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Applying Mobile Analytics for Better Testing

Active apps demand constant care even if you are not changing anything. This chaotic environment requires developers and testers to continuously enhance their testing practices.

In this web seminar, HP will share insights on how mobile analytics can help testers, developers, and designers improve their mobile applications—particularly the testing aspects of their projects. You’ll learn techniques to improve release velocity and ways to become proactive in creating a better user experience.

You’ll also learn how to:
• Use big data analytics to improve testing and app quality
• Overcome the “long-tail” problem of mobile OS and device fragmentation
• Bridge the gap between big data and testing to improve app quality
• Speed up development and testing
Recorded Nov 10 2015 47 mins
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Presented by
Robert Gutierrez, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Presentation preview: Applying Mobile Analytics for Better Testing

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  • Value at the Speed of Business: Insights from the 2016-17 World Quality Report Jan 26 2017 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    John Jeremiah, Product Marketing Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Today we are in an age of digital consumers who are hyper-connected, expecting information and service wherever and when ever they want. Companies must be able to respond to the increasing demands of their customers with superior products and services without sacrificing quality or security.

    In this webinar you will learn about key findings from the eighth edition of the World Quality Report, which illustrates the impact of trends like Agile, DevOps, IoT and others. These trends are forcing organizations to disrupt with digital at an ever faster pace. Specifically you will learn more about these 4 key trends in QA and Testing:

    • Digital Transformation driving and shaping IT strategy
    • Agile and DevOps continue to expand and grow in adoption
    • Internet of Things a disrupting force with real implications on quality
    • Infrastructure costs (test environments); a rising concern
  • Danish Universities Easily Validates Digital Examination App w/ HPE StormRunner Recorded: Dec 6 2016 58 mins
    Jesper Mortensen, AHOC
    Digital transformation is changing the way almost every organization operates today, even in the educational system. Computers in the exam room have increasingly replaced pen and paper, necessitated by the growth in distance learning and the growing volume of students. Digital exams that candidates can download and complete from any location are quickly overtaking the controlled environment of the exam room in many locations which means that system performance is critical. It’s not acceptable for students if it takes a long time to download the paper and even worse if, having completed the examination, the student is unable to upload it again. This can become a problem with thousands of concurrent students downloading papers.

    Join this webinar to hear how six of Denmark’s eight universities led by University of Copenhagen have collaborated to develop a coordinated solution using HPE StormRunner Load to address their testing challenges. Attendees of this webinar will learn how the universities are using StormRunner Load to:

    Simulate concurrent download and upload by 6,000 virtual users
    Identify problems with certain configurations and database items
    Deliver unlimited scalability through cloud-base SaaS solution
    Process over 300,000 examinations a year
  • Overcome Agile Performance Testing Challenges and Scale for Big Loads Recorded: Nov 15 2016 62 mins
    Oded Keret, Product Manager on StormRunner Load, HPE and Kristina Avrionova, Product Marketing for StormRunner Load, HPE
    Between scrum meetings, user stories, and ever-shortening sprints, performance testing can sometimes be swept under the rug. When a massive number of users hit your web or mobile app and it turns out it can’t handle the load, skipping performance testing can turn out to be your biggest regret.

    When performance testing is done right, you can detect performance degradation before there’s failure in production, and along with smart analytics and comprehensive performance insights, you can dramatically shorten time spent finding and fixing problems.

    Join this web seminar to learn how to overcome common agile performance testing challenges to prepare your web and mobile apps for peak traffic while avoiding regrets.

    You’ll also learn:

    • Why traditional performance testing practices don’t really work in an agile environment
    • Why you need to simulate real-world business flows
    • How to quickly test for scale and optimize for peak traffic
  • HPE ALM Octane – Deliver High Quality Applications at Speed Recorded: Nov 15 2016 60 mins
    Vandan Nayak HPE
    As the industry accelerates adoption of DevOps for speed, quality and scale, HPE is evolving their ALM and quality solutions to embrace Agile and DevOps best practices. ALM Octane embraces Agile and Continuous Integration processes and in this webinar, HPE shall showcase some of the newest ALM Octane features, and paint a picture of what the future will look like for unprecedented lifecycle agility.

