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James Caan: Why would I hire You?

Top tips for candidates from James Caan.
Recorded May 3 2012 5 mins
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Presented by
James Caan, Chairman, webrecruit
Presentation preview: James Caan: Why would I hire You?

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  • Training, Behavior, and Change: Using simulation to induce real change Recorded: Dec 11 2014 24 mins
    Megan Horner, Manager, Blackfin Security Group
    Being 'aware' is no longer enough when it comes to training your organization's employees. Join us for this compelling presentation which pulls from past research and lessons learned when it comes to not only implementing, but also assessing and reporting on, effective user awareness and technical security training programs. Leave with an understanding of the importance of surpassing compliance as a benchmark and why interest and engagement should be at the forefront of your program planning.

    Topics of discussion will be:
    - Effective messaging: What was used in the past, why it wasn't good enough, and what's working now.
    - Assessment mechanisms: How to ensure that the messaging you're using is working and providing real ROI.
    - Simulation activities: Why it is important to prepare employees through real-life scenarios so they know how to react when faced with potential threats.
  • What People Want Recorded: Nov 8 2013 28 mins
    Travis O’Rourke, Senior Manager, Hays Specialist Recruitment
    Did you know 50 per cent of IT employees are seriously considering leaving their current role?

    Tune in to our webinar to find out how you can impact an employee’s decision to accept or reject a new job offer. This webinar will divulge industry leading insight into the decision making process of IT professionals and will give top recruitment and retention methods for in-demand roles such as ERP, security and development.
  • Finding Software Developers in an Ever-Changing Candidate Short Market Recorded: Aug 15 2013 28 mins
    Jeremy Hubbard, CRC MIC, Team Lead - Information Technology, Hays
    Skilled Software Developers have always been in very high demand and short supply. It’s common for candidates to get four or more interviews within a week of hitting the market. On top of this, employers are now facing an evolution in the role of a Software Developer – making it even more difficult to hire.

    Tune in to see how the traditional role of a Software Developer is changing, it’s impact on employers and how you can find the best candidates in today’s whirlwind market.

    Contact Jeremy:
    D: 416-203-2920
    E: jhubbard@hays.ca
  • Hays IT Market Overview Recorded: Jul 10 2013 32 mins
    Lee Chant, Managing Director, Hays Information Technology
    In this webinar, Lee Chant will discuss the much anticipated Hays Information Technology Market Overview and Salary Guide 2013.

    This webinar will contain in-depth market information and analysis of salaries for information technology and telecoms professionals and covers:
    - ERP
    - Development
    - Projects and change management
    - Leadership
    - Business intelligence
    - Testing
    - Security

    The guide was compiled using data gathered by over 1,300 employers and employees over the past 12 months.
  • Do You Know The Risks With Co-Employment? Recorded: May 23 2013 34 mins
    Travis O’Rourke, Senior Manager, Hays Specialist Recruitment
    For the IT employer utilizing contingent or contract worker(s) services there are best practices and considerations that need to be made in order to protect yourself and your employees.

    - Do you know how to discuss pay rates, increases or bonuses?
    - Do you know how to deal with full-time employment queries, how to properly deal with timecards or forms?
    - How do you deal with punctuality, attendance, dress code etc?
    - What do you do when you want to terminate or suspend a contingent worker?

    These are the common questions we receive and we will provide tangible tools and information that can help protect you as an employer.
  • IT Graduates: Top 5 CV mistakes to avoid Recorded: Feb 20 2013 30 mins
    Charlotte Tracy, Head of Marketing, Trinity Mirror Digital Recruitment
    If you're an IT graduate, attend this webinar to learn how you can get the advantage over your peers.

    Find out what the most common CV mistakes are and how you can avoid them.
  • Strengthening Economy: Strategic Hiring & Critical Skills Shortages Recorded: Jan 23 2013 48 mins
    Travis O’Rourke, Senior Manager, Hays Specialist Recruitment
    Information Technology 2013 Market Update.

