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2 Minutes on BrightTALK: Capitalizing on Digital Body Language

Join Mike Agron of WebAttract, as he discusses strategies for capturing and capitalizing on webinar audience insight.
Recorded Mar 12 2013 3 mins
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Presented by
Mike Agron, Executive Webinar Producer & Business Developer, WebAttract
Presentation preview: 2 Minutes on BrightTALK: Capitalizing on Digital Body Language

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  • How to Be a Revenue God Recorded: Sep 5 2013 48 mins
    David Pitta, Director of Demand Generation, BrightTALK
    Marketers are no longer measuring the success of their programs with simple metrics: opens, clicks, or page views. They are now challenged to align success metrics to prospects, leads, and pipeline development.

    However, is that enough for modern marketers to earn a seat at the revenue table? In order to grow a business, team and career, marketers need to know their contribution to the bottom line. Join David Pitta, as he shares how his team grew revenue in 12 months by 519%, increased the team from 5 to 15 people and furthered his career to senior management.

    In this webinar, you will learn practical and cost effective marketing strategies and tactics that include:

    - Developing a rich-media editorial calendar for your content
    - Winning prospects using proven community based marketing strategies
    - Growing revenue with integrated and measured marketing techniques
  • 2 Minutes on BrightTALK: Capitalizing on Digital Body Language Recorded: Mar 12 2013 3 mins
    Mike Agron, Executive Webinar Producer & Business Developer, WebAttract
    Join Mike Agron of WebAttract, as he discusses strategies for capturing and capitalizing on webinar audience insight.
  • 2 Minutes on BrightTALK: In-Person Events Recorded: Feb 19 2013 2 mins
    Sara Vaughan, World Wide Technology
    Want to get more from your in-peson events? Join Sara Vaughan of World Wide Technology as she discusses strategies for extending the value of in-person events through webinars, videos, and whitepapers.
  • How 2 Emerging & 2 Global Brands Transformed Webinars to Drive New Business Recorded: Feb 14 2013 61 mins
    WebAttract Co-Founders Mike Agron and Patty Van Hooser
    Are you delivering webinars that engage with prospects and meet or exceed your lead generation objectives?

    If you’re looking for a new take to attract prospective buyers, you’ll want to attend this complimentary webinar, and learn how 2 emerging and 2 global brands used webinars to reach new customers.

    We’ll highlight each company’s goals, target audience, metrics, and great commercial results, and you’ll see how webinars result in the gift that keeps on giving.

    You’ll hear how:

    - A training company used a webinar to find and close a $1Million deal

    - A new thought leadership category emerged for a technology company

    - An established brand was able find new leads in a changing market

    - A web based analytics firm generated 774 on demand viewings

    Featured Presenters

    Mike Agron is Co-founder of WebAttract and its Executive Webinar Producer. He's an award-winning author for WebinarReady™: A Step-by-Step Guide to Hosting Successful Webinars.

    Patty Van Hooser is also a Co-Founder and the Executive Director of Logistics and Production. At WebAttract Patty leverages her unique background and skill sets to work behind the scenes on producing compelling webinars that meet or exceed client's commercial outcomes, that also delight their audiences.

    Who Should Attend: Marketing and sales professionals who are responsible for demand generation, raising brand awareness and thought leadership looking for innovative ways to improve commercial outcomes, while delighting audiences.
  • Webinar Case Study with Intel-GE Care Innovations Recorded: Jan 16 2013 60 mins
    Maggie Colby, Director of Marketing, Intel-GE Care Innovations; Mike Agron, Executive Producer and Co-Founder, WebAttract
    Do you wonder how to make webinars part of your marketing mix?

    Attend this complimentary webinar and learn how Intel-GE Care Innovations chose webinars as a marketing tactic to attract and educate executive prospects.

    You’ll gain insights into the process Intel-GE Care Innovations used to evaluate webinars as a strategy. Learn how their partner, WebAttract, helped them produce a high profile webinar that generated fresh, new sales leads.

    Join our panel as they discuss:

    - Market situation and desire to build awareness
    - Best practices and key metrics that optimized outcomes
    - Challenges met and overcome by the webinar team
    - Business results and outcomes
    - Lessons learned: Before, during and after the webinar

    Who Should Attend: Marketing and sales professionals who are responsible for demand generation, raising brand awareness and thought leadership, and are looking for innovative ways a webinar can be used to meet or exceed their commercial outcomes, while delighting their audiences.

