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The vision of zero incidents

Measurement technology specialist, FARO, needed to advance its IT Service Management (ITSM) to ensure ongoing support for 1,500 employees worldwide and to safeguard efficient operation of its new SAP deployment. Delivered from the cloud, HPE Service Anywhere was the solution. Join Linus Linder, Director IT at FARO Europe GmbH & Co. KG, as he shares his experiences on his journey to zero incidents.
Recorded Mar 17 2016 44 mins
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Presented by
Linus Linder, IT Director at FARO Europe GmbH & Co. KG.
Presentation preview: The vision of zero incidents

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  • Reduce Service Desk costs with Big Data Analytics Recorded: Oct 11 2016 49 mins
    Thore Senneset – Incident Manager in HEMIT and Markus Hammelmann – Dipl.-Ing., MBA working for T-Systems GmbH
    What value does automation and big data analytics bring?

    Big Data analytics provides actionable insight and fast knowledge delivery. It allows you to see trends in incident and other service desk data for an easy jumpstart into proactive problem management. Together with faster call handling and problem resolution times, there are significant improvements in efficiency and a decrease in cost for the IT organization.

    See what others have achieved:

    The real proof of value of an automation solution is what others have achieved. Join us to hear from:

    -Thore Senneset – Incident Manager in HEMIT, Norway – on how Smart Analytics helped them reduce incident and interaction resolution times.
    -Markus Hammelmann – Dipl.-Ing., MBA working for T-Systems GmbH, Germany – will share how Smart Email helps T-Systems to automatically classify incoming tickets and help them to reduce email ticket handling time.
  • HPE Connected MX - Your New Generation Endpoint Data Protection Solution Recorded: Jul 13 2016 59 mins
    Ed Gavin, Product Manager & Gagan Bhatia, Product Marketing Manager
    Is the endpoint backup of your mobile workforce being challenged? Learn how Connected MX addresses these challenges with optimized, continuous data protection. Understand how Connected MX safeguards your organization's endpoint data with enterprise-grade security features.
    Here the success Connected MX is already having on organizations who have transitioned from Connected Backup to Connected MX, and how you can also benefit from this.
  • The vision of zero incidents Recorded: Mar 17 2016 44 mins
    Linus Linder, IT Director at FARO Europe GmbH & Co. KG.
    Measurement technology specialist, FARO, needed to advance its IT Service Management (ITSM) to ensure ongoing support for 1,500 employees worldwide and to safeguard efficient operation of its new SAP deployment. Delivered from the cloud, HPE Service Anywhere was the solution. Join Linus Linder, Director IT at FARO Europe GmbH & Co. KG, as he shares his experiences on his journey to zero incidents.
  • What does the uncomfortable truth mean for your business? Recorded: Dec 7 2015 4 mins
    Tim Grieveson, EMEA Chief Cyber & Security Strategist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    In this 2nd short video (3 mins) Tim Grieveson, EMEA Chief Cyber & Security Strategist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise discusses the findings of the 6th Annual Cost of Cyber Crime report, conducted by the Ponemon Institute. Breaches are more expensive and are taking longer to remediate. It’s not if, it’s when will my organization be breached.

    You need to focus on the data:

    1.Classify your assets – understand what you are trying to protect
    2.Understand what is critical
  • Can Security Intelligence create business value? Recorded: Dec 7 2015 4 mins
    Tim Grieveson, EMEA Chief Cyber & Security Strategist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Watch this short video (3 mins) as Tim Grieveson, EMEA Chief Cyber & Security Strategist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise discusses the findings of the 6th Annual Cost of Cyber Crime report, conducted by the Ponemon Institute. Tim looks at the top trends highlighted in the report and identifies what you need to know to create business value from security intelligence.
  • HP Smart Analytics as a game changer for help desks Recorded: Oct 6 2015 27 mins
    Charl Joubert, Change and Configuration Manager SMS, University of Pretoria
    Charl Joubert from University of Pretoria in South Africa explains why HP Service Manager with Smart Analytics leverages Big Data to be a game changer for problem management at the service desk and how amazing gains have been measured on daily tasks.
  • Create an automated data center and optimize your company productivity Recorded: Oct 1 2015 34 mins
    Ralf Schäfer, COO/CSO/CCO COMLINE AG & Marco Kleiner, Data-Center-Services Director
    COMLINE has updated and improved its datacenter to the next generation, based on HP Cloud Service Automation and HP Operation Orchestration. COMLINE has built a secure and highly automated hybrid cloud architecture to deliver IT services to SMEs throughout Germany from an advanced data centre. Return on investment has been achieved in less than one year along with 80% company productivity gain.
  • Infuse powers customer service transformation with HP Service Anywhere Recorded: Sep 24 2015 30 mins
    Nalin Parbhu, Chief Executive Officer, Infuse Consulting Ltd.
    UK-based global IT services company Infuse uses HP Service Anywhere to manage its own internal IT services as well as being a key part of its innovative useMango™ solution. useMango™ saves customers 40% on testing costs and 80% of time savings.

