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New Jersey IG: How to Implement Measurements to Drive Value

Improve the "Business of IT" by using a measurement framework and metrics that matter most.

Metrics are important to management. What's not measured cannot be managed.

But what should be measured, why and how?

Learning Objectives:
Metrics validate your IT strategy and vision; provide direction with targets and metrics; justify changes with a means to gauge value-realized; signal when to intervene with corrective actions.

Hear case studies and examples that help you improve alignment, meet compliance and drive service excellence.

Learn the secrets of how measurement frameworks work and take away a roadmap with actionable steps. Let's get IT started.

David Smith is the President of Micromationinc.com, an IT Consultancy that specializes in IT service optimization. David is also a certified TCO Expert, ITSM Expert and ISO 20000 Consultant. He has 30+ years experience in managing and improving the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of IT service delivery for commercial IT vendors as well as the internal IT organizations of well-known private and public sector companies.

David's IT consulting kit-bag includes tools, methods and lessons-learned for: measurement frameworks, metrics, optimization, governance, portfolios, scorecarding, benchmarking, baselining, service & process improvement, KPI designer SW, ROI, TCO, ABC, ABM, technology refresh, support modelling, service marketing, cataloguing and pricing using industry best practices like ITIL, CobiT, CMMI etc.

David is the author of “Implementing Metrics for IT Service Management” ISBN: 9789087531140 and contributing co-author of "IT Service Management - Global Best Practices" ISBN: 9789087531003.
Recorded Apr 19 2012 62 mins
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Presented by
David Smith, President of Micromationinc.com
Presentation preview: New Jersey IG: How to Implement Measurements to Drive Value

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  • Simplifying Service Response with Standard+Case May 4 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Brian Newcomb and Edward Gray
    In this webinar, Brian will introduce the Standard+Case approach and discuss benefits for both IT and non-IT service providers.

    Description: Service Management best practice describes many different situations that a provider must deal with. Incidents, Problems, Requests, Events, Changes – all with best practice processes of their own, but while these distinct classifications provide clarity of measurements they can also get very confusing for first line resources handling the majority of customer contacts. The Standard+Case approach can complement best practices while leading to a more efficient adoption and understanding by service provider staff.

    Brian Newcomb is the Director of Technology, Process, and Data Solutions within the Office of Human Resources at The Ohio State University. His team is responsible for aligning HR information systems and related technology with business processes while delivering the data required to drive business decisions. Brian has worked in technical, leadership, and consultancy positions over the last 20 years and has led numerous IT Service Management initiatives and organizational transformation efforts. Today, Brian uses this experience along with industry certifications in ITIL, CobIT, and LeanIT to promote process improvement, maximize value, and foster a customer centric culture.
  • Security, ITSM & IoT Recorded: Apr 12 2017 60 mins
    Jenny Geisler
    As the world of connected devices continues to grow, organizations must be aware of and have the capability of managing all devices that are on their networks.  Now more than ever this includes devices that aren’t owned or operated by IT.  Operational Technology (OT) present on your network can contain serious vulnerabilities and increase the risk to your organization.  ITSM teams play a critical role in bridging the conversations between IT Operations, Information Security, Risk Management, and the business teams that own operational technologies that help to secure their organizations. 
    The presentation today will focus on the issues facing Security and Risk Management teams and how ITSM teams can provide solutions.

    Jenny Geisler is a Senior Consultant and Security Capability Leader with Aeritae Consulting Group, Ltd. She has her ITILv3 Master’s certification and has more than 20-years’ experience working on projects focused on governance, process, controls and compliance for many of the Minnesota-based Fortune 500 companies.
  • Using Proactive Problem Management to Reduce Monitoring Alerts and Noise Recorded: Feb 8 2017 53 mins
    David Banghart
    In ITIL, Reactive Problem Management is instinctively easier to understand and perform. Proactive Problem Management is murkier. David Banghart presents a concrete example of a successful Proactive Problem Management initiative focusing on server and network devices monitoring alerts. Using collaboration, facilitation, persistence, and data this initiative resulted in a significant decrease in alerts, server / device P1/P2 incidents, and support email / ticket noise.
  • The Three Most Missing Processes Recorded: Nov 18 2016 24 mins
    Greg Rowe
    Enjoy a fascinating topic over lunch on a Friday.
  • The Seventeen Real Processes Recorded: Nov 4 2016 30 mins
    Greg Rowe
    Surveying the process diagrams in ITIL reveals seventeen processes with flowcharts, unlike the other nine. What's unique about them? This presentation puts it all together into a process reference model of what really works across the Service Lifecycle. It also organizes them into four logical sets and functional groups so you can flexibly grow process maturity in any direction under simplified leadership
  • The Seventeen Real Processes Recorded: Oct 28 2016 30 mins
    Greg Rowe
    Surveying the process diagrams in ITIL reveals seventeen processes with flowcharts, unlike the other nine. What's unique about them? This presentation puts it all together into a process reference model of what really works across the Service Lifecycle. It also organizes them into four logical sets and functional groups so you can flexibly grow process maturity in any direction under simplified leadership
  • Higher Ed CoI | Crossing the River With My Dragon Recorded: Sep 29 2016 35 mins
    Mary Therese Durr, Director of Computing Support and Service Management at Boston College
    An IT support professional’s perspective on change.

