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CMDB - Guaranteed! Maintaining a Functional CMDB

Configuration Management Databases play an important role in Service Transition and Operations. However, IT organizations tend to find a challenge in maintaining and supporting a Functional CMDB.

In this webinar, we'll discuss tested effective methods to keep your CMDB Healthy. Configuration Management and its role (recap / reminder).

What makes a CMDB functional?
Success factors that contribute to the maintenance of a healthy CMDB.
How can ITIL v4 help to empower Configuration Managers?
Recorded May 23 2019 95 mins
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Presented by
Sherief Farid
Presentation preview: CMDB - Guaranteed! Maintaining a Functional CMDB

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  • Hooray, I am a supervisor. Now what? & Who We Do Work For and How We Get It Recorded: Mar 30 2021 83 mins
    Russ Thyret and Mark Galligan
    I - Hooray, I am a supervisor. Now what? (presented by Russell Thyret) This will cover topics for aspiring supervisors/managers and first-time supervisors/managers including:

    • Establishing supervision routines
    • Successful delegation
    • When to step in, when to step away
    • Having difficult conversations

    II - Who We Do Work For and How We Get It (presented by Mark Galligan)
    In today’s dynamic and remote work situations it is critical to have up to date information about our staff’s location, role, and contact information. Additionally, it will provide you with needed information to help you improve your relationship with your customers and manage how they perceive the value your IT department brings to the organization. Note, that if you don’t manage this communication some other party or parties will.

    Managing the channel is about designing, knowing how, and managing how work enters your organization and why this is key to the success of your department
  • How to Start and Scale on Your ‘Continual Service Optimization’ Journey Recorded: Mar 10 2021 54 mins
    Manjeet Singh, Director of Product Management at ServiceNow .
    Often organizations have some form of continual improvement plan in their roadmap, but they struggle to realize continual improvement end-to-end efficiently and at scale. In this presentation by Manjeet Singh, you will learn how to start and scale on your ‘Continual Service Optimization’ Journey.

    Manjeet is a results-driven technology leader with 20 years of experience in product management, software engineering, data science, analytics, and strategy. Manjeet is a strategic thinker and deeply passionate about learning customer problems with full empathy and providing elegant solutions. Manjeet has a great track record of delivering high impact enterprise and consumer-facing products that have led to a significant increase in revenue, product engagement, and customer satisfaction for the business. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and an MBA in Product Management & Marketing from Santa Clara University.
  • IT Predictions 2021 - North America Edition Recorded: Feb 4 2021 55 mins
    Richard Pastore, The Hackett Group; Peter Baskette, Riverbed Technology; Joy Su, Freshworks Inc.
    The events of 2020 challenged business leaders globally like never before. Join our IT Predictions 2021 live webinar with an expert panel to get a deeper understanding of the dynamics that will shape 2021, and explore how to harness disruption to drive meaningful change and growth.

    During this webinar, our IT service management leaders will discuss the most important trends impacting the IT landscape in 2021. We will analyze the results from the Hackett Group’s Key Issues Study and discuss how organizations plan to adapt to a new normal and how that impacts the workforce & the IT operating model. We will also update adoption levels and impacts of digital tools and technologies.

    Register Now & receive insights on the;

    - Most important IT function objectives for 2021
    - Key IT transformation initiatives planned for 2021
    - Hurdles to IT transformation in 2021 & how to overcome them
    - KPIs IT teams plan to focus in 2021
  • A look at ITIL Change Management with Agile and DevOps. Recorded: Dec 3 2020 55 mins
    Tanya Rodahl
    A look at ITIL Change Management with Agile and DevOps. People and process. Wins, losses, and compromise. Join Tanya for an informative webinar of Change Management with Agile and Dev Ops. Tanya has 25+ years experience in IT. She leverages her experience in operations to design and improve practices that enable teams to perform more effectively. Her passion is helping teams achieve value outcomes.
  • ITIL4: A journey towards ‘ITSM the Next generation Recorded: Nov 19 2020 62 mins
    Paul Wilkinson, Founder GamingWorks
    ITIL®4 represents a significant mindset and behavior shift for IT Service management. One of its core concepts is the Value chain – by definition requiring end to end collaboration. But traditionally we have been operating in department and framework SILO’s - COBIT, BRM, Agile, DevOps and now ITIL4. Not only that, but Agile and DevOps stakeholders see ITIL as out of date within an increasingly agile world.

    Taking the step from where we are to where we need to be with ITIL is not a one off ‘Implementation’. It is a journey of iterative improvement. Yet at the Same time the world around us is continually changing requiring us to be agile and able to change at pace. The business is throwing ever more demands and opportunities our way. Products and features need to be deployed – Now! Critical systems need to remain stable, reliable and available. But what about change and improvement work!...

    Welcome to the world of digital transformation and digital disruption. Many organizations are now adopting ITIL4 as part of their ITSM journey, but are struggling to translate theory into practice and create the necessary buy-in and commitment from end-to-end stakeholders.

    MarsLander is a business simulation that can be used to bring the end-to-end stakeholders to experience and explore solutions to these challenges.

