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From search to conversion - 3 keys to a successful customer journey

In this session, Kath Pay explores the various steps in a typical customer journey that starts with a search. She will share tips and tricks on how to identify where the biggest wins can be gained, resulting in a successful customer experience, both from the customer's perspective as well as yours.
Recorded Oct 8 2013 48 mins
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Presented by
Kath Pay, Consultant, Speaker & Trainer, Plan to Engage
Presentation preview: From search to conversion - 3 keys to a successful customer journey

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  • Getting your email marketing team GDPR compliant Aug 24 2017 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Steve Henderson, Compliance Officer, Communicator Corp
    Join us on this webinar and learn:
    - What are the new challenges with gaining consent for new and existing data.
    - How technology and clever copywriting can help with new sign-ups(examples on how to make sign-up both compelling and compliant with GDPR and ePrivacy)
    - How to run your own GDPR audit

    About Steve Henderson:

    With over a decade’s experience, Steve is a data protection and email deliverability specialist and is an expert on the impact of the GDPR to the email marketing industry. Steve has worked with the DMA since 2012 and was elected to the DMA Email Council in 2015.
    Steve belongs to the CIPP/E (Certified Institute of Privacy Professionals – Europe), the CIPT (Certified Institute of Privacy Technologists) and was recently awarded the IAPP Fellow of Information Privacy.
  • The Art of Enhancing the Customer Experience using Personalisation Aug 22 2017 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Kath Pay, CEO of Holistic Email Marketing
    Personalisation is the latest trend within email marketing and with good reason - it delivers the goods. However, the reason behind its success is not what you may think. In this must-attend session, Kath Pay, CEO of Holistic Email Marketing de-mystifies personalisation and reveals that contrary to popular opinion, personalisation should not in fact be our objective, but instead it should be to deliver a great customer experience using personalisation as a strategy to achieve this.

    This session will be packed full of practical tips and advice on not only how to achieve a better customer experience using personalisation, but will also demonstrate as to why it's so powerful. Beware though - you may well be pleasantly surprised at the many ways to achieve personalised emails beyond product recommendations!
  • 5 key customer engaging email segments to automate Recorded: Aug 10 2017 48 mins
    Kath Pay, CEO, Holistic Email Marketing
    Successful ecommerce marketing is all about being engaging - saying the right thing (or offering the right product) to the right customer at the right time. Engaging your prospects and customers with relevant copy, personalised offers and targeting them at the right stage within the lifecycle, means that you’ll not only achieve great results, but you’ll have your customer coming back time and time again.

    Join us for this webinar, and you’ll discover:
    * 5 often-missed customer segments to automate that will deliver the results you need
    * The right questions to ask when investigating your data
    * How to turn your insights into engaging programs

    About Kath Pay:
    Kath lives and breathes email marketing. As Founder of Holistic Email Marketing, she devotes her time to developlng customer-centric ecommerce journeys using a holistic, multi-channel approach. Kath is recognised as one of the UK’s leading Email Marketers and heads up training for Econsultancy on Email Marketing.
    Some of the retail and B2C brands she has either trained or helped are: Ebay, Mr Porter, Bally, Barbour, Paul Smith, Ocado, EE, Dyson, Marks and Spencer, Wallis, Schuh, Co-operative Group, Argos, Next, Asda, Jaeger, Mont Blanc, Expedia, Net-a-Porter, Secret Escapes, George, Dixons, Bookatable, ShopRush, Adobe, Facebook, VisitScotland – just to name a few.
  • Butting Heads: Why ABM Makes Sales and Marketing Alignment Easier, Not Harder Recorded: Jun 13 2017 25 mins
    Riaz Kanani, Joint-MD, Radiate B2B
    In the B2B world, aligning sales and marketing has been a challenge going back decades. If you believe the stereotype, it's because marketing is the colouring-in department and sales are know-it-alls who don’t listen. This session will look at how to align the two when adopting an Account Based Marketing strategy.
  • How to create subject lines that increase conversions Recorded: Apr 15 2015 44 mins
    Kath Pay, Marketing Director, cloud.IQ
    Need more conversions from your email marketing? The best place to start is with your email Subject Line. Many of us wait until we're ready to press send, before we hastily throw together an ill-considered subject line.

    Aimed at e-Commerce and marketing professionals, attend this webinar to learn many invaluable tips that will revolutionise how you write subject lines. Learn the secret to writing subject lines that not only grab your customers attention, but also increase online conversions.
  • 3 sexy ways to use popovers to increase conversions Recorded: Feb 26 2015 37 mins
    Kath Pay, Marketing Director, cloud.IQ
    Join Kath Pay, Marketing Director of cloud.IQ, on this webinar to discover how you can use popovers (also known as lightboxes or overlays) to increase your conversions - whether you are looking to drive sales, subscribers, return visits or downloads.

