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API First Development with RAML & SoapUI

An API-first approach to building APIs is a powerful way to enable your team to work on different aspects of an API solution simultaneously while still ensuring that it meets your technical and business expectations. Starting with an API description is core to this approach – a clearly written service description makes it much easier for team members to collaborate from the very beginning. API mocking enables your team to build tests, clients and the server implementation for your API all at the same time.

This webinar, presented by Mulesoft's Sumit Sharma and SmartBear's Ole Lensmar, explains “API Development First” principles. This methodology ensures that you don’t waste time coding the wrong thing. Your business analysts, testers and costumers will thank you for it!

What you'll learn:
- How to model your API with RAML so your business people can sleep, knowing that your API meets their needs
- How to generate server-side code from your RAML definition
- How to use SoapUI to generate dynamic mocks of your API based on the RAML definition
- How to test those mocks and create a test framework in SoapUI
- How to use those tests for Continuous Integration and production monitoring
Recorded Jul 10 2014 59 mins
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Presented by
Sumit Sharma, MuleSoft; Ole Lensmar, SmartBear
Presentation preview: API First Development with RAML & SoapUI

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  • To the Cloud and Beyond: Modernizing the Health IT Industry Mar 14 2017 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Matt Serna, Healthcare Marketing Manager, MuleSoft; Mohammad Fasihi, Healthcare Strategy Tech Advisory, PwC
    The promise of the cloud in healthcare is clear; delivering on that promise, less so. Security and HIPAA compliance challenges, combined with the technical difficulty of configuring on-premise EHR systems to co-exist with modern cloud platforms, have delayed cloud adoption in the industry.

    This webinar will share how Anypoint Platform’s unique combination of data integration and API lifecycle management can help power the rapid, secure adoption of Salesforce and other modern healthcare cloud applications. It will also showcase how PwC has leveraged the MuleSoft platform to develop innovative solutions for its healthcare clients, and feature a demo of PwC's Smart Agent.

    Attendees will learn:

    - Common pitfalls healthcare organizations face in migrating to the cloud, and how they can be addressed with a hybrid integration model
    - How APIs can be used to increase the security and governance of health data
    - How PwC leverages MuleSoft’s platform to drive business outcomes in healthcare
  • How to Leverage APIs & Microservices to Accelerate Legacy Modernization Mar 7 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Matt Serna, Mike O'Meara and Dmitriy Kuznetsov
    As agile upstarts continue to displace established incumbent companies, the imperative to adopt (and adapt to) modern technologies and platforms - cloud, big data, IoT, mobile - has never been greater.

    All too often, legacy systems, which form the backbone of many enterprises, can stand in the way of the implementation and adoption of these technologies. As the number of digital transformation initiatives and the speed with which they must be delivered intensifies, IT leaders are being overwhelmed by the sheer number of requests for data feeds from legacy systems. Moreover, existing legacy interfaces, developed in a world of daily, batch calls, are not fit for purpose for today's digital channels requiring real-time data causing additional pain.

    Join Matt Serna, Manager Industry Marketing, Mike O'Meara, VP of Infoview Systems, and Dmitriy Kuznetsov, VP of Integration and Cloud Services, Infoview Systems for an in depth look at a specific customer use-case.

    Listeners will learn:

    - Best practices for leveraging Anypoint Platform as part of a broader legacy modernization initiative
    - How to enable AS/400 and other legacy systems to consume external APIs [DEMO]
    - How to leverage Anypoint Platform and the MuleSoft-Certified AS/400 connector to expose AS/400 data and services via APIs [DEMO]
  • Unlocking Data and Clinical Applications with APIs: The New Face of Health IT Feb 28 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Matt Serna, Manager, Industry Marketing; Jonathan Ben-Hamou, Enterprise Systems Architect, ICOE Group
    As healthcare organizations seek to unlock Electronic Health Record (EHR) data and develop modern clinical applications, health APIs can be used to simultaneously increase IT agility and improve data security.

    Furthermore, APIs (Application Program Interface) and API management serve as a core enabler for development on the SMART on FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) platform, which promises to improve clinical care, research, and public health by supporting application interoperability.

    Join MuleSoft and ICOE Group for a discussion on how APIs can serve as a key enabler for EHR connectivity initiatives, and a live demo showcasing how MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform can be used to develop a SMART on FHIR clinical application.

    Attendees will learn:

    - What impact upcoming legislative changes may have on health IT, and how APIs can insulate healthcare organizations from potential disruption.
    - How to build and manage APIs in a way that improves health data security and increases IT agility.​
    - How MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform enables the development and adoption of SMART on FHIR clinical applications.
  • Unsung Heroes: An Architect's Role in the New IT Operating Model Recorded: Feb 22 2017 59 mins
    Richard Sey, Head of Development Operations (DevOps), Siemens Energy Management; Mark Daly, Client Architect, MuleSoft
    With their unique position at the centre of an organization, Architects can play a pivotal role to usher digital evolution and transformation in-line with business and IT objectives, including the adoption of Agile, DevOps and other disruptive paradigms.

