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Getting your Human Resources in Order

As regulation continues to drive financial services to the brink it is more important than ever to get the best from your staff

This Bento for One will discuss the latest guide we have produced and cover off:

- How to hire, manage and get the best from employees
- How to deal with disciplinary issues
- Maternity leave & return to work
- How to handle redundancies

A business is far likely to succeed if their best assets are being looked after. So if you are a business owner or team manager then this webcast is a must to tune into.
Recorded Aug 11 2016 38 mins
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Presented by
Hannah Hutcheon, Panacea Adviser, Sarah Paul, Panacea Adviser
Presentation preview: Getting your Human Resources in Order

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  • Overview of the retirement income market Recorded: Jun 13 2019 22 mins
    Paul Tinkler, Insight Development Manager
    In this presentation, Paul will provide an overview of the retirement income market based on the data provided by the FCA.

    This presentation was originally presented as a part of the 2019 Defaqto May Roadshow.
  • Three steps to successful client reviews Recorded: May 30 2019 16 mins
    Pan Andreas, Head of Insight & Consulting (Funds and DFMs), Tom Whelan, Head of Customer Success
    Join us for a webinar focusing on client reviews with a few practical tips about how to perform them efficiently.

    In this webinar, we will cover:
    •Three key areas for successful client reviews
    •Engage Core existing holdings workflow demo
  • Assessing critical illness cover Recorded: May 1 2019 10 mins
    Ben Heffer, Insight Consultant and Fiona Millar, Life & Protection Researcher
    With over 500 thousand critical illness policies sold in 2017 (SwissRe’s Term & Health Watch 2018) it’s more important than ever for financial advisers to be comfortable that they recommend the most suitable product to their clients.

    Join us for our webinar ‘Assessing critical illness cover’ to learn:
    •The different approaches to assessing CIC policies
    •Why the quality of the CIC definition matters
    •Defaqto’s model for assessing CIC policies as used in CIC Compare
  • Suitability reports Recorded: Apr 10 2019 10 mins
    Graham Jack, Insight Analyst and Ben Heffer, Insight Consultant
    Join us for a webinar focusing on suitability letters, the regulatory requirements and how they are enabled in Engage Core.

    In this webinar, we will cover:
    • the overall guidelines for suitability letters as required by the COBS rulebook
    • Defaqto’s approach to suitability letters
    • how this is enabled in Engage Core
  • Building a multi-asset solution - how hard it can be? Recorded: Feb 27 2019 12 mins
    Patrick Norwood, Investment Consultant, Defaqto
    Join Patrick Norwood for this short webinar from our series about building multi-asset solutions.

    In this webinar, Patrick will cover:
    • introduction to the multi-asset world
    • the process for building a multi-asset solution
    • risk scheme
    • asset allocation
  • Seneca Investment Managers Multi-Asset Market Winter Review and Outlook for 2019 Recorded: Jan 30 2019 25 mins
    Peter Elston - CIO
    Seneca Investment Managers Multi-Asset Market Winter Review and Outlook for 2019
  • Selecting investment strategies for income Recorded: Jan 29 2019 41 mins
    Paul Tinkler, Insight Consultant - Funds, DFM and Platforms
    Paul Tinkler, Insight Consultant, will give an introduction to the challenges facing advisers in managing retirement plans for clients in today’s marketplace.

    The presentation introduces advisers to the current choices that their clients have in generating an income in retirement that have increased in relevance given the advent of pension freedoms.
    The presentation also looks at the assessment of risk for clients, and highlights how this might differ for clients in the retirement phase over those in a wealth accumulation phase of investment.

    This presentation is intended for financial advisers.
  • Defaqto Engage Core and Intelligent Office integration Recorded: Jan 22 2019 31 mins
    Roger Perry, Head of Intermediary Sales
    In this webinar, Roger Perry, Head of Intermediary Sales at Defaqto, will demonstrate the two-way integration between Intelligent Office and Engage Core that allows you to automatically share the latest client details, plans and valuations between iO and Engage.

    Join us to see:
    • How easy is to launch Engage from Intelligent Office
    • How your client data gets automatically imported so you can do your risk profiling and research in Engage Core and the returned to iO
    • Where in iO you can find your automatically created your client’s risk profile and research reports

    This webinar is intended for financial advisers and paraplanners.
  • Adviser Business Accelerator: Helping you to win more protection clients. Faster Recorded: Dec 5 2018 24 mins
    Derek Bradley, CEO & Claire Barber, Protection Account Manager, Aviva
    86% of advisers say they want more protection clients (source: Cicero). But the barrier to acquiring new clients is not lack of product knowledge or failure to identify the opportunity - it’s limited time and resource.