    Take the right approach to popovers and they can be an extremely effective conversion tool that are also a helpful customer service tool, encouraging loyalty. Companies looking to increase their subscriptions and download conversions have seen a 300 - 400% uplift.

    Attend and you will learn:

    > How to integrate offers and codes to drive customers back to basket
    > How to personalise popovers to retain visitors and grow your customer database
    > How to wake up idle customers and nudge them to action
  • How to Create Call-to-Actions That Drive Conversions Recorded: Jan 28 2015 44 mins
    Kath Pay, Marketing Director, cloud.IQ
    A Call-To-Action (CTA) is all too often an after-thought. This webinar reveals the secrets to creating CTA's that encourage the action you’re after – whether it’s downloads, sign-up’s or sales.

    A CTA can fulfil many different purposes as part of the customer experience on your website, in your email communications, banner ads, ppc ads and more.

    There is an art to integrating them in a way that encourages action and provides your customers with the additional benefit of a positive customer experience.

    Included in this webinar:

    •Elements of a good CTA
    •The psychology behind CTAs
    •How to include them at the right place and right time

    This is an extremely practical webinar aimed and e-Commerce and digital marketing professionals looking to improve online conversion.
  • Leveraging Psychology for e-commerce Recorded: Dec 12 2014 47 mins
    Kath Pay, Marketing Director, cloud.IQ
    What motivates your customers to buy from you? If you’re still trying to figure it out, watch this webinar to discover how you can leverage human nature and basic psychology to drive conversions.

    Hosted by Kath Pay, Marketing Director of cloud.IQ, this webinar reveals how you can use copy, design and persuasive techniques to trigger positive, often subconscious responses that are innate within all of us, to encourage action.

    By leveraging human traits that are present within us all, you can apply techniques that tap in to each persona and their specific buying habits. We will also look at how different personalities use the web and how you can shape your site experience to encourage engagement and action.
  • 7 Ways to Leverage the Hidden Power of Email Marketing Recorded: May 16 2014 45 mins
    Kath Pay Digital Marketing Consultant & Trainer Plan to Engage
    Email Marketing is powerful and marketing automation is even more so - especially when applied to a customer-centric lifecycle marketing programme. Join Kath Pay of Plan to Engage, in this webinar to discover how you can benefit from implementing these 7 lifecycle programs. Be prepared to be informed, inspired and engaged.
  • 3 steps to recovering your abandoned carts and generate increased revenue Recorded: Mar 20 2014 42 mins
    Kath Pay, Consultant, Plan to Engage & James Critchley, MD, cloud.IQ
    Not only is Abandoned Shopping Cart recovery an art but happily 85% of abandoners are open to receiving cart reminders. in fact, 35% of shoppers who abandon carts actively welcome receiving these emails.

    Join Kath Pay of Plan to Engage & abandonment expert, James Critchley of cloud.IQ and not only find out why this is a fantastic opportunity to increase your revenue but also what you can do to increase your conversions and revenue.

    Part 2 of a 2-part series.
  • Email Profits Down? How to Analyze Why and Fix The Problem Recorded: Mar 11 2014 45 mins
    Jeanne Jennings, Vice President of Global Strategic Services, Alchemy Worx
    Is your email marketing as profitable as you’d like it to be? If not, join Jeanne Jennings, as we take a forensic approach to analyzing past results – and figuring out what qualitative changes to test to boost bottom line performance.

    You’ll learn how to use a revenue tree analysis to identify areas of strength and places with potential for improvement in your program. Then we’ll utilize other advanced analytics tools and show examples of how you translate quantitative data into qualitative changes to boost your results.

    Leave knowing:

    - How to use revenue tree analysis to pinpoint why your profits are down – and what you need to do to improve them

    - How to calculate reach metrics – and how they can be used to boost your bottom line revenue

    -How to use advanced quantitative analysis to improve your testing and results -- and make you a rock star in your marketing department

    Whether you’re a spreadsheet guru or numbers-challenged, you’ll enjoy this session (it won’t be dry, I promise!) and gain a deeper understanding of how to use data to improve your email marketing efforts.
  • 3 keys to improving your customers checkout experience Recorded: Mar 6 2014 41 mins
    Kath Pay, Consultant, Plan to Engage & James Critchley, MD, cloud.IQ
    How often have you abandoned a checkout due to a confusing and difficult experience? Unfortunately this is more common than it should be. Join Kath Pay of Plan to Engage and James Critchley of cloud.IQ where we will focus on 3 keys to leverage in order to prevent abandonment of the shopping cart process. Part 1 of a 2-part series.
  • How to reach and activate customers with mobile search Recorded: Oct 8 2013 37 mins
    Rob Thurner, mobile consultant, author and trainer at Burner Mobile
    “Truly great search is all about turning intentions into actions, lightning fast" says Google in its AdWords blog.