    About Your Presenters

    Maggie is responsible for Consumer and business to business marketing for Intel-GE Care Innovations. She has a deep background in technology marketing. Prior to her current role, Maggie was a Director of Marketing at Intuit and has worked in key marketing positions at companies including Adobe, Cisco, Blue Shield and Virtual Daughters.

    Mike is the Co-Founder of WebAttract and has produced and moderated hundreds of webinars for global industry leaders such as BrightTALK, Citrix, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Underwriters Laboratories and other emerging brands. He is a sought after speaker, and an award winning -author of the eBook; WebinarReady™- A Step-by-Step Guide to Hosting Successful Webinars.
  • The Impact of Website Visitor Tracking Across the Webinar Life Cycle Recorded: Jan 16 2013 34 mins
    Kevin Miller, CMO, SalesFUSION
    A properly planned and executed webinar is an event that provides prospective buyers an opportunity to have a digital conversation with your company: Before, during and after the webinar.

    From the moment they get your webinar invitation, they will often visit your website and begin to check you out. In fact, 95% of B2B buyers research the web and this happens whether you know it or not!

    This session will first explore on how prospective buyers are engaging with you in search, social, blog and online ads.

    Then with a webinar as the focus, we'll show you how to inject yourself into this digital conversation so you can:

    • Track behavior
    • Present new content through intelligent nurture marketing
    • Capture and rank all website visitor data points across the webinar life cycle
    • Be able to hand off to the higher value leads to CRM/Sales quickly

    Who Should Attend: Professionals responsible for marketing automation, content marketing, webinars and lead nurturing who are looking for ways to use advanced analytics to achieve optimum outcomes.

    About the Presenter: Kevin Miller is the CMO of SalesFUSION, which is an integrated marketing, lead scoring and sales automation platform. He has over 18 years of database marketing, CRM and software marketing & sales experience. At SalesFUSION, he drives the overall messaging and B2B marketing philosophy of the company to market.
  • How Can I Boost My Content Marketing When I Don’t Have a Loyal Following Yet? Recorded: Dec 18 2012 39 mins
    Michele McDonough, VP Curation & Research, Rock the Deadline
    Content marketing is easy when you have the bucks and the brawn. But what happens if you are in B2B, or you are just trying to build your business? How can you make content marketing work for you?

    Join us where a top content marketing and social media expert, Michele McDonough, will show you the keys to success in creating and managing content marketing as a key part of your awareness strategy.

    We’ll cover:

    - Business-to-Business Content Marketing
    - Digital Awareness
    - Demand Generation Strategy

    About Michele:

    Michele’s primary focus for the last five years has been in the field of publishing and digital media production. In particular, she specializes in finding new and innovative ways to present material that promotes audience engagement. Michele has written and edited for several online and print magazines and has concentrated most of her efforts on emerging media formats, such as digital videos and interactive graphics
  • The ABCs of Webinar Leads Recorded: Dec 18 2012 49 mins
    Kathryn Kilner, Sr. Marketing Manager; Liam McLaughlin, Sr. Sales Development Rep; David Kreitter, Sr. Demand Gen Specialist
    Leads come from many different sources, each with its own value: PPC, whitepapers downloads, trade shows, and the list goes on. Not surprisingly, they are not equally prepared to hear from sales and need to be approached accordingly. Join this BrightTALK roundtable as we discuss the fundamentals of driving quality webinar leads and best practices for following up on them from the perspective of sales and marketing both.

    Topics covered:
    - Acquiring quality leads
    - Determining which leads to pass to sales
    - Following up with webinar leads
  • The Five Things You Must Know About Webinar Audio Recorded: Nov 13 2012 47 mins
    Mike Agron, Executive Webinar Producer and Co-Founder, WebAttract; Lori Dearman, Senior Production Director, Content Lori,
    For any event, especially virtual ones, clear and crisp audio is critical to connecting with your audience. Audio is also the Achilles heel of webinars and other forms of communication such as podcasts, teleseminars, videos, and even live in-person events. We have all heard poor audio – it’s a turnoff! Attaining quality audio involves more than technology. It has to do with four interactive considerations: Human, Technological, Environmental and Logistical Factors. These involve things like

    1) How to create a positive audio impression
    2) How to maximize your audience's audio experience
    3) Paying attention to environmental sound considerations
    4) Coaching your presenters to shine and sound like a broadcaster
    5) The importance of the sound check

    In this webinar, Mike and Lori will discuss tips and best practices from the recent eGuide "The Five Things you Must Know About Webinar Audio" that will help you deliver High Performing – High Impact Webinars -- something that meets your business goals, and meets or exceeds your audience’s expectations. You can apply this information to other forms of virtual and live in person events where good audio is still a critical success factor for connecting with your audience.

    Lori is a veteran of the virtual collaboration space. At Citrix Online, Lori headed up a team of seven trainers and heavily relied upon virtual team collaboration. As a WebAttract Webinar Content Producer, Lori leverages her unique background and skill set to understand your business’ unique story and coach and mentor you and your team as Webinar speakers.
  • How to Gather and Mine Digital Body Language Across the Webinar Life Cycle Recorded: Sep 27 2012 47 mins
    Mike Agron, Co-Founder, WebAttract.
    Today content, such as the webinar, is an invaluable tool in today's buyers' market. It is a tremendously effective vehicle for companies to attract, engage and educate prospects to become your customers. It also provides a golden opportunity to collect and mine intelligence before and during the live event, so after the webinar, you can have a more natural and intelligent conversation with attendees.

    Mike Agron, Executive Webinar Producer for WebAttract, a B2B webinar demand generation firm, will lead an expert panel discussion on how webinars, are able to utilize and mine intelligence from webinar hosting platforms, marketing automation tools and then implement actionable follow up for lead nurturing campaigns using effective content marketing strategies to convert more prospects into customers.

    Joining Mike, will be thought leaders Kevin Miller from SalesFUSION, Kim Lloyd from RocktheDeadline and Tom Judge of Direct Marketing Partners, all part of the demand generation value chain mentioned above.

    Who Should Attend: Professionals responsible for lead gen, content marketing and lead nurturing who are looking for new ways to benchmark their webinar initiatives to achieve optimum outcomes.
  • 6 Key Metrics That Impact Webinar Performance: Before, During and After Recorded: Aug 16 2012 44 mins
    Mike Agron, Executive Webinar Producer and Co-Founder, WebAttract
    Not all demand generation webinars are created equal – some inspire you while others bore you. Ever wonder why? Producing, delivering and hosting successful webinars means using metrics to know when you're on target, when you're not and what to do about it. Metrics not only help you navigate to attract and keep your target audience engaged, they add value after the webinar with actionable intelligence for you to establish a warm 1:1 conversation, to better qualify prospects and convert them into customers.

    Join Mike Agron of WebAttract as he reveals 6 key metrics that will help you produce and deliver high-performing, high-impact webinars. Attend this interactive webinar to discover beyond email metrics:

    · The 6 key benchmark targets for improving your webinars
    · How to add value after the webinar ends
    · Tips to convert webinar prospects into customers

    Mike Agron is an entrepreneur, speaker, thought leader, author of “WebinarReady™” and “The Five Things You Need to Know About Webinar Audio”, and is also the Executive Webinar Producer and Co-Founder of WebAttract, LLC. WebAttract is a professional services organization of B2B webinar experts, helping sales and marketing professionals excel at using webinars for demand creation to convert more prospects into customers.

    As an Executive Webinar Producer Mike has produced and moderated informational webinars for global industry brands such as Citrix Online, Dex One, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Underwriters Laboratories as well as many emerging B2B and SMB firms.

    Mike’s approach is to look at each webinar as a mini event, and uncover something unique that will delight his webinar audiences with an engaging experience. His ultimate objective is to help his clients meet and exceed their demand generation goals by acquiring fresh new sales leads, as well as promoting their brand awareness and thought leadership.

    Follow Mike on Twitter at @WebinarReady.
An "end2end" solution for webinar demand creation
We’re a professional services and training organization of B2B webinar experts.

We help sales and marketing professionals of global and emerging brands convert more prospects into customers by using webinars for demand creation.

Our “white gloves” implementation services span the webinar life cycle value chain, including:

* strategic consulting
* audience acquisition
* content development
* webinar hosting
* professional moderating

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  • Title: 2 Minutes on BrightTALK: Capitalizing on Digital Body Language
  • Live at: Mar 12 2013 3:55 pm
  • Presented by: Mike Agron, Executive Webinar Producer & Business Developer, WebAttract
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