    Ever wonder why change is so hard. Join us as Mary Therese Durr, Director of Computing Support and Service Management at Boston College shares her experience with change and the dragon that impedes acceptance.

    Mary Therese Durr is the Director of Computing Support and Information Technology Service Management at Boston College. Mary entered the technology field over twenty-five years ago as a computer programmer. She has moved from software development to computer lab management to networking to systems management and lastly to directing those who do all the real work. Her specialty is discovering people’s strengths. Mary has her Master's in Education, Research, Measurement, and Evaluation from the Boston College Lynch School of Education.

    The best way to engage all employees is through their managers. Therefore Mary includes in her responsibilities partnering with Information Technology Services (ITS)-Human Resources to build and support a management training program for ITS as well as consulting with management as needed.
  • Board Elections - Meet the Candidates! Recorded: Sep 26 2016 37 mins
    Doug Tedder
    Join Doug Tedder and get to know more about the four candidates up for election for the itSMF USA Board of Directors.
  • Problem Management CoI - LeanIT Continuous Improvement for Problem Management Recorded: May 25 2016 61 mins
    Niels Loader, Principal Consultant, Quint Wellington Redwood
    Please join the itSMF USA Problem Management Community of Interest for a BrightTalk Session on “LeanIT Continuous Improvement for Problem Management”, scheduled for 2PM EDT on Wednesday, May 25, 2016.

    Problem management is one of the simplest and clearest of the ITIL processes, but very few IT organizations have the process working as ITIL describes it. In his presentation, Niels Loader will look at a number of issues associated with the process, such as performance measurement, the business case for Problem Management, the challenges of getting Problem Management working, the role of the Problem Manager and applying LeanIT principles to Continuous Improvement for your Problem Management Process.

    One of the key sources of improvements for ITIL processes like Problem Management comes from applying Lean principles. Niels would like to take you on a journey through insights that he has gained over the past years and, hopefully, help you to make your Problem Management more effective.
  • Higher Ed CoI: ITSM Process Analytics – Transparency and Tuning for your Clients Recorded: Apr 27 2016 60 mins
    Jeffrey Toaddy
    If you're yearning for more than the built-in reports your ITSM suite provides, you are in the right place. Join us as Jeffrey Toaddy, ITSM Coordinator for Miami University, walks us down the rocky road to process scorecards and service metrics the rest of the IT organization and clients can understand.

    Speaker bio: Jeffrey is an ITIL Expert with over ten years of IT Service Management experience. He currently serves as IT Service Management Coordinator and Adjunct Instructor at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Miami's BI unit has been supporting University-wide decisions leaving Jeffrey and his colleagues to develop their own scrappy approach to coaxing complex conclusions from internal systems.
  • DevOps/Agile COI: Putting the "Ops" into "DevOps" Recorded: Apr 7 2016 62 mins
    Robert Stroud, John Clipp
    Please join the DevOps / Agile CoI for a BrightTalk Session, “Putting the “Ops” into “DevOps”, scheduled for 2PM EDT on Thursday, April 7, 2016.

    DevOps is the blending of tasks performed by a company's application development and systems operations teams in order to deliver on the IT promise of agility and elasticity to meet business demands. Unfortunately, to date, this has been more about accelerating “Dev” and less about the “Ops”. Agility and velocity does not mean the abandonment of good practices, rather mandates the transition of the ops role from one of managing physical infrastructure, to managing their infrastructure as code. To do so effectively, operations will build infrastructure as code, similar to the Dev community and leverage automation tools to facilitate transition to production using modern automation tools.

