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The Next Generation of Data Center Design and Management

IT professionals are often running out of power at the rack, creating hot spots and not properly managing capacity. Learn how to avoid these common issues as well as different concepts for data center design.
Recorded Dec 12 2012 46 mins
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Presented by
Mike Parham, Technical Solutions Architect - Data Center, World Wide Technology, Inc.
Presentation preview: The Next Generation of Data Center Design and Management

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  • Big Data Business Talk Recorded: Mar 13 2013 37 mins
    Arthur Hansen, Consulting Solutions Architect, World Wide Technology, Inc.
    Who is doing what with Big Data and why – a comprehensive exploration of the major use case patterns and components of a Big Data project. Audience should be executive sponsors and technical people that are looking for ways to turn the hot topic discussion of Big Data into a discrete project with a payback for their enterprise. Webinar explores five “magic patterns” that are found in Big Data use cases highlighting how companies exploited them to create competitive advantage. Webinar discusses the elements of a big data solution including Hadoop, Machine Learning, Visualization and Storage plus ways to get started quickly.

    About the Presenter:
    Art Hansen is current working as consulting solution architect for World Wide Technology, a 5 billion dollar company, where he is tasked with driving WWT’s SAP Hana, Big Data, and RISC migrations go to markets. Art is a former IBM award winning IBM programmer and developer who created applications for large enterprises including UPS. Mr. Hansen also has infrastructure experience having been a Technical Services Architect in IBM’s server consolidation and migration national practice out of Austin Texas. Art won an innovation award from NetApp in 2011 for efficiency with a Global SAP migration at Freeport-McMoran where they migrated from Unix to Red Hat Linux on Cisco UCS. Art graduated from Drew University with a degree in Economics and has been in the IT industry for over 20 years.
  • IMPACT: Virtualization’s Effect on the Network Recorded: Feb 14 2013 36 mins
    Jon Duren, Systems Engineering Manager, WWT, Inc.
    As the adoption of virtualized clouds changes the landscape of our data centers, many organizations are beginning to take a fresh look at the way they approach networking.

    In this webinar we will address some of the challenges that face networking teams today as they interact with the new virtual world, such as:

    - There’s more to networking than just hooking things up
    - Where Network Services Reside
    - Ownership of Services
    - Advanced Cloud Networking : Where is my Layer-2?
    - How does this play into orchestration and automation
    - A Pragmatic Approach to Cloud
    - The Next Generation Network Engineer
  • Software-defined Networking and Network Virtualization: What’s the Difference? Recorded: Jan 17 2013 49 mins
    David Chandler, Technical Solutions Architect, World Wide Technologies, Inc.
    Software Defined Networking (SDN) has captured the attention of network vendors, and customers alike. The promise of SDN is a hot topic today, but the definition(s) of SDN can vary dramatically. Very often the terms Software Defined Networking and Virtual Networking are used interchangeably, but are they different, or are they the same process? In this session, we will attempt to unravel the concepts and platforms for Software Defined Networking and Virtual Networks.

    About the Presenter:
    Dave Chandler is a National Technical Solutions Architect, Practice Lead for Core Routing and Switching for World Wide Technologies, Inc. He has 20 years of experience with WWT, Cisco Systems, 3Com and the Duke University Medical Center. His focus includes data center related topics, ethernet routing and switching, storage switching, storage technologies, unified fabric, compute platforms, virtualization and private cloud.
  • The Next Generation of Data Center Design and Management Recorded: Dec 12 2012 46 mins
    Mike Parham, Technical Solutions Architect - Data Center, World Wide Technology, Inc.
    IT professionals are often running out of power at the rack, creating hot spots and not properly managing capacity. Learn how to avoid these common issues as well as different concepts for data center design.
  • Five Pillars of VDI Success Recorded: Nov 15 2012 35 mins
    Scott Miller, National Technical Solutions Architect, World Wide Technology, Inc.
    According to industry researchers nearly 75 percent of the organizations who have deployed a virtual desktop environment have stalled their deployment before completion leaving frustrated employees in departments ranging from IT, to the business units, to the executive suite. It isn’t a lack of good intentions causing these deployments to fail, but rather a lack of understanding of the holistic approach needed to successfully deploy a virtual desktop environment. Join WWT’s Dave Kinsman, National Technical Solutions Architect, as he discusses the 5 Pillars to VDI success.
  • You got cool questions, we have cool answers Recorded: Nov 15 2012 45 mins
    Schneider Electric a global resource in energy solutions (including cooling)
    Cool Question of the Day: Is there a simple way to compare how cooling architectures vary in performance by efficiency, opex, carbon footprint and geographical location?

