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Cloud Analytics Consortium presents: Analytics in the Cloud: Ready for Primetime

Altaz Bhanji, Dan Ross, Darren Cunningham, Howard Dresner, John Santaferraro, Ralph McMullen, Steve Stone
Join a group of knowledgeable and respected industry thought leaders as they discuss their views about how organizations can best prepare for success with DW/BI solutions in the cloud. Highly reputed independent analyst Howard Dresner who brings 30+ years of IT and BI experience will participate on the panel to provide valuable insights on the future of cloud-based DW/BI solutions. Howard will be joined by senior executives from best-in-class technology organizations including Informatica, MicroStrategy, Netezza, ParAccel and Teradata.

Join us to learn:

* Why more companies are using cloud-based DW/BI solutions now, more than ever before
* About industry solutions for concerns around security, performance, and reliability
* How to evaluate whether a cloud DW/BI solution is right for you
* Cloud adoption or migration strategies for any size business
Dec 6 2012
51 mins
Cloud Analytics Consortium presents: Analytics in the Cloud: Ready for Primetime
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  • Join us this week for a special 30-minute live session on how RingCentral integrates with Zendesk for improved workflow and increased productivity.

    Tune in every Friday for RingCentral Live. We’ll tour the RingCentral interface, discuss the latest innovations and features available on the RingCentral platform, and share best practices on leveraging cloud communications for your business. This session also features a live demo of RingCentral Office and an open Q&A session led by a Sales Engineer.
  • Early on expectations from B2B buyers in their journey set the stage for marketing and sales to work together. As leads flow in, an agreed-upon plan and process should be in place for lead identification, distribution and follow-up. This optimized plan and process can make a huge difference between smooth sailing or rough seas in the next steps of the journey for the marketing and sales teams and most importantly, the buyer.

    So, what does this process look like, and how can an optimized lead process affect not only the quality of the buyer's journey, but opportunity generation? Join Isaac Payne, Marketing Operations Specialist, and Ali Gooch, Sr. Sales Manager-both of Pardot, as they explore and give us tips on how we can get the most out of an optimized lead process.
  • Gartner has predicted 18-20% growth in SaaS market, and expects it to hit US $22.1 billion by the year 2015. They have also measured that SaaS adoption rate has increased many fold in the last few years (almost 71% of enterprises use SaaS solutions).

    SaaS has come a long way from “hype” to “norm”. The key to this change is the confidence that has been built by the cloud/SaaS community by providing enterprise class security. Since, SaaS model of delivery has become a defacto standard of delivering products it’s critical for software providers to ensure that their SaaS product meets the required industry security standards. In this webinar, we will address the security aspects related to architecture, deployment and management of SaaS solutions.

    Key Takeaways:
    • Security considerations in each of the architecture layers
    • Data isolation risks and mitigation plans
    • Overview of CWE/SANS and OWASP Security threats
    • Data retention and termination policies
    • Infrastructure and cloud related security risks and solutions
  • Most two-factor authentication credentials offer high levels of security, but reduce usability; others offer limited security but are very easy to use. Risk-based authentication adds dynamic risk analysis to your authentication framework, while helping to maintain a frictionless experience for the user.

    Please join Charley Chell, Sr. Director, Security Solutions at CA Technologies to learn how you can enhance the value of two-factor authentication and strengthen the security posture of your organization with risk-based authentication.
  • There are more costs to your phone system than you think. From capital expenditures to software upgrades, your phone system could be costing you. Join Matt McGinnis, Senior Director of Product Marketing at RingCentral, as he discusses the total cost of ownership (TCO) of an on-premise phone system and how you can see up to a 70% savings on your phone bill.
  • There are more costs to your phone system than you think. From capital expenditures to software upgrades, your phone system could be costing you. Join Matt McGinnis, Senior Director of Product Marketing at RingCentral, as he discusses the total cost of ownership (TCO) of an on-premise phone system and how you can see up to a 70% savings on your phone bill.
  • Join us for a 30-minute live session every Friday, where we’ll tour the RingCentral interface, discuss the latest innovations and features available on the RingCentral platform, and share best practices on leveraging cloud communications for your business. This session features a live demo of RingCentral Office and an open Q&A session led by a Sales Engineer.

    This week tune in and learn about how RingCentral integrates with Google Gmail, Calendar, Docs and more.
  • Mobile applications, cloud computing and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) are reshaping nearly every aspect of your business, from revenue opportunities to how and where your employees work. They’re also forcing you to reinvent your security policies. Otherwise every device, from laptop to smartphone, is a data breach waiting to happen.

