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Cloud Security 101

IT is moving to the cloud, but are the security, legal and privacy implications of the move to a serverless organization well understood? This question increases in significance as bring your own device intersects with mobile device management on the IT roadmap.

Start your journey into the "as-a-service" world with David Lingenfelter who will overview what to look for in a cloud-based MDM, app, and document security solution. You'll learn how provider transparency can give users the same confidence and trust in the cloud as its on-premises ancestors.
Recorded Sep 6 2012 50 mins
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Presented by
David Lingenfelter, Information Security Officer at Fiberlink
Presentation preview: Cloud Security 101

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  • Wearable Applications for the Enterprise: Google Glass and Beyond Recorded: Jul 10 2014 57 mins
    Det Ansinn from BrickSimple, Mike Eisenberg from Wear-Tec and Frank Schloendorn from IBM
    While Google Glass has yet to land on the heads of everyday consumers, it is already making inroads in the enterprise. For new and emerging technologies, there are infrastructure, security and deployment challenges. The intimate and highly personal nature of wearable computing also brings with it new demands for developers, designers and business managers.

    Join BrickSimple as they share their experiences developing, deploying and managing wearable applications in corporate environments including:

    - State of wearable computing
    - WiFi, Bluetooth Smart (BLE), Sensors and context
    - Designing good wearable technology experiences
    - Google Glass as an enterprise-capable platform
    - Wear-Tec case study: the development of the LENS OS platform on Google Glass
  • Build and Secure Mobile Apps in the Enterprise Recorded: Jun 19 2014 60 mins
    Ed Brill from IBM, Ian Robinson from IBM and Josh Lambert from IBM
    The mobile wave continues to gain momentum--is your business leveraging public apps or creating new ones to make your employees more productive? Understanding the key steps to implementing quality apps that securely extend the reach of your organization will put you on the right path for your mobile journey.

    Join our Mobile MaaSters as they discuss the importance of end-to-end mobile app life cycle management of HTML5, hybrid and native mobile apps.

    Transform your business into a mobile enterprise. Ed Brill discusses how mobile is taking enterprises by storm and the importance of embracing mobile in your organization.

    Build, test, and run mobile apps. Ian Robinson discusses how comprehensive mobile app development platforms can help to build, run and manage mobile apps.

    Shield your apps and secure data. Josh Lambert discusses the growing need for mobile security and how to easily deploy and manage them at scale with enterprise mobility management.
  • Samsung Knox™ on Galaxy S®5 with MaaS360 for Business Recorded: May 22 2014 54 mins
    Chris Hobbs and Olli Linnainmaa from Samsung Mobile IBM
    Securing enterprise data becomes more challenging with each new device. From smartphones and tablets to wearable technology, employees are demanding flexibility and privacy while corporate, regulatory, and legal imperatives require precise policy enforcement.

    Join Chris Hobbs and Olli Linnainmaa from Samsung Mobile and Mobile MaaSter Chris Isbrecht for this webinar. In this session you will learn how Samsung Knox with enhancements on the Galaxy S5 and MaaS360 will deliver the mobile security you need, without compromising the privacy of your employees. Samsung devices have been validated through Common Criteria and FIPS and can be managed conveniently with MaaS360. Learn what's new and see how you can:

    - Benefit from the new technology available on Samsung Galaxy S5 with MaaS360
    - Provide devices to employees within either a COPE or BYOD program
    - Enable centralized control and management of IT policies for mobile devices
    - Remotely control, monitor, and administer Knox for mobile devices
    - Enhance security to shield your network from hacking, malware, viruses, and unauthorized access
    - Protect enterprise data and employee privacy with separate business and personal modes
    - Actively manage all aspects of the Knox container
  • Secure Enterprise Content in the Cloud with Box and MaaS360 Recorded: May 15 2014 54 mins
    Nirav Shroff from Box and Kaushik Srinivas from IBM
    Simple, secure and scalable content sharing is key to improving employee productivity and information security. Cloud storage can easily propel your Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) strategy forward by allowing your employees access to corporate content anytime, anywhere across device platforms and form factors. Employees benefit from seamless edit and sync capabilities, while IT enjoys the security controls it can place over documents and other sensitive corporate data.

