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Operational Efficiencies and Improving the End-User Experience

DHL is part of the world's largest logistics group, DHL Deutsche Post, and has historically been a very heavy user of directory services. As the aging LDAP directory infrastructure began to show signs of stress, DHL set out to replace its LDAP directory and metadirectory products with Microsoft offerings. This session discusses the challenges of migrating hundreds of applications from one directory to another, and the opportunities for improvements afforded by the adoption of the FIM portal for user management.
Recorded Jan 8 2011 56 mins
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Presented by
James Booth (Identity Architect, BoothBilt), and Joe Gasowski (Collaboration Architect, Deutsche Post DHL)
Presentation preview: Operational Efficiencies and Improving the End-User Experience

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  • NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection: Become Compliant with Microsoft Recorded: May 14 2014 58 mins
    Brian Reed and Larry Cochrane
    In this session we'll present the Microsoft Reference Architecture to help Utility companies become NERC CIP compliant. This solution is a complete package; instead of piecing together components from many different sources, Oxford Computer Group in conjunction with Microsoft have created a comprehensive solution, which helps you lower the cost of integration and acquisition. We'll show you how the Microsoft and partner product ecosystem come together to reach access control compliance as we map CIP requirements to ISO 27001 and 27002 and NIST.
  • Microsoft Identity & Access Management for the Cloud Recorded: Apr 17 2014 70 mins
    Nasos Kladakis, Microsoft Senior Product Marketing Manager
    Join Oxford Computer Group and Microsoft for a webinar on April 17th. Nasos Kladakis, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Windows Azure, will present the capabilities and features of Windows Azure Active Directory, including:

    •Simplified Synchronization with on-premises directories,
    •Simplified group-based, single sign-on to hundreds of SaaS applications,
    •Machine learning-based security and usage reports,
    •Alerting and Multi-Factor authentication for effectively protecting enterprise data and resources on any cloud.
    •Self-service password reset and delegated group management,
    •Customizable environment for launching enterprise and consumer applications to reduce help-desk support calls
    •and empower end-users to access their cloud applications from everywhere, with a single set of credentials.

    You don’t want to miss this update on Azure AD direct from Microsoft!
  • Getting your Active Directory Under Control with STEALTHbits Recorded: Mar 27 2014 60 mins
    Oxford Computer Group and STEALTHbits
    Understand the current state of your AD

    Who has access to what information in your organization? Is the access they have to your systems appropriate? If asked, could you run an accurate report on it?

    Organizations managing Active Directory (AD) face the everyday challenge of contending with users, groups, and computer objects that constantly change. Often AD will have as many security models as there are domains and forests, each of which dictates the management of these objects in different ways resulting in confusion, unnecessary expense, and security risk.

    Today, most organizations attempt to overcome these problems with multiple tools or manual scripts, none of which quite seem to get the job done. The challenge of finding a baseline on your current state, taking corrective action, and performing ongoing housekeeping is impossible without a proper auditing and reporting solution.

    In this webinar, you can learn more how an AD Health Check from Oxford Computer Group can help you find the flaws in your Active Directory and what you can do to remedy them. We will show you how StealthAUDIT®, a Management Platform (SMP) for Active Directory from STEALTHbits, provides deep visibility into the health and security of AD.
  • Windows Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Recorded: Feb 20 2014 69 mins
    Michael Levin (Microsoft) and Mark Riley (Oxford Computer Group)
    In an increasingly mobile and device-driven world, multi-factor authentication (MFA) can help to safeguard access to your data and applications while simultaneously keeping the sign-in process simple for your users.

    Join us for a webinar about MFA. We'll discuss how it reduces organizational risk and helps enable regulatory compliance by providing an extra layer of authentication. Strong authentication via mobile applications, phone calls and text messages, allows users to choose the method that works best for them.

    We'll consider how Windows Azure Multi-Factor Authentication can be used for both on-premises and cloud applications.
  • The Life of FIM Recorded: Dec 13 2013 36 mins
    Simon Veale, Oxford Computer Group
    Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 R2 is a flexible and highly configurable platform for creating automated identity and access management solutions. It can connect to a huge variety of directories, databases and other systems - and then provision and synchronize users, groups and passwords according to policies that reflect business and security imperatives. FIM also provides capabilities for role management, and governance of access and permission data.

    In this demo-laden webinar we use one of our proof of concept set-ups to walk you through the typical use cases that crop up day by day - from on-boarding a new employee, through self-service password reset, implementing a new permissions policy, producing management reports for audit, to a permissions attestation cycle.
  • Diving Deeper into Windows Azure Active Directory Recorded: Dec 11 2013 54 mins
    Robert Faller and Nick Lamidy
    After a brief introduction to WAAD and the business challenges it meets so well, Robert will go on to explain more of the technical detail of WAAD and typical implementation scenarios. We have lots of questions from the previous webinar which we'll provide in-depth answers to. And there will be time for an extended Q&A session with Robert. That's not an opportunity you get every day!

