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DevOps Transformation: Managing the Dev of DevOps

Organizations undertaking DevOps transformations often focus on the benefits that adopting open source tools can bring in terms of cost savings. Unfortunately many frequently ignore the administrative and technical overhead of managing multiple Git and Jira repositories across an enterprise. Numerous distinct repositories are often created, one per team, leading to repository sprawl, lack of process consistency and limited oversight. This can in turn cause reduced organizational delivery velocity.

In this live webinar we will discuss and demonstrate how multiple Git and Jira instances can be managed from process centric tools, reducing overhead without impacting development velocity. You’ll learn how to consolidate multiple repositories and regain control of your development ecosystem, without impacting the day-to-day lives of your development teams.

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Recorded Mar 5 2020 62 mins
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Presented by
Julian Fish, Director of Product Management, Micro Focus
Presentation preview: DevOps Transformation: Managing the Dev of DevOps

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  • Increasing Product Quality Across All Aspects of Application Delivery Aug 24 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Julian Fish, Director of Product Management, Micro Focus
    As DevOps processes mature, many organizations experience a common challenge: How to expand quality practices beyond the traditional remit of the quality Center of Excellence (CoE) to include other areas of product delivery. Organizations find that quality CoE’s can no longer scale to support the hundreds of builds, release candidates or environment updates needed each week. In this scenario a new, quality-centric approach to all aspects of application delivery is required.

    Join Julian Fish, Director of Product Management at Micro Focus, for this interactive session as we discuss and demonstrate:
    • Developer focused quality practices such as peer review, security scanning, vulnerability scanning using modern, developer friendly tooling.
    • How Micro Focus PulseUno implements CI/CD processes that help testing practices shift left.
    • How developer-centric quality improvements can be easily and seamlessly aligned with existing CoE practices.
  • 4 Steps to Exceptional Experiences Everywhere with AI-Based Test Automation Recorded: Jun 22 2021 53 mins
    Nick Mears, Product Marketing, Functional Testing and Bryan Cole, ADM Chief Technologist, Micro Focus
    Deliver High-Quality Experiences Across Platforms, Devices and Browsers

    The customer expectation that everything will work on anything, all the time, is fueling the rapid pace of change, driving faster and earlier application testing. Organizations using AI-powered intelligent test automation for enterprise-grade apps within a continuous delivery pipeline can test efficiently on any browser, mobile device, operating system or form factor, either in the cloud, or on-premises.

    In this webinar, we’ll discuss the four steps to ensuring enterprise-grade quality for your internal and external applications. Learn how AI-infused functional test automation can dramatically reduce test creation and maintenance, while boosting test coverage and increasing test asset resiliency, enabling you to deliver high-quality experiences across platforms, devices and browsers.
  • AI-Driven Performance Optimization – A Real-World Example Recorded: May 25 2021 50 mins
    Stefano Doni, Co-Founder & CTO, Akamas and Cyrus Manouchehrian, LoadRunner Product Manager, Micro Focus
    Modern applications sit atop of many layers, such as Java Virtual Machines, container, database, cloud and more, each providing hundreds of settings all interacting in complex and counterintuitive ways. Manual and trial-and-error performance tuning cannot cope with this complexity with today’s fast release cycles and business speed. As a result, incorrect configurations may cause poor application performance, low reliability, and resource (cost) inefficiency.

    This webinar explores how an AI-driven Performance Optimization solution can allow performance engineers to automate testing, automatically identify optimal full-stack configurations to enable their companies to deliver unprecedented application performance and cost saving, while also improving operational resiliency.

    We will discuss:
    • The fundamental problem with performance optimization
    • Addressing the challenges with an AI-driven performance optimization
    • How performance optimization and performance engineering work together
    • Demo: optimizing a Java-based e-commerce application

    Please join Cyrus Manouchehrian, Micro Focus LoadRunner Product Management and Stefano Doni, Akamas Co-Founder and CTO to learn about the modern approach to performance optimization and how to get the most out of your Performance Engineering solution.
  • The 2021 State of Software Quality: The View from Enterprise Leaders & Followers Recorded: May 11 2021 56 mins
    Stephen D. Hendrick, Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates, Inc.
    The rapid rise of the digital economy became twice as important after layering on a worldwide pandemic. With every company having to become a software company, enterprise application development speed, volume, cost, quality, and risk are key determinants that define who survives and who does not. The pressure on application development teams to build more software faster and cheaper often runs counter to the objectives of software quality and managing risk.