    Join Richard Sey, Head of Development Operations (DevOps), Siemens Energy Management, and Mark Daly, Client Architect, MuleSoft, on January 18 at 10am (GMT) for a live webinar as they look at the key role of the Architect in achieving the new IT Operating model. It will cover:

    - A working example from Siemens Energy Management on how they have realised the new IT Operating Model from a business and Architect's perspective to drive operational efficiency, cutting development time by half
    - A view of Enterprise Architecture and DevOps from a leader in the field
    - What an organization needs to support delivery of the new IT Operating Model, including the creation of a Centre for Enablement (C4E), which has reduced dependency on Central IT in the Lines of Business at Siemens by 25%
  • How Digital Transformation is Catalyzing Innovation in E-Commerce, Retail & More Recorded: Feb 14 2017 59 mins
    Kiku Mlosch, Global E-Commerce Project Manager; Gustav Rosen, Integration Architect; Albin Kjellin, API Specialist
    Retail stands as one of the most digitally disrupted industries to date with over 60% of purchases now said to be influenced by digital interactions, according to Deloitte. Against this backdrop, global retailer GANT is trailblazing a strategy which enables digital transformation to be the catalyst for innovation within the GANT ecosystem.

    Hear direct from Kiku Mlosch, Global E-Commerce Project Manager at GANT, and supporting partner Gustav Rosen, Integration Architect at Entiros, as they reveal their journey and approach to making omnichannel “a piece of cake”.

    Attendees will learn:

    - How GANT approached omnichannel and is capitalizing on consumer demand for digital products
    - Real-life lessons from an IT strategy that is taking a business from stabilization to innovation to excellence
    - Practical steps to creating a center for enablement in technology and embracing a new IT operating model that empowers the wider organization
  • The Value of IT Agility & App Integration: Results from a Benchmark Study Recorded: Feb 7 2017 39 mins
    Sarvesh Jagannivas, VP Product & Industry Marketing, MuleSoft
    Chief architects and CIOs know that API-led connectivity drives business and IT agility. MuleSoft surveyed tech leaders among its customers and discovered not only the value of IT agility, but dramatic, measurable business outcomes for organizations that adopted an integration approach. This webinar will provide a practical approach to understanding the value of API-led connectivity within your company, with research results and actionable take-aways from leading IT organizations in the industry.
  • Secrets from the Inside: How to Build & Scale a Hybrid IT Infrastructure Recorded: Jan 31 2017 32 mins
    Mike Hamilton, Director of IT, MuleSoft; Ahyoung An, Product Marketing Manager, MuleSoft
    For fast-growing companies, it is difficult to build an IT infrastructure that meets the needs of today and the future. Faced with the same challenge of rapid growth at MuleSoft, we have deployed MuleSoft to decouple core systems and enable the automation of core business processes. Join this webinar to discuss the ever-increasing demands of enterprise hybrid integration platforms, application integration, API connectivity, testing and deployment.
  • How Insurance Compares: Benchmarking Digital and API Best Practices Recorded: Jan 26 2017 56 mins
    Tony Cassin-Scott, Insurance Data, Digital and IT Strategist & Jerome Bugnet, Insurance API Specialist, MuleSoft
    The Insurance industry is risk averse by its very nature. However, with a 10x increase in Insurance technology investment between 2010-2015, is the industry about to push through its own digital revolution?

    Join Tony Cassin-Scott, Insurance Data, Digital and IT Strategist, and Jerome Bugnet, Insurance API Specialist, MuleSoft, on December 14 at 10am (GMT) for a live webinar as they discuss how the world’s most progressive insurers are embracing digital transformation and APIs (Application Program Interface) to build and deploy industry-specific software applications, and how this compares against their peers in other industries.
  • Helping flydubai Takeoff with APIs and Digital Transformation Integration Recorded: Jan 18 2017 60 mins
    Mohammed Ahteshamuddin, Vice President IT, flydubai & Paul Crerand, Director Solution Consulting, MuleSoft
    IATA estimates that by 2034 there will be 7.3 billion air passengers globally, which is twice more than what we have today. Alongside economic forces and passenger demands, pressure on the aviation and travel industry remains as intense as ever.

    Since launching in 2009, flydubai has strived to remove barriers to travel and enhance connectivity between different cultures. With 90 destinations in 44 countries, flydubai has embarked on a digital transformation journey to help enhance business agility, flexibility and the customer experience. Connecting and integrating your SaaS platforms, APIs and application networks is critical in today's digital world, regardless of industry.