    Robert Stroud of Forrester who focused on the SDDC and IaC will discuss the impact of DevOps on your existing Change and Configuration management process and how you can leverage IaC and DevOps for agility and elasticity.
  • Transition Planning with Project Managers and Operations Recorded: Mar 18 2016 20 mins
    Greg Rowe
    Overcome the common struggle to reconcile plans and schedules between project managers and operations managers with the best-kept secret of ITIL:The Transition Planning and Support Process.
  • Transition Planning with Project Managers and Operations Recorded: Mar 11 2016 60 mins
    Greg Rowe
    Overcome the common struggle to reconcile plans and schedules between project managers and operations managers with the best-kept secret of ITIL: The Transition Planning and Support Process
  • Enterprise DevOps – Lessons Learned Recorded: Jan 27 2016 61 mins
    John Clipp - Jason Walker
    Please join the DevOps / Agile CoI for a BrightTalk Session, “Enterprise DevOps – Lessons Learned”, scheduled for 1PM EST on Wednesday, January 27, 2016.

    DevOps is a cornerstone to concepts used to drive the implementation, with continuous integration and delivery as methods to deliver the actual solution. In a large enterprise, there are many front-end and back-end systems/processes that need to "talk". This presentation focuses on highlighting and breaking down the silos that exist in order to redirect energy and attention on (the more important) outcomes that are generated from lighter methods to delivery IT systems. This includes establishing similar light weight methods for all groups in the organization to publish updates and changes in the environment with, again, a focus on the values, practices, and outcomes.

    Jason Walker, the Lead DevOps Engineer at Target Corporation, will discuss many of the lessons learned and best practices during the adoption of DevOps at Target.
  • In the Know Podinar Recorded: Dec 16 2015 44 mins
    Eddie Vidal - Doug Tedder - Troy DuMoulin
    Join Eddie and Doug on your ride home for the next itSMF USA “In the Know” podinar on Wednesday, December 16 at 5pm (EST) with guest Troy DuMoulin, VP of Research, Innovation, and Product Management for Pink Elephant. Troy will be talking with Eddie and Doug about a hot topic in the ITSM industry, Lean IT.
  • The Knowledge-Centered Support Difference: a Discussion Recorded: Oct 22 2015 63 mins
    Edward Gray
    On July 21, 2015, the itSMF USA Higher Education Community of Interest hosted a BrightTalk session on “The Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) Difference, and Its Impact at the University of Phoenix.” To follow on with the discussion started in that session, we have invited a few practitioners to share their experiences and expertise with KCS.

    Panelists for this session include:
    - Rae Ann Bruno, President, Business Solutions Training
    - Stephenie Gloden, Vice President, Enterprise Resource Management, Apollo Education Group
    - JC Grooms, Knowledge Systems Architect, Minnesota State University, Mankato
    - Eddie Vidal, IT Professional, University of Miami

    The session will be moderated by Edward Gray, Systems Integration and Support Specialist at the University of Mary Washington and Assistant Manager of the itSMF USA Higher Education Community of Interest.
  • The Customer is Always Right...Deal With It Recorded: Oct 20 2015 35 mins
    Eddie Vidal
    Join us on your drive home, Tuesday October 20th at 5 PM eastern as our guest Shep Hyken, (@Hkyen) a member of the National Speakers Hall of Fame discusses creating an amazing customer service experience. Where and how do you start creating a culture to deliver a great experience. How do you get your team on board? How do you recover from poor customer service experiences and can customer service be learned or are you born with it? Shep will be the closing keynote speaker at Fusion 15 #SMFusion15. Get a sneak peek and learn how to raise your game in delivering customer service. Your hosts for this exciting podinar are Doug Tedder @dougtedder and Eddie Vidal @eddievidal. Don't miss out!
    To register go to: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/845/176231
  • itSMF USA DevOps/Agile CoI - Introduction to DevOps Recorded: Oct 7 2015 50 mins
    Nathen Harvey
    "DevOps" is a term that has become mainstream enough to be hated, misunderstood, misused, and abused. But what is "DevOps"? And, more importantly, why should I care?

    DevOps isn't a tool or a product. It's an approach to operations. By uniting development and operations teams to automate and standardize processes for infrastructure deployment, you get faster innovation, accelerated time to market, improved deployment quality, better operational efficiency, and more time to focus on your core business goals.

    This presentation will explore the principles and forms of DevOps. I know DevOps when I see it and, soon, you will, too.
  • itSMF USA Problem Management CoI | Root Cause Analysis Summit - KEPNER-TREGOE Recorded: Sep 30 2015 58 mins
    KEPNER-TREGOE will talk about the role of Root Cause Analysis in the context of IT support functions, the pressures they face as well as the goals and needs for specific results when deploying different RCA and troubleshooting techniques. Furthermore, they will discuss the challenges of adopting new skills in high-pressure, complex, process-driven service environments and ways to overcome the gap between the theory of training and on-the-job proficiency via coaching and simulation.
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  • Title: New Jersey IG: How to Implement Measurements to Drive Value
  • Live at: Apr 19 2012 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: David Smith, President of Micromationinc.com
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