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Equity Income Q1 2016

In this on demand webcast Caroline Pearce, investment director, provides her quarterly outlook on equity income.
Recorded Jun 2 2016 12 mins
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Presented by
Caroline Pearce, Fidelity International
Presentation preview: Equity Income Q1 2016
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  • Update: FF Euro Blue Chip Recorded: Jun 29 2016 33 mins
    Alexandra Hartmann, Fidelity International
    In this webcast, Alexandra gives an update on fund performance, current positioning and her outlook for the second half of 2016. In the wake of the UK referendum, she will touch on the recent volatility we have witnessed in equity markets and where she is currently finding opportunities.

    As ever, Alexandra looks for companies that are able to generate ‘growth from within’. She believes that growth driven by internal, rather than external, factors naturally allows companies to have greater agency over their future growth potential, and also provides a degree of insulation from broader market moves.
  • European markets after the Brexit vote Recorded: Jun 24 2016 38 mins
    Paras Anand, Fidelity International
    By Friday morning, we should know whether the UK has voted to remain in or leave the EU. As markets digest the result, Paras Anand, Head of European Equities, will share his reaction and consider the investment implications for both the short and long term. Join Paras for this live webcast and pose the questions that matter most to you and your clients.
  • Quality at an attractive price Recorded: Jun 22 2016 49 mins
    Matt Siddle, Fidelity International
    Market volatility has picked up significantly amid heightened political risk. In this webcast Matt Siddle will outline his views on the market and discuss and how uncertainty is creating opportunities for the long-term investor.
  • European Equities Quarterly Update Recorded: Jun 14 2016 44 mins
    Paras Anand, Fidelity International
    In this live webcast Paras Anand, Head of European Equities at Fidelity International, will provide his outlook on the key drivers of the European equity markets. Today 'political instability' is at the top of most investors’ minds, despite it having a relatively modest impact on the fortunes of investors long-term. Are these concerns perhaps overblown ? Does this mean that the constrained and indebted governments are having to hand over the initiative for to spurring economic growth to the corporate sector ? These are some of the questions Paras will address during the webcast.
  • Equity Income Q1 2016 Recorded: Jun 2 2016 12 mins
    Caroline Pearce, Fidelity International
    In this on demand webcast Caroline Pearce, investment director, provides her quarterly outlook on equity income.
  • Fidelity Global Property Fund Recorded: May 23 2016 14 mins
    Dirk Philippa
    In this on demand webcast Dirk Philippa, fund manager, discusses the performance of the fund and the outlook for the global property sector.
  • FF Global Income Fund: 3yr Anniversary Recorded: May 19 2016 34 mins
    Peter Khan, Fidelity International
    FF Global Income celebrated its 3 year anniversary in April. Managed by Peter Khan, this IG-rated global credit fund aims to deliver a high level of income whilst maintaining a positive total return over a full cycle.

    Top-quartile performance over key time periods
    Distribution yield of 4.4% – 5.1%
    Total return of 7.12% (EUR Hedged) since launch
    Low correlation to equities of 0.33