    Join Infuse CEO Nalin Parbhu for this interactive session where he will share how HP Service Anywhere keeps Infuse and useMango™ ahead of the game – and how it can do the same for you.
  • Case Study: Faro - why they chose HP Service Anywhere Recorded: Jul 2 2015 31 mins
    Linus Linder, Director Information Technology, FARO Europe GmbH & Co. KG
    Join this webinar to hear what challenges Faro were facing around IT Service Management and why they chose HP Service Anywhere; which is an intuitive self-service portal - providing effective and easy problem management and much more.

    FARO is the leading and trusted source for 3D measurement, imaging and realization technology. The company develops and markets computer-aided measurement and imaging devices and software. Worldwide, approximately 15,000 customers are operating over 30,000 installations of FARO systems.
  • The Digitization of Everything Part 2 Recorded: Jun 24 2015 16 mins
    Mike Shaw and Dan Wood, HP Enterprise Software EMEA
    Everything is digital. Industries are transformed as products and services become “software-defined”. Organizations win by putting engaging applications in the hands of customers and insightful data in the hands of employees.

    This new style of business requires a new style of IT. Core IT to deliver the backbone of services to run business operations, and Fluid IT to be a partner in building brands, experiences, and loyalty.

    IT faces a challenge – how to be efficient and consistent, as well as experimental and innovative.

    Join this webinar to learn the 5 key success factors:

    1.Transform IT into a true Services Broker

    2.Continuous Innovation and DevOps

    3.Seize the Data

    4.User Experience is Everything

    5.Think like a Bad Guy
  • The Digitization of Everything Part 1 Recorded: Jun 24 2015 10 mins
    Mike Shaw and Dan Wood, HP Enterprise Software
    As digitization shapes every aspect of modern business, it is having an equally significant effect on the expectations of IT. Brands now have to embrace the age of the digital solution, whilst still maintaining the cornerstones of experience, security and loyalty. What has
    emerged is a bimodal IT paradigm, where both traditional Core IT and modern Fluid IT are essential to the IT environment of a successful modern business.

    A traditional IT system offers slower development but stable compute and solid security. Fluid IT is a reaction to the demands of the modern world—it is all about speed and agility as concepts are taken to market with ever-increasing speed, starting with minimal viable products. But this is not a case of old versus new, or good versus bad; successful businesses are those that learn to implement both.
  • New innovations in Performance Testing technical webinar Recorded: Oct 15 2014 38 mins
    Laszlo Simity, HP Software as a Service (SaaS)
    Imagine a single, enterprise-level platform for all performance testing. Globally distributed engineers sharing a common testing infrastructure. All licenses consolidated into a single, easily accessible pool. Simple, single-instance installation and upgrade.

    Imagine no more. Join this webinar to see the new innovations in Performance Testing from HP.
  • Live Demo - Learn the secrets of Enterprise Agile Software delivery Recorded: Oct 9 2014 34 mins
    Gary Voller, HP Enterprise Software EMEA
    Discover how HP Agile Manager can empower your teams, provide unparalleled visibility and allow you to achieve nimbleness in the face of complexity and change.

    HP Solutions for Agile Delivery enable you to move from being a development practice to being a delivery practice by integrating key disciplines like requirements and QA. They make your application teams more responsive. And they result in higher quality and lower-risk deliveries.
  • Live Demo – Ready to take your application testing to the next level? Recorded: Sep 30 2014 42 mins
    Matthew Brady, HP Software, Network Virtualization EMEA
    With HP Network Virtualization solutions you can simulate and test real-world network conditions to improve application accuracy, reliability and performance. Enabling you to quickly discover and capture network conditions from hundreds of millions of true last-mile end points.

    In this live demo you’ll discover how to network-enable your functional and non-functional tests to identify user issues before deployment, test actual capacity and optimize mobile, web and other applications.
  • What is the Orchestrated Data Center? Recorded: Sep 17 2014 46 mins
    Andy Mackay, HP Software EMEA and Muneer Mubashir, HP Software WW
    IT organizations are tasked with delivering end-to-end services for infrastructure and applications, while concurrent revolutions in cloud computing, mobility, big data and security are redefining what enterprise users expect from their applications and IT services.