    Join Steve Hendrick, Research Director at Enterprise Management Associates, to hear key findings from a recent worldwide survey about software quality. This webinar will look at the characteristics and differences between software quality leaders and followers. Key to this discussion of software quality is the impact that people, process, and products are having on enterprise software quality. Completing this view into software quality will be a discussion of best and worst practices and their differences across three levels of software quality leadership.
  • Performance Engineering Trends: An Industry Expert Discussion Recorded: Mar 2 2021 61 mins
    A panel of performance engineering experts
    Technologies continue to evolve. There is growth of users, transactions, devices, operating systems, platforms, data and more. Performance engineering teams must harness the speed of change and release software faster while delivering a superior end-user experience. Now more than ever, there is the need to engineer quality testing earlier in the SDLC by building more realistic tests, enabling increased collaboration across performance teams to meet challenges of application performance. The goal is to provide the best customer experience.

    Join our expert panel for a discussion around the dominant trends in the performance landscape.

    Moderator: Richard Bishop, Lead Quality Engineer, Lloyds Banking Group. Richard has over 20 years’ experience as a software tester. He has moved from “hands-on” testing to a role advising and mentoring software testers and developers, helping them to get the most from LBG’s investments in software testing and test management tools.

    • Scott Moore, Performance Consultant, Scott Moore Consulting. Scott has two decades of experience in IT working with various platforms and technologies. He helps companies improve their application performance anywhere in the software development life cycle.

    • Ryan Foulk, President and Founder, Foulk Consulting. Ryan and Foulk Consulting provide services around true end-to-end strategies for diverse company landscapes and consult on developing/maturing test and operations centers of excellence.

    • Paul McLean, IT Performance Consultant, RPM Solutions and Data Services. Paul has more than 20 years of deep technical expertise in load testing. He started focused on control systems, software development and application performance tuning, before shifting his focus to load and performance testing.

    • Wilson Mar, System Reliability Engineer, Consultant. Wilson supports cloud transformation at a large management consulting firm and was previously an Evangelist of the Performance Portfolio at HPE.
  • Continuous Quality with Micro Focus ALM Octane Recorded: Feb 23 2021 38 mins
    Oren Ziv, Senior Product Manager, Micro Focus
    When adopting Agile and DevOps methodologies, software quality is often sacrificed as efforts to increase application delivery velocity are prioritized, and alignment between ever-growing teams of teams is lost. This webinar will demonstrate how ALM Octane helps organizations implement a “quality everywhere” approach, improve Agile/DevOps development, and ensure that quality practices support immediate activities in software development, from ideation to deployment.

    Key topics include:
    • Establish traceability across value streams
    • Embed quality within release processes
    • Adapt with a flexible and open architecture
    • Smart software delivery with Micro Focus
  • AI-based test automation: The revolution continues… Recorded: Feb 9 2021 57 mins
    Eran Bachar, Senior Product Manager and Nick Mears, Product Marketing Manager, Functional Testing Portfolio, Micro Focus
    The new era of test automation is here, with 88%* of organizations reporting that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now the strongest growth area within test activities, in their quest for high quality.

    Organizations using AI-powered intelligent test automation within their continuous testing pipeline can test efficiently on any browser, mobile device and form factor, either in the cloud, or on-premises. Join us to learn how you can deliver exceptional experiences, everywhere, with high quality applications, by using our latest AI-infused functional testing solutions.

    *Source: World Quality Report 2020-21 – www.microfocus.com/wqr
  • What’s new in the LoadRunner Family 2021? Recorded: Jan 26 2021 60 mins
    Vicky Giavelli, Sharon Levin, Cyrus Manouchehrian and Gil Kedem, Product Management Team, Micro Focus
    The Micro Focus LoadRunner Family is an integrated set of enterprise-grade performance engineering solutions, the latest releases bring increased capabilities for performance engineering including enhancements to help with shift-left and shift-right performance testing, broader support for continuous testing tools and expanded cloud capabilities.