    Find out how we can help you to win more protection clients. Faster.
  • Developing Professional Connections: Death and Divorce Recorded: Oct 15 2018 46 mins
    Clare Moffat, Royal London & Sarah Paul, Panacea Adviser
    Pension freedoms have had a fundamental impact on advisers, their clients and also the beneficiaries of clients. However, there has also been an impact on their professional connections especially solicitors’ who are involved in estate planning and divorce.

    This seminar will briefly mention the law and some of the areas which are causing problems for advisers but it will also consider where advisers can add value to their professional connections by explaining areas where pensions legislation may interact with other areas of the law.

    The session will focus on four main areas:
    - Pensions and divorce and the impact of pension freedoms
    - Death benefits and the unintended consequences
    - When it might be useful to use a trust for pension death benefits and problems with the blended family
    - Estate planning and pensions
  • A look into the future 2018 Recorded: Oct 19 2017 29 mins
    Derek Bradley, Panacea Adviser & Julian Chillingworth, Rathbones
    Panacea Adviser has teamed up with BrightTalk and Rathbones for a free webcast to support and educate Financial Advisers.

    The webcast will provide a quarterly market overview of what happened the in the last quarter as well as a future forecast taking into account the most recent economic insights from Rathbones CIO Julian Chillingworth.

    This fresh investment perspective will be of real value to you and your firm and not one to be missed!
  • The Value of Value investing! Recorded: Jul 12 2017 31 mins
    Derek Bradley, Panacea Adviser, Stephen Hunter & David Thomas, Seneca Investment Managers
    Panacea Adviser has teamed up with BrightTalk and Seneca Investment Managers for a free webcast to support and educate Financial Advisers.

    You could argue that investing in unappreciated companies with quality balance sheets and benefitting from good yield and growth as the stock value returns should never be out of style.

    Why though should a value approach only be applied to equity and not across a whole range of invested assets?

    Value investing by its very nature should mean never buying at the top of the market and constantly researching to find the value in companies and assets that other investors may not yet see.

    There are a number of equity “value” investment approaches in the market but few offering a Multi-Asset Value approach…

    In this 30 minute Webinar, Stephen Hunter and Peter Elston of Seneca Investment Managers discuss why you shouldn’t restrict good thinking to just one asset class!

    This in-depth, thought provoking session will be of real value to you and your firm and not one to be missed!
  • Bento for one: How to pick and win your battles in life and business Recorded: Jun 5 2017 50 mins
    John Joe McGinley and Hannah Hutcheon
    It is no fun being all things to all people and doing everything for everyone!

    Too many businesses try and do so many things because they have always done them. An ingredient of a successful person is the ability to say no and move on from activities that add no real value to our business or hold you back from achieving your goals. But do you do this?

    Following on from the webcast on ‘9 ways to be more successful in 2017 and beyond’, Panacea Adviser and John Joe McGinley from Glassagh Consulting highlight how you can pick the right battles in life and business and share some strategies to win them all.

    This is a webcast not to be missed!
  • Don’t go into battle blind - why your need a plan in life and business Recorded: Apr 24 2017 37 mins
    John Joe McGinley and Hannah Hutcheon
    Sun Tzu in the Art of war wisely said
    “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”
    Regardless of what we do or where we are in our life cycle. We need a plan.
    Otherwise one day we will look up at the clock and wonder where our life has gone and sadly reflect on what might have been and utter those saddest of words, if only!
    Panacea adviser and Glassagh Consulting in their next bright talk session will look at why every one of us needs a battle plan for life and business.
    In this informative session we will look at:
    •Why a plan can work for everyone
    •Why going through life without a plan is a struggle that we can all avoid
    •7 simple actions that can energize your life and career
    Make sure you book your place on Monday the 24th of April at 1pm
    And remember the words of Sun Tzu
    “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win”
    Let us help you be a winner!
  • Opportunities that exist as a result of market volatility Recorded: Apr 13 2017 43 mins
    Derek Bradley, Panacea Adviser & Edward Park, Brooks Macdonald
    Panacea Adviser has teamed up with BrightTalk and Brooks Macdonald for a free webcast to support and educate Financial Advisers.