    Box is consistently named as an industry leader in Enterprise File Sync and Share. It allows employees to access and share corporate content on the Box cloud from any device. MaaS360, the leader in enterprise mobility, seamlessly integrates with Box to deliver content from the Box cloud to a secure container on any mobile device. Employees can now edit and sync documents to Box directly from the container. MaaS360 and Box work together to provide CIOs with the controls that you need to ensure your corporate data is protected across any mobile device.

    Join this webinar to learn how you can empower your employees to access corporate content worry free. Presented by the leaders in mobility and cloud storage - MaaS360 and Box.

    - How IT manages and distributes corporate documents securely
    - How employees can access, edit and sync docs on their mobile devices
    - How policies can restrict data leakage from the MaaS360 container
  • Game of Phones - Enterprise Mobility Management Recorded: May 1 2014 57 mins
    Andrew Clarke, Frank Schloendorn, Sergiy Mimkha
    The battle for the one ruler of mobility has been ravishing the land for years. As three powerful families of devices battle to usurp the others with larger screens, faster processors and more features, it has left the kingdom in great turmoil on who they should trust as the most benevolent ruler of productivity.

    Join Fiberlink as Medieval Mobile MaaSters for Apple, Android and Windows clash to determine which device family will sit upon the silicon throne.

    Apple: Lord Andrew Clarke: Like the Lannisters, Apple is the current leader of Enterprise mobility with the most devices activated in business and schools. With its beloved features, apps, usability, and expanding device options, the iOS platform seems fit to rule for years to come. But it remains to be seen just how far Apple can extend its empire across the continents.

    Android: Sir Frank Schloendorn: This Targaryen like mobile OS may not be the obvious choice, but the device diversity that was once keeping Android in exile has turned into a powerful battle arsenal. Devices and features found in the Samsung KNOX family line could very well be a mammoth dragon of power in pushing further inside the enterprise garden walls.

    Windows: Squire Sergiy Mimkha: Windows like the Starks has taken quite a few battle scars in the battle for mobility. Now though with the power of Windows Phone 8 and the seamless connectivity to Office365 and portals of parchment sharing like SharePoint, Windows is poised to march from the great Northwest to show they are a force to be reckoned with.
  • Wearable Tech Watch - The New View into Enterprise Productivity and Risk Recorded: Mar 6 2014 57 mins
    Frank Schloendorn, Jonathan Dale, Norton Brainard
    Smartwatches, Google Glass and fitness wearables have captured consumer interest imagination the past 12 months. Is the next step adoption into the enterprise?

    While tablets and smartphones kicked off the BYOD revolution, wearable tech will solidify the age of user choice for productivity. Join Fiberlink experts Frank Schloendorn and Jonathan Dale as they debate the pitfalls and perils of these ubiquitous devices as they emerge in networks, systems and the enterprise.

    In this webinar you will get full details on how you can ride the wearables wave into the future and stem the tide of data leaks in your enterprise:

    - Define wearable devices, types, features and their markets
    - Assess risks and define usage parameters to secure corporate data
    - Discuss management options for wearables in MDM
    - Preview the future of wearables in the enterprise
  • Enterprise Mobility Best Practices - 2017 Analysts' Predictions Recorded: Feb 20 2014 47 mins
    John Jackson, IDC
    We know what year it is, but Fiberlink wants to help you future proof your Enterprise Mobility Management strategy and solutions with guest speaker IDC analyst John Jackson. Mobility is a dynamically evolving design point for enterprise applications of all types. As an IT professional, it can be tough to keep up with the fast pace, new ideas and all those acronyms! MEM, MDM, MAM, BYOD...how does it all fit together and where's it all going?

    Mobile Enterprise Management (MEM) is expected to own $2.1B of the market by 2017.** This isn't hard to believe with more than half of IT Managers reporting that their organizations have implemented an MDM or MAM tool in their mobile strategy. And as the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) beat goes on, MEM solutions have evolved from device management to incorporate app management, and are now increasingly supporting content management functionality.