    Building upon the continued modernization of our solutions, the LoadRunner Family delivers features and enhancements to protocols, execution, and analysis capabilities that ultimately help testing teams run performance tests easier, faster, smarter and earlier in the SDLC – engineering success delivering applications that outperform.

    Join the Micro Focus Product Management team for an overview of the January 2021 releases for LoadRunner Professional 2021, LoadRunner Enterprise 2021, and LoadRunner Cloud 2021.01. In this webinar, you will get a first look at the key capabilities across the LoadRunner Family, all designed to help you collaborate better and deliver improved application performance.
  • Achieve “Extreme Shift Left” with AI-Infused Test Automation Using Mockups Recorded: Dec 17 2020 61 mins
    Chris Trimper, Test Automation Chief Architect, Independent Health and Don Jackson, ADM Solution Architect, Micro Focus
    Good things don’t always come to those who wait. Introduce AI-driven test automation to the development cycle and test sooner – before releases, sprints or even code.

    Join Micro Focus Solution Architect Don Jackson as he explains how the Micro Focus UFT Family can help shift AI-infused test automation into the design phase from a simple mock-up.

    Plus, Chris Trimper, Test Automation Chief Architect at Independent Health, discusses how his team uses the AI features within UFT One to drive mobile automation.
  • The Shift to Performance Engineering Recorded: Dec 8 2020 56 mins
    Scott Moore, Performance Expert/Evangelist, Scott Moore Consulting
    In today’s digital marketplace, it goes without saying that now is not the time to let technical issues add more disruptions to your operations. It is critical that you engineer performance from the start, as everyone owns part of the process to deliver high quality, high availability applications.

    This means that the user experience and the performance of your application must be incorporated throughout the application lifecycle. Whether you maintain a high-volume, digital storefront or other business critical applications, performance engineering can help your organization spot and mitigate potential trouble spots.

    In this webinar, Scott Moore will share insights on the trends shaping performance engineering and how to ensure performance anywhere in the development lifecycle.

    Topics include:
    • What is Performance Engineering and why it is important?
    • The difference between performance testing and performance engineering.
    • Key trends in driving the shift to performance engineering.
    • Modern Performance Engineering solutions that fit your business needs.
  • What's new in the UFT Family Recorded: Nov 18 2020 62 mins
    Michael O’Rourke, Stefan Untereichner, Mirek Novotny and Eran Bachar, Micro Focus
    The UFT Family – Test Earlier, Smarter and Faster with Enhanced AI-Based Capabilities for Exceptional Experiences on Any Device

    Micro Focus UFT Family’s latest releases build on existing AI-based capabilities and extends them to developers for shift left testing. Together with further enhancements for faster and smarter testing, developers and testers will reduce test creation and execution time, boost test coverage, increase resiliency of testing assets, and cut down on test maintenance efforts.

    Join the Micro Focus Product Management team for an overview of the upcoming UFT Family’s November releases—featuring products within the Functional Testing portfolio. In this webinar, you will get a first look at the top features and enhancements across the UFT Family, all designed to help you test faster, test smarter, include more testers in the team, and achieve superior outcomes.

    Key takeaways include:
    • UFT One – the UFT One 15.02 release provides new features and enhancements that accelerate end-to-end functional test automation with one intelligent solution for enterprise apps using embedded AI-based capabilities.
    • UFT Developer – the UFT Developer 15.02 and UFT Developer 16.0 (early access) releases provide new features and enhancements that focus on strengthening capabilities for Developers and Testers, improving their ability to begin testing in the software development lifecycle as early as possible.
    • UFT Mobile – UFT Mobile 3.5 release provides new features and enhancements that help organizations to develop, debug, test, monitor and optimize mobile apps with an enterprise level, end-to-end lab of real mobile devices and emulators.
    • Service Virtualization – Service Virtualization 5.4 offers a wide range of updates to help testers and developers remove the “wait time” that slows app delivery by creating realistic simulations of APIs and Virtual Services.
  • Top Takeaways from the 2020-21 World Quality Report (session 2) Recorded: Nov 11 2020 61 mins
    Malcolm Isaacs, Head of Product Marketing, Functional Testing Portfolio, Micro Focus
    The World Quality Report 2020-21 (WQR) has launched! This annual report is the only global study that analyzes responses from over 1750 QA/testing managers, CIOs, and other IT Professionals in 32 countries, across ten industry sectors, and discusses the trends shaping QA and testing today, along with recommendations for addressing tomorrow’s challenges.