    Interested in learning more about MarsLander: ITSM the Next Generation? If you've ever been curious about the MarsLander Simulation and how interactive, learn-by-doing workshops have revolutionized training, register today.
  • Selling ITSM Recorded: Nov 12 2020 51 mins
    Joey Blomker and Danielle Hibbert
    We’ve all had to work to keep ITSM top of mind within our organizations. During this session Joey Blomker will provide strategies on how to sell ITSM to all levels of the organization. Danielle Hibbert will follow up on how to keep stakeholders engaged along the ITSM journey. At the end of the event you should walk away with strategies to frame ITSM to your leadership team and keep them engaged no matter where you are on your ITSM journey.

    In this presentation, we will discuss

    Value Propositions
    Enabling the ‘cool projects’
    Critical Success Factors Engaging Stakeholders along the Journey
    Buy-In (Selling, Scoping, Expectation Mgmt)
    Program Initiation and Execution (Buy-in, change champions, ongoing communications)
    Phase ‘Next’ (maintaining momentum, showing value, remembering the ‘why’)

    More details coming soon!
  • Managing Major Incidents: Creating Command-and-Control from the Chaos Recorded: Sep 23 2020 61 mins
    Gary Ledo, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota
    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota

    Agenda: 1:00 - Welcome - Yvonne Houle, itSMF Minnesota LIG
    1:05 - Bringing Command and Control to the Chaos: Blue Cross' Journey to Orchestrate Activities for Major Incident Handling - Gary Ledo, Process Analyst, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota
    1:45 - Q&A
    1:55 - Wrap Up
  • Managing Technical Staff Remotely/OperatingSecurely in the Cloud Recorded: Jun 25 2020 98 mins
    Russ Thyret and Roc Paez
    This session features two presentations. Russ Thyret will present strategies to manage technical staff with a special focus on managing remote workers. Followed by the presentation, Cyber Security – What You Need to Know to Operate Securely in the Cloud by Roc Paez.
  • ITSM Maturity Level (Crawl, Walk, Run!) Recorded: Jun 17 2020 59 mins
    Yvonne Houle, President Minnesota LIG, Justin Hawkins, Time2Market, Allan Acosta, 3M
    Panel Discussion:

    Yvonne Houle, President Minnesota LIG
    Justin Hawkins, Time2Market
    Allan Acosta, 3M
  • Taking Continual Service Improvement to Another Level with COBIT Implementation Recorded: Jun 4 2020 61 mins
    John Jasinksi
    This webinar will focus on industry resources available to help you improve management of your IT Service Management (ITSM) program. The opportunity points towards improving both management and governance. This session will give you an unique perspective on blending ITIL and COBIT improvement guidance with program structure, improvement, change enablement constructs from John Kotter and Plan-Do-Check-Act from Ed Deming. Using a repeatable approach will be emphasized. The COBIT 2019 Implementation book, which provides a playbook / template, will be covered in detail.
  • Get Them to Love Change Management with Organizational Change Management Recorded: May 13 2020 58 mins
    Hosted by the Atlanta LIG
    Today’s organizations move via a project-to-project perspective requiring the need to embed Change Management within an their organizational capabilities and competencies. Our panelists of Change Manager panelists will discuss how they leverage Organizational Change Management to assist their organization’s ability to embrace Change Management within the enterprise.
  • ITSM +: Using AI to Modernization your Service Desk Recorded: May 6 2020 73 mins
    Antonio Nucci, Ph.D
    With the consumerization of enterprise IT, employees are expecting the same level of service excellence from IT service management (ITSM) solutions. Users expect enterprise services to be delivered instantly, in the device and channel of their preference, with a high degree of personalization and without having to talk to someone. Leading enterprises are now transforming toward ITSM+ by embracing cognitive AI, Robotic Process Automation and Conversational Experience, which promise to boost productivity while using fewer resources, achieving greater cost savings and delivering an engaging customer experience for enhanced satisfaction.

    In this talk, we will start by drawing the Service Desk Journey, from Help Desk to Today's Segregated Service Desk, highlighting business and operational challenges affecting Employees, Customers and Service Desk Service Agents. We will then introduce the new paradigm shift of ITSM+, and present in great detail a novel five-layer reference architecture. We will walk the audience through each of the comprising layers and conclude with how to get started in this disruptive digital transformation.