    In this live webcast Peter will discuss his investment process, his strategy for the fund going forward and his current macro outlook
  • Fidelity American Diversified fund Recorded: May 12 2016 18 mins
    Dominic Griffin, Fidelity International
    In this on-demand webcast, Dominic Griffin, Portfolio Manager of the FF American Diversified fund explains his investment philosophy and process, which focuses on quality companies at attractive valuations. Dominic typically invests in businesses that have a strong franchise, a shareholder-oriented management team and an attractive valuation.
  • Balanced exposure to European recovery Recorded: May 9 2016 9 mins
    Eugene Philalithis, Fidelity International
    this webcast Eugene Philalithis, co-manager of the FF Euro Balanced Fund, will give an update on how the balanced multi asset approach has provided strong long term performance over the years through investing in a mix of equities and fixed income. Eugene will outline the fund’s positioning and performance in the context of navigating the recent volatile market conditions and his positive stance in respect of European recovery.
  • FAST Europe Fund Update Recorded: Apr 12 2016 31 mins
    Anas Chakra, Fidelity International
    So far this year European equity markets have been highly volatile and have experienced significant sector rotations. In this live webcast Anas Chakra will give an update on the performance of the fund and outlines his market outlook and how the portfolio is positioned.
  • Quarterly Asia Update: More than ever, it's all about China Recorded: Apr 6 2016 21 mins
    Matthew Sutherland, Fidelity International
    In this regular quarterly update on Asian markets, Matthew Sutherland, Head of Product Management (Asia), points out that the pull back in equity markets coupled with a more risk-on sentiment has resulted in flows starrting to come back into the asset class. Fundamentally Asian economies have some strengths, especially relative to non-Asian emerging markets. Matthew explores the China situation in some depth, first examining the challenges facing the country before elucidating some of its perhaps less often discussed strengths. He concludes by highlighting a couple of interesting fund ideas from the Asian equity range.
  • European Investment Grade Outlook Recorded: Mar 24 2016 36 mins
    David Simner, Fidelity International
    Following recent volatility in credit markets, David Simner, portfolio manager for the European Investment Grade franchise, will discuss why he remains constructive on the asset class in 2016. In this live webcast he will remind viewers of his investment philosophy, how the portfolios have evolved through this volatility and current themes across the funds, paying particular attention to FF Euro Short Term Bond and FF Euro Corporate Bond. There will be the opportunity to ask Dave questions on any of the topics covered at the end of the webcast.
  • US Equity Quarterly Outlook Recorded: Mar 18 2016 18 mins
    Stephanie Sutton, Fidelity International
    In this quarterly webcast Stephanie Sutton gives her macro outlook on US equities focusing on the change of stance on US rates, recent volatility and recent data.
  • Fidelity Global Multi Asset Tactical Fund Recorded: Mar 17 2016 33 mins
    Kevin O’Nolan and Nick Peters, Fidelity International
    In this live webcast, Portfolio Managers Nick Peters and Kevin O’Nolan will give an update of the performance and positioning of the Fidelity Global Multi Asset Tactical (GMAT) Funds. They will discuss where and how they are edging into risk in the context of a broadly stable macro backdrop and weakness in equity markets.
  • Where is the growth? Recorded: Mar 16 2016 33 mins
    Michael Sayers and Martin Dropkin, Fidelity International
    Fidelity International’s annual Analyst Survey covers all regions and sectors. It aims to identify changes in corporate conditions at an early stage and identify new trends and investment opportunities. The survey is based on Fidelity analysts’ in-depth coverage of their sectors and enriched by insights gained in numerous conversations with decision-makers at companies.
  • Introduction to the FF Flexible Bond Fund Recorded: Mar 4 2016 12 mins
    Ian Spreadbury and Tim Foster, Fidelity International
    Summary: Ian Spreadbury and Tim Foster explain the investment philosophy and process of the recently re-purposed FF Flexible Bond Fund. With high uncertainty embedded into the economic backdrop and recent market volatility demonstrating that it is all too easy for investors to get caught out, they discuss why this is the right time for a more flexible approach to bond investing.
  • The search for income in a changing world Recorded: Feb 3 2016 27 mins
    Eugene Philalithis, Fidelity International
    Markets got off to a volatile start in 2016, with concerns around China and economic growth. Eugene will update on Fidelity Global Multi Asset Income’s performance and positioning, while putting recent volatility in context for income investors.
  • Where equity markets go next Recorded: Jan 26 2016 43 mins
    Dominic Rossi, CIO Fidelity International
    It's been a volatile start to the year for global markets with uncertainty over the health of the Chinese economy and further declines in the oil price continuing to dominate headlines.
    In this live and interactive webcast, global equities CIO Dominic Rossi will consider the investment implications and the role that central banks will play in shaping market sentiment.
  • Fidelity International - Emerging Market Debt - live webcast with Steve Ellis Recorded: Dec 3 2015 49 mins
    Steve Ellis
    Following the launch of the Emerging Market Total Return Debt Fund on 29th September, Steve Ellis, Portfolio Manager, will discuss Fidelity’s flexible approach to investing in Emerging Market Debt. Steve will discuss the benefits of a benchmark agnostic strategy while outlining the Fund’s investment process and current positioning. Against an uncertain macro backdrop, Steve will further share his market outlook for next year and highlight where he sees the most compelling opportunities.
  • Fidelity: Paras Anand - From 'secular stagnation' to 'surprisingly normal' Recorded: Dec 1 2015 51 mins
    Paras Anand
    Following another year characterised by low growth and depressed inflation, the ‘secular stagnation’ scenario in Europe has gained significant popularity amongst investors. Please join us for a live webcast with Paras Anand, Head of European Equities, who will reflect on the Outlook for the European Equity market in 2016 and the potential for a shift from ‘secular stagnation’ to a ‘surprisingly normal’ cycle in Europe in the upcoming year. Paras will also address volatility issues, the role of disruptive business models and their consequent investment implications.
    There will be also be a chance for Q&A during the webcast.
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  • Title: Equity Income Q1 2016
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