    This year’s report highlights an increase in expectations from QA, such as supporting business growth and ensuring end-user satisfaction.

    Join us as we discuss all the key findings from this year’s report, including:
    • Agile and DevOps adoption is steadily increasing, resulting in QA teams becoming orchestrators of quality
    • AI adoption is increasing, but more progress remains to be made
    • Automation momentum has risen throughout the QA lifecycle, but benefits aren’t being fully realized
    • The global pandemic has accelerated digital transformation programs, pushing organizations to improve their approach to QA
  • Top Takeaways from the 2020-21 World Quality Report (session 1) Recorded: Nov 10 2020 55 mins
    Malcolm Isaacs, Head of Product Marketing, Functional Testing Portfolio, Micro Focus
    The World Quality Report 2020-21 (WQR) has launched! This annual report is the only global study that analyzes responses from over 1750 QA/testing managers, CIOs, and other IT Professionals in 32 countries, across ten industry sectors, and discusses the trends shaping QA and testing today, along with recommendations for addressing tomorrow’s challenges.

    This year’s report highlights an increase in expectations from QA, such as supporting business growth and ensuring end-user satisfaction.

    Join us as we discuss all the key findings from this year’s report, including:
    • Agile and DevOps adoption is steadily increasing, resulting in QA teams becoming orchestrators of quality
    • AI adoption is increasing, but more progress remains to be made
    • Automation momentum has risen throughout the QA lifecycle, but benefits aren’t being fully realized
    • The global pandemic has accelerated digital transformation programs, pushing organizations to improve their approach to QA
  • What’s New in LoadRunner Family 2020 Recorded: Nov 4 2020 42 mins
    Vicky Giavelli, Cyrus Manouchehrian, Sharon Levin and Gil Kedem, Micro Focus
    In the age of CI/CD pipelines and digital transformation, you are under extreme pressure to continuously release applications faster than the competition while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction. That is why we continue to invest in game-changing features and customer-driven enhancements to our LoadRunner family – to arm you with one solution for success. Simply choose the right tool for the right job while leveraging a connected ecosystem that delivers smarter insights, tighter collaboration, and better cost savings.

    Watch this webinar on-demand to hear from our performance engineering product experts as they share significant highlights from the LoadRunner 2020 releases – engineered to help you increase productivity while tackling today’s app performance needs with confidence.
  • The Future of DevOps: Beyond Continuous Delivery Recorded: Oct 13 2020 38 mins
    Julian Fish, Director, Product Management and Mark Levy, Director, Product Marketing, Micro Focus
    With over 77% of Enterprises undergoing some form of DevOps transformation, many are questioning the value that their transformation is providing. How do enterprises switch from a technology-centric mindset to a transformative mindset, exposing more organizational value and increasing the ROI of expensive change programs?

    Join Mark Levy, Director of Product Marketing and Julian Fish, Director of Product Management in this live webinar as they discuss:
    • Why Agile should extend beyond the scope of software development
    • The challenges introduced by just focusing on “product delivery”
    • Why top performing organizations are exploring value-based product delivery
    • How to overcome organizational inertia and drive business value
  • Creating reliable applications with Micro Focus LoadRunner Recorded: Sep 29 2020 35 mins
    Manoj Perepa, ADM Solution Architect, Micro Focus
    In uncertain times, it’s imperative that your customers can rely on their applications. The recent surge in numbers of people working from home and using remote access has caused software application workloads to skyrocket.