    Data center cooling strategies are changing; cooling solution requirements have evolved significantly. ASHRAE and local codes are requiring high efficiency, “economizer” modes be used in most new data centers and expansions. While some cooling systems can save over 70% in annual cooling energy costs by operating in economizer there are at least 17 different types of economizer modes. Selecting the “best solution” can be a costly, complex, confusing process, greatly affected by location, architecture, and data center mission. Schneider Electric offers research and “trade-off tools” to simplify the process comparing cooling solution approaches. This discussion will focus on guidance provided in both White Papers and corresponding Economizer Mode PUE Calculator (available on Tools.apcc.com).
  • NetApp Storage Arrays – More Than Just Toast Recorded: Oct 28 2012 60 mins
    Rich Harper, National Technical Solutions Architect, World Wide Technology
    Do you remember when NetApp compared their filers to toasters - as easy to set up and use as a kitchen toaster? While still cost effective and fairly easy to manage they are also offering robust, enterprise-class storage solutions. Join WWT's Rick Harper as he discusses NetApp's current line of storage arrays and how to know if they are the right fit for your environment.

    Topics will include:
    - NetApp 7 Mode and 8 Mode ad some confusion about “clustermode” vs. 7G mode
    - WAFL (Write Anywhere File Layout)
    - Architectural basics including controllers, NVRAM, FlashCache, disks, aggregates, volumes and Qtrees
    - Storage Optimization techniques including over-subscription, thin
    provisioning, snapshots, flex-clones and data de-duplication
    - Performance Considerations
    - Management
  • Resilient Active Data Centers - A Reality Now Recorded: Oct 22 2012 24 mins
    Chris Fendya, National Technical Solutions Architect, World Wide Technology
    Join WWT's Chris Fendya as he discusses why and how companies are moving to active active data centers. The technologies and solutions that make this endeavor a reality will be reviewed along with architectural and business challenges. Mobility, flexibility (both IT architecture and business), scalability, and business continuity/disaster recovery are all realized benefits when moving to an active active data center.
  • How a Consultative Approach Can Really Make a Difference for the Cloud Recorded: Oct 16 2012 40 mins
    Mike Voss, Consulting Systems Architect, Federal Civilian, World Wide Technology
    World Wide Technology’s Mike Voss shares best practices from the trenches on how to use a Systems Integrator or trusted partner to help guide you on your path to the cloud. Learn why asking the right questions and listening for the answers is critical to finding the right infrastructure solutions for each user’s environment.
  • Big Data – The Technology Behind the Solutions Recorded: Sep 18 2012 30 mins
    Pat Seitz, Technical Solution Architect, World Wide Technology, Inc.
    This webinar will define the attributes of Big Data and the behavior of Big Analytics that break traditional I/T infrastructure. We will explore the technologies that enable large amounts of data to not only be streamed real time but provide the processing capabilities to sort and analyze the data to gain meaningful insight.
  • Preparing Your Infrastructure for Cloud Automation and Orchestration Recorded: Aug 16 2012 43 mins
    Erik Vesneski, Cloud Business Development - Technical Solutions Architect, WWT
    A vendor neutral approach to automating and orchestrating Cloud environments from bare metal to cross domain processes. This presentation will cover a technology focused business aligned Cloud platform that delivers on improved provisioning, operational changes and necessary changes an organization should be aware of for automation and orchestration within their IT environment.
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  • Title: The Next Generation of Data Center Design and Management
  • Live at: Dec 12 2012 8:00 pm
  • Presented by: Mike Parham, Technical Solutions Architect - Data Center, World Wide Technology, Inc.
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