    This session is based on my 6 step guide to optimising your search strategy for mobile and tablet to deliver this goal:
    1. Start by reviewing search behaviour (50% of mobile interactions start with a search)
    2. Deliver geo-location based results (85% of mobile searches have location intent)
    3. Make your site SEO friendly
    4. Optimise search for high-spending tablet users
    5. Bid aggressively on mobile PPC
    6. Select mobile ad formats to meet consumer demand
  • How to write copy that sells Recorded: Oct 8 2013 25 mins
    Tamara Gielen, Email Marketing Consultant, Plan to Engage
    In this session, Tamara Gielen will share tips on how to write copy that persuades your audience to take action. We'll look at headlines, subject lines, bullet points and call-to-actions.
  • Content Marketing: a whole new discipline? or just 'old wine in new bottles'? Recorded: Oct 8 2013 39 mins
    Mike Berry, Digital marketing blogger, lecturer and consultant
    In this webinar, Mike Berry addresses some of the issues around Content Marketing, which has seemingly risen from nowhere over the last 12 months to become an important (and still fast-growing) marketing discipline. Mike will explain why high-quality content is so important, how to get it and how to make the most of it.
  • 7 Universal Conversion Optimization Principles Recorded: Oct 8 2013 47 mins
    Michael Lykke Aagaard, ContentVerve.com
    This session gives you seven conversion optimization principles that you can apply to pretty much any part of your online marketing funnel and increase conversions. Based on four years of research and more than 350 A/B tests, the session is packed with case studies and before/after examples from real life tests.

    Michael Lykke Aagaard is a self-employed, self-confessed split test junkie and copywriting fanatic from Copenhagen, Denmark. When he isn’t busy testing and optimizing websites for clients, Michael travels all over the world and preaches about the value and importance of conversion optimization.
  • From search to conversion - 3 keys to a successful customer journey Recorded: Oct 8 2013 48 mins
    Kath Pay, Consultant, Speaker & Trainer, Plan to Engage
    In this session, Kath Pay explores the various steps in a typical customer journey that starts with a search. She will share tips and tricks on how to identify where the biggest wins can be gained, resulting in a successful customer experience, both from the customer's perspective as well as yours.
  • The Future of Email Marketing: Five Trends to Anticipate Recorded: Aug 29 2013 60 mins
    David Daniels and Chris Marriott, The Relevancy Group
    The Relevancy Group CEO David Daniels and VP of Services Chris Marriott, will discuss five emerging trends that will impact consumers and marketers alike. David will provide survey data to illustrate marketer’s top priorities and highlight which tactics are driving marketer success. This fun and informative session will provide a forward looking outlook and also prescriptive advice on which strategies to embrace.
  • Approach with caution: 3 email best practices to think twice about Recorded: Aug 1 2013 49 mins
    Dela Quist, Alchemy Worx
    Thomas Edison is credited with saying: “Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration”.

    In email marketing, send volume is the workhorse of your campaign, it carries the burden and delivers the critical volume of sales needed for success. However, the workhorse depends upon being driven in the right direction.

    In this webinar, Dela will discuss 3 email marketing best practices you need to think twice about and shares which are the most important things to think about if you want to make a success of your email campaigns.
  • How to Convert a Maximum Number of Site Visitors into Subscribers & Customers Recorded: Jun 20 2013 45 mins
    Tamara Gielen, Plan to Engage
    We all know that visitors don't convert into valuable leads or buyers at their first visit to your site. In this session, Tamara Gielen will explain how you can convince your visitors to sign up to your mailinglist and how to optimize the entire sign-up process (from sign-up form to welcome/onboarding program).

    You'll learn:
    - how to get more people to sign up to your list
    - when to choose single vs double opt-in
    - how much information to ask at sign-up
    and lots more...
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  • Title: From search to conversion - 3 keys to a successful customer journey
  • Live at: Oct 8 2013 1:00 pm
  • Presented by: Kath Pay, Consultant, Speaker & Trainer, Plan to Engage
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