    This unexpected increase in software app usage makes performance testing no less tedious, but even more important. The Micro Focus LoadRunner family provides simple, smart and scalable performance testing for web and mobile apps.

    Join us for this webinar to learn more. Highlights include:
    • Scaling performance testing to accommodate increasing application workloads
    • The importance of performance engineering
    • Simple, smart performance test applications with Micro Focus LoadRunner Cloud
  • The Critical Role of AI & ML For Smart Digital Transformation Recorded: Sep 22 2020 56 mins
    Stephen Elliot, IDC, Joy King, Micro Focus and Dan Wood, Micro Focus
    Digital transformation (DX) requires a balance of speed, agility, risk, quality and business value. Learn how to achieve this balance by using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) across your organization, including back-end systems of record (SoRs).

    Join IDC and Micro Focus for a webinar where we:

    • Analyze the opportunities and struggles that organizations encounter as they evolve in terms of digital innovation
    • Describe process, organizational and automation strategies that can support success
    • Share IDC research on the importance of AI and ML for DX
    • Outline smart digital transformation execution and the Micro Focus suite of technology and capabilities
  • Tips and Tools to Beat the Peaks with Proactive Performance Testing Recorded: Sep 8 2020 59 mins
    Anders Nilsson, Sr Technical Solutions Consultant, Micro Focus
    Seems obvious, but ShowTime is no time to rehearse. Likewise, companies cannot afford to wait for seasonal spikes or another global pandemic to see if their applications can cope. Peak web or mobile traffic affects both external and internal apps and impacts revenue, brand reputation and productivity. Testing teams need to strive for 99.99% availability and make sure they have consistent responsiveness under varying load conditions.

    To survive peak traffic, teams must plan for the big events they know about and prepare for those they don’t.

    Join this webinar to learn about:
    • Best practices for creating a robust peak traffic testing strategy
    • LoadRunner Cloud, the world’s leading cloud based performance testing solution
    • How to rapidly plan, run and scale load tests without the need to deploy and manage infrastructure, in an efficient and cost effective manner
    • The must-have analytics and reporting capabilities required for peak traffic success
  • Lift off: How Lockheed Martin Accelerates Automation with Micro Focus UFT Recorded: Aug 27 2020 58 mins
    Kristin Colbert, Enterprise IT Test Automation Manager, Lockheed Martin and Chris Dion, ADM Solution Architect, Micro Focus
    In testing, as in flight, errors are bad and speed a valuable commodity. While most businesses merely strive to test earlier and faster, Lockheed Martin is actually doing it, using Micro Focus UFT to give their testing a vital lift. Listen as Kristin Colbert of Lockheed Martin shares how her team is using frameworks and templates to improve UFT maintenance and adoption, and UFT to improve in CI/CD/CT pipelines.

    In addition, Micro Focus expert Chris Dion explains how incorporating the new AI capabilities of Micro Focus UFT One into your testing efforts will make your testing program fly.

    Join us to learn:
    • How AI is different than object property-based identification
    • How AI reduces your maintenance time
    • How easy it is to use UFT One to implement AI into new and existing tests for enterprise apps
  • Top Four Benefits of AI-Powered Intelligent Test Automation Recorded: Aug 11 2020 60 mins
    Michael O’Rourke, Stefan Untereichner and Eran Bachar, Micro Focus
    From the Developer, to the test automation engineer, to the business analyst, learn how recent advances in Artificial Intelligence and intelligent test automation are helping teams to deliver the speed and resiliency required to support rapid application changes within a continuous delivery pipeline, with practical and immediate ROI.

    Join us for a lively debate, as our panel of experts discuss the top four benefits of AI-driven, intelligent test automation for Agile and DevOps teams.
Build and deliver better software faster
Delivering business value in the digital economy requires a high-speed approach. With our solutions, you can unleash the power of DevOps across your hybrid IT landscape — quickly bringing innovative ideas to life at the pace your business demands. Now speed and quality can go hand in hand. Find more information on Micro Focus application delivery management solutions at https://www.microfocus.com/en-us/trend/enterprise-devops

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  • Live at: Mar 5 2020 4:00 pm
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