    IT professionals need to manage the complexity of accelerated delivery of services across traditional IT Data Centers or cloud environments—whether it is a full stack of infrastructure from storage, network, servers to databases or right up to the application layer. As an IT organization, success depends on efficiently orchestrating operations across functional silos, eliminating the hand-offs, delays and errors that lower the end users’ experiences.

    So join Andy Mackay and Muneer Mubashir as they discuss what the Orchestrated Data Center really is.
  • How to Demonstrate Value Through ITSM KPIs Recorded: Jul 16 2014 48 mins
    Michael Pott and Richard Hawes, HP Software
    What value does your IT Service Management solution provide to your business? To your users? How do you measure service quality and efficiency? In a world where IT performance data is spread across many systems, using spreadsheets or other manual tools is error-prone and inefficient. On the other hand the data to answer these questions is there – it’s in your service desk and other solutions. What if you could access this operational performance data coming from different systems and tools through a single lens and get meaningful answers from it?

    Join this session to learn more about IT performance KPIs and how we can help you demonstrate value to your business and IT users.
  • Automating IT Service Management – a pragmatic approach Recorded: Mar 12 2014 41 mins
    Michael Pott and Kees Van Den Brink, HP EMEA Enterprise Software
    The IT world is changing rapidly, but latest mega trends like cloud and mobility do not change the set of challenges and drivers IT organizations are constantly facing: cost, quality and compliance – even more so with the fast shift of traditional first-level tasks to more self-services.

    Automation can help tackle these. But what does automation really mean? What should be automated? How would you automate? And what are the benefits you can expect?

    Join this session to discuss the process – integration – automation triangle and then learn about examples like change management and request-to-fulfill to discuss some starting points for a pragmatic approach for automating ITSM.
  • Big Data in Action Recorded: Jan 21 2014 46 mins
    Dan Wood, HP Enterprise Software, EMEA
    Your enterprise depends on actionable insight being securely delivered to the right person, at the right time, to influence what they do or the decisions they make. To stay ahead of the competition, become more profitable, and improve your operations, increasingly requires a real-time fusion and analysis of large volumes of structured machine (sensors, embedded software, etc.), unstructured-human (social media, documents, audio, video, etc.), and traditional transactional data.

    Join this webinar to hear HP's strategy to harness the power of Big Data, including HP's latest innovations with HAVEn (Hadoop, Autonomy, Vertica, Enterprise Security, and n-apps), the industry's first comprehensive, scalable, open, and secure platform for Big Data. Hear stories of innovative companies already putting these ideas into practice.
  • Reacting is not managing – take control of solution management Recorded: Dec 16 2013 17 mins
    Paul Muller, VP of Software Marketing
    IT organizations are currently spending 65-80% of their budget on maintenance. But traditional application management services are falling short, leaving IT stuck in reactive mode with unpredictable costs, gaps between internal and external providers, and challenges in innovation.

    HP Solution Management Services (SMS) provides a holistic approach with a single point of accountability to help you control cost, improve quality and realize the value of your enterprise HP Software solution.

    Watch the webinar to find out how your business can benefit and learn:

    1. How to step out of reactive mode with HP SMS, allowing you to free up resources and make way for innovation

    2. How to combat the three biggest software issues in the management phase: cost, resource and quality

    3. How HP SMS can help you realize value and minimize costs of your HP Software solution
  • Managing Storage Complexity in an Evolving IT Landscape Recorded: Dec 5 2013 30 mins
    Nick Lee, Storage Essentials, HP Enterprise Software
    Today’s IT environment is full of new technology, trends, vendor proprietary solutions, virtualization strategies, BIG DATA, Enterpise applications and much more. Although there have been great advances with innovation and performance, the current scene is a setting for complexity that comes with various interfaces as well as de-centralized management of daily trends or key performance indicators.

    A well-managed storage environment is constantly evolving, and managing storage resources effectively has become increasingly complicated. The transition to virtualized machines, software-defined storage, and cloud computing has created greater dynamics and has made managing a global infrastructure even more difficult. In this session, you will hear about increasing asset visibility and managing a global heterogeneous storage infrastructure. We will cover topics including capacity and utilization planning, application to spindle performance, as well as centralized storage resource management and reporting. You will get practical advice that you can use to determine the value of a storage resource management solution.
Live Webcast across EMEA on HP Enterprise Software
Simplify the complex needs of your business by taking a holistic approach to IT software. With our complete portfolio of products, HPE can help optimize your applications, information and infrastructure – with security and confidence.

Aimed at IT Operations and Applications managers as well as Developers who need to get a greater understanding of how the HPE IT Performance suite can benefit their organization.

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  • Title: The vision of zero incidents
  • Live at: Mar 17 2016 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Linus Linder, IT Director at FARO Europe GmbH & Co. KG.
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