    In Pulse Secure’s webinar on March 19, Senior Principal Analyst Jon Oltsik of Enterprise Strategy Group will explore the new world of mobile security:

    User role, device type, network location & factors define your new security needs.

    Creating - Enforcing - Effective network access policies for secure mobile processes.

    How top organizations are tackling mobile security.
  • Mobile apps present a unique challenge for e-commerce merchants. Not only do they need to positively engage your customers, they must also generate revenue for your company. 

    So what keeps customers happy and coming back for more? Apps that support the on-the-go lifestyle and are engaging enough to keep users interested for the long term.

    In this webinar, 5 Tips to make sure customers transact with your app, we'll provide a clear roadmap for success that focuses on specific dos and don'ts, including:

    - DO NOT be insensitive to data privacy concerns
    - Do pay close attention balancing functionality with download speed
  • Enterprises still don’t trust the cloud for their sensitive workloads. Are their concerns reasonable? Are they inevitable? In this briefing, Frost & Sullivan examines perceptions and realities associated with cloud security and recommends ways to mitigate risk.

    Why You Should Attend:
    • Understand the “risk premium” ascribed to the cloud versus the private data center.
    • Learn why the cloud requires new processes for governance and compliance.
    • Hear why traditional security approaches, such as asset protection, are not relevant to a cloud environment.
    • Understand how to build a holistic approach to cloud security.
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  • Ask, Measure, Learn May 28 2015 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Lutz Finger, Director of Data Science and Data Engineering, LinkedIn; Author, "Ask, Measure, Learn"
    We do not want Big Data! We want the right data to answer the right questions!

    Data is changing our world. Predictions using massive data not only have improved many products. At the same time, they have, in some industries, disrupted business models and created new ones.

    What does an organization need to do to generate a new competitive advantage out of data? The answer might be surprising. “Change the state of mind.”

    Companies often do not need big data. They essentially want small and actionable advice. Some predictions will need big data to surface relevant information, but not all. The key to success for many companies, however, is to enable “data­driven” decision making. Lutz will discuss the steps he has used in starting and developing his own company (later sold to WPP), as well as how he leads LinkedIn’s data science team.

    A) Change the state of mind!
    Enable everyone in the company to ask “data driven” questions. Lutz will show how this is the hardest part of the on­going exercise, but why most businesses actually can achieve this with their current strategic abilities. Using examples we will learn what is the best way to formulate the “Ask”.

    B) What data?
    Data can be a source of disruption & innovation. Business models change because new data sources and enhanced computational power allows new services or improve old services. But which data to use? Domain knowledge is often more important than having “Big Data". Lutz will introduce a framework on how to think about data.

    C) How to build a Data Team?
    How can organizations build up data capabilities within your team. Contrary to the common discussion that a data scientist are not ‘hard to find’. Lutz will explain how every company can create a data science organization by just mixing the right skillets.
  • Machine Learning - where to next? May 28 2015 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Peter Morgan, CEO, Zepto Ventures
    We have all probably heard of machine learning by now. Some may even know that it is embedded in hundreds of everyday consumer and business products and services from search to image and speech recognition. In this talk Peter will give a brief overview of what machine learning is, where it came from and where it might take us in the near, medium and far term - two, five and ten years, respectively. He will cover the positive changes it will bring, plus the risks and issues that may result from the widespread adoption of this technology.
  • Human-Centered Design and Data Science May 27 2015 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Dean Malmgren, Partner and Data Scientist, Datascope Analytics
    When you hear someone say, “that is a nice infographic” or “check out this sweet dashboard,” many people infer that they are “well-designed.” Creating accessible (or for the cynical, “pretty”) content is only part of what makes good design powerful. The human-centered design process is geared toward solving specific problems. This process has been formalized in many ways (e.g., IDEO’s Human Centered Design, Marc Hassenzahl’s User Experience Design, or Braden Kowitz’s Story-Centered Design), but the basic idea is that you have to explore the breadth of the possible before you can isolate truly innovative ideas.

    In this talk, I'll share some lessons we've learned from the human-centered design process and how those lessons can be used by other data science practitioners.
  • Hadoop and the Enterprise Data Warehouse, Simplified Apr 23 2015 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Tamara Dull, Dir. Emerging Technologies, SAS Best Practices; Tony Pagliarulo, Partner & Practice Lead, NewVantage Patners
    When Apache Hadoop hit the market eight years ago, it rattled the cages of traditional BI and data warehousing professionals. Many speculated whether Hadoop would replace existing infrastructures, complement them, or become just the latest technology fad.