    Questions? Visit https://aisera.com
  • Running IT Like a Business Recorded: Apr 29 2020 46 mins
    Tom Urban, Vice President of Sales and Operations for Align Financials
    Regardless of industry, what we do with technology defines what we can accomplish as a business. ‘Running IT like a business’ redefines how IT organizations operate: as a high-performance business within the business. Having a deeper understanding of IT financials drives smarter decision-making which results in more time to get more done. Join us for this informative webcast to learn how Align is changing the strategic value of IT.
  • IT Asset Management & Coronavirus ...The New Normal, Or Is It? Recorded: Apr 3 2020 61 mins
    Bill Talbot, Dave Leibow, Bill Thurman, and Scott Young
    Join us for 60 minutes to hear about ITAM within today's unforeseen pandemic world. Our topics will speak to how ITAM is more important than ever in today's technological society and the impact of current events that we are all grappling with including how ITAM can help manage risk and create a positive impact on recovery in the coming weeks and months.
  • COBIT 2019 and Deeper Dive – Governance and Management of Enterprise IT (Digital Recorded: Mar 26 2020 64 mins
    John Jasinski
    Session will cover an intro and update to resources for COBIT 2019 and alignment and harmony with ITIL and all other models. Five books and toolkits will be covered. Discussion will focus on using the resources with common sense - to realize huge value. COBIT helps provide context, structure and content for consistency. A framework of frameworks. No need to make it up anymore, COBIT content can help you. This will not be a dull presentation – we’ll dig into your real challenges and opportunities and how COBIT or other resources might help.
  • How to Make Continual Improvement a part of Your Business Strategy? Recorded: Mar 19 2020 58 mins
    Manjeet Singh, Group Product Manager for ITSM products at ServiceNow
    Please join the itSMF Continual Improvement CoI for a BrightTalk Session, “How to Make Continual Improvement as part of business strategy and drive results”, scheduled for 1PM EST on Thursday, March 19, 2020.

    In IT Service and Operation Management, delivery of key services with high availability, low cost, and high customer satisfaction are becoming key success metrics for CIOs and IT leader’s strategy. The Continuous Improvement process plays an increasingly important role in the company because it allows the organization to proactively drive continuous optimization across people/process/service/technology to increase business efficiency, innovation, and competitive advantage.

    No matter where an organization is in their digital maturity cycle, the improvements sought can be incremental over time or achieved with a breakthrough moment that tries to increase effectiveness and efficiencies to fulfill a company’s objectives. Here are some key dimensions that must be accessed to achieve faster time to value:

    •What are the benefits of using a continuous improvement business strategy?
    •How to assess if your corporate culture promotes Continual Improvement Management (CIM)?
    •How to know when to apply a continuous improvement business strategy?
    •How to make improvement at agile speed and show impact?

    This presentation will provide a playbook and best practices that helps organizations to bring strategic alignment and outcome-based approach to drive continual improvements. You will also learn how to make greater use of the creative potential in the minds of your employees and customers using an easy to use framework where everyone feels included in driving the desired impact in their respective work area.
  • Global Women of IT Leadership Program Recorded: Feb 27 2020 107 mins
    Dawn Khan
    Silicon Valley ITSMF is hosting a global Women if IT Webinar Series This kickoff is an online global webinar. A series of profiles, tips and topics around elevating the Women in IT Service Management. Kickoff is at the end of February, and will continue with a series of women in IT leadership programming and activities. Focus awareness and illustrating why women in leadership is simple, user experience is incomplete without a complete representation of men and women’s use of technology. The diversity of experience , use and mindset fuels innovation. Women are leading, they are just not making it to the sufficient board room levels. We can do so much leveraging the successes that exist and producing more. Kick off with profiles in excellence, tips and career resources For advancing Women in IT Leadership
  • Raise Your Digital Maturity Recorded: Feb 25 2020 36 mins
    Vivek Mehta
    Senior IT leaders like you are increasingly challenged to develop digital strategies for your organization. This can be one of the most significant challenges you face, as there are no comprehensive frameworks to compare against your peers or to assess your ability to drive positive change.

    An organization’s digital maturity must be assessed across all key dimensions:

    •Strategy: Is the organization aligned around a vision?
    •Culture: Is the organization fostering the mindsets and behaviors critical to capturing digital opportunities?
    •Customer Journeys: Is the organization able to provide the desired customer experience over end-to-end journeys?
    •Capabilities: Does the organization have the systems, tools, digital skills, and technology to achieve its digital goals?

    This presentation will provide a blueprint that helps organizations take stock of their digital maturity and compare it with their peers in the industry. By leveraging the capabilities-based framework described in the blueprint, organizations can identify initiatives to achieve the desired digital maturity.
  • Breathe Life into your Legacy Service Desk Recorded: Feb 11 2020 59 mins
    Peter Beasley, President Netwatch Solutions
    Many enterprises still enjoy success with legacy service desk solutions such as Footprints, Track-IT, and Remedy. Many DevOps and software driven enterprises use Jira effectively to manage their service desks. But these solutions, often perpetually licensed, may be customized to meet many internal business needs – but do not have the latest configuration management capabilities like predictive analytics, dependency mapping, gamification, auto-discovery and robust change management workflows. Many lack a CMDB (configuration management database).
    So … wouldn’t it be great to have a CMDB without the hassle of changing your entire service desk functions?
    Plus, most CMDB’s today require migrating from a fully amortized, perpetually licensed solution to a recurring, SAAS solution.
    This session:
    •Lists reasons to keep your legacy service desk
    •Identifies key intersection points on how a traditional service desk can be complemented with a modern CMDB
    •Points-out what deficiencies may hurt the most
    •Emphasizes the plusses often out-weigh the negatives.
    Keeping your legacy service desk may make sense for many enterprises when you find options to extend their capabilities. Learn how.
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