    Join John Jackson, IDC analyst,to discuss enterprise mobility:

    - IDC's Third Platform concept and how it changes everything
    - 2-3 -year outlook on EMM
    - Expanding functionality expected from EMM platforms
    - What other IT professionals like you are saying about EMM
    - Essential guidance for IT buyers vetting EMM vendors
  • Part 2: Six Steps to a Solid Mobility Policy in 2014 Recorded: Feb 6 2014 59 mins
    Richard Absalom, Analyst with Ovum
    In Part 1, we shared key trends to watch and consider as you build your mobile plan for 2014. In this session, we take a deeper dive to help you develop your company's mobile policy to fully embrace the BYOD trend, enable employees to be productive on any device they choose, and keep corporate data secure.

    Watch Ovum analyst, Richard Absalom, as he outlines Ovum's 6 recommended areas to consider when building a mobility policy:

    - Security: Safeguarding corporate-sensitive data
    - Employee privacy: Defining clear boundaries between monitoring corporate and personal usage
    - Eligibility: Identifying which employees are suitable for your policy
    - Acceptable use and dealing with policy violations: Educating users to comply with policy regulations
    - Technical support: Determining responsibility for dealing with device malfunctions
    - Reimbursement and total cost of ownership: Drawing the line for corporate expenses
  • Must-Watch Trends for Your Enterprise Mobility Plan Recorded: Jan 9 2014 58 mins
    Richard Absalom, Analyst with Ovum
    What should you be focusing on as you build your 2014 enterprise mobility plan? Your Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) strategy must evolve beyond basic Mobile Device Management (MDM) to include all aspects of mobile as a first point of contact between your business and your customers and employees.

    Join Ovum analyst, Richard Absalom, as he highlights EMM trends to watch and consider in 2014 to stay ahead of the mobile consumerization curve such as:

    - Multi-screening: Meeting employee expectations and productivity needs
    - Mobile first: Defining a mobility policy that addresses how employees are already using mobile (hint: it's so much more than email)
    - Mobile apps: Creating easy-to-use modern business apps to mobilize core tasks

    Ovum is the leading independent global IT & Telecoms Research & Analysis firm based in London. Ovum provides strategic advice to telecom operators, IT vendors, service providers and enterprise IT leaders.

    Richard Absalom is an analyst with Ovum's Enterprise Mobility and Productivity practice, particularly focusing on mobile consumerization. His research examines the impact that mobile devices and applications designed for consumers are having on the corporate environment: identifying the challenges and opportunities it creates for both the enterprise and supply-side vendors; defining the vendor competitive landscape; and providing best-practice recommendations for enterprises and vendors alike.
  • Mobilize Your Corporate Content and Intranet Recorded: Dec 12 2013 61 mins
    Val Hetrick, Director of Customer Success at Fiberlink
    Email is still the killer app for smartphones and tablets, but it is not enough to unlock the potential of true mobile collaboration. Your colleagues need simple and secure access to business resources that are behind the firewall, such as SharePoint, Windows File Shares, web apps and Intranet sites.

    Watch our webinar to learn how the MaaS360 Mobile Enterprise Gateway makes it easy to collaborate on the go while securing your data with authorization, encryption and containerization policies. See how you can:

    - Enable secure mobile access to corporate data without device VPN
    - Mobilize SharePoint, Windows File Share and all your intranet sites
    - Protect sensitive corporate data with robust security policies and DLP controls
    - Provide mobile access without requiring changes to your network or firewall security configuration
    - Allow users to collaborate at anytime, anywhere, from their personal devices

    Val Hetrick, Director of Customer Success at Fiberlink, demonstrates how MaaS360 can unleash the potential of your enterprise resources safely and securely on mobile devices.
  • Beware BYOD - Avoiding Data Risks and Liability in the Workplace Recorded: Nov 7 2013 58 mins
    Scott Milner and Jim Walsh, partners at Morgan Lewis
    Are you hesitant to implement a BYOD program, because you don't want to breach regulations? With regulatory requirements around every corner, implementing a cohesive Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program can be daunting. The mobile movement is in full swing, and more employees are accessing sensitive work data on their own devices than ever before.

    View this webinar to learn how to build a rock solid BYOD program from legal experts at Morgan Lewis. You'll learn:

    - Legal benefits and risks of BYOD programs
    - BYOD rollout and implementation guidelines
    - How to manage privacy concerns
    - BYOD best practices
    - How MaaS360 can help ensure you're on solid legal ground

    Guest speakers Scott Milner and Jim Walsh, partners at Morgan Lewis, discuss real world scenarios in which BYOD went bad and we'll show you how to avoid them at your organization.
  • Breaking BlackBerry - Surviving the Downward Spiral Recorded: Oct 31 2013 48 mins
    Clint Adams, Director of Mobile Technology Solutions at Fiberlink
    Until now, a BlackBerry phase out was expected to happen organically over time. New realities are now requiring immediate contingency plans to contain BlackBerry and move toward a multi-platform support model for your BYOD and corporate issued devices.

