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Service Catalog: The Gateway to Business Satisfaction

As consumers everywhere have embraced self-service, so must your IT department embrace the service catalog. Service catalogs have become the heart of IT management as IT organizations seek to reduce call volume and improve customer and business satisfaction. When embraced by IT and the business, a service catalog provides your customers a comprehensive view of your IT and business service offerings and enables the user to more seamlessly interact with IT and other aspects of the business.

Join BMC Software to learn how successful service catalog strategy can help your IT organization more efficiently serve the needs of your customers and the business.
Recorded Nov 14 2013 46 mins
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Presented by
Erin K. Avery, BMC Software
Presentation preview: Service Catalog: The Gateway to Business Satisfaction

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  • The State of ITSM - and Predictions for 2016 Recorded: Dec 3 2015 52 mins
    Barclay Rae, Owner, Barclay Rae Consulting
    What are the top issues facing the ITSM industry and how can you find a practical and effective path through all of the hype?

    IT Service Management is at a critical crossroads. The pre-eminence of ITIL® is being challenged and new ideas like DevOps and Bi-modal IT are gaining adoption.

    Join Barclay for this exclusive session to understand:

    •How IT organizations can best evaluate and adapt to this new environment
    •How this new environment relates to established IT practices and processes
    •What are the top ITSM challenges today
    •What new ideas should you consider adopting and which might just be passing fads
    •How you might need to adapt your IT organization in 2016
  • How to Rein in Sprawling Service Catalogs Recorded: Nov 12 2015 32 mins
    Simon Geddes, Product Management, BMC Software; Alf Abuhajleh, Product Marketing, BMC Software
    Catalog sprawl is plaguing the vast majority of enterprises today. About half of all corporations run more than five service catalogs concurrently. As workers are becoming less productive sifting through endless portals, shadow IT starts to creep in, leaving the whole company vulnerable to security and compliance issues. So what can IT do?

    Join this live webcast to learn how switching to an IT service broker model helps you end the sprawl, take control of unauthorized technology purchases and boost human productivity in the digital workplace. We will discuss how you can:

    •Better understand the role of an IT service broker
    •Take the first steps in adopting a service broker model
    •Identify the key features of the right service broker solution
  • Leverage Service Design to Improve your SLAs Recorded: Dec 17 2014 48 mins
    Anthony Orr, Director, Office of the CTO, BMC
    If you face challenges meeting your service support SLAs, the problem might lie in the way they’re designed. In this webinar, ITIL expert Anthony Orr will share strategies for improving alignment between your real capabilities and the agreements you create. You’ll learn how to:

    · Create synergies across all your service design process areas

    · Implement key concepts and templates to help you define better SLAs for your organization

    · Employ lessons from real-life customer stories on bringing services to life
  • Five Tools that will Transform IT Recorded: Oct 9 2014 37 mins
    Alf Abuhajleh, Senior Manager, ITSM Solutions
    Using social, mobile and context-aware apps, like Google, Amazon and Uber, people now expect IT to know and do everything. But many companies still struggle to incorporate modern technology into their operations. In this session we look at five of the latest consumer-goods innovations and find answers to nagging questions, such as:

    · How do social, local and mobile add value to my company?

    · Do I really need context-aware self-service?

    · Where do I start introducing modern tools?
  • How to Create a Roadmap for Continual Service Improvement Recorded: Sep 10 2014 44 mins
    Anthony Orr, Director, Service Management for CTO Office
    Many organizations today do not get business value from their CSI projects. The triple constraints to project quality (Time, Money and Scope) are not focused on business outcomes but instead focused on project outcomes. In this session, learn the recipe for successfully creating, managing, measuring and improving your projects for continual improvement of business services for your organization.

    Attend this and you will learn:

    - How to build a holistic CSI roadmap

    - How to improve project success

    - How to create a continual improvement cadence for organizational change
  • From DevOps to Release: An apps journey to existence Recorded: Aug 27 2014 39 mins
    Chris Little, Marketing, BMC; Sharron Sims, Marketing, BMC; Anthony Orr, CTO, BMC; Alf Abuhajleh, Marketing, BMC
    The speed of innovation is an aspect of the IT consumerization trend most enterprises still struggle to harness. With consumer app development cycles reduced to days, if not hours, employees and customers have grown accustomed to continuous improvements. Today, speed has become the new competitive business advantage.

