul 16 2015 52 mins
    Shannon Dolan, Senior VP, Product Management, CA Technologies
    Businesses everywhere are competing for customers and revenues by offering faster and richer mobile applications. Over 200 billion connections will drive information, data, analysis, insight, and transactions by the end of the decade. In fact, over 30% of distributed applications already have direct connections to the mainframe. Is your IT organization ready for this new Application Economy?

    Join us for an informative webcast to learn how IT leaders are reconciling forces in the new era of the application with unified service level management for maximum visibility, streamlined issue diagnostics and significantly improved resolution times.
  • Unlock Your Mainframe Data for Big Data Solutions Recorded: Jun 25 2015 46 mins
    Sanjai Marimadaiah, VP of Product Management at CA Technologies
    Big Data environments are no longer an option; they are business-critical for any corporation today. Cost effectively analyzing all types of data, they generate results to allow informed decisions about such priorities as product direction, sales strategy, and financial planning. With new, innovative technologies, your company can easily take advantage of its mainframe’s mission critical data. By securely streaming it to a Big Data environment, you can make confident decisions based on all essential data.
    Learn how the right Big Data strategy can unlock your mainframe data and open up maximum insight to critical business decisions.
Technology changes quickly ... be ready with our best practices.
CA Technologies’ solutions connect mobile to mainframe applications, unleash the power of mainframe data, and enable infrastructure flexibility for the future. As a result, you can enjoy new levels of value, better integration capabilities and the latest technical advances.

Check out our webcasts to discover how CA Technologies can help you power your business in the mobile-to-mainframe world.

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  • Live at: Jun 24 2014 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Gregory Beedy, Sr. Principal Product Manager and Sheila Miller, Sr. Product
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