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Niche Online Communities: How to Profit from the Next Disruption

The new world of B2B marketing is mixed with chaos, peril, constant change and unprecedented opportunity. In this webinar I will be sharing my ideas about future developments in the B2B online communities space. I will also provide some insights on building a community ecosystem and driving engagement based on my experience.
Recorded Jun 28 2012 43 mins
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Presented by
Boris Agranovich, Founder, GlobalRisk Community.
Presentation preview: Niche Online Communities: How to Profit from the Next Disruption

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  • Mastering Operational Risk. Theory and Practice in a single package. Jun 27 2017 2:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    Boris Agranovich, Calvin Lee
    Join me and our guest, Calvin Lee, Operations Director at RISKID, for a lively discussion as we aim to dispel confusion surrounding many of the elements of the Operational Risk framework.

    Operational risk is perhaps the most significant risk organizations face. Virtually every major loss that has taken place during the past 30 years, from Enron, Worldcom and Baring's Bank to the unauthorized trading incident at Société Générale and the subprime credit crisis, has been driven by operational failures.

    Many financial institutions have spent millions of dollars trying to develop a robust framework for measuring and managing operational risk. Yet, in spite of this huge investment, for many firms developing a viable operational risk management (ORM) program remains an elusive goal.

    This webinar is designed for both current students of the “Mastering Operational Risk” - http://www.globalriskacademy.com/p/orm online course and for other busy risk professionals who are interested in studying both theoretical and practical application of ORM but don’t have time to attend in-person classes.

    The goal is three-fold:

    1. Existing students will be able to understand more on how to work with the RISKID tool and get an opportunity to ask questions about the subject matter.
    2. People who are planning to join the course will get some explanation in what is the course about, how the e-learning system works.
    3. People who are just interested to know more about ORM

    During the webinar we will cover:

    1. 3 things most organizations are focusing on right now.
    2. What are the major steps to take control of operational risks.
    3. How to use Collaborative Risk Management tools to conduct your ORM operations and why traditional risk management practices involving risk registers and Excel are not effective anymore.
  • Cyber Wack-a-mole It is not a game Recorded: Jan 26 2017 42 mins
    Douglas Nagan
    Chasing and fixing cyber threats can be depressing, rather like the old 'wack-a-mole' game. No matter how quick you are in knocking down the threat, or mole, new ones appear. We will present a strategy to break the cycle. You will still need to fight the cyber threats but you will have a way to become proactive and not be easy prey for the cyber predators. Interested? Come to the seminar and learn how.
  • Cyber Exposure Management - Why should you care? Recorded: Oct 13 2015 49 mins
    Doug Nagan, Founder, Nagan Research Group - Cyber Risk Expert
    Worried about your cyber exposure? Not sure if you are as secure as possible? Are you afraid you are the ‘low hanging fruit’ that hackers feast on?

    If questions like these concern you we recommend you take this webinar.
    By attending ‘Managing Cyber Exposure’ you will gain a deeper understanding of cyber exposures, how they can harm your organization, and a framework you can use to address them. The framework will allow you to evolve and adapt your cyber exposure defenses as the cyber eco-system you inhabit changes.

    This webinar will bring the following points to your attention:
    How Cyber exposures can hurt your organization in multiple ways;
    How Cyber exposures are not confined to purely technical areas;
    How If not addressed cyber threats will harm your organization
  • Access Risk and Fraud: Prepared Or Not? That Is The Question Recorded: Nov 8 2012 52 mins
    Greg Clarke, SB Partners; Erin Hughes, SAP
    Early in 2012, an independent study confirmed that managing access risks were "very" or "extremely" important to senior leadership in their organizations. Yet many found it challenging to establish and maintain a program for managing access risk.

    There are two main causes to this problem:

    Manual processes - the company has not automated manually intensive and error prone processes
    Lack of best practices - the company has no formal program with best practices and processes for access control management, governance and reporting

    The implications of giving unrestricted access to applications, systems and information to employees and other stakeholders as well as security breaches can impact a company's reputation and bottom line. The accelerated adoption of mobile devices in enterprises introduces new risks and complexities that need to be factored in to an effective and efficient way to manage access control and minimize risk.

    During this webinar you'll learn some of the challenges that companies are overcoming by implementing enterprise wide access risk control programs best practices. Some insights on why existing access control "solutions" aren't working will be explored.

    You’ll also see how implementation of best practices and automation of access controls program, will more effectively secure your enterprise and reduce risk exposure . You will also see how to monitor and secure your enterprise from unauthorized access while increasing productivity using SAP Access Control and the SAP Access Approver mobile app.