    View this webinar to learn techniques to revise your BYOD program including:

    - How to leverage the work already started on your BYOD deployment
    - How to add structure and process to your program
    - Best practices to migrate successfully off BlackBerry now
    - Blackberry migration use cases with MaaS360
    - And more!

    The good news is that you are likely ahead of the game if you have already started the organic transition to iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

    Clint Adams, Director of Mobile Technology Solutions at Fiberlink, shares his insights and tips to prepare you for a successful migration off of BlackBerry devices.
  • Kindle Fire in the Workplace - New Enterprise Features! Recorded: Oct 10 2013 53 mins
    Kaushik Srinivas, Product Manager at Fiberlink
    Kindle Fire is not just for reading your favorite novel anymore!

    Kindle Fire devices, like the new Kindle Fire HD and HDX are making inroads in the workplace with employees accessing email and sensitive data through corporate networks. Including Kindle Fire products in your BYOD program can reap significant productivity benefits for businesses, schools, healthcare and all types of organizations, but security is key.

    View this webinar to learn about:

    - New Kindle Fire devices and Amazon's Fire OS 3.0 "Mojito" and how they advance productivity in the enterprise
    - How schools can deliver powerful educational content on Kindle Fire devices while protecting student privacy
    - How to use MaaS360 to secure Amazon's Fire OS 3.0 "Mojito" for Kindle Fire HD and HDX tablets in BYOD programs

    MaaS360 integration with Kindle Fire provides the controls for IT to confidently embrace Kindle Fire tablets knowing that sensitive data and network access can be secured easily and reliably. Enterprise features available on the Kindle Fire HD and HDX include device encryption, native VPN client, single sign-on, and certificate-based enrollment.

    Kaushik Srinivas, Product Manager at Fiberlink, presents new Kindle Fire product advances and show you how you can quickly and easily incorporate these powerful devices in your BYOD and education programs.
  • iOS 7 Webinar, Part 2 -- A deeper look at security features and policies Recorded: Sep 26 2013 60 mins
    Josh Lambert, Product Manager at Fiberlink
    What Will You Learn?

    Apple's iOS 7 is here! Are you taking advantage of all the new enterprise and security features? Don't get left behind!

    In the first webinar, we covered new enterprise features, end-user features, new device controls like touch ID and a quick demo of iOS 7 features in MaaS360.

    This time, we'll take a deep dive so you'll get expert insight into:

    - Managed Open In
    - Per App VPN
    - Enterprise App Configuration
    - And much more!

    Josh Lambert, Product Manager at Fiberlink, will be your tour guide, giving you insights and tips you'll need to get your company ready to take advantage of powerful iOS 7 features.
  • iOS 7 is here! Learn how to take advantage of powerful enterprise features Recorded: Sep 19 2013 60 mins
    Josh Lambert, Product Manager at Fiberlink
    Apple's iOS 7 is a reality! With an all-new design and extensive features focused on the needs of the enterprise, iOS 7 brings some excellent reasons to celebrate for IT. Are you ready to take advantage of all iOS 7 has to offer?

    View this webinar to learn how you can leverage iOS 7 and MaaS360 to:

    - Reclaim and reassign app licenses--and other ways to purchase, - distribute, and manage apps
    - Control apps and accounts that can open sensitive documents and attachments
    - Enhance device security with the new Touch ID fingerprint reader
    - Configure and deploy devices at scale
    - Take advantage of enhanced MDM protocol making MaaS360 even more powerful for managing devices
    - And much more!

    Josh Lambert, Product Manager at Fiberlink, will be your tour guide, giving you insights and tips you can use TODAY to get your company ready to take advantage of powerful iOS 7 features.
  • Achieving Multi-Platform Support in the BYOD Era Recorded: Mar 13 2013 57 mins
    John Nielsen, Senior Product Manager
    You said "BYOD," they heard "come one, come all"

    While Apple and Google battle to become the world's most preferred mobile platform, MS Surface has already made its presence known in BYOD-friendly work environments. Time will tell whether last month's BlackBerry 10 release will be enough to rethrone the former king of the mobile enterprise. No matter who comes out on top, IT must prepare for the whole lot, as Gartner, Inc. predicts 1.2 billion smart devices will be purchased in the year ahead.