    We now know Hadoop is not a fad and driving topic of discussion today is around how best to utilize Hadoop - even if you don't have big data.

    If you're a technically savvy business professional who is still trying to understand how big data - and Hadoop in specific - impacts the enterprise data game, this webinar is for you. We'll highlight six common ways Hadoop is being used to support and extend the enterprise data warehouse ecosystem, with or without "big" data.
  • Big Data Solutions: Simplifying Data with Hadoop Apr 23 2015 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Chandra Salem, Senior Enterprise Data Architect
    Data is now the driving force behind business success. Embrace it and the rewards can be an ever-increasing competitive advantage, significant revenue growth and bottom-line boosting profit margins.

    What is your big data challenge?

    · Is your existing infrastructure too small to go big?

    · Are you facing ever sky-rocketing capital expenditure just to support your infrastructure?

    · Is there an expertise gap in your business that you are struggling to fill?

    · Are you finding that your external options are limited by vendor lock-in?

    · Are you struggling to move on to the next phase and embrace innovative technologies, such as Hadoop, to capture the insights you need?

    Hear from Rackspace, Data Store experts to understand how to take your business to the next level in the data age.
  • Explore Big Data Analytics with Amazon Redshift Apr 22 2015 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Rahul Pathak, Senior Product Manager, Amazon Redshift Ted Wasserman, Product Management & Development, Tableau Software
    Amazon Redshift enables customers to innovate quickly using its fully managed and immensely scalable data warehousing solution. Tableau’s ability to connect directly to Redshift and leverage its massive computing power means even the most non-technical business user can quickly discover business insights with easy to use drag and drop visual analytics against mammoth data sets. Join Amazon Web Services (AWS), Mixpo and Tableau Software, an AWS Technology Partner, to learn how customers are leveraging both Tableau and AWS to tackle big data exploration projects and recognize business benefits in record time.
  • Stream Processing 360 in the Hadoop Ecosystem: Use Cases and Best Practices Apr 22 2015 11:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Michael Hausenblas, Chief Data Engineer, MapR Technologies
    Processing data from social media streams and sensors devices alike, in real-time, is becoming increasingly prevalent and there are plenty open source solutions to choose from.

    In this Webinar we will help practitioners decide what to use for which use case by comparing three popular ASF open source stream processing frameworks: Apache Storm, Apache Samza and Apache Spark Streaming.Last but not least, we will discuss best practices and review real-world customer use cases from the stream processing domain.
  • Leveraging Hadoop - with or without on-premise infrastructure Apr 22 2015 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Lee Carter, VP EMEA, Bright Computing
    In this presentation, Lee Carter, VP EMEA at Bright Computing, will talk about Hadoop in the cloud, and how to leverage Hadoop without necessarily having to invest in on-premise infrastructure. Lee will explore the challenges faced when setting up, operating, using and managing Hadoop clusters. He will discuss user demand for Hadoop to be easier, and look at how the shortage of skilled Hadoop resources is impacting the industry. Lee will investigate the idea that better management tools can solve these challenges.
  • HDFS TDE: Native Encryption in Hadoop Apr 22 2015 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Alberto Romero, Senior Hadoop Technical Architect, Hortonworks
    HDFS Transparent Data Encryption has been added to HDFS 2.6, and it finally provides with a solution to data encryption on a higher level than the OS one whilst remaining native and transparent to Hadoop. It aims cover the gap that existed for privacy and security regulations that many industries require, without having to introduce a third-party solution into the mix. This way, having encryption at HDFS level gives an optimal context for policy definition that is relevant to the industry, while remaining transparent to the applications running on Hadoop.
  • Hyperscaling your SaaS Infrastructure Mar 31 2015 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Dmitriy Setrakyan
    Join us on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 at 11:00 AM PST/2:00 PM EST for a webinar titled "Hyperscaling Your SaaS Infrastructure" featuring InsideBIGDATA Managing Editor, Daniel Gutierrez and GridGain co-founder and EVP of Engineering, Dmitriy Setrakyan.

    In this 50 minute webinar we'll explore how modern SaaS, PaaS and IaaS systems are achieving unprecedented levels of scale and performance by implementing In-Memory Computing (IMC) technologies. We'll cover which types of services will benefit most from IMC, how IMC compares to alternative technologies, and how to get started evaluating this game-changing technology.