    - the recent market and economic environment
    - potential issues of the current volatility in world markets
    - opportunities that can exist as a result

    It will then detail some of the vehicles that can be used to dampen the impact of volatile markets.

    The webcast will be led by Edward Park. Edward is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and manages bespoke discretionary portfolios on behalf of a number of Brooks Macdonald clients. He also assists in the formulation of the Brooks Macdonald investment process as a member of both their Asset Allocation and Investment Committees.

    This in-depth, thought provoking session will be of real value to you and your firm and not one to be missed!
  • Making your ideas happen before others do! Recorded: Mar 27 2017 34 mins
    John Joe McGinley and Hannah Hutcheon
    Success in life or business is about solving problems and sticking to a plan. Yes many of us have ideas for success but how many of us have fallen by the wayside as day to day events impact upon us and drive us off course.

    This means that our ideas remain as dreams, when if documented and carried out they could drive us forward to success.

    If you have an idea and see how it can be implemented you need to write it down in your plan and stay the course before someone else makes your idea their reality!

    John Joe McGinley of Glassagh Consulting and Hannah Hutcheon of Panacea look at:
    •How you can map out your ideas for the future
    •Develop a plan of action that works
    •Techniques to take your ideas out of your head and into your business.

    This session is aimed at anyone with ideas that they have always wanted to implement, but who for whatever reason have left them as dreams. This session will also show you tools and techniques everyone can use to turn great ideas into reality.
  • Be your own Nostradamus – why every business needs to see into the future! Recorded: Feb 27 2017 29 mins
    John Joe McGinley and Hannah Hutcheon
    How often do you look to the future? Now, I am not saying we should all become seers and peer into the unknown, but when it comes to planning for the evolution of your business, knowledge is certainly power.

    When you step back and look at how our world will evolve, then all sorts of possibilities will arise. It is then up to you to decide which you wish to pursue and those you choose to ignore.

    John Joe McGinley from Glassagh Consulting and Panacea Adviser will highlight how you and your business can:

    - Understand how your world is evolving and you can adapt
    - Look at the opportunities and threats the future will bring
    - Document a plan to meet and exploit these profitably.

    This 30 minute webinar will highlight some simple tools and techniques we can all use to prepare for a profitable and less stressful future. Make sure you book your place here.
  • How to build an investment process Recorded: Feb 16 2017 36 mins
    Derek Bradley, Panacea Adviser & Geoff Mills, RSMR
    Panacea Adviser has teamed up with BrightTalk and Rayner Spencer Mills Research for a free webcast to support and educate Financial Advisers.

    There are numerous benefits of building a structured investment process, including:

    •More time spent with clients
    •A consistent and repeatable approach
    •Cost efficiency
    •Reduced regulatory risk
    •A more successful business

    The ‘How to build an investment process’ webcast will provide you with some ideas on how to add some rigor to your Centralised Investment Process in order to get the most out of your business. We will clarify some of the FCA guidance within this area and demonstrate real, practical solutions to deal with it.

    The webcast will run through the research and due diligence that is expected of you and provide examples of how to do it, so you are well prepared and resourced to do a good job. It will also cover off an investment matrix and investment committee oversight.

    This thorough, best-practice session will be of real value to you and your firm and not one to be missed!
  • Nine ways in which to be more successful in 2017 Recorded: Jan 30 2017 30 mins
    Hannah Hutcheon, Panacea Adviser & John Joe McGinley, Glassagh Consulting
    So what was your new year’s resolution for 2017?

    Did you pledge to get fit and lose weight after the festive excesses or even give up drinking after visiting the recycling centre and dropping off those wine bottles?

    I don’t set resolutions, as most fail and usually very quickly. But I am a believer in the power of goals and preparing for the future, whilst harnessing simple techniques to ensure your dreams succeed.

    John Joe McGinley of Glassagh Consulting will share nine techniques that can help every individual and indeed business achieve their goals for 2017 and beyond.

    John Joe will highlight in 30 minutes how you can all plan for the future and enjoy the thrill and challenge of making 2017 the year in which you make your ideas come alive.

    Register now for this session on Monday the 30th of January at 1pm.
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  • Presented by: Hannah Hutcheon, Panacea Adviser, Sarah Paul, Panacea Adviser
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