    Join us and hear about:

    The new ‘Team BackLog’ module for Agile planning
    Pipeline Build Analytics
    Personalized ‘My Work’ page
  • Learn how HPE’s Mobile Solutions Revolutionize Synthetic Monitoring Recorded: Nov 3 2016 56 mins
    Cagdas Başaran, Garanti Bank, Antonina Sesti, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Join this webinar to hear Garanti Bank, one of the largest banks in Turkey, discuss how they are using HPE Mobile Center to optimize their end-customer mobile applications to secure a better experience for their customers. Garanti Bank will discuss the advantages they have gained by using HPE Mobile Center to monitor their mobile applications and how they achieved them those advantages.

    Why attend?
    Learn how to get the best out of mobile application testing
    Hear how to improve the user experiences for end-customers
    Get answers during the live Q&A from Cagdas and an HPE product expert
  • Discover the Spin-Merge Benefits to our ADM Software Portfolio Recorded: Nov 2 2016 54 mins
    Raffi Margaliot, SVP & GM, ADM and Genefa Murphy, VP, Product Marketing, ADM
    On September 7, Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced plans for a spin-off and merger of our Software business unit with Micro Focus, a global software company dedicated to delivering and supporting enterprise software solutions. The combination of HPE’s software assets with Micro Focus will create one of the world’s largest pure-play enterprise software companies. We will remain focused on helping you get the most out of the software that runs your business.

    Join the HPE Software Application Delivery Management Executive team to hear firsthand about the recently announced HPE Software and Micro Focus spin-merge. What does it mean for us, what does it mean for you, and most importantly how it strengthens HPE’s ability to help you meet the demands of your customers in delivering high quality apps and responding to current trends around DevOps and Mobile. Hear about the ADM strategy and commitments to the roadmap including upcoming innovations in key areas such as enterprise agile continuous testing, and digital performance and user experience. Bring your questions and join us on this new journey to success.
  • How to Deliver Amazing Apps Fast in the Idea Economy: a DevOps Transformation Recorded: Oct 27 2016 55 mins
    Raffi Margaliot, Genefa Murphy, Tali Levi Joseph
    Want to deliver apps fast on any form factor? Feel like you’re balancing speed versus quality, and your end users are suffering? Hear how HPE’s Application Delivery Management business unit transformed their own approach to software delivery to both accelerate their time to market and deliver a set of solutions that better meet the needs of their customers. Learn about the three T’s that formed the foundation of this transformation, from technology, to technique to talent; and hear about how this influenced the next generation of HPE’s application delivery offerings; ranging from core ALM to next-gen predictive analytics and mobile solutions.

    Hear about HPE’s Application Delivery vision, strategy and journey first-hand
    Discover the three things it takes to transform software delivery and rise to the challenge of DevOps
    Learn how to successfully deliver high quality apps at speed and scale
  • An Open Source Testing Framework for Microservices in Containers Recorded: Oct 18 2016 28 mins
    Neil Gehani and Ying Lei, HPE
    Microservice architecture has been adopted by modern software teams as a way to deliver business value faster to address the DevOps goal of maximizing value by reducing cycle time. Container technology enables delivery of microservices into any environment. Docker has accelerated this by providing an easy to use toolset for development teams to build, ship, and run distributed applications. These applications can be composed of hundreds of microservices packaged in Docker containers. These containers are deployed and running on ANY IaaS (e.g. AWS, GCP, Azure or on-prem).

    In a recent NGINX survey, the “biggest challenge holding back developers” is the trade-off between quality and speed. As Martin Fowler indicates, testing strategies in microservices architecture can be very complex. To address this complexity, we need to test in a real environment with real data – the “continuous delivery” (CD) phase of the lifecycle.

    A framework enables developers working in the Docker ecosystem to easily test a complex system of microservices. For developers, it requires no behavior change. Developers gravitate to frameworks to speed up their development. Using frameworks also allows people to share best practices. A framework applied to testing of microservices in containers is a simple abstraction layer. Abstractions make life simpler for Developers building and deploying modern apps.

    Join us for this webinar to learn more.
  • What’s New in HPE Mobile Center Recorded: Oct 6 2016 56 mins
    Evgeny Karasik, David Landsberg HPE
    It’s an open secret that a good mobile user experience is essential to achieving business goals. Delivering an exceptional experience can be a daunting task, from user interface design to development, testing and production release.

