itSMF USA On-Line Conference: Expanding Your Toolkit Part I

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Brian Johnson and Reg Lo
Alphabet Soup: Selecting the Right Ingredients for CSI featuring Brian Johnson, CA AND Integrating PMI PMBOK and ITIL featuring Reg Lo, Third Sky
May 27 2010
86 mins
itSMF USA On-Line Conference: Expanding Your Toolkit Part I
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  • itSMF USA Problem Management CoI - Improving Problem Mgmt: A Real Life Strategy Aug 19 2015 6:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Joseph A Kuti, Senior ITSM Process Manager, Marriott International
    A successful process improvement strategy will first begin by leveraging the Continual Service Improvement (CSI) model:

    •What is the vision?
    •Where are we now?
    •Where do we want to be?
    •How do we get there?
    •Did we get there?
    •How do we keep the momentum going?

    This presentation will provide a real life example of how to apply the CSI model in order to define a problem management improvement strategy. Joseph will discuss his improvement strategy and his approach of implementing process improvements to improve the maturity of problem management process. The goal is to share with other practitioners in the problem community of interest:

    •Real life techniques
    •Lessons learned
    •Sample artifacts
  • itSMF USA In the Know Podinar Aug 18 2015 9:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Eddie Vidal and Doug Tedder
    DevOps - Stay tuned for more details!
  • Higher Ed CoI - The Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) Difference, and Its Impact Recorded: Jul 21 2015 61 mins
    Host: Edward Gray - Speakers: Rae Ann Bruno, Stephenie Gloden, Steve McMillan
    Do any of these comments sound familiar?

    - “Only the new people find value in our knowledge base.”
    - “Once our teams learn how to resolve something, they don’t need to use the knowledge base.”
    - “It takes longer to find it in the knowledge base than it does to figure it out.”
    - “Our knowledge base is out dated and cumbersome to use.”
    - "I’ll ask (insert name here), he / she will know the answer.”
    If so, you may be stuck in the knowledge-engineering rut. The Knowledge-centered-support methodology is a proven best practice that overcomes these challenges. Attend this session to learn about the KCS methodology and how you can use it to:

    -reduce the time to resolution
    -standardize answers to your customers
    -lower support costs
    -increase customer satisfaction
    -increase employee job satisfaction

    KCS becomes the way you resolve incidents, answer questions, share your knowledge with peer staff, and in short get people back to work. Because it is part of the Incident process, it is always current and accurate and enables your teams to continually support an expanding breadth of services.

    Additionally, you will hear about the journey of the University of Phoenix, and parent company Apollo Education Group, in moving out of old-school knowledge engineering, “ivory tower” knowledge approaches, and into the realm of real-time knowledge management – using KCS to empower front-line staff content administration, and manage knowledge by positive peer-to-peer relationships. We will discuss the use of the Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) methodology in a highly-regulated business environment, to capture, structure, and reuse knowledge as new incidents occur and the business environment changes. Our chat will discuss the methods utilized, uncover the “ditches” to avoid, and present the metrics used to measure and prove success.
  • ISO/IEC 20000 CoI - Avoid Best Practice Exhaustion! & Update on ISO Revision Recorded: Apr 30 2015 56 mins
    Mark Thomas and Deborah Anthony
    Learning Objectives:
    •Recognize the various models and standards applicable to value creation and how they fit in the overall framework architecture of an enterprise.
    •Understand the value of ISO standards, with particular emphasis on ISO/IEC 20000, within the enterprise context and how it can assist in creating value to stakeholders.
    •Identify approaches to implementing standards based on a recent ISO/IEC 20000 adoption case study.

    Navigating the field of frameworks and standards can be exhausting. Couple this with the pressures of creating value for the enterprise, and one can easily see how many service providers fall short of expectations when adopting frameworks and standards in their organizations. When driving towards creating value, consider a business approach to selecting the practices that are best suited for optimizing resources and risks that incorporates multiple standards. In this insightful presentation on frameworks and standards integration, explore the many models that are available today: what they are, how they fit, and why choose them. Most importantly, we will look specifically at frameworks and standards such as ITIL, COBIT, and several Bodies of Knowledge and ISO standards to provide a holistic approach to creating value and avoiding framework overload.
  • Problem Management CoI - How To Assess & Improve Your Problem Management Process Recorded: Apr 30 2015 61 mins
    Ted Gaughan
    Ted's presentation will offer guidance on using the ISO/IEC 15504 Assessment Methodology to conduct a maturity assessment of your Problem Management Process as part of your Continual Service Improvement (CSI) initiative. As a flexible assessment solution, which can be adapted to a company of any size, an assessment using the ISO/IEC 15504 methodology provides the first step in a Continual Service Improvement initiative.
  • In the Know Podinar - Change Management at the Speed of Business Recorded: Apr 22 2015 45 mins
    Doug Tedder & Eddie Vidal - Guest: Greg Sanker
    Join us for this month’s itSMF USA podcast with hosts Doug Tedder @dougtedder and Eddie Vidal @eddievidal and guest Greg Sanker @gtsanker as we discuss Change Management at the Speed of Business. Listen to Greg’s take on what's different between traditional Change and Agile Change and how to manage change at the new speed of business
  • Higher Ed Sig - Process & Tool Efficiencies to Reduce Cost & Drive higher ROI Recorded: Apr 6 2015 40 mins
    Presenter, Ed Womack, Solutions Consultant at Cloud Sherpas Hosted by, Mitch Pautz, ITSM analyst at Cal State Fullerton
    Higher education and research institutions have unique needs when it comes to implementing IT Service Management. Many university IT professionals are leveraging industry-specific workflows and tool functionality to maximize their investment as well as streamline processes in their organization. Learn how to extend your ITSM platform to combat challenges such as rapid user turnover, multi-departmental environments, BYOD to improve efficiency and service delivery in your organization.
  • In the Know Podinar - The Service Catalog the Long Road to Success Recorded: Mar 18 2015 38 mins
    Doug Tedder and Eddie Vidal
    Join Doug Tedder and Eddie Vidal as we share an itSMF USA members success story on implementing a Service Catalog in their organization.
  • itSMF USA - ISO/IEC 20000 SIG: SMS Under the Microscope: Problem Management Recorded: Feb 26 2015 64 mins
    Presenter: Mart Rovers - Moderator: Subrata Gujarat
    What is the ISO/IEC 20000 SMS?
    • Problem Management – Basic Concepts
    • Problem Management and the Service Management System
    • Problem Management – Implementation Guidance
    • Q&A
  • Higher Ed SIG | Communications Management: Promoting the Value of Your Services Recorded: Feb 24 2015 48 mins
    Eddie Vidal, Manager of UMIT Service Desk at Univ. Miami - Hosted by Mitch Pautz, IT SM analyst at Cal State Fullerton
    ITIL emphasizes the alignment of IT services with the business, integrating processes and improving communications. Yet, it doesn’t emphasize the need for a communication plan. Have you considered defining a communication plan for your department?

    Creating a communications plan for your IT organization will help define communication efforts so that your message is consistent and the value of your services is clearly articulated. In this session, learn how a communication plan can change your company’s perception of IT, enable you to promote your value, keep you on the same page as your leadership team, and keep your department aligned with the company’s goals.

    Participants will learn how to create a communications plan that leverages social media and how to use the communication plan to convince management of the importance of sending a consistent message. You will leave this session with the tools to emulate the best marketing companies in the world, right from your IT shop.
  • itSMF USA In The Know Podinar- COBIT SIG Recorded: Feb 18 2015 44 mins
    Jason Stonehouse and Eddie Vidal
    Join hosts Jason Stonehouse and Eddie Vidal as we sit down with President Marc Halcrow from the itSMF (SIG) COBIT group. Learn how SIG COBIT can help your career and what the group has planned for 2015.
  • Higher Ed SIG - Best Practices for IT Service Desk Consolidation Recorded: Jan 22 2015 54 mins
    Jarod Greene - VP of Product Marketing, Cherwell Software, Eric Dannenberg - Change and Configuration Manager at Boston Univ.
    Higher Ed IT organizations continue to see accelerated demand and complexity without a correlating increase in resources. As such, many have looked to IT service desk consolidation as a means to enable fewer staff members to yield higher contact volumes, and develop a higher skill set though familiarization of a wider range of contacts. This webinar will discuss tactical and strategic steps to with consideration across people, process and technologies.
  • Problem Mngmt SIG & Nation's Capital LIG | Structured Root Cause Analysis Recorded: Jan 21 2015 50 mins
    Shellina Damji, Kepner-Tregoe and Mike Malcangio, ServiceNow
    Shellina Damji will provide an overview of the Kepner-Tregoe® methodology and discuss the benefits of using a Structured Root Cause Analysis methodology within your Problem Management process.

    Mike Malcangio, from ServiceNow, will discuss the integration of Kepner-Tregoe into the ServiceNow Problem Management module.
  • itSMF USA In the Know Podinar - Speak at FUSION 15? Learn How... Recorded: Jan 21 2015 44 mins
    Eddie Vidal and Doug Tedder
    Speak at Fusion 15? Learn How…from our next guest, Fusion 15 Program Chair, Jill Zimmerman as she shares knowledge, advice and helpful tips to help you become a speaker at Fusion 15.
  • Higher Ed SIG - Future State of ITSM and the HE IT Professional Recorded: Jan 8 2015 60 mins
    Charles Araujo, itSMF USA President and Jeffrey Toaddy, itSMF USA HE SIG President
    Is there a future in the IT Service Management Industry? Will Service Management remain relevant in Higher Ed? Join itSMF USA President, Charles Araujo, and HE SIG President, Jeffrey Toaddy, on January 8th as they discuss the future of the IT Service Management industry, Charles' vision for itSMF USA and what it all means for Higher Ed professionals.
  • Higher Ed SIG | CSI for Beating a Dead Horse – What are your Metrics? Recorded: Dec 18 2014 60 mins
    Mitch Pautz, Cal State Fullerton and Randy Steinberg, Migration Technologies
    IT measurements are meaningless if they don’t provide information to make accurate and timely decisions. Yet many IT organizations produce reams of operational reports that provide tons of information yet still leave everyone blind as to what actions to take or whether IT benefits are truly being realized. This session provides a solid practical approach for closing the loop between what kinds of metrics should be reported on and how IT can leverage results and a program of continual service improvement for effective decision making. As a result of this session, attendees will learn about what kinds of metrics matter most and how these fit into an overall model for making key decisions. In addition, attendees will get access to a simple EXCEL-based metrics model that they can use right away within their own IT organization.
  • itSMF USA In the Know Podinar - Higer Ed SIG | SIG of the Year Recorded: Nov 19 2014 41 mins
    Eddie Vidal & Jason Stonehouse with Guest Lisa Kass
    Lisa Kass, 2014 itSMF Member of the Year winner and President of Higher Ed SIG will discuss the latest updates on Higher Ed SIG and share with us her thoughts on winning this years Member of the Year award.
  • itSMF USA COBIT SIG - Hear from the Experts - ITSM and COBIT Alignment Recorded: Sep 23 2014 59 mins
    Rob Stroud, Christian Nissen and Johann Botha
    In this session, Rob, Christian, and Johann will delve into how the ITSM processes were incorporated into COBIT5. They will share how ITSM and COBIT are complementary and align with one another. They will also dispel any myths with one framework replacing the other.
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