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Navigator Lens and Landscape

Adding a practical and in-depth view on individual channels to a holistic view on pharma’s communication landscape.

Key topics include:

•reach, frequency, impact
•key channels
•do’s and don’ts
•preferred content, preferred format
•company performance in key channels
Recorded Dec 13 2016 37 mins
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Presented by
Philip Baciaz (VP Customer Insights, Across Health) Fonny Schenck (CEO Across Health)
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  • Navigator 3.0: taking channel insights to the next level Recorded: Oct 25 2017 48 mins
    Ruud Kooi (Managing Partner, Across Health) and Philip Baciaz (VP Customer Insights, Across Health)
    Knowing the “right channel” (combination) is just one (key) part of a customer-centric omnichannel strategy. Including other critical dimensions - notably “right content”, “right context”, and “right frequency” – has never been easy. And mapping these onto who the right customer is, and how to benchmark your competition in markets, is a challenge that is only growing.

    The Across Health Navigator 3.0 delivers easily navigable insights into all of these components – as well as giving a thorough survey of the third party media which physicians in different specialties and markets use. This final component allows a solid basis for evaluating websites, newsletters, apps, congresses, and online communities.

    In this webinar, we will talk about:

    - What are the key metrics for customer engagement: right channel, right context, and right frequency
    - What channel insights can do for omnichannel campaigns in terms of right content
    - How to benchmark your competitors in different TAs and territories
    - Evaluating the reach and impact of different third party media
  • Preparing for the era of predictive customer intelligence Recorded: Sep 28 2017 62 mins
    Jan Keuppens (VP Integrated Execution, Across Health) and Christophe Brock, (Senior Consultant, Across Health)
    The biggest tech companies in the world are also the best at customizing their offerings for customers, and predicting what they want. Amazon, Google, and Netflix have been consistently using AI and predictive marketing analytics to first achieve and then maintain their supremacy. Their internal knowledge, matched with large quantities of structured data and a laser focus on what ‘good’ looks like, have been the drivers of their success.

    However, in life-sciences marketing, reality has not caught up to the buzz of self-learning systems (AI) and predictive analytics. However, adoption is increasing (albeit slowly), and more and more leaders are excited by benefits their investments may bring.

    Our 2017 Multichannel Maturometer revealed that only around half of major life-sciences companies have an integrated customer database across all channels, and digital teams are only slowly being integrated with their IT partners. And as a further challenge, only 20% are claim to be ‘very comfortable’ with measuring HCP engagement.

    For companies to really embrace the future of analytics, it is crucial to move from “predictive guessing” to “predictive knowing”. A well-integrated customer database across all channels, a good understanding of what means success, large-enough datasets, ... are just some of the key components for this transition.

    In this webinar, we will talk about:

    • How does predictive analytics differ from prescriptive analytics?
    • When can predictive analytics become relevant (and when not)?
    • What are the different enablers for engaging in predictive analytics?
    • A few examples to get inspired
  • Multichannel Maturometer 2017 results: Key global trends Recorded: Jul 20 2017 48 mins
    Fonny Schenck (CEO, Across Health) and Dirk Szynka (MD Across Health Germany)
    Join us to find out about the results of the 2017 Multichannel Maturometer. The ninth version of this industry-renowned survey illuminates some of the big changes sweeping through the Pharma industry, as well as highlighting some trends which are still lagging.
    Questions which will be answered include:

    • Is senior leadership still on the fence for digital?
    • Marketing budgets – how are they changing?
    • How satisfactory are those in the industry finding digital offerings?
  • Multichannel Rep Recorded: May 30 2017 57 mins
    Annelien Van Boxlaer (VP Innovation Strategy, Across Health) & Patrick Vidal (MD, Across Health France)
    The world of the field force is changing. Increased digitalisation, powerful new tools and a growing expectation that they ‘conduct’ multiple channels means new skills, ways of working, and even thinking, are needed.

    This shift will radically change the structure of the traditional Pharma organization. Differences between HQ and local offices will become less pronounced as the field force gains the ability to deploy highly tailored, right-on-time content, in the best possible format for individual physicians.

    Find out more about how the time of the Multichannel Rep is now, how upskilling and reskilling are the buzzwords for new engagement models, and how not to have your field force being left behind in the digital race!