    So if you are embracing the Cloud, or planning your move to the Cloud, join this extended 60 minute webinar and learn what WAAD will do for you.
  • Identity & Access Governance for Hybrid Identity Recorded: Nov 21 2013 63 mins
    Mark Wahl, Microsoft Principal Program Manager
    Businesses must protect their assets, especially as security boundaries are changing. Leverage your existing identity foundation as a way to enforce access policies across current and new applications. Oxford Computer Group is pleased to host the third webinar, Identity and Access Governance for Hybrid Identity, as part of a three-part series leading up to our Summit on the Microsoft Redmond campus January 7 – 9, 2014.

    This session, featuring Microsoft identity engineering Principal Program Manager Mark Wahl, presents an overview of the techniques for delivering IT governance through identity and access management, leveraging Windows Azure Active Directory, Windows Server, Forefront Identity Manager and the Microsoft BHOLD Suite to provide consistent identity and access controls across on-premises data, in-house-developed cloud applications and third-party SaaS applications.
  • Getting More Out of Office 365: Moving to Exchange Hybrid Recorded: Oct 22 2013 30 mins
    Nathan Mertz, OCG Senior Consultant
    Hundreds of education institutions have upgraded their students to Office 365 while leaving faculty on-premise.

    Take full advantage of the benefits of Office 365 by moving your existing on-premise Microsoft exchange to an Exchange Hybrid. This will give you increased functionality, such as free/busy calendar sharing; securely synchronized mail across both mail environments; and a single domain name.

    Attend our free webinar to learn more about Exchange Hybrid. You can reduce your costs, increase your flexibility and enable greater functionality.
  • Windows Azure Active Directory: Full Steam Ahead Recorded: Oct 17 2013 59 mins
    Nasos Kladakis, Microsoft Senior Product Marketing Manager
    Not only do your users want to access SaaS applications such as Microsoft Office 365 or popular applications from Salesforce.com, Concur, and Service now, they expect to leverage existing AD authentication to IT systems from wherever they are, and you have to keep your organization's data secure. Right?

    Learn how to go full steam ahead into the Cloud with Microsoft Windows Azure Active Directory in our free webinar presented by Nasos Kladakis, MIcrosoft Senior Product Marketing Manager for Azure.

    Windows Azure Active Directory is Microsoft's cloud identity and access platform. It can connect Cloud apps with each other or map between different sets of identity information on-premise.
  • Access & Information Protection in a BYOD World Recorded: Sep 24 2013 52 mins
    Adam Hall, Microsoft Senior Product Marketing Manager
    In a world of consumerized devices with an ever increasing availability of affordable high-speed cellular and Wi-Fi networks, people are increasingly mobile and expect to have access to both personal and work information from anywhere, and on any device. Our customers need solutions that enable them to deploy and configure access to corporate resources across their on-premises environment and cloud applications while helping to protect their corporate information.

    In this session, we will review how Microsoft is approaching this challenge and delivering solutions in Windows Server 2012 R2.
  • Embracing Hybrid IT Recorded: Aug 22 2013 54 mins
    Hugh Simpson-Wells, Oxford Computer Group CEO
    On-premise, off-premise, private cloud, public cloud, bring your own device. The world of IT is rapidly changing and bringing with it many new and exciting opportunities.

    The modern IT landscape is typically a hybrid environment and constantly evolving. So what does it take to embrace modern IT and exploit its many benefits? What are the challenges, how do you get there and how do you stay there? In this webinar we examine those very questions.

    Taking our own organization as an example, Oxford Computer Group CEO, Hugh Simpson-Wells, will take you through a whistle-stop tour of the main business drivers for hybrid IT, the challenges it presents and how you can overcome them. They'll be discussion on "the collapse of the perimeter", the impact on the service desk and why governance becomes even more important than ever before. You'll also hear about the Microsoft technologies that can be employed, including Windows Azure Active Directory, FIM 2010 and System Center 2012.

    This session is ideal for CTO's, CISO's and senior IT staff who need to provide efficient, agile and secure IT platforms for complex IT environments. Although we will talk about technology the main focus will be on the business drivers and challenges and how to overcome them.
  • STEALTHbits Technologies & Forefront Identity Manager Recorded: Jul 25 2013 46 mins
    STEALTHbits & Oxford Computer Group
    In this 60 minute webinar, STEALTHbits and Oxford Computer Group will present the StealthAUDIT Management Platform for Active Directory and how it works with FIM 2010 R2.

    Identity Management solutions have traditionally done a good job of incorporating systems with entitlement stores into their workflow processes, but in the world of Unstrucutured Data there are no entitlement stores. We'll discuss how StealthAUDIT incorporates unstructured data into FIM 2010 R2, and how they work together to provide provisioning and self-help workflows that grant access to Unstructured Data.
  • FIM 2010 R2 Deployment Guide Recorded: Jun 20 2013 59 mins
    Frank Drewes, Oxford Computer Group Architect
    Join Oxford Computer Group for a discussion on planning for a Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2 upgrade or installation. This is a great webinar for architects, consultants, system engineers, and system administrators to get some insight into deploying FIM 2010 R2. During this discussion you will learn from the experts:
    -FIM 2010 R2 components and benefits
    -Key upgrade scenarios (such as dirsync, ILM, etc)
    -Key considerations and gotcha's
  • FIM 2010 R2's Analytics Module Recorded: May 16 2013 42 mins
    Rob de Jong, Microsoft
    During this 60 minute webinar we will go over how the BHOLD Suite and the Analytics module can create rules and manage the authorization process. We'll discuss how rule-based testing of access data can be used if organizational policies are being followed, as well as the automated "what if" impact analysis.
  • FIM 2010 R2's Attestation Module Recorded: Apr 18 2013 48 mins
    Tim Watson, OCG Senior Consultant, and Norm Barber, OCG Senior VP of Sales and Marketing
    This 60 minute webinar will discuss the BHOLD Suite's Attestation module and how it allows managers and application owners to review and approve existing access rights of users across the organization. We'll discuss:
    1. How managers define attestation campaigns
    2. and how managers receive emailed requests to approve employee's existing access rights
  • FIM 2010 R2's Model Generator Module Recorded: Mar 21 2013 54 mins
    Oxford Computer Group
    In this 45 minute webinar, we will present the specifics of the Model Generator Module in FIM 2010 R2, and how it creates a basic role model based on existing user access rights. We will also discuss how the Model Generator proposes role definitions based on statistics and user attributes (e.g. job titles).
  • Role Based Access Control in FIM 2010 R2 Recorded: Feb 21 2013 58 mins
    Oxford Computer Group
    Knowing who really has access to what systems is vital for regulatory compliance and for safeguarding security. In many cases manual processes are leaving fundamental vulnerabilities unnoticed and making audit and reporting difficult. This webinar will explore the subject of Access Governance and showcase BHOLD Suites. Knowing who really has access to what systems is vital for regulatory compliance and for safeguarding security. In many cases manual processes are leaving fundamental vulnerabilities unnoticed and making audit and reporting difficult. Join us to discover how RBAC can help automate the process.
    Solutions for Access Governance and Automation will:
    i.Reduce account administration costs
    ii.Provide an insight in to your current status regarding accounts and authorizations
    iii.Expose compliance and security policy violations
    iv.Help you prove compliance to laws, rules and regulations (e.g. SOX, FSA, PCI DSS etc.)
    v.Give you confidence in the quality of your data
  • FIM 2010 R2: Understanding Self-Service Password Reset Recorded: Dec 20 2012 53 mins
    Frank Drewes, Architect for Oxford Computer Group
    In this webinar we will discuss the password reset capabilities in FIM 2010 R2 and its benefits. These benefits include a reduction in helpdesk costs, improved compliance outcomes, and an increase in user satisfaction. FIM 2010 R2 adds a broader reach for self-service password reset that goes beyond the desktop, more flexibility to meet organizational security requirements. In addition, there is also more flexibility for customization of the end user experience and added historical change reporting. We will conclude with a question and answer session.
  • FIM 2010 R2 Reporting Recorded: Nov 15 2012 62 mins
    Frank Drewes, Architect for Oxford Computer Group and Adam Steenwyk, Microsoft Program Manager
    Oxford Computer Group will present an architectural overview of the reporting data structure and out-of-box reports, as well as a "how-to" for custom reporting. We will cover:
    -Key Reporting features of FIM 2010 R2
    -The component level architecture and data flow model behind the Reporting feature
    -What you can do with the Reporting feature out of the box
    -Customizing the Reporting feature
  • Welcome to FIM 2010 R2 Recorded: Oct 18 2012 51 mins
    Brjann Brekkan, Microsoft Senior Enterprise Strategist
    This webcast is for those new to Identity and Access Management and Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2. We will provide a high level introduction to FIM 2010 R2, including:
    -Business reasons for implementing Identity & Access Management
    -The benefits you will attain
    -An overview of common use case scenarios
    We'll then show you FIM 2010 R2 in action, synchronizing identity attributes to support typical business scenarios, such as new staff joining an organization, moving within an organization, and leaving the organization. We'll also show the Self-Service Password Reset capabilities; a popular feature which enhances security, reduces the burden of help desk staff, and improves staff productivity.
Expertise in Identity and Access Management from Oxford Computer Group
Oxford Computer Group has designed a series of webcasts aimed at educating IT and Identity Professionals on the most relevant topics. Every 3rd Thursday of the month, one of our experienced consultants or key partners will provide an informative lecture with plenty of time to answer your questions.

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  • Title: Operational Efficiencies and Improving the End-User Experience
  • Live at: Jan 8 2011 7:30 pm
  • Presented by: James Booth (Identity Architect, BoothBilt), and Joe Gasowski (Collaboration Architect, Deutsche Post DHL)
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