Enterprise Class Cloud-Block-Storage-as-a-Service

Noam Shendar, VP of Business Development, Zadara Storage & Doug Jury, VP of Sales, Zadara Storage
After attending this live webinar you will learn more about how to
- Understand the value of Enterprise Class storage in the cloud
- Identify your "on-premise applications" that now can move to the cloud with similar performance and security attributes
- Create a VPSA™ Cloud Block Storage solution with just a few clicks (DEMO)
- Discover how adding enterprise storage as-a-service can help to develop your cloud strategy
Nov 7 2012
43 mins
Enterprise Class Cloud-Block-Storage-as-a-Service
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  • Looking for a simple way to achieve cost-effective z Systems for storage? Join CA Technologies and Microsoft for an interactive discussion, moderated by Joe Clabby, President, Clabby Analytics, on the evolving role of cloud innovation and z Systems in today’s new application economy to help IT derive real business value through operational and cost efficiencies.

    Your tape and disk systems are like trusty friends – and you have relied on these dependable storage media to backup, restore, archive and recover z Systems data. And with your organizations’ digital information growing from gigabytes to petabytes seemingly overnight, what options are available to datacenters when technology leapfrogs in a seemingly regular cadence? Buy more hardware?

    Don’t be forever caught in “catch up” mode when it comes to your storage infrastructure. Attend this webcast and discover how CA Cloud Storage for System z, featuring Microsoft Azure, simplifies the process of storing mainframe data in the cloud and help lower data center storage costs to pennies per GB. Hear compelling ROI cases how re-envisioning your existing storage methodologies can help you store more and spend less – yes, it’s possible!
  • Lee Smith (Dee Smith & Associates) and David Cuthbertson (SMS) will cover their approach and methods of assessing existing data centre facilities and management processes. Rapid changes in both IT and data centre technologies often mean that facilities and management techniques fail to evolve fast enough, with the data centre potentially being the weak link in the delivery chain of all IT services. Achieving a baseline through an assessment is critical for any improvement or transformation activity - but is not so easy to do in practice.
  • Many companies struggle with how to sell effectively with different brands, platforms, and divisions. One company, Cenveo, has tackled this challenge head-on with Sales Cloud and Data.com, working through culturally diverse business units, data silos owned by territorial sales reps, and challenges cross selling.

    There are many approaches to achieve more effective selling which we will explore with Jason Jordan of Vantage Point Performance, author of the best-selling book, Cracking the Sales Management Code.

    Jason will share best practices that drive business results and Kathy Coates, VP of Platform Sales Technology at Cenveo, will share how Cenveo:

    -Saw immediate results from bringing together sales for 3 separate brands
    -Reinvented how they sell--and changed their company culture
    -Achieved more visibility into their entire pipeline than ever before
    -Discovered new opportunities through account hierarchies
    -Gained "eye-opening" insights on their customers
  • Most IT providers have offers related to big data, cloud, mobility and security, and companies are looking at IT as the way to reduce costs and be competitive during an economic crisis. Investments in IT trends such as cloud computing and big data will rise thanks to a new player in the game: the business departments. This analyst briefing will show why companies are investing in IT, and what will change in 2015.

    Why you should attend:

    - Discover how many companies will adopt big data, cloud, mobility and security in 2015
    - Understand the current scenario of these trends in Latin America
    - Learn what will be different in 2015 regarding each trend
  • Providing a seamless user experience from browsing to purchase requires consistent uptime and performance, and seasonal traffic spikes require elastic scalability. In this webinar, we'll explore these and other big data challenges faced by e-commerce businesses and how the cloud can provide a winning solution. We’ll review mobile shops login data analysis, dynamic content, affiliate programs, infrastructure reference architecture, mobile plate- form integration with social media, and network integration and built-in instant messaging uses cases.
  • Real business demands for greater agility, performance and automation are increasingly being held back by traditional storage platforms. As companies move from traditional storage infrastructures to the next generation data centre, they have more options for consuming storage infrastructure than ever before - as a Service, Converged Infrastructure, as an Appliance, or Software running on commodity hardware. Which combination should you choose?

    Andy will review the storage infrastructure choices available today. He will then discuss the elements you should consider for your next generation, cloud storage platform, however you choose to consume storage - Quality of Service for guaranteed application performance, In-line data reduction, Scale-out storage architectures, Self-healing high availability and Complete system automation. Finally, he will share how these capabilities have been proven in the worlds most demanding data centres, including solutions for Virtualised Applications (VMware, Microsoft) and Cloud Orchestration (OpenStack, CloudStack, VMware).
  • For any developer, choosing the right compute infrastructure and back-end database is a critically important decision. In this webinar, we'll explore specific challenges that mobile app and game developers face and how the cloud can provide a winning solution. We’ll also explore cloud solutions for big data challenges for MMOG, built-in analytics, online and offline MOG online modes, infrastructure reference architecture, and social network and cross-platform game use cases.
  • Join us for a 30-minute live session every Friday, where we’ll tour the RingCentral interface, discuss the latest innovations and features available on the RingCentral platform, and share best practices on leveraging cloud communications for your business. This session features a live demo of RingCentral Office and an open Q&A session led by a Sales Engineer.