    Presenters: Greg Clarke, SB Partners; Erin Hughes, SAP
    Hosted by: Boris Agranovich, Global Risk Community
  • Diagnostic Risk Implementation: Debriefing a diagnostic of an organis Recorded: Oct 4 2012 50 mins
    Dr Dean Myburgh
    Following the first two Webinars presented by Dr Dean Myburgh on OD/Diagnostic approaches to risk management implementation and using ISO31000Rx, there is now an opportunity to experience ISO 31000Rx first- hand. Registrants for this Webinar are invited to complete an on-line self-assessment using the following link:


    On completion, an individual feedback report will be generated and received by each participant. This Webinar will debrief the results from a selection of ten completed self-assessments received by 27 September 2012. The presenter will use the inputs received to:

    1. Debrief the ‘Executive Team’ (combining the inputs as if they are from the same organisation); and

    2. Illustrate the opportunity to benchmark both internally and externally (across sectors).

    This Webinar aims to assist risk management practitioners and consultants with their understanding of the process that is followed as well as the benefits of using the cloud-based version of ISO 31000Rx.
  • Case Study Outlining the Application & Implementaion of 31000Rx Recorded: Sep 13 2012 60 mins
    Dr. Dean Myburgh
    This is a free Webinar that shares a Case Study of an actual risk management intervention using risk diagnostic tools (a New Zealand water utility); the presenter will share the benefits of this approach to facilitating risk management implementation.

    This Webinar is the second in a series to be presented by Dr. Dean Myburgh, a New Zealand-based Risk Management Consultant; it outlines the ‘how’ of the process followed in using a diagnostic consulting approach in a water utility company; this Case Study will demonstrate the importance of not only engaging at a senior governance level, but also following through with implementation at all levels in the organisation.

    The Webinar will outline the following:

    ➢the intent and shortcomings of the OD approach that was proposed / followed;
    ➢the workshop format and process;
    ➢examples of the content of the profiles and results generated;
    ➢a snapshot ‘scorecard’ of the organisation against the ISO 31000 Framework (best practice); and
    ➢what can be done to improve the engagement of all levels of the organisation in the risk management implementation process?
  • Using ISO 31000Rx to add value to client organisations’ risk management implemen Recorded: Aug 23 2012 60 mins
    Dean Myburgh
    a free Webinar about an organisation development- and diagnostic risk approach to implementing ISO 31000 in organisations.

    The Webinar involves a brief presentation by Dr. Dean Myburgh, a New Zealand-based Risk Management Consultant with specialist diagnostic expertise; there will also be an opportunity for discussion on this approach that enables consultants and internal risk management facilitators to:

    Facilitate risk identification and discussion at all levels, both multiple self-assessments and facilitated workshops
    Provide automatic feedback reports to all participants
    Provide across-organization summary feedback reports
    Provide rapid comprehension of existing risk
    Provide a basis for a structured workshop approach to addressing risk
    Provide an action planning framework for risk
    Benchmark risk practices over time

    Attendees will learn more about:

    · assisting organisations to engage in a process of discovery and enhance their risk management framework, processes, practices and culture; and
    using cloud-based technology; organisations can now engage in thinking about risk management and arrive at a risk index score based on best practice risk management (the International Risk Management Standard ISO 31000:2009). The approach facilitates incorporation of risk thinking and risk awareness into everyday work routines at both the planning and reviewing level.

    The following benefits of using this approach will be outlined:

    saving time and cost with the automation of the reporting process
    offering a clear view of current risk management improvement areas
    benchmarking risk capability, excellence and the sector / industry

    managing data for trend and cluster analysis
    automatically storing and uploading assessments to a Risk Practice database
    facilitating sustained engagement through an embedded improvement programme
  • Niche Online Communities: How to Profit from the Next Disruption Recorded: Jun 28 2012 43 mins
    Boris Agranovich, Founder, GlobalRisk Community.
    The new world of B2B marketing is mixed with chaos, peril, constant change and unprecedented opportunity. In this webinar I will be sharing my ideas about future developments in the B2B online communities space. I will also provide some insights on building a community ecosystem and driving engagement based on my experience.
  • Identity Theft and Personal Data Loss Risks Emanating from Social Networks Recorded: Apr 5 2012 39 mins
    Boris Agranovich, Founder and Principal Consultant, GlobalRisk Community
    I would like to concentrate on types of identity theft (both individual and corporate) and major risks emanating from social networks. I will look at some of these risks and identify possible solutions to help protect you, your personal information and your company data.

    Boris Agranovich: Entrepreneurial business leader with 25+ years of global experience in Financial Services, IT and Consulting . Worked in West & East Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific. Advised executive teams on effective risk management strategies.These range from regulatory requirements such as Basel II to strategic risk propositions such as defining and setting risk appetite, embedding risk management through the organisation.
    Founder of the world's premier community for Risk Managers. We help people in the risk area to be connected and the main customers are marketing managers who want to create a greater visibility for their products and services among their prospects with much better results even if they are small and don’t have large media and PR budgets.
  • Managing IT and Security Risks from Social Media in Your Business Recorded: Jan 19 2012 45 mins
    Boris Agranovich, Founder, GlobalRisk Community
    Social media as a powerful communications platform: managing the risk and opportunities in your business and discussing the need for strategies and policies in dealing with social media issues.

    In this presentation we will talk about:

    - The widespread private use by employees and how many businesses embraced social media in their communications
    - Current social media compliance policies with case studies
    - Potential security risks, phishing scams, malware attacks
    - Protection of (fair use of) intellectual property: The need to address the protection of intellectual property in policies and procedures of the proper business use of social media
    - The regulatory requirements on the use of social media following the distinction in legal cultures and difference in compliance framework
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  • Title: Niche Online Communities: How to Profit from the Next Disruption
  • Live at: Jun 28 2012 10:00 am
  • Presented by: Boris Agranovich, Founder, GlobalRisk Community.
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