    Join Mohammed Ahteshamuddin, Vice President IT – Customer Experience & Passenger Services System, flydubai, and Paul Crerand, Director Solution Consulting, MuleSoft, on Thursday, December 8 at 10am (GMT) for a live webinar as they share their story and best practices.
  • Evaluation to Implementation: Coca-Cola's Cloud Migration Strategy Made Easy Recorded: Jan 10 2017 38 mins
    Danny Eng, Enterprise Integration Architect, The Coca-Cola Company Jag Ramaswamy, Enterprise Integration Lead, The Coca-Cola
    Just a few years ago, The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) was completely on-premises, looking for a way to move toward their cloud-first strategy. Watch TCCC’s presentation from MuleSoft’s Atlanta Summit to learn Coke’s journey with MuleSoft starting from evaluation to how they are currently taking an API-led approach to integration. With this, Coke is now creating great customer experiences and enabling their sales force to continue to lead through innovation.

    Attendees will learn how TCCC is using MuleSoft to:

    Implement a microservices architecture
    Automate release management to accelerate time to production
    Move from a COE to a Center for Enablement (C4E) to maximize reuse
  • Monitor and Troubleshoot with Anypoint Runtime Manager 2.0 Recorded: Dec 20 2016 37 mins
    Suchi Deshpande, Sr. Product Manager and Aaron Landgraf, Sr. Product Marketer, MuleSoft
    With Anypoint Runtime Manager 2.0, MuleSoft customers can monitor, troubleshoot, analyze and manage applications and APIs deployed in the cloud or on-premises, in a sandbox, staging or production environment from a single pane of glass.

    In this demo-driven webinar, Suchi Deshpande, Sr. Product Manager, MuleSoft will show how Anypoint Runtime Manager provides a unified view of applications, servers, and APIs, no matter where they are running - increasing visibility into complex hybrid landscapes and reducing mean time to resolution when issues occur.

    Attendees will learn:

    - Deploy Mule applications to the cloud for rapid testing and iteration, then move on-premises as business requirements demand
    - Proactively monitor and maintain quality, availability and performance of critical network resources with Alerts and Insights
    - Leverage runtime APIs to extend Anypoint Runtime Manager into your existing DevOps practice for continuous deployment
    - Migrate investments from MMC with preconfigured scripts
  • Full Lifecycle API Management with Anypoint Platform Recorded: Dec 13 2016 61 mins
    Aaron Landgraf, Product Marketing, MuleSoft
    Treating APIs like products is emerging as an API strategy best practice. Like products, then, APIs should be designed with a specific purpose and be delivered within a software development lifecycle (SDLC) framework. MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform is built to address full API lifecycle, including the design, implementation, security and governance of APIs. In fact, Gartner recently named MuleSoft a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Application Service Governance (eventually replace with Full Lifecycle API Management). In this webinar, Aaron Landgraf will walk through the full lifecycle capabilities of Anypoint Platform in the context of a case study of an organization that wanted to productize and reuse their APIs.
  • Open Banking - The New Face of Fintech Recorded: Dec 1 2016 59 mins
    Paul Rohan, author of "PSD2 in Plain English" & Danny Healy, Banking API Specialist, MuleSoft
    Open Banking is set to disrupt the financial services value chain. Across the world, this disruption can already be seen with a number of innovative initiatives emerging and with pressure from regulation, such as PSD2 in Europe, beginning to impact institutes.

    With the foundations starting to build, what are the common approaches to Open Banking and how can you avoid the pitfalls?

    Hear from MuleSoft Banking API specialist Danny Healy and industry veteran Paul Rohan, author of "PSD2 in Plain English", for a unique business and technical insight from the leaders in API-led connectivity.

    Will you simply survive? Or change to thrive, in an Open Banking world?
  • How MIT is Increasing its IT Clock Speed Recorded: Nov 29 2016 44 mins
    Stephen Turner, Enterprise Architect, MIT
    Digital transformation is allowing higher education institutions to bridge the widening gap between increased student expectations and decreasing funding. Technology augments the teaching experience. It drives insight from student behaviors to provide a more personalized learning experience and enables deeper student engagement. Yet the demands these initiatives place on IT often mean institutions are not able to deliver on this vision.
  • API-Led Connectivity: Enhancing the Telcos Customer Experience Recorded: Nov 10 2016 59 mins
    Simon Post, CEO, honeyBee; Dixons Carphone Gary Calcott, Telcos API Specialist, MuleSoft
    With the battle for the Customer in a saturated market top of mind for Telcos executives, it has never been more important to provide a consistent, world-class customer experience across all channels. How do operators evolve their business support systems to keep pace with ever-changing customer journeys and experiences?