    This webinar is a must-see for technology leaders in the transition to high-speed, low-latency Saas, PaaS or IaaS services. Register Now.
  • DMBoK Discipline: Master & Reference Data Management Mar 30 2015 11:15 am UTC 60 mins
    Chris Bradley, Chief Data Officer, FromHereOn
    This is the second in a series of webinars describing the Information Management disciplines as defined within the DAMA DMBoK.
    Webinar #2 looks at the Information Management discipline “Master & Reference Data Management”.
    Topics addressed include:
    •What Master Data and Master Data Management
    •The difference between Master and Reference Data & why it matters.
    •Different types of MDM Architectures ranging from a full central hub, through hybrid to virtualised
    •Why identifying the correct architecture for your types of Master Data is important.
    •A MDM reference architecture, the typical components in the reference architecture and how to identify & select the right tooling for your environment and MD business needs.
    •Single domain and Multi domain MDM solutions, the advantages & disadvantages and how to determine what's appropriate for you.
    •Issues encountered when building the case for MDM.
  • Improving the 3 P's (Performance, Portfolio and Process) with Analytics Recorded: Mar 26 2015 45 mins
    Andrew Line, Lauren Danker, Kevin McCleary, Deloitte Analytics (on behalf of Tableau Software)
    By using an Issue--Solution--Impact diagram, three Tableau power analysts from Deloitte's analytics team will discuss actual problems organisations have faced and will share practical techniques for interpreting and communicating tonnes of heavy data into digestible content and visuals. Be ready for some amazing tips to take your dashboards to the next level!

    This presentation aims to answer the following:

    -How can data visualization and agile analytics be used to turn a mess of data into a clear, visual masterpiece?
    -Where is the organisation spending too much money, and what can you do about it?
    -Where is the business performing well, not well, and why?
    -How can you automate many of the reporting processes to make everything simpler and quicker?
  • Six Ways to Maximize the Power of Your Data Recorded: Mar 25 2015 58 mins
    Jonathan Wu President, NAVinture
    Organizations of all types and sizes are awash in Big Data but lack the right tools to take advantage. Discover how to get the most from your own stores of information with a solution that provides everything from fast analytics and ease of use to ubiquitous to database and cloud services through smart dashboards and automatic updates.
  • Self-Service Big Data Preparation for Business Users Recorded: Mar 24 2015 39 mins
    Matthew Magne, Product Marketing Mgr, Data Management, SAS & Clark Bradley, Principal Technical Architect, SAS
    This webinar discusses how business users can prepare, integrate and cleanse big data – all without having to write code or attend costly training. SAS Data Loader for Hadoop is a new offering that enables you to overcome the gap in available Hadoop skills, unshackle IT and speed access to big data.

    In this webinar we discuss and demonstrate:

    Big Data Integration and Access
    - Load relational data to and from Hadoop.
    - Use Kerberos for authentication.
    - Self-service access to profile, transform and filter data on Hadoop.

    Big Data Quality
    - Profile, parse and standardize data by pushing processing down to Hadoop.

    Visualization and Analytics
    - Run SAS code on Hadoop.
    - Load data in-memory for visualization using the SAS® LASR™ Analytic Server.
  • Busting the Four Analytic Myths: Everyone Understands the Value of Analytics Recorded: Mar 23 2015 13 mins
    Keith Collins, CIO, SAS; James Dallas, former CIO, Medronic, and Dan Vesset, Program VP, Analytics, IDC.
    Based on IDC research, this webinar sets the record straight when it comes to misconceptions about data, analytics and IT.

    The research findings, described in the white paper, “The CIO’s Chance of a Lifetime: Using Big Data and Analytics as the Ticket to Strategic Relevance”, identified four key findings that debunk common myths relating to analytics and the role of IT. Watch this video of IDC’s findings.

    Use this 10-minute webcast to help your IT contacts understand the research findings and how they can take an active role in developing their companies’ analytics strategies.
  • How to Simplify and Accelerate Hadoop Deployment Recorded: Mar 19 2015 49 mins
    Nik Rouda, Senior Analyst for Big Data, ESG; Anant Chintamaneni, VP of Products, BlueData
    Big Data is a top IT priority, yet many organizations are still in the early stages of deploying Hadoop and new data processing frameworks such as Spark. One of the challenges that slows down adoption is getting all the infrastructure and systems up and running. It’s a complex process and can often take weeks or even months.