    Topics include:
    •Getting the right digital tools into the hands of reps
    •How to evaluate what the best channels for your situation are
    •Finding out what good looks like
    •How to engage your field force, manage the change, and sustain their motivation
  • Disruptive forces in technology and the implications for healthcare Recorded: Apr 4 2017 45 mins
    Fonny Schenck (CEO Across Health)
    Live Webinar on April 4 at 5pm CET
    Life Sciences is an industry full of established, large companies with significant barriers to entry and often long legacies of success. But the weather is changing – and the structures and strategies which have kept these enterprises safe may soon become liabilities. What is only just becoming clear, though, is how fast this is happening. Along all key areas of the value chain, new & nimble competitors are entering the scene - and they are playing a totally different game.

    Find out more about these disruptive trends, get the highlights of our second ‘Healthcare Disruption Tour’, which went to the heart of the action in Jan 2017, and learn why pharma should take note…and how it can best prepare & organize for this tsunami.

    • Key trends in healthcare disruption
    • Impressions from the second healthcare disruption tour
    • Embedding disruption in pharma organisations
  • Navigator Lens and Landscape Recorded: Dec 13 2016 37 mins
    Philip Baciaz (VP Customer Insights, Across Health) Fonny Schenck (CEO Across Health)
    Adding a practical and in-depth view on individual channels to a holistic view on pharma’s communication landscape.

    Key topics include:

    •reach, frequency, impact
    •key channels
    •do’s and don’ts
    •preferred content, preferred format
    •company performance in key channels
  • Healthcare Disruption Recorded: Sep 16 2016 50 mins
    Peter Hinssen, Chairman Nexxworks and Fonny Schenck, CEO Across Health.
    Key Topics:

    •Pharma adoption of digital health/healthcare disruption
    •What are the key technology trends & revolutions that can disrupt the life sciences industry?
    •The “Day after Tomorrow” concept
    •How do you embed disruptive innovation in your own organization?
  • Channel affinity insights along the patient journey Recorded: Aug 30 2016 60 mins
    Beverly Smet, VP Business Development (Across Health)
    Key topics:
    •How to determine the ideal patient-channel mix taking into account different patient profiles:
    oAcross Health patient navigator
    oVirtual patient focus groups
    •How to develop a business case to justify a patient support program
    •Patient case study
  • Multichannel Maturometer 2016 results: Key global trends Recorded: Jul 14 2016 39 mins
    Ruud Kooi ( VP Business Development, Across Health), Dirk Szynka (MD, Across Health Germany)
    Key topics:

    - Digital maturity of pharma
    - Hot trends in multichannel marketing
    - Evolution of digital budgets
    - Key barriers
  • Impact measurement; from counting numbers to actionable insights Recorded: May 31 2016 52 mins
    Jan Keuppens (VP Integrated Execution, Across Health) and Christophe Brock (Senior Consultant, Across Health)
    The key topics that will be discussed during this interactive webinar include:

    •The AH impact measurement approach; Exposure, engagement, conversion and effectiveness
    •Defining KPIs relevant to your brand strategy & objectives
    •Best case – Worst case
    •Creating a dashboard
  • e-Medical excellence at launch Recorded: Apr 26 2016 58 mins
    Fonny Schenck (CEO, Across Health) and Ben Harbour (MD, Across Health UK)
    This webinar will provide you with an overview how digital can be integrated into medical plans and what it takes to deliver multichannel medical excellence at launch.

    Key topics include:
    •Overview of typical launch categories and their key communication drivers and multichannel opportunities
    •The 4 main pre-launch stakeholders and how to integrate digital initiatives in a balanced medical mix whilst respecting legal and regulatory guidelines
    oeKOLs: Gathering insight and engagement planning
    oeHCPs: Channel selection to ensure immersive learning and education
    oePatients: Gathering treatment insight and prepare education & value-focused “beyond the-pill” strategies for launch
    oePayers: Establish value
    •Assess the clinical impact of e-medical programmes and how to create KPIs and dashboards to assess the success of your cross-channel activities
    •Prepare your organization for emedical excellence through multichannel skills development and enablement for MSLs and internal staff
  • Multichannel rep: When, why and how Recorded: Feb 16 2016 62 mins
    Fonny Schenck (CEO, Across Health), Patrick Vidal (MD, Across Health France)
    Key topics to be discussed during the webinar:

    1)The paradox in Pharma
    2)HCPs expectations and behaviours
    3)Pharma Digital Maturity
    4)The Orchestrator rep
    5)How to implement?
  • Connected health and disruptive innovation in pharma Recorded: Jan 19 2016 56 mins
    Fonny Schenck (CEO, Across Health), Sander Speleman (Senior Consultant Patient Engagement, Across Health)
    Health outcomes as #1 objective: Connected health and disruptive innovation in pharma

    Key topics:
    -Healthcare in the digital age
    omHealth: from wearables to disappearables
    oThe power of the social network
    oKnowing is ruling: from big data to better outcomes
    -What did we learn during the Healthcare Disruption Tour?
    -Pharma as a service:
    oNo outcome? No income: Prove your medication works
    oThe need for new strategies, business models and partnerships
  • Patient Centricity – from commitment to effective multi-channel implementation Recorded: Sep 29 2015 54 mins
    Beverly Smet, VP International Business Development, Sander Speleman, Senior Consultant Patient Engagement
    Key topics covered :

    * How to engage with your patients in a multi-channel environment.

    * Acquire the concepts & tools to:
    •Optimally segment patients in the digital age.
    •Determine the ideal patient channel-mix.
    •Measure the success of patient-centric programs.

    * Patient case study
  • Multi-channel Opportunities in Emerging Markets: Making the differences work Recorded: Aug 25 2015 46 mins
    Ariel Samang (VP International Business Development), Philip Baciaz (VP Customer Insights, Across Health)
    Key topics:
    *Emerging markets context
    *EU5 vs. Emerging Markets comparison – similarities and differences
    *Rep-reach: How different coverage influences digital preferences
    *Understanding the digital gap
  • Cross-channel Navigator 2.0 for GPs Recorded: Jun 18 2015 51 mins
    Philip Baciaz, VP Customer Insights, Across Health and Ruud Kooi, VP Across Health
    Key topics:

    - Reach-Impact- Cost analysis for key online and offline channels (owned-paid-earned)
    - “Desired Frequency” analysis for key channels
    - Company appreciation scores by key therapy area (diabetes, pain, women’s health, vaccines)
    - Company appreciation scores for digital vs fieldforce vs medical vs patient support
    - Evolution over time of key parameters
    - New, flexible web-based reporting format
    - Making the data actionable
  • Multichannel Maturometer 2015 results: Key global trends Recorded: May 28 2015 54 mins
    Fonny Schenck (CEO, Across Health) and Dirk Szynka (MD Germany, Across Health)
    Key topics:

    - Digital maturity of pharma
    - Hot trends in multichannel marketing
    - Evolution of digital budgets
    - Key barriers
  • Marketing Automation Recorded: Mar 12 2015 61 mins
    Jan Keuppens, Managing Director Belgium, Across Health; Pim Ten Tusscher, Senior Consultant, Across Health
    Key insights on Marketing Automation in Pharma, presented by experts of Across Health.

    - What is Marketing Automation?
    - How are other markets using this technology?
    - Benchmarking Life Science against other markets
    - Our observations and learnings in the Life Science industry.
    - Identifying the challenges of implementing Marketing Automation for your organisation.
  • mHealth and Disruption in Pharma Recorded: Feb 25 2015 60 mins
    Peter Hinssen, Managing Partner, Across Group and Fonny Schenck, CEO, Across Health
    Key insights on mHealth and Disruption in Pharma, presented by experts.

    •How do new technologies disrupt industries?
    •Why does the network always win?
    •What are some key trends in healthcare technologies?
    •How can pharma leverage these trends?
  • Digital Transformation in Pharma: organizing for sustained success Recorded: Nov 25 2014 60 mins
    Christian Helsengreen, Senior Consultant & Edwin de Fouw, MD Netherlands & Nordics, Across Health
    Key Topics:

    What is your multichannel maturity vs industry average and vs best-practices in leading industries?

    What’s your 3-year strategy for the customer-centric New Normal?

    *Integrated execution:
    How do you set up an agile internal network to deliver a consistently great customer experience?

    How do you assess whether you are moving in the right direction?
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  • Presented by: Philip Baciaz (VP Customer Insights, Across Health) Fonny Schenck (CEO Across Health)
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