    This week tune in and learn about how RingCentral integrates with Google Gmail, Calendar, Docs and more.
  • „16Gb Fibre Channel HBAs - Gleich ist nicht gleich - entscheidende Vorteile mit der Emulex-Technologie“
    Entscheidende Design- und Funktionalitätsvorteile der Emulex 16Gb Fibre Channel HBAs, wie „Dynamic Port Utilization“, Brocade ClearLink-Diagnosemöglichkeiten, Daten-Priorisierung mit Quality of Service-Funktionalität, passives Cooling uvm., geben Ihren Kunden massive Vorteile beim Einsatz von Emulex Gen 5 (16Gb) Fibre Channel HBAs gegenüber anderen auf dem Markt verfügbaren Lösungen.
    Bei Gen 5 (16Gb) FC HBAs gilt wirklich – Gleich ist nicht gleich!
    Überzeugen Sie sich selbst davon, damit Sie Ihren Kunden die beste Gen 5 (16Gb) FC-Lösung anbieten können!
  • En este webcast usted aprenderá sobre cómo transformar la función de su departamento central de TI, y ser proveedor de servicios estratégicos para la empresa.
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  • Delivering Cloud-based Big Analytic Solutions for Financial Services Recorded: Nov 16 2012 61 mins
    Join AWS and Think Big Analytics to learn how to apply Big Analytic solutions that benefit Financial Service industries running on the cloud.

    You'll gain insights into how financial service companies are leveraging cloud-based Big Analytics to reduce risk and deliver new products and services to their clients. Learn how these organizations are building technical and organizational Big Analytics capabilities. Key take-aways will include actionable tips and techniques to help you build these capabilities within your organization.
  • Archiving and eDiscovery: To the Cloud, in the Cloud and from the Cloud Recorded: Nov 7 2012 47 mins
    Join us to learn how Symantec can help with archiving and eDiscovery cloud initiatives. Depending on your strategic IT initiatives, Symantec can offer your organization either cloud based or on-premise solutions to meet your archiving and eDiscovery requirements. Learn about the options available to you from Amazon.com and Symantec to meet these important challenges with solutions from the #1 archiving and eDiscovery vendor.
  • Enterprise Class Cloud-Block-Storage-as-a-Service Recorded: Nov 7 2012 43 mins
    After attending this live webinar you will learn more about how to
    - Understand the value of Enterprise Class storage in the cloud
    - Identify your "on-premise applications" that now can move to the cloud with similar performance and security attributes
    - Create a VPSA™ Cloud Block Storage solution with just a few clicks (DEMO)
    - Discover how adding enterprise storage as-a-service can help to develop your cloud strategy
  • Modernize Data Protection with Whitewater Gateways and AWS Cloud Storage Recorded: Nov 7 2012 46 mins
    Organizations struggle with how to manage the vast, ever growing mountain of data that must be protected.
    Using the AWS Cloud as a secure, off-site, pay-as-you-go storage location for backup data delivers a substantial return on investment, streamlines IT operations and greatly improves disaster recovery (DR) readiness.

    Join this session to learn how Whitewater appliances when combined with AWS Cloud Storage allow you to:
    - Learn the results of Tipper Tie’s experience with the solution
    - Secure your data in transit and at rest within the cloud
    - Require no changes to your existing backup application or infrastructure
  • Tame Distributed Storage Growth with the Power of the Cloud Recorded: Nov 7 2012 39 mins
    Globally-distributed enterprises are faced with organic growth of storage in each office, leading to extensive CapEx budgets, overprovisioning, and crippling duplication of capacity and data. Amazon S3 cloud storage and Panzura’s cloud storage solution consolidate storage globally to a central repository while maintaining the full NAS feature set, LAN-like performance, customer-controlled encryption, and 1/3 TB of local caching.

    Attend this webinar and learn:
    - How cloud storage can dramatically reduce CapEx and local storage management without sacrificing access or performance
    - Why cloud storage does not mean the loss of local NAS features like AD integration, ACLs, deduplication, and CIFS/NFS integration
    - How to significantly reduce the storage and management of stale data on expensive primary disk
  • AWS Cloud Storage Solutions Recorded: Nov 7 2012 44 mins
    Amazon Web Services provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide. Join us for this live session where you will learn more the AWS Platform including the following topics:

    - AWS Storage Solutions: Cloud storage choices for your application, back-up, and archive needs
    - AWS Storage Gateway: Best practices for loading data into AWS and getting it out
    - Cloud Back-up, Archiving, and DR in the Cloud: Learn about options for backing up to Amazon S3, replacing tape and on-premises storage and how the cloud can be a DR solution
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  • Title: Enterprise Class Cloud-Block-Storage-as-a-Service
  • Live at: Nov 7 2012 7:00 pm
  • Presented by: Noam Shendar, VP of Business Development, Zadara Storage & Doug Jury, VP of Sales, Zadara Storage
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