    Join this webinar with Nik Rouda, senior analyst for Big Data at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), and Anant Chintamaneni, vice president of products at BlueData, to learn:

    • How to evaluate infrastructure deployment options (e.g. on-premises, Hadoop-as-a-Service)
    • Big Data infrastructure best practices, use cases, and real-world examples
    • How to leverage new technologies to speed up deployment for faster time-to-value with Big Data
  • The State of the Internet of Things: Opportunities and Roadblocks - Expert Panel Recorded: Mar 19 2015 64 mins
    James Hogan, Vista Ventures; Mac Devine, IBM; Stephen Mellor, IIC; Jeff Smith, Numerex; Darin Andersen, CyberUnited
    The Internet of Things (IoT) has now become a mainstream term but much of the attention is focused on the latest gadgets rather than its potential in super-charging efficiencies of every industry sector. Whether it's using connected devices to monitor the health of a patient or an elderly relative in their homes, GE"s smart jet engines that transmit terabytes of data on its condition in-flight or ensuring miners' safety and productivity with integrated communications, tracking and real-time analytics; Internet of Things can have a monumental impact on global economy, with the forecast of over $14 trillion in the next two decades, according to latest research by Accenture.

    But what does this all mean for IT professionals? Beyond the trade show gadgets, IoT initiatives require immense support from all IT functions. Collecting, storing and alayzing immense amounts of data, which can be easily accessed in the cloud at any time and securely shared across connected devices is no easy feat. Moreso, a standardized set of guiding principles is essential for governance and proper implementation of every supported initiative.

    Join this expert panel session, featuring some of the leading industry minds, as they share unique perspectives and vision into into the future of IoT and join the conversation in an interactive Q&A session at the end of the presentation.

    Panelists include:
    - James Hogan, Managing Partner, Vista Ventures
    - Mac Devine, Vice President SDN Cloud Services and CTO, IBM Cloud Services Division
    - Stephen Mellor, CTO, Industrial Internet Consortium
    - Jeff Smith, CTO & EVP, Numerex
    - Darin Andersen, CEO, CyberUnited
  • Healthcare Analytics in a Disconnected World Recorded: Mar 18 2015 44 mins
    Sven Junkergård, CTO, Zephyr Health
    Some of the most critical data required to solve analytical problems in the healthcare and life sciences world lack the type of keys that we rely on so heavily in other domains. This session will focus on solutions to the fundamental data connectivity challenges in this area and how to enable impactful analytics on a few high value but disconnected healthcare data sources.
  • Inside Apache Solr 5 Recorded: Mar 18 2015 57 mins
    Grant Ingersoll, CTO, Lucidworks
    Join us for a webinar with Lucidworks CTO and Apache Solr committer Grant Ingersoll for a guided tour of the latest release of Solr. You'll learn about SolrCloud hardening, clusterstate improvements, the schema and solrconfig APIs, easier ZooKeeper management, improved flexible and schemaless indexing, and overall ease-of-use improvements.
  • Role of Data Integration in Enabling your Digital Business Recorded: Mar 18 2015 45 mins
    Mark Skilton, Digital Expert, PA Consulting
    The session will explore practical development in realising digital strategies that empower your business and provide guidance for improving digital value. We will look past the hype of digital leadership and disruption towards practical considerations of how data integration plays a central role in how technologies, innovation and economics work in a new digital information era. Many organisations are inundated with DIGITIZATION of their business model presenting both an opportunity and challenge to leadership, cultural and operating performance realisation. A paradox exists; the ability to manage the explosion of data, connectivity, and devices as well as the impact on skills, products and services, regulation and security, and the organisational value chain network and wider market dynamics. Mark will discuss the findings of PA’s digital barometer and explore the ramifications for leaders in their pursuit of digital excellence. He will demonstrate how digital thinking has led to new forms of digital value through new business strategies that address how experience and outcomes. Providing connected spaces is enabled by understanding how data and its usage in context is shaping the new organisation of the future.

    · How does your business shape up in the digital economy.

    · What holistic considerations really matter in digital thinking for your business and the role of data in the new digital enterprise.

    · Case studies of practical evidence of how to join up business spaces with an integrated thinking approach
Make smarter moves with your big data management
Make smarter moves with your big data management

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  • Title: Cloud Analytics Consortium presents: Analytics in the Cloud: Ready for Primetime
  • Live at: Dec 6 2012 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Altaz Bhanji, Dan Ross, Darren Cunningham, Howard Dresner, John Santaferraro, Ralph McMullen, Steve Stone
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