    Combining the power of DevOps and ITIL-driven Change and Release Management, BMC brings developers and operations teams together to deliver business services – quickly, effectively and affordably – by eliminating the cultural, collaborative and process issues that often stands in the way.

    Attending this event, you’ll learn about:

    • What customers expects from IT today

    • How to connect DevOps and ITSM

    • How ITIL connects DevOps and ITSM
  • Bridging the Gap: The Value of Integrated Asset and Service Management Recorded: May 15 2014 41 mins
    Jon Hall, Product Management Lead - Enterprise ITAM, BMC
    Organizational strategies for IT Asset Management (ITAM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) are frequently developed in silos. However, for IT to truly to optimize the services it provides, effective IT Asset Management is vital.

    Join Jon Hall, Lead Product Manager at BMC as he shares how Asset Management can be smoothly integrated into your ITSM to ensure cost effectiveness and operational efficiency.
  • Plan, Design and Operate Your Service Catalog Recorded: Apr 9 2014 47 mins
    Anthony Orr, Director, BMC Software (Office of the CTO)
    Today many organizations are trying to build service catalogs. Names such as requestable service catalog, actionable service catalog and others have started to appear as projects within many organizations. ITIL gives some guidance but much more is needed.

    In this session, learn the differences and similarities in service catalogs. Also, learn how to plan, design and operate your service catalog for value in Consumerization of your services and managing the Industrialization of the service related to total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI). If you have not started on a service catalog project, this session will be useful for understanding why service catalogs for your practice of IT service management.
  • Process & Technology Are Nothing w/out Modern Self-Service: Future of Automation Recorded: Mar 12 2014 40 mins
    Jeffrey Moloughney, Principal Solutions Marketing Manager, BMC
    See the value that modern self-service adds to users, not just IT. Are you intrigued by formless IT, crowdsourcing, Google-esque knowledge, white glove service, or mystical app stores? Join this session to see how modernized self-service techniques are the forefront of automated service management.
  • How to Prepare for Next Generation Innovation in ITSM Recorded: Jan 15 2014 48 mins
    Anthony Orr, Director, BMC Software (Office of the CTO)
    Join Anthony Orr as he covers:

    - The ”internet of things” effect on ITSM
    - Increase in social aspects of ITSM
    - Redefining mobility with technology for ITSM
    - Best practice re-alignment with technology capabilities
    - The effect of gamification on ITSM

    Anthony Orr is a Director at BMC Software within the Office of the CTO. He is one of the authors and examiners for ITIL 2011. Anthony has more than 30 years of Information Technology experience and spends his time traveling the world as a speaker and as a consultant helping organizations realize value from their IT service management initiatives. Follow him on twitter at @anthonyorrAtBMC.
  • Service Catalog: The Gateway to Business Satisfaction Recorded: Nov 14 2013 46 mins
    Erin K. Avery, BMC Software
    As consumers everywhere have embraced self-service, so must your IT department embrace the service catalog. Service catalogs have become the heart of IT management as IT organizations seek to reduce call volume and improve customer and business satisfaction. When embraced by IT and the business, a service catalog provides your customers a comprehensive view of your IT and business service offerings and enables the user to more seamlessly interact with IT and other aspects of the business.

    Join BMC Software to learn how successful service catalog strategy can help your IT organization more efficiently serve the needs of your customers and the business.
  • The Consumer Imperative: Introducing the New Rules of IT support Recorded: Oct 9 2013 42 mins
    Chris Rixon, Principal Solutions Marketing Manager, BMC Software
    What makes a great service experience? Is it the ease and simplicity of the transaction? Or is it about convenience? Maybe it’s about predictability and consistency? One thing is for certain: in the consumer world, many businesses have mastered the art of delivering service to their customers.

    What can IT support teams learn from the organizations that have perfected the service experience? Join us for a step-by-step exploration of the principles of outstanding service delivery. We’ll also be giving lots of practical guidance on how you can put these principles into practice.
  • How to Create a Collaborative, Business Oriented Service Desk Recorded: Aug 15 2013 47 mins
    Erin Avery, Service & Support Solutions, BMC Software
    In this always on, always connected world we, as IT service professionals, have a new challenge. It’s no longer appropriate to merely provide “support”. No, we’re tasked with empowering the modern, mobile, socially collaborative business and workforce.

