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Flexpod: A Proven Unified Architecture for Virtualizing SAP

Flexpod is a unified architecture solution that integrates best-in-class compute, storage and network components to deliver a pre-tested, validated, cloud-ready solution that supports SAP on VMware virtualization. In this webinar, NetApp, VMware and our joint customer, FMC Technologies, will introduce how FlexPod can accelerate deployment times up to 40% with automated provisioning in a flexible and scalable environment, simplify management using an application integrated approach for backup and recovery, and reduce risk with a pre-validated design and deployment architecture for virtualized SAP environments.
Recorded Sep 5 2012 45 mins
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VMware and NetApp
Presentation preview: Flexpod: A Proven Unified Architecture for Virtualizing SAP

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  • Integrating Salesforce and SAP - Driving Value at The Hershey Company Recorded: Dec 2 2015 38 mins
    Eric Vitale, Senior Manager of Business Intelligence at The Hershey Company; Ross Mason, Mulesoft Founder & VP of Product
    Unlocking the true value of enterprise IT investments means connecting legacy, on-premises applications and systems to newer cloud applications, like Salesforce. Without proper integration between Salesforce, the system of engagement, and systems of record like SAP, organizations fail to fully automate and optimize their business processes.

    In this session, learn how to extend the business value of your existing SAP investments by building a layer of agility and connectivity that makes it possible to seamlessly connect to Salesforce, including the Salesforce1 mobile application to run your business from your phone.

    This webcast will include an interview with Eric Vitale, Senior Manager of Business Intelligence at The Hershey Company as well as Ross Mason, Mulesoft Founder & VP of Product Strategy. You will have the chance to question experts from Mulesoft, The Hershey Company and salesforce.com who developed the integrated solution, all live.
  • Improve Productivity with CA Workload Automation for SAP Solution Manager Recorded: Dec 11 2014 48 mins
    Karthik Mahadevan, Sr. Principal Product Manager & Daniel Shannon, Sr Principal Product Manager, CA Technologies
    Tired of switching between schedulers to manage and monitor end-to end workloads? Companies typically have a need to automate workloads spanning ERP and non-ERP applications. However, traditionally they have been required to switch between built-in schedulers and external schedulers to manage end-end workloads.

    This session discusses how CA Workload Automation (CA WA) can help you improve business productivity and lower costs with the ability to schedule, change, reschedule and cancel CA Workload Automation AE (formerly CA AutoSys®) jobs directly from SAP Solution Manager. We’ll also discuss CA Workload’s plans around for integrating with SAP products such as BW, BO and PI.
  • Business is real-time: Now, so are SAP analytics Recorded: Oct 30 2014 43 mins
    Jeff Cotrupe, Industry Director of Big Data & Analytics, Frost & Sullivan; Doug Janes, Technical Consultant, HP
    Hear analyst Jeff Cotrupe, Frost & Sullivan Industry Director of Big Data and Analytics (BDA) offer valuable insight on what Big Data encompasses, the challenges, benefits and pain points, and how HP ConvergedSystem can maximize your SAP HANA® deployment, making real-time analytics a reality. You’ll learn why businesses no longer need to fear big data, and how the unique partnership between HP and SAP has created a platform that’s optimized for SAP HANA.

    After his presentation, we will have live Q&A with Jeff, along with Doug Janes, HP Technical Consultant, to answer all your inquires.
  • Cegeka Accelerates SAP: Cloud Provider Sees Performance Recorded: Oct 14 2014 4 mins
    Learn how managed service provider Cegeka improved SAP performance by using IBM FlashSystem.
  • Accelerating SAP: Performance improvements with IBM FlashSystem and Power Recorded: Oct 13 2014 9 mins
    Ronan Bourlier, IT Architect, IBM STG Europe
    This video shows how to boost the performance of SAP applications running on IBM Power. Without changing your IT architecture you can improve the speed of any SAP application significantly. This is possible due to the new IBM FlashSystems technology.
  • Forecast 2014 recap and SAP's Private Cloud Strategy Recorded: Oct 3 2014 46 mins
    Nathan Oyler, Cloud Technology Architect, SAP
    Join this session to hear about SAP's Private Cloud Strategy. SAP is currently driving radical simplification of our entire product stack, and a key enabler to that is our Private Cloud. We'll discuss SAP's external HANA Enterprise Cloud, and how moving our core to the cloud has been important to us.
  • Enabling Next-Generation Data Management Platforms – All Starts with HP and SAP Recorded: Sep 25 2014 60 mins
    Manoj Suvarna, Category Leader – Big Data, HP CS; Jeffrey Word, Ph.D, VP of Product Strategy, Tech & Innovation
    Are you looking to make long-term, strategic architectural bets for your data centers and data management platforms? Do you need to find new solutions that will help shift IT’s focus from maintaining aging infrastructure to finding innovative ways to access and analyze large amounts of data for the entire organization? Whether you need fast, real-time business data analytics or want to achieve end-to-end data management business transformation, HP and SAP can help reach your goals.