    Tell them "pick a device, any device"

    It doesn't take a magician to master mobile device management (MDM). Learn how to accept multiple device types and OS versions into your BYOD family with confidence. View this webinar and you will learn:

    - Pros and cons of adopting specific OS types into your environment
    - How to mitigate the costs of data loss
    - How to leverage MDM for ease, speed and security
  • Total Enterprise Mobility Recorded: Jan 30 2013 48 mins
    John Nielsen, Senior Product Manager at Fiberlink
    In this 30 minute webinar, John Nielsen provides a demo of MaaS360 followed by a questions & answers section. Visualize the ease in which MaaS360 can be used to manage and secure your mobile apps, documents, and devices.

    You will learn how to:
    - Manage security policies for BYOD and corporate devices
    - Distribute and secure mobile applications and documents
    - Separate and protect sensitive corporate data on mobile devices
    - Leverage the cloud for speed, simplicity, and security
  • Managing the Mobile Chaos Recorded: Jan 18 2013 58 mins
    Stephen Drake, VP Mobile Enterprise at IDC
    In 2012, IDC research found 68% of smartphones used for global business were owned by employees. This shift in prevalence of employee-owned devices from corporate-issued devices is forcing organizations to consider the ramifications of such ownership on the security of its applications, data and content.

    New Year's Resolution: Safeguard Social, Mobile and Cloud

    Will you be the savvy organization that says "bring it" to bring your own device (BYOD)? Or the one that forgoes the policies and solutions needed to address broader mobile content control? Join Stephen Drake, Program Vice President for Mobility & Telecom research at IDC, for our first live webinar of the year and learn the steps required to successfully manage and secure your business' mobile ecosystem:

    - Key market trends to morph your strategy
    - Policies and solutions to overcome challenges
    - Success attributes to aim for in 2013
  • Android Agony and SAFE Harbors Recorded: Dec 18 2012 58 mins
    Frank Schloendorn, Director of MDM Security and Quality Assurance
    It's that time of year again. You'd like to know what devices are on your BYOD-ers' wishlists, but only Kris Kringle can tell. All you can do now is prepare for whatever's coming, whether it be an Android 4.2 Nexus 7 or a Samsung SAFE equipped Galaxy S III. One has its advantages, the other may impact the way you choose to support Android in the future.

    'Tis the season to be wary!

    Join Frank Schloendorn, Director of MDM Security and Quality Assurance at Fiberlink for our final live webinar of the year and learn about new developments in the Android support community that will change the way manage your devices in 2013:

    - Jarring Jelly Bean: Why the 4.2 update is more than just a bug fix
    - Managing Multi-User: Uphold a 1:1 ratio between users and devices
    - SAFE Salvation: How Samsung, Motorola and HTC are making security easier
  • 10 Simple Policies to Protect Mobility Recorded: Dec 6 2012 57 mins
    Val Hetrick, Director of Customer Success at Fiberlink
    According to Gartner, the number of smartphones and tablets sold will exceed the billion mark in 2013, a trend which is "changing the way businesses look at their device strategies." The research firm expects 66% of mobile workers to own a smartphone in less than 5 years.

    Don't Tread on BYOD

    Join Val Hetrick, Fiberlink Director of Customer Success, for ten policies that ensure safe and productive use of smartphones and tablets in the enterprise, plus a demo of how to put them into practice using a mobile device management (MDM) solution:

    - Perfecting passcodes based on company needs
    - Lost device triage - Warn, Block, Wipe
    - Feature follies - Does a camera belong in a corporate setting?
    - App management musts to separate personal and corporate data
    - Score a TouchDown with secure, encrypted Android email
Learn how to manage iPhones, iPads, and Androids in the enterprise.
This channel features recordings from Fiberlink’s educational webinar program featured on its MaaSters Center online community, providing insight, best practices and expertise on enterprise mobility management.

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  • Presented by: David Lingenfelter, Information Security Officer at Fiberlink
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