    During this fast-paced presentation, Erin Avery, Service & Support Solutions at BMC Software, will explore steps your IT service organization can take to evolve the way you interact with your customers (yes, those employees are our customers), how you can embrace social and mobile collaboration technologies to improve customer satisfaction, how powerful data driven decisions can help you change your conversation with the business and how you can do this without the burden of infrastructure and maintenance.
  • Improve Business by Empowering Your Users Recorded: Mar 20 2013 46 mins
    Jeffrey Moloughney, Principle Solutions Marketing Manager, BMC
    Attend this webinar to discover the value added through enabling your company to leverage emerging technologies and empower users as never before. Jeff will discuss the importance of engaging users with new channels and technologies, addressing their needs through social, collaborative and mobile tools - all while managing your business with an eye on best practices.
  • Use ITSM Investment to Extend into the IT ecosystem & Support Service Delivery Recorded: Jan 17 2013 30 mins
    Jeffrey Moloughney and Paul Fernandez, BMC Software
    If you’re looking for the boring old session focused on ITSM features like incident, problem, change, blah, blah, blah, and the typical pitch on how these features said can ‘improve’ service delivery, this session is not for you. During this session the Remedyforce team will show you firsthand how the ITSM application utilizes the industry leading force.com platform to support an end-to-end service delivery process with the most innovative tools found in our market today. Learn how platform capabilities can; help the service desk collaborate with the business, automate the entire service delivery process, integrate into third party solutions (anywhere from Asset Management to AppExchange Solutions), and enable anyone to configure, extend and support their own modern, IT business practices.
  • Managing Incidents & Preventing Problems while Keeping Your Business on Track Recorded: Jan 16 2013 46 mins
    Erin K. Avery, BMC Software
    Today’s modern, technology-dependent business cannot tolerate service disruptions or outages. But as technology professionals, we know technology has it’s imperfections and as such, it’s our job to make sure when service disruptions occur (because let’s face it, things do go wrong) we’re enabled to restore service fast and address issues before they morph and bring the business to a halt.

    Join BMC Software to learn how adopting ITIL best practices for Incident and Problem Management can help your IT organization more effectively and efficiently restore and maintain service availability.
  • “Are we there yet?” Recorded: Dec 17 2012 59 mins
    Bob Rice, IT Service Management Consultant / Instructor
    Many people will be traveling during the upcoming holiday season. When I was a kid my family would travel for many hours to see family that lived several states away. It did not take long for my parents to get tired of the question, “are we there yet?” To me it seemed like an endless progression of miles to finally reach our destination.

    Similarly, many IT organizations are busy getting things done in a never ending flurry of activity that leaves many wondering what the purpose of that activity really is. This frequently means that a lot of money, effort and activity are put into IT projects that just don’t seem to reach an end or satisfy customers. Unfortunately, much of the activity itself is not focused on a consistent strategy that really defines where we are going, and therefore we cannot answer the question, “are we there yet?”

    So, what does strategy mean for you? Does your organization have a “strategy”?
    •How do you translate strategy into action, make it work, make it relevant?
    •How do you know when it is time to revisit your strategy based on results?
    •Has cloud computing added complexity to your strategy?

    Sponsored by BMC.
  • How to Prevent Unplanned Downtime Using ITIL Change & Release Management Recorded: Nov 14 2012 45 mins
    Erin K. Avery, BMC Software
    Left unmanaged, IT change can introduce vulnerabilities, regulatory compliance issues and bring the business to a halt, not to mention the pain it causes for your IT organization. With more than half of IT outages attributed to unmanaged or unauthorized change, now more than ever you need the ability to plan for and implement change in a secure, efficient and effective manner -- not to mention keeping those systems configured with the latest updates.

    Join Erin Avery of BMC Software to learn how adopting ITIL best practices for change and release management can help ensure the availability of IT and business services your company relies on to run, grow and innovate.
IT Service and Asset Management - One Size Does Not Fit All
BMC Software helps leading companies around the world put technology at the forefront of business transformation, improving the delivery and consumption of digital services. From mainframe to cloud to mobile, BMC delivers innovative IT management solutions that have enabled more than 15,000 customers to leverage complex technology into extraordinary business performance—increasing their agility and exceeding anything they previously thought possible.

BMC Software. It's amazing what IT was meant to be.

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