    Join Simon Post, CEO honeyBee, Dixons Carphone, and Gary Calcott, Telcos API specialist, as they share several customer use cases and discover how an API-led Connectivity approach is enabling operators to rapidly address changing market situations and provide a seamless customer journey across disparate backend solutions.
  • API Security Best Practices Recorded: Nov 9 2016 54 mins
    Nial Darbey, Principal Solutions Consultant, MuleSoft and Aaron Landgraf, Senior Product Marketing Manager, MuleSoft
    APIs have become a strategic necessity for your business because they facilitate agility and innovation. However, the financial incentive associated with this agility is often tempered with the fear of undue exposure of the valuable information that these APIs expose. We will explore in depth the main security concerns API providers and consumers need to consider and how to mitigate them.
  • Digital Businesses of the Future Recorded: Sep 29 2016 60 mins
    Ross Mason, Founder and VP of Product Strategy, MuleSoft; Bill Briggs, CTO, Deloitte Digital LLP
    Every company today is a technology company. This trend has opened up new possibilities for every organization in any industry. Imagine if media companies let consumers experience scenes from their favorite TV show with augmented reality. Imagine if IT played an active role in retooling high-cost training and simulation environments with virtual reality.

    Join Bill Briggs, CTO at Deloitte, and Ross Mason, Founder and VP of Product Strategy at MuleSoft, to learn what organizations and your business can look like in the future and how you can start today to make the imaginative possibilities into a reality.

    Attendees will learn:

    – How virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, microservices, and the Internet of Things will disrupt businesses in the next 18-24 months
    – How the digital future of businesses will impact the way IT plays a role within enterprises
    – How companies can leverage API-led connectivity to build application networks that set the foundation for making the future into a reality sooner
  • API Security Best Practices Recorded: Sep 14 2016 54 mins
    Nial Darbey, Principal Solutions Consultant, MuleSoft and Aaron Landgraf, Senior Product Marketing Manager, MuleSoft
    APIs have become a strategic necessity for your business because they facilitate agility and innovation. However, the financial incentive associated with this agility is often tempered with the fear of undue exposure of the valuable information that these APIs expose. We will explore in depth the main security concerns API providers and consumers need to consider and how to mitigate them.
  • Security by Design: The Alignment of Security and Agility Recorded: Aug 31 2016 40 mins
    Uri Sarid, CTO, MuleSoft; Kevin Paige, Head of Security, MuleSoft
    By 2020, Gartner predicts 60% of digital businesses will suffer major service failures due to the inability of the IT security team to manage digital risk in new technology and use cases. With Target, Apple, Nissan, and Twitter all making the news recently for their security failures, CIOs and CISOs are under tremendous pressure to keep the business secure -- without slowing the business down.

    In this session, Uri Sarid, MuleSoft CTO and Kevin Paige, MuleSoft Head of Security, discuss the application networks and an emerging approach that CIOs and CISOs are driving together to deliver both security and business agility.

    Attendees will learn:

    – How to deal with security no longer resting in the hands of the security team due to shadow IT and other factors
    – How a well-defined API strategy can reduce risk
    – How application networks have emerged as an approach to deliver security and agility
    – How CISOs can drive agility and promote security by shifting mindsets
  • The Future of EDI Recorded: Aug 25 2016 47 mins
    Eric Rempel, CIO, Redwood Logistics; David Chao, Director of Industry Marketing, MuleSoft
    For many businesses, the ability to be agile, offer great customer experiences and create innovations hits a roadblock with EDI. The famously complex messaging standard can hinder effective B2B communication.

    But one integrated transportation and logistics company, Redwood Logistics, based in Chicago, partnered with MuleSoft to not only innovate on top of EDI, but harness digital transformation to create an entirely new platform service offering

    In this webinar attendees will learn about:

    – The business and technical landscape that led Redwood Logistics to pivot to a new service offering and create a better business intelligence platform
    – How they overcame the challenges presented by B2B/EDI
    – Best practices to apply API-led connectivity to B2B communication
    – The positive business outcomes from Redwood’s digital transformation initiatives
Best practices & thought leadership on integration from MuleSoft
MuleSoft makes it easy to connect the world's applications, data and devices. With our market-leading Anypoint Platform™, companies are building application networks to fundamentally change the pace of innovation. MuleSoft’s API-led approach to connectivity gives companies new ways to reach their customers, employees and partners. Organizations in more than 60 countries, from emerging companies to Global 500 corporations, use MuleSoft to transform their businesses.

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  • Title: API First Development with RAML & SoapUI
  • Live at: Jul 10 2014 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Sumit Sharma, MuleSoft; Ole Lensmar, SmartBear
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