    HPE Mobile Center, mobile application lifecycle software, helps you test, monitor and optimize your apps on real devices and emulators. Whether you are doing development or testing at the manual, functional, network, security or performance level, this is one session not to miss.

    We will share what’s new since the release of Mobile Center 2.0, and take a closer look at selective stages of the mobile application lifecycle such as:

    How to run parallel Appium and Selenium tests through coding or continuous integration tools such as Jenkins
    SDK and crowd testing capabilities in Mobile Center and more
    Note: If you missed the recent introductory webinar of HPE Mobile Center2.0, you can access the recording here
  • PPM 9.40: How the New Features of HPE PPM can Help your PMO Recorded: Oct 4 2016 55 mins
    Barbara Lewis, HPE
    HPE Project and Portfolio Management 9.40 was recently released with some significant updates and improvements. This webinar will introduce the new features included in this release and how those features can help you improve your project and program processes.
    HPE Project and Portfolio Management 9.40 was recently released with some significant updates and improvements. This webinar will introduce the new features included in this release and how those features can help you improve your project and program processes.

    Features being covered include:

    NEW! Program type for true program lifecycle governance and management
    NEW! Program UI
    · Easier tracking of issues, risks and scope changes

    · Timeline tab

    NEW! Ability for PPM to create a release in HPW Agile Manager
  • Simplify Continuous Testing within Your Agile and DevOps Teams Recorded: Sep 29 2016 49 mins
    Clint Sprauve, HPE
    Many organizations struggle with the concept of continuous testing because they believe they don’t have the technical abilities or resources to implement it as successfully as startups and SaaS-based companies. The reality is, continuous testing isn’t as complex as it sounds.

    Join this web seminar, sponsored by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, to learn the basics of continuous testing within agile and DevOps methodologies.

    You’ll also learn how to:

    •Fit the responsibilities of traditional testers into the new paradigm
    •Apply the basics of lean functional testing to your projects
    •Include manual testing in the continuous testing process
  • Become a Cloud Master with the HPE Helion Cloud Suite - Part 2 Recorded: Sep 28 2016 59 mins
    Neil Miles, Kiran Makarla, HPE
    In our first Helion Cloud Suite webinar, we introduced you to the new software suite from HPE that brings together a full range of hybrid cloud capabilities, enabling you to deliver and manage the full spectrum of applications and technologies -- from traditional, virtualized, cloud native and containers -- across a broad range of infrastructure environments. In the second webinar, you got to see the new suite in action for a few key use cases: hybrid, multi-cloud and container management, cloud-native deployment, and cloud analytics.

    This webinar will focus on application use cases.

    Transform traditional applications to offer them as cloud services
    Bridge traditional and cloud-native applications
    Automate the application release pipeline
    Helion Cloud Suite software is a DevOps-driven cloud management solution that enables you to provide what your development and testing teams need to accelerate application release.
  • 5 Ways Digital Learning Helps Build Amazing IT Organizations Recorded: Sep 27 2016 48 mins
    Jeanette Jacobs, HPE
    Success in the idea economy requires technological agility. You have to act quickly to seize opportunity, respond to threats, turn great ideas into reality and stay ahead of the competition – and these capabilities rely on having an amazing IT organization.

    Amazing IT teams are competent, aligned to the business, highly collaborative and constantly adapting to change. These attributes just don’t happen. You need talent, you need a continuous education strategy and you need the tools to make it happen. Join this webinar to learn how implementing a continuous education strategy using the new HPE ART Enterprise Learning Edition (ELE) will help your journey to amazing.
  • Agile Load Testing using StormRunner Load Recorded: Sep 15 2016 56 mins
    Kristina Avrionova, Oded Keret HPE
    In between scrum meetings, user stories and ever shortening sprints, have you penciled in load testing? How do you detect performance degradation and shorten time spent finding and fixing problems in production? Join us and learn how StormRunner can help you deliver high quality projects faster and make load testing a natural fit into your agile development. Your admission also secures you a live demo of the product.
  • Digital UX Webinar Series: Optimize Through Analytics and Feedback Recorded: Sep 8 2016 32 mins
    Eric Odell, HPE
    As part of our 3 part series, "User Experience isn't Everything, Its the Only Thing", join Eric Odell from HPE for "Most Important: Optimize Through Analytics and Feedback"

    Eric will share how to:
    - Improve the quality of your testing practices by using real-time analytics and sentiment analysis to track your user’s experience
    - Detect and resolve issues to lower your app abandonment
    - Increase adoption rates and deliver a great user experience
  • HPE Software AppPulse Demo Recorded: Sep 8 2016 59 mins
    Eric Odell, HPE
    Join us for this 60 minute demo on AppPulse. The AppPulse Suite is an integrated Application Performance Monitoring solution that automates and accelerates the process by which application teams deliver and adapt user-focused applications. Now application teams can quickly isolate problems that negatively impact the UX and drill down to the root cause—from user actions, to network issues, down to the line of code or specific transaction log. The result: teams can achieve both the speed and quality required to meet user expectations and business objectives - high velocity, high frequency apps with quality.
  • Digital UX Webinar Series: Build a Great UX - Build, Monitor, Optimize Recorded: Sep 7 2016 22 mins
    Antoine Aymer, HPE
    Whether you are solely responsible for an application in your company, or you support a team that is, its critical to your business that quality, speed, and performance of your apps are never compromised for your users.

    As part of our 3 part series, "User Experience isn't Everything, Its the Only Thing", join Antoine Aymer from HPE for "Foundations to Build a Great UX: Build, Monitor, Optimize" to learn how to deliver a great user experience thru:

    - Implementing continuous testing
    - Blending virtual users and real devices to get an accurate picture of your end-to-end mobile performance
    - Seamlessly report back on defects
  • Digital UX Webinar Series: Digital Transformation - Where the World is Heading Recorded: Sep 6 2016 26 mins
    Bruce Temkin, Customer Experience Transformist, Temkin Group
    Companies are increasing their focus on customer experience, but many are destined for mediocre results. What's the problem? A lack of emotion. While new digital and cross-channel experiences are being developed, they aren't tapping into the most powerful component of the experience.

    As part of our 3 part series, "User Experience isn't Everything, Its the Only Thing", join Bruce Temkin from the Temkin Group, who will share leading-edge research on why emotion is so important and what it takes to tap build experiences that tap into its power.
  • Scriptless Testing with UFT & BPT Recorded: Jul 13 2016 60 mins
    Clint Sprauve, Roee Weisbert
    With the rising implementations of Agile and DevOps methodologies, many organizations that have more business experts than technical experts are finding it difficult to keep up with the pace of development. These teams need a way to fully engage the business experts in the test automation process without sacrificing speed, quality and scale.

    Join Roee Weisbert, Senior Functional Architect, and learn how HPE Business Process Testing is the bridge that provides the ultimate scriptless framework for technical and non-technical users. See how the latest updates to BPT & UFT allow testers to automate in an intuitive and easy to use platform, optimizing efficiency, time, and quality of your applications.
  • HPE ALM Octane – The Next Evolution of Application Lifecycle Management Recorded: Jul 12 2016 64 mins
    Matthew Brayley-Berger, Vandan Nayak
    As the industry accelerates adoption of DevOps for speed, quality and scale, HPE is evolving our ALM and quality solutions to embrace Agile and DevOps best practices, launching ALM Octane on June 1st, 2016. And, through our own use of Agile and Continuous Delivery practices within our Research and Development teams, we continue to evolve the ALM Octane experience and platform to help support you on your DevOps initiatives.

    In this webinar, we will take the opportunity to showcase some of the newest ALM Octane innovations, and paint a picture of what the near-term future will look like for unprecedented lifecycle agility.
Master the modern application lifecycle
Join this channel to get insights into ways to address the current challenges applications teams are experiencing today around application performance, application functionality, mobility, agile, cloud, etc. You will hear from product experts, industry analysts, and customers as they discuss their experiences as well as their best practices.
Hear more information on Hewlett Packard Enterprise applications solutions at www.hpe.com/go/alm

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  • Title: Applying Mobile Analytics for Better Testing
  • Live at: Nov 10 2015 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Robert Gutierrez, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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