    The Canadian IT industry continues to be a hot spot. Business optimism in the sector remains high and will continue to grow in 2013. Both global and local implications is driving this growth and demand for top talent.

    Over thirty-five percent of employers today are planning on hiring permanent staff and even more hiring temporary staff.

    In this presentation gather crucial information about the skills needed in today’s marketplace, where the money is, and why Canada is generating so much attention globally.
  • Exceptional Employee Experiences - Enabling a Smarter Workforce Recorded: Oct 26 2012 61 mins
    Ian McNairn, Web Innovation Program Director, CIO Office & Mike Spradbery, Web Experience Software Business Leader UK&I , IBM
    Social and mobile intranets are a must have for Millennials, but their reach and benefits extend to all employees, partners and even customers. With innovation and productivity required for growth and profit, how can employees get access to the right tools, processes, content, applications and people required to do their jobs? How can employees consume and communicate a consistent corporate message, regardless of their location or job role?

    This webinar will look at emerging intranet trends and then focus on a case study of how IBM's own intranet has evolved in the past 30 years - to today's class-leading social, collaborative, mobile-ready, application-rich workplace.
  • The Do's and Don'ts of Online Video Interviews Recorded: Aug 9 2012 39 mins
    Steve Nicholls, Career Coach
    Like ‘em or loathe ‘em, video job interviews, in one form or another are here to stay. They may seem daunting to the uninitiated, but can also provide you with an opportunity; an opportunity to impress, to gain valuable information about a position, and to save yourself time and money travelling to an interview. However, you need to prepare properly, and you need to re-create that feeling of rapport from a face-to-face interview – which can be tough. Top UK Career Coach Steve Nicholls takes you through the do’s and don’ts re video interviews, and will give you his top tips you to stay relaxed, and perform well in this situation. Live attendance will ensure that you can get involved in Questions & Answers!
  • Staying Motivated While Job Hunting Recorded: Jul 5 2012 48 mins
    Steve Nicholls, Career Coach
    How do you stay motivated during your job hunt? It’s one of the toughest things to do, particularly if you’re coming from a background of recent or threatened redundancy. Whatever your circumstances, top career coach Steve Nicholls is going to present some tips and ideas to maintain your motivation through what can be a difficult time. How do you continue to sound positive to prospective employers / recruiters? How do you raise your game at a job interview, and not come across as simply depressed?! These and other very real issues surrounding motivation will be covered, and you will have the opportunity to interact / ask questions - so it’s a good idea to be at the live event to get your questions answered!
  • James Caan: How do you answer 'Where do you see yourself in 5 years' ? Recorded: May 5 2012 3 mins
    James Caan, chairman, webrecruit
    Top tips for candidates from James Caan.
  • Career Change Planning Recorded: May 3 2012 45 mins
    Steve Nicholls, Career Coach
    Are you bored in your job? Considering a complete change of direction, but unsure how to take the first step? You could be facing redundancy, or have been made redundant? So how do you take the first step to an exciting and rewarding new career? Top Career Coach Steve Nicholls will set you on the path to fulfilling your life and career purpose. Working with Webrecruit, the UK’s first fixed-fee recruiter (Chaired by James Caan of Dragons' Den fame), Steve will guide you through the maze of ideas, plans, and processes that form your “escape plan” toward a new career. It’s all about having a plan, and then working that plan through to a positive outcome. Have a pen and paper ready to take notes, in order to get the very best from this Webinar. I look forward to helping you kick-off your career change plan!
  • James Caan: Why would I hire You? Recorded: May 3 2012 5 mins
    James Caan, Chairman, webrecruit
    Top tips for candidates from James Caan.
  • How do you find out how well the interview went? Recorded: May 2 2012 6 mins
    James Caan, Chairman, webrecruit
    Top tips for candidates from James Caan.
Practical tips and best practice from industry experts
This channel will provide professionals with the practical information they need to develop their career. The channel will feature topics such as CV creation, interview techniques and career planning.

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  • Title: James Caan: Why would I hire You?
  • Live at: May 3 2012 9:25 am
  • Presented by: James Caan, Chairman, webrecruit
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