    If you are running SAP in your environment, chances are you have heard about SAP HANA, a game-changing data management platform that will be the cornerstone of every SAP application ever installed. For those who aren’t running SAP today, you will soon realize why for the past 2 years SAP HANA has been one of the fastest growing business critical data applications adopted by over 3600 customers worldwide. However, to experience the true potential of this innovative platform – one that results in 1500x performance improvement, can support the largest in-memory footprint up to 96TB, and is pre-built to facilitate rapid implementation in fewer than 30 days -- you need to choose the right partner. A partner who has the architecture, expertise and vision to meet business critical needs. HP not only has a portfolio of workload-optimized systems (a.k.a. HP Sharks) that are purpose-built for SAP HANA, but has the deep expertise, global footprint and ecosystem to deliver and support the entire SAP landscape. Join HP and SAP to learn more about the new SAP HANA Sharks swimming in data oceans and lakes near you!
  • Panel: Transforming the SAP Landscape Recorded: Apr 2 2014 59 mins
    Peter Judge, TechWeek Europe; Linda Lehman, SAP; Mike Tovish, VCE; Joakim Zetterblad, EMC
    Join this panel of SAP experts as they go over the key discussions of the day's presentations and look at some of the best points.

    Attend live to ask your questions to the panel and connect with IT and SAP professionals alike.
  • Detangling Legacy Landscapes: OS/DB Migrations Made Simple Recorded: Apr 2 2014 38 mins
    Michael Tovish, VCE
    Professional architects' preferred approach to SAP landscapes focuses on simplicity and speed - in design, deployment, management, and support.

    Join Michael Tovish for a candid conversation on the benefits of a converged infeastructure and how best to deliver to core SAP deployments and balance risk and innovation.

    Discover the latest Data Center trends, learn best practices and have your questions answered in this live presentation.
  • SAP IT Innovations & Transformations Recorded: Apr 2 2014 42 mins
    Joakim Zetterblad, EMC
    Transforming your SAP applications through the adoption of virtualization, in-memory/HANA, and cloud paves the way for an agile IT infrastructure while reducing infrastructure costs, improving operational efficiency, maximising performance, and reducing risk to your business.

    Join Joakim Zetterblad as he illustrates how to deploy cloud enabled, SAP environments in your organizations and shares experiences of how it has been done before
  • Virtualizing your SAP Infrastructure Recorded: Apr 2 2014 49 mins
    Erik Rieger, Alliances Technical Manager, SAP by VMware Global Inc.
    If 2013 showed is anything it was that virtualization is now at the bedrock of your infrastructure. However full virtualization can be difficult to achieve and even more difficult to optimize and maintain effectively and efficiently.

    Join Rory Choudhuri as he highlights best practices and suggestions for an optimized virtual environment. Discover how you can run HANA in a virtual appliance, both in production and test & development environments, and how you can truly virtualize your SAP infrastructure
  • Who is HANA? Recorded: Apr 2 2014 45 mins
    Antonio Freitas, EMC
    How well do you know HANA? The quintessential data management system is still in its infancy but is already sweeping through the technology marketplace with continual additions for the enterprise cloud and other key aspects of you infrastructure. However, defining such a complex system can be difficult.

    Make sure you're sure you know who HANA is and discover everything you need to know for the Transforming the SAP Landscape event. Perfect whether you interact with HANA every day, or you haven't met yet.
  • The Geography of the SAP Landscape Recorded: Apr 2 2014 45 mins
    Martin Hngley, ITCandor
    Join this opening session of the Transforming the SAP Landscape Summit as we explore the current state of SAP.

    Catch up on where SAP is at the moment. What developments have we seen in the last 5-10 years? What is the future of SAP? What should you be aware of in 2014.

    Make sure you know everything you need about the geography of the SAP landscape before embarking on this summit, and discover how you can apply it to your organisation, environments and infrastructure.
  • Mixed Workloads: The Real Killer of Business-Critical App Performance Recorded: Feb 18 2014 42 mins
    Eyal Markovich, Performance Director, Kaminario
    Over 75% of the application performance problems exist today because of poor performing storage in either IOPS, bandwidth or latency. Achieving ideal storage performance becomes a greater challenge the more diverse and complex the workload, which can ultimately bring storage performance to its knees. Many flash array vendors claim to solve application performance challenges, yet few can keep their performance promises with today’s demands on storage.

    In this webcast, we will discuss real world mixed workload requirements for applications focusing on two common use cases – virtualization and SAP. The lessons learned will be valid for all business critical applications. We will focus on how to test mixed workloads and what results to look for from a high performance SSD storage.
  • Speed up SAP with Scale-out All-Flash Storage Recorded: Oct 22 2013 48 mins
    Eyal Markovich; Director Of Performance
    Webcast: Speed up SAP with Scale-out All-Flash Storage

    Join us for this informative Kaminario webinar where we will demonstrate how running Sap application on Flash can result with significant performance improvement. We will review the different type of Flash solutions available and address pressing industry questions that directly relate to your SAP application needs and usage.
    More companies have started to utilize SSD Flash to improve the performance and reliability of key applications. We will discuss some of the following topics:
    •Which SAP applications are good candidate for Flash
    •How to identify if your SAP application will run faster on SSD
    •Identify what is the optimal Flash solution for SAP applications
    •How the Kaminario K2 solution fits into resolving typical SAP performance issues
    •ROI for running SAP application on Kaminario K2, and more.
  • Transform Your Business: Virtualize SAP HANA with VMware Recorded: Jun 18 2013 51 mins
    Kevin Knieriem, VP, Innovation Solutions, SAP, Inc. and Ray Blanchard, Sr. Director, Strategic ISV Alliances, VMware
    Join SAP and VMware for this live webinar to learn how you can increase IT agility, simplify management and lower total cost of ownership when you virtualize your SAP HANA ® environment with VMware. We will discuss the new deployment options that are now available, enabling you to run your SAP HANA onsite, offsite or both – without compromise. Also, you will learn best practices for configuring and deploying SAP HANA in a virtual shared storage environment and how you can create, manage and automate new SAP HANA-based capacity on demand, enabling seamless workload mobility for your data center.

    During this live webinar, we will discuss:
    - Market trends and how SAP customers are transforming they way they run their workloads and data centers
    - The new deployment choices for your virtualized SAP HANA environment, on vCloud Suite or newly announced vCloud® Hybrid Service™, and the benefits you can achieve from each option
    - Best practices for configuring and deploying SAP HANA on VMware cloud infrastructure
    - Getting started: how VMware and SAP together are helping SAP customers assess, create and adopt virtualization strategies for their SAP HANA environments
    - Answers to your questions during live Q&A

    Register today to learn how you can benefit from virtualizing your SAP HANA environment with VMware and transform your business.

    About the presenters:
    Kevin Knieriem, Vice President, Innovation Solutions, SAP, Inc.
    Dominic Uliano, Virtualization and Cloud Management Practice Lead, North America, SAP, America, Inc.
    Ray Blanchard, Sr. Director, Strategic ISV Alliances, VMware, Inc.
    Bob Goldsand, Global Alliance Partner Architect, VMware, Inc.
  • SAP HANA One Success Story: Performing Text Analytics with SAP HANA One Recorded: May 22 2013 33 mins
    Nicole O'Malley, Senior Marketing Manager, SAP HANA and Doug Turner, CEO, Mantis Technology Group
    Doug Turner, CEO of Mantis Technology Group, talks about how his team built Pulse Analytics, a sentiment analysis solution using text analytics tool running on SAP HANA One. Hear how his team strengthened the capabilities of this solution while simplifying their data architecture by replacing 20 servers with only 1 SAP HANA One instance.
  • The Business Value of Big Data: What Execs Need to Know and How to Convince Them Recorded: May 22 2013 61 mins
    Moderator: Michael Kreiger; Swen Conrad, SAP HANA; Ben Woo, Neuralytic, Inc.
    Big data has the potential to provide an incredible amount of insight into your business, infrastructure and customer behavior. But the issue is: how do you convince your CIO/CFO to fund a big data project? Are you sure it's worth the hype? What strategies should you employ to speak to your executives?

    Join this panel of experts as they discuss all of these issues and more to convince your executive a big data project is worth the hype.
  • Industry Trends for Business-Critical Apps with Virtualization and the Cloud Recorded: May 15 2013 49 mins
    Octavio Diaz, IIS & KC Alvano, House of Brick
    Many organizations have been taking advantage of virtualization and cloud technologies to reduce server counts, and gain operational advantages. When it comes to business critical workloads such as those running Oracle, migration to virtualization and the cloud has encountered more resistance, and roadblocks.

    This presentation will examine industry trends in virtualization and cloud computing for enterprise workloads, such as Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, MS SQL Server, etc. Case studies will be presented that explore the advantages of a cloud strategy for mission-critical applications. Strategies for minimizing risk, and maximizing benefits will be provided.
  • Take a Deep Dive into HANA Technology in the Cloud and Get Your $120 AWS Credit Recorded: May 8 2013 35 mins
    Nicole O'Malley, SAP HANA One, Swapan Saha, SAP HANA Infrastructure
    Our HANA One technical guru, Swapan Saha, guides us through the breakthrough analytics capabilities of Vizi (data visualization) and more new offerings with HANA One including a $120 AWS infrastructure credit to help you get started today.
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Find out how different technologies such as cloud computing, virtualization and more is affecting the way you implement, manage and optimize your SAP environment and more.

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  • Live at: